Futurama Trivia Thread!

Futurama Trivia Thread!
First question: What was Fry's PIN number and how did he choose it?

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$10.77, the price of a cheese pizza and a large soda at panucci's pizza

Dum dum give me cum cum

Second question: What was the price of a cheese pizza and a large soda where he worked, Panucci's Pizza?

$10.77, the same as his PIN number


Speaking of Panuccis Pizza, what does it say on the pizza box from Panuccis Pizza?
Don't google, you faggots.


Please don't tip the delivery boy.

Panuchiis pizza

Leela was a police officer before going to work for Planet Express. What was her officer number?

Futurama sucks

Lol this one still cracks me up! Yes you are right

Guess how I know you're a complete cretin. Go ahead, guess

Question 3: Dennis is asshole. Why Charlie hate?

What's is the slogan of Slurm?

Enjoy slurm

Any other incorrect answers?


it's highly addictive

Pass? You wrote this one, dude.

Excellent again
I can ask another question but does anyone else want to post one?

Do it, this is way better than the usual faggotry and porn on Cred Forums.

Wimmy wham wham wazzle!

Who is the man with no name?


Fate assignment officer, 1BDI

Zapp Brannigan

I don't actually remember but it could be 1729, lowest Taxicab number, since I know they've used that before.

Here’s an obscure one:
Donovan, who did the lost city of Atlanta theme song, also wrote what big 1960s hit?

What is Zapp Branigans very sexy disability called?

Excellent! Yes!

what is true when fry is drunk?


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How about "what killed the previous crew of the Planet Express ship?"

*sigh* Sexlexia

Hurdy Gurdy Man


Fantastic one.

Space Wasps

t. Small brain who liked family guy

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Either Space Whale or Space Bees

Ding ding ding! Excellent!


What supports Kif's body instead of bones?

Not quite what we were looking for

A series of inflatable bladders

fluid filled sacs? or something

*fluid filled

A series of pipes/tubes

What band does Fry listen to when he’s playing video games?
Bonus point: what is his favorite beverage for gaming?


What was "That Guy"'s only regret?

It was “mellow yellow” btw

Ruch and Shasta

What are the only teeth strong enough to eat other teeth?


All Rush mix tape. 2 liter bottle of Shasta.


His boneitis

Atlantis wasnt really a hit though.

Fuck, I meant Rush. Let me do The Apology Dance real fast

That he has boneitus

Bonus point


I didn’t say it was. I was referring to his actual hit in the 1960s

in the episode "Jurassic Bark" what is the song that fry uses to dance-protest with?

Thank you for a fucking decent thread, best one I've seen in a while. Loving this shit

Which dance wasn't as safe as people would have you believe?

Do the hustle!

The Hustle. was also probably asking the gods for Trans Am

safety dance


Uhhhhh....What's the first thing Leela says to Fry when she wakes up from a Coma after being stung by a space bee?

When bender was in the asylum, who did he pretend to be?

something about Fry being alive


Asking him to wake up

something, something hernandez

He asked after she already woke up

Raise the white flag of ___?

He suis Napoleon!


Oh shit bro, I think you just burned me.

I thought it was "you really need a shower", but I think you're right.

Anyway, last one from me: "What's a little safer then skateboarding?"

War. War were declared

War -zap B

fuck man you got me there, who's got it?

If I die, tell my wife _____?


Even better bit of trivia.. Who was the most important person on the small boat leaving in the episode?

because dennis is bastard man

The Magician?

The Neutral Planet


Bender's twin is called?

Jeff foxwothy, the magician, some lady and a news guy



hahah you share my sense of humor, cheers.

“I said hello”



Which robot sister fell for Bender on the moon?

The Crushinator
>yoo. hoo.

Oh shit man....

It's some kind of rocket board, in the episode with the Jewish kids, the apocalypse, and Laura Silverman.

haha ted turner was the news guy, but the other guy who said the magician got it. good memory tho.

My gut feeling says ____?

What was the name of the vampire that served fry on the last episode of futurama?

What did Fry eat that caused him to get worms which made him more intelligent than usual?

What does the moon famers hat say?

Party board

What did Fry want to buy before discovering the joys of compound interest? Bonus. Whose skeleton did he buy?

egg salad sandwich!

Truck stop.....sandwich. Egg Salad?


the sandwich
also, whats that black cracker?

Gas station egg salad sandwich

did this user guess correctly? because you got me on this one

When Fry trades hands with the robot devil, what does the robot devil complain that Frys hands are always doing?

mmmm I think Party board might be Amy's excuse for not having Kif's children.

Always touching him

Deadly Deadly Bees

Yes! Excellent!

Also "Contents of Space Wasp's Stomach"


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hivemind confirmed

Benders apartment number?

What was the name of Professor Farnsworths scientific arch-nemesis?

Why was Bender in the suicide booth?

I actually had to check it...

it's called "deathrolling"

You remember right? The little punk ass kid says "oh hey you wanna challenge me for control of our society, we have a thing for that, it's called "deathrolling". It's like skateboarding, but half the time someone dies!"

FRY: "Oh, so it's a little safer then skateboarding...."


1077 and I didnt look


What did the Wongs trade for their land on Mars?

Bonjour, y'all!

FUCK! that's a good episode, good trivia question Cred Forumsro

Ted Danson



No, Pa. I love him.


Wernstrom (sp)

The same!

Season of the witch

For a sitcom

What was frys dogs name?

a "bead" that was actually a giant diamond innit?

A bead aka a giant diamond

Seymour Asses

Touching me... in PLACES.

OP here. I'm so glad other people enjoy Futurama as much as I do. Excellent!!!!

Rush and orange soda

Close. It was Mellow Yellow

Good thread OP. Thank you for this.

5:13am, night anons. Best thread in about 7 years

i dont have any thing to add,unfortunately
just that this is a fantastic threab TY !


>ending the night on dubs
checked, goodnight lad


Good thread

George dubs over here

The electric slide

>FRY: "Oh, so it's a little safer then skateboarding...."
Fry's bit just after he says this, smiles, stops and then smiles again always makes me laugh my ass off.

What instrument was Fry able to master with the help of robot hands?

Who voiced Philip J Fry?


You sir desirve an award

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Because he found out he was bendong girders... Which were used to make suicide booths.

Billy West, also voiced Zapp Brannigan.

Ted turner?

thanks Cred Forumsro it was a privilege

What car did fry want to buy wile amy was searching for a car at crazy eddies and what extra car feature did the salesman (reodrigo) try to sell her?

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The crushinator

What happens to Zoidbergs people after they mate for the first time?

thunder cougar falcon bird. Nothing makes you feel more like a man than a thunder cougar falcon bird.

They die.


One word: Thundercougarfalconbird

Very good!
Also Ren and Stimpy

>Futurama sucks

Fuck I fell for the bait. Well played user.

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Touching him

Damn, I didn't know that. Neat!



What's Mom's name?

>that gif
That’s not even Rodrigo, that Malfunctioning Eddie

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Wrong person, also Thompson's.

He was also a staple on Howard Stern way back when that meant something.
Doug Funnie, Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd (recent), Zoidberg, Coward Man, etc.


The three sons, they're Hubert's aren't they?

Hey OP, thanks for the good thread. Gotta be up for work in the AM. Have a good one Cred Forumsros


Only the last one. The stupidest of them all

No. Just Ignur.

In the game of chess you must?

never let your enemy see your pieces.

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On average how long do those water people emperors reign for?

What was the occupation of the robot Bender claimed he went to high school with?

What 2 pets does fry struggle to pick to buy lila a xmas present?

80,000 years?
>drunk during his own coronation

Whaler on the Moon

I pan on getting a little sauced myself


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What did frys dad name him after?


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What is Fry's dad's name?

Stop doing that!

What is the name of the DOOP's flag ship, captained by Zapp Brannigan?

the nimbus

>The nimbus

What happens to earth in the year 1 million and a half?

humans are lead by a giraffe?


also Zoidberg and Dr Farnsworth and some other random characters

Thompson Teeth.
The sound effect gets me every time.

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_____ and Garfunkel

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Oh fuck.
It started with a G or a P?

The Moon shall rise again.

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...Didn't want to buy anything. Need a few cents for Benders bail?

He needs a bath.

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you'll never guess where I've been!

What's the number of Leela's apartment?

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1 parrot, or hundreds of lizards.

Lightspeed underwear.

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Car salesman tries to sell a car to Fry, i think


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Weren't they stink lizards?

I think so.

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"Futurama is brought to you by ____."
"Nobody doesn't like ____!"

Better yet... what is the name of the suicide booth that kills bender when it accidentally turns out to be his Ex?

Molten Boron!

"That would be $10.77
The same as my PIN number"

Yay! Now I can got to sleep.