You ever been robbed?

You ever been robbed?

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Once. He had me at gunpoint but all I had was like $6 and a shitty brick phone so he threw it against the wall and ran off with my wallet. Still worked though so I called 911, but they never found him.

Once by an ex-boss.
Stalked him and stole a bunch a shit off his lawn a few months later.

My Roommate Just had his truck stolen from a Fenced off area, a few people pried open the gate then broke into the truck before yoinking it, it was an older truck so no alarm

He was black, wasn't he? Only a nigger could be so heartless that they'd steal $6 from a poor faggot with a fucking brick phone. Then he throws it against the wall for good measure. Tyrone trying to pay that child support so he doesn't have to return to his life as Tyrandra the prison bitch.

Yes, I gave money to and voted for Bernie in 2015.

Actually, he was white, but I think he might have been a methhead. This was in Canton about ten-ish years ago.

Yeah. I had a 2003 piece of shit golden Honda accord. I live in an extremely nice gated-off area because my dad's apartment is near University.

One day, some homeless people get into the subterranean garage we have. No clue how the fuck they got past the gates or security.

Here's my 2003 shitty car parked next to all of these 80-100k cars. I leave my empty backpack on the floor of the passenger side.

These retards BREAK MY WINDOW when the car door is open and steal my 10$ empty backpack. And then proceed to steal shit out of neighbors cars.

I had to laugh my ass off, because the damn door was open.

The police caught all of this on camera, arrested them, and gave me back my backpack within 4 days. My neighbors lost a lot of stuff.

Sounds about right, Canton's a shithole.

Yes had a nigger with a gun rob me of $20 on a bus in Chicago. Yay public transportation. And no I wasn't going to wrestle down a guy with a gun on a crowded bus for a lousy couple bills

>Be me
>Using brother's shitty car to commute to college
>Car is filled with random junk
>Right side has a huge dent that causes metal to scrape the tire
>Radio is busted so uses CD
>Has my Gorillaz CDs in the middle compartment
>Outside lock is busted on driver side so has to lock it from the inside then climb out through passenger door
>One day is running late for class
>Get to College
>Leaves door unlocked thinking no one would rob such a shitty car
>Goes to class
>Finishes class
>Goes back to find trunk open
>Checks to see if anything is stolen
>Literally all that is missing is Gorillaz CDs
>MFW i have to go the entire rest of the month listening to shitty mixtapes.

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All the damn time, especially in April.

In Portland I had a run in with a homeless guy, must have been mental or something because he kept like shouting about how it was "his right as an American to kick your ass," words to that effect. He was crossing the street, presumably to kick my ass, but a cruiser rolled up and a cop managed to get him into the back.

Really the thing that shocked me was how well the cop handled it, took like ten minutes and he never even had to raise his voice or pull a gun.

10/10 face would bang.

That happened to me only they stole my GPS and change but I had basically my whole life in the trunk cause I was moving into my girlfriends at the time (my PC, my laptop, my friends laptop was in the backseat buried under clothes, tons more of expensive clothes, some with tags still on it, my PS3, etc.) The fucking retards missed the jackpot, lol. Safe to say she lived in a shit neighborhood. I'm 90% sure only niggers could be that dumb.

>10/10 face would bang.

Lost wallet phone and my car keys while delivering once. Fake delivery that was at someones actual house. Coon came out and said he had a gun so I let it go...

I don't relax around blacks.

I almost got robbed by a couple of arabs, just for my friends to jump them once they came out of the bar. Shitskins man I swear, this was in Brussels.

Join now before it's too late

Had a gun to my head while the rest of the employees were zip tied up. He made me empty the safe the tied me up. I can still feel his cold hands on my wrists. He was caught, and demands to represent himself in court just to drag out justice. Worthless sack of shit.

Yes, a masked guy came in and robbed the restaurant i worked at, took $80 and ended up having a fake gun