ITT: Reasons why reddit is better than Cred Forums

ITT: Reasons why reddit is better than Cred Forums.

Reason #1: Less homophobes.

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Fewer* reddit fag

im sorry have you seen the number of dicks here?
this place is like a fucking hotdog factory

You are factually wrong.

Reason #2: Less wrong people.


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Reason #3: No pedophiles. Unlike Cred Forums.

Please use better bait, fool

If you can't handle the heat, you're probably a faggot.
>oh, look at me, hanging out in a place that is contrary to my core values
>my troll thread is so triggering
>lol, plebbit
Yup, there's plenty of wrong here.
You should leave.

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Yeah nah. Fuck that hipster-douche groupthink cult farm.

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If you don't think there are pedos on Reddit you're retarded.

Reason #4: People can take criticism over there.

Reason #5: Less keyboard warriors.

if dubs then kindly fuck off

even if I don’t get dubs you’re wrong

Reason #6: Less people letting random numbers decide their comments lol.

go on /lgbt/ if you wanna see people support homosexuality so bad
It's a kink. Not (one) of mine personally, but better than some, such as trannies
Other way around, buddy.
>complaining about keyboard warriors on a section of a website made specifically for keyboard warriors
It's a joke. Also, reddit is full of shills who make posts like "FOR EVERY UPVOTE THIS POST GETS, I WILL DO [thing]" and then proceed to make fun of instagram shills who make the same posts, but asking for likes instead.

Reason #7: Retards like you unironically thinking pedophilia is better than liking trannies. Wow, you fucking weirdo.

Reason #8: People dont spam porn every hour

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Why are you here then OP? Could it be that you are a retard?

Please use better bait plebbit fag.

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>this is bait

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>reddit fag

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Ever since the normalfag king
Found out about this web, broken many rules of the internet.
Everything went to shit so they made cripple-chan to fool them.
Now the REAL CHAN is on the Dark web.
4WEIRDW why is there no Twitch Fags here?

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Nice troll but you should target them instead, they bite on everything

Reason #9: I'm going to bed, but please continue. We need to educate these 4fools.

Bro it's not even summer what happened to you

Reason 10, kys.

The correct format is as follows:

Reason #10: Learn formatting, kid.

Reason 11, i dont give a shit normalnigger

then you wouldn't be responding, tardo


nobody besides oldfags care about yotsuba anymore