Ever fuck someone elses gf? or fucked someone elses gf...

ever fuck someone elses gf? or fucked someone elses gf? or have any fucked up sex stories that would get u in trouble if any1 found out?

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>Had a couple stay over in my dorm after a party because I didn't have a roomate
>giving me little looks all night
>she crawls down into bottom bunk after he falls asleep
>nut inside her and after I can hear him moving around
>she climbs up to and says she was in the bathroom
>they whisper argue for 2 hours
>awkward as fuck
>never see them again



I have a couple more. I actually love doing it lmao. Not sure why

Met a buddy and his wife @the bar. Her BDay. She is trashed. Buddy asks me to take her home and drop her off. Oblige because friends help friends out. She is stroking my dick on the way to take her home as I brush her away telling her to stop. Get parked, and help her inside. She asks me to fuck, and I decline. I know my buddy is packing meat as well as herpes and warts. Want no part of that circus. She says she will cry rape if I dont. Tell her everyone knows she is a whore and nobody would believe she tried to say no. Leave and head home to pass out. Buddy calls me at 3am after he closes down the bar. ASKS WHY HIS WIFE WASNT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME TO FUCK?!?! I have mortally insulted him and he no longer is my friend. WTF kind of luck is losing a friend for not bangin his old lady?

>best friends with stoner group
>one guy in particular, always picks me up after school and we smoke driving around all day
>he graduates, i go to his hick graduation party out in a corn field
>everyone getting shitbombed
>i dont drink so much coz usually i puke off a few beers, dont wanna spend the night in a field puking in the cold
>run into his little sister who is 16
>i knew she always had a crush on me, but she had all these medical problems and looked weird
>she had some hot friends tho so i figure maybe she's cooler than i thought
>she ditches her friends to come talk to me since im just standing alone
>she's fucking hammered as fuck
>friend is off with his classmates doing kegstands and whatever
>pull his sister into the backseat of his car and smash
>she says it hurts, and i tell her shh it wont for long
>only last about 3 minutes, so it hurt the whole time im sure
>cum in her
>tell her her friends are looking for her and she has to go
>she stumbles away just before my friend comes back
>he has no idea whats goin on, says he wants to smoke a bowl and gtfo
>we smoke as he drops me off at my place
>couple months later find out his sister is pregernt
>she has no idea how or with who
>never say anything
>she has health problems that could cause her to die if she has baby, mom is super religious won't let her get abortion
>she dies giving birth, friend moves out of state to go live with dad, mom is stuck with disfigured little fucktard of baby

>got away with it scotfree

I mean that's like the best case scenario. You got lucky you little shit.

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I fucked my dad’s wife, does that count?

>Ever fuck someone’s gf?
>Or fuck someone’s gf?

Someone had a stroke.

yer mom?

I fucked a coworkers wife while they were separated for a little while

that's immoral. trump supporters do that kind of shit.
one must lead an ethical, moral life.

let trump's filth engage in faggotry, tranny-ism, and cheating en masse.

for we anti-trumpers are The Righeous

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fucked my ex on Valentine's day whine she was with another guy, came in her, might be her baby's dad but he doesn't know

I walked in on my younger sister getting absolutely railed by one of my friends a few months back and I’ve yet to return back home since.

It was in my room too

>pic related, it’s her

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I fucked my daughter right before she got married. My cum was dripping out of her all during the wedding

Fucked someone’s girl once

>I’m 22 and a fucking alcoholic
>My gf stays with me for a few days at a time
>Hey user, Anonita (her friend, my ex) got kicked out of her place, can she stay with you for a bit?
>Ex has been dating someone else for about a year but can’t stay there
>Yeah sure whatever
>Chick was the biggest whore I’ve ever dated
>I had quit my job and we all addicted to spice and heavy drinkers, so spend the next few days drinking and smoking
>”Anonita” and I constantly shooting each other “fuck me” looks
>One night gf goes home, ex stays with me
>We get hammered
>We’re bsing in my room, watching a movie
>I’m mid conversation she says, “Hey user, wanna fuck me?”
>We quickly shred our clothes and jump on my shitty Walmart futon
>She’s dripping wet
>After a few minutes of pounding she squirts all over me and my bed
>Smelled like absolute shit, like someone had just murdered 100 stink bugs
>I try and power through it to get my nut but I can’t
>Eventually tell her I’m out of stamina and the drinks are making it hard to cum
>Fuck like 3-4 more times over the next couple days before my gf comes back and her bf picks her up

A few years back I knew some Russian dude through mutual friends. Guy was a fucking idiot, thought he was hard as fuck and had a boner for guns and military shit, liked to cosplay like a faggot. Anyway, he was dating this cute Viet chick. He'd drag her around, dress her up in his faggot cosplays, and generally be an emo pos. Long story short, I fucked her for a couple years, basically the entire time they were dating. I'd nut in her, fuck her in the ass, the whole nine yards, and send her back to him with a gut full of my seed and this little cunt never caught on.

No herpes and warts > his friendship

Luckiest man alive.

Dodged a bullet my dude. Straight up, fuck his friendship, he wanted you in the same deepens as him with those warts and herp

Holy fuck man.

Same gf I cheated on in the last story

>Start seeing a different ex behind her back
>We hook up like 4 or so times
>Sex is amazing because I caught her ass on the rebound from the guy she dumped me for
>She was practically begging for my dick
>I’d fuck my ex, nut in her, then go home and put my wet dick in my gf and nut in her too
>Luckily they both were on birth control because I have no self control
>The last time my ex and I fucked she says she’s on her period
>Tells me to fuck her in the ass
>Push my cum ass the way up to her intestines
>Go home to gf
>As soon as I walk in the door she jumps me
>Takes me to bed and yanks off my pants
>For the first time in what was probably months, actually wants to suck my dick
>Shoves it to the back of her throat and immediately pulls it out
>”Ew user, you taste like shit!”
>Tell her to shut up and get on her back
>Pump her pussy full of cum from my shit covered dick

She eventually found out I cheated, but never figured out that I was double dipping or the whole anal thing. She practically tongue punched my ex’s fart box.

Tales from the Simp

>gf for 3.5 years
>loved her but we had some issues
>cheated on me 2/3 of our relationship
>knew she was cheating didnt care, let myself get cucked whenever we had a fight or whatever
>break up, she gets new bf in a couple weeks
>she'd hit me up for sex when she was drunk, of course im not gonna say no
>was fucking her the entire first year she was with new bf
>new bf knew what she was doing but was too fucking clueless to realize it was me
>only found out cause ex wanted to be a slut and tell on herself

>new gf likes threesomes
>tfw i still love my ex

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Sure I can give you a couple more.

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>19 yrs old
>break up with gf of 2 years, move out of state
>come back for her birthday 6 months later, just for 3 days
>she takes me back to greyhound, but before i get on the bus she begs me to stay
>i can't, i have no money, i have nowhere to stay, don't even have any goddamn clothes
>she calls her mom right then and there, mom says I can live with them
>fuck.. well im not doin shit else anyway fuck it

>mom is raging alcoholic every night, serious dr jekyll mrs hyde shit
>also smoking fucking hot

>gf is at work late one night, i'm in gf's room just chillin
>mom comes trampling up the stairs wasted as fuck
>opens door, crosseyed looks at me, asks where anonette is
>tell her she's still at work, should be home soon
>tells me to get the fuck out of her house
>i get up from bed, walk out room, she backs into hallway in front of me
>she's wearing no pants, just a long shirt
>fucking amazing ass just barely peeking out underneath
>we brush up close to each other because the hallway is tiny
>my hand brushes her leg by accident and she moves into it
>she's fucking sloppy drunk, moves in to kiss me, we make out a little
>freaking out because don't know if anyone else is home
>she doesn't give a fuck, she rubs my crotch, hard as diamonds
>my hands all over her, she's struggling to get my zipper down
>greatest day of my life
>we hear front door open downstairs, it's stepdad
>i tuck my dick up in my boxer elastic and bolt downstairs and out the door to walk around the farm till gf gets home
>anonette mom immediately picks fight with stepdad so he doesn't suspect shit

>next day she wakes up like noon, everyone else gone to school or work
>i'm on the couch in the living room watching tv
>she comes out, hungover as fuck, asks if i want something to eat, makes me a sandwich
>neither of us say shit, i dont know if she even remembers anything

>mfw nothing else happened, but when banging gf from then on only thinking about her mom

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My dad and I have very similar taste in women. He is now on wife number 8. I've fucked the last six he's been with either during, or after their marriages with him. I actually fucked this one too, but before they were together, as he has gradually married younger and younger (well, not in real terms, but compared to his own age).

Some fucked up shit with my cuz and her bf not a week ago

>Be curious about being fucked
>Always in love with my 2nd cousin for the better part of a decade
>Had a falling out but never stopped loving her
>This November we start talking again
>Last Sunday she asks if I want to see the cage she got for her bf
>Curious as I am I say yes
>Get to talking about sex and eventually find out her and her bf are exhibitionists
>Admit I'm into being fucked (she knew I had a femdom fetish from way back when)
>They start sending me pics and videos of each other fucking, meanwhile humilating me
>I'm fucking diamonds when they send me a video of her fucking and saying hi to me
>Shit goes on like this, with her giving me jerk off instructions while humilating and degrading me with her bf
>They end things a few days after it started because they want me to tell my wife
>Decide having some kinky shit isn't worth ending my marriage and know my cuz and I are talking like nothing ever happened

Does he know? How'd it happen?

i know this girl op. sauce? how do you know her

>Curious about being cucked

I've never fucked anyone else's girlfriend, but I've fucked 4 other guys wives.

post more of the girl op do yo uhave nudes

Currently fucking my ex for the past year. She’s had a bf this whole time and she’s only been with him a couple times. Sex is crazy hot... way kinkier now that she is cheating.

i didn't, but i got cucked
>get apt with gf of 3 years, we're 21 and 18
>working my ass off in a fucking pork factory to pay the bills
>she quits her job as soon as we move in together
>i always smell like fucking ham, no matter how much i shower, but best paying job in town
>taking care of my woman, so i think
>notice sex is not happening as much anymore
>come home one night early, quota was low for the day
>call her, no answer
>get home, she's not there
>call again, no answer, wtf
>sit outside and smoke a cig, plan to go to the carnival just down the street
>she comes walking up the sidewalk with a carnie
>sees me, i see her, she takes off running, guy stands there like wtf
>chase her down an alley and ask wtf she's running for
>says she's going with the carnie
>tell her she better not come home then
>she leaves with him in his monster ass truck
>stay up all night playing doom
>she tries to creep in 7am, but im sitting right there
>tell her she's a fucking whore, and to gtfo
>she starts packing her shit immediately

>i dont go to work, use the last of my money to ship my computer to my mom's in tx, and get a fucking bus ticket

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Where do you meet them generally? The bar?

One was a random off of Craigslist. The rest were all women I've known for a while. Find out hubby is an asshole,be a little nicer, a little more attentive, and next thing you know they wanna fuck. Married women are pretty easy, if you've got some patience.

Sure it was bud

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Yeah, 2 years ago, Thailand exchange student living in a shitty motel behind my local Target. Apparently her boyfriend was a jealous prick though, so he made it easy for me not to feel that bad about it afterwards.

>>she says it hurts, and i tell her shh it wont for long
>>only last about 3 minutes, so it hurt the whole time im sure

some guy gave me her pics so thats it

i still talk to him ill be sure to mention some1 recgonized her

Fucked my favorite slut 2 months ago she was with a guygorgeous for a year I didn't like him and he knew about his gf's past with me and was scared . I told her all the shit she wanted to hear she broke it off came to my place complained about he ex and his skills in bed.
We fuck like rabbits for 2 hours she came. Next morning I kicked her out like usual and today I found out she's with him again.
I'll probably text her again just to fuck her .
Other than that shit haha smashed a chick outdoors in the middle of the day next to a river . Missionary Im on top the river is behind me after 3 min I can hear voices behind me . Look 2 rowing boats drifting by just little kids and 2 adults looking at my bare ass haha funniest shit ever .
Had a girl give me a bj in a park during afternoon . Old lady walked by with her dog I told the girl to stop but she didn't and grandma walking by just watched . That was shameful still great bj . The girl was insane

I'm fucking a coworker. She's married with kids. I have a girlfriend.

I had sex with my pregnant sister-in-law when her husband was overseas. Twice

Pic related

>met a girl at a buddies game night, she was cute and had really nice tits.
>exchanged numbers in a friendly way then lost contact for about a year.
>I was looking for someone to smash as I had just gotten out of a relationship and found her number in my phone.
>text her generic bullshit chit chat for a few days. Jokingly bringing up how I thought she was super sexy during those game nights but had to focus so I could win. (She ate that shit up)
>tells me she wishes she didn’t just get into a relationship cause we could have hung out.
>tell her it’s for the best cause I have a big dick and I don’t want to mess her relationship up...
>the next night she had a minor disagreement with him and called me to come over.
>fucked her senseless, turns out she was into bdsm and submissive role play.
>I’ve been fucking her a few times a year for the last 6 years. She married that guy 3 years ago.
>I actually fucked her at their wedding by waiting in the bridal suite for her.
>her husband still doesn’t know.

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Had a real nice fuck buddy, she was the ex of a friend, we kept it secret, fucked for about a year. Would get a hotel room once a month. Still the best sex Ive ever had.
Got hammered and fucked another chick who at the time a friend was trying to date, she wouldnt commit, we banged, she stopped seeing him entirely but never said what we had done.
Was friends with a married couple, we knew each other for about 2 years and she started sexting and sending nudes, went along with it, never actually fucked but still have a lot of pics and video she sent me. We all lost touch but still.
Hooked up with a girl my roommate was trying to get with, he found out, never actually said anything about it but got really passive aggressive when drunk.
Same roommate and I went to a party once, he was trying to pull this chick but she wasnt having it, she and I ended up fucking in the garage on a beer pong table, he heard the whole thing, again was really pissy about it.
A friend of mine and I hit the bars and went back to my place, we fucked, she used it as fodder to leave her husband I guess? I knew she was married, he was an alright guy honestly. Feel bad about it but also know if it wasnt me it would have been someone else.
I guess im kinda a whore

Losing my virginity was like this. She said it was hurting and there was a little bit of blood. I came. She didn’t know. I said, “ok, Anonessa. I will stop.” Probably lasted about 3 min.

For the longest time I got off on the thought of the girl choosing me over the guy they were cheating on. I liked the secrecy and the sneaking around. Not having to deal with their bullshit and just being there for the sex. Idk what happened but it got empty real fast and now I'm desperately trying to connect. I tried with the last girl who was cheating on her bc with me but she chose him. It's probably better that way because now I'm just a disconnected, alcoholic who pushes everyone away.

Anyone ever find out?

Used to play with best mates wife’s tits whilst he was working nights. Started as back massage....

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My wife knew, and her husband knew she slept with someone, but has never found out (to my knowledge) that it was me

I've smashed the girl on many occasions. Most recent being last Sunday.
He has no idea.

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>staying at m8's gf's place
>we're drinking bourbon
>m8 is a total fucking lightweight
>he brings out the bong
>we have about 4 cones each
>they get into massive retarded argument as usual
>we all hit the hay at about 1:30
>my dick is rock hard for some reason
>i sleep in a dirty sleeping bag on a bed
>get disturbed by sound of sleeping bag unzipping roughly 20 minutes later
>obviously saw i was hard earlier and waited for my m8 to get to sleep
>she gives head for about 10 minutes
>she then gets on top and starts riding my dick for what feels like an eternity
>don't have to worry about noise because m8 is flat out
>end up shooting load inside her
>go back to sleep right after
>wake up around 4:30 freezing my butt off
>clean myself up
fast forward a few months
>she starts getting moodier and then fatter
>their relationship has gone down the drain
>he ends up breaking up with her just after new year
>she says she's pregnant
>claims it's his
>decide m8 is more important than girl i've barely known a couple years and cut off all contact
fast forward a year and a bit
>lost a shit ton of weight
>his current gf hits on me whenever she gets the chance
>she allegedly hates talking

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>First out of town trip big work conference
>Run into friend from back home's wife at hotel bar drinking alone on her laptop
> Say high we have some laughs
>We do shots
>She puts her hand on my thigh and feels I'm hard
>She says "is that thing for real" she's turned on by the size
>We joke about it
>Drink more
>She's clearly wasted and flirting now after grabbing my dick
>One of her favorite songs comes on and she grinds up against my hardon
>My hands are all over her D cup tits and round ass
>We kiss on the dancegloor a couple seconds
>I walk her back to her room hands still all over her ass
>We stumble into her room laughing
>Kiss longer now she runs her hand down to my hardon again Says "I need to see this"
>She unzips me pulls it out an inch from her face she has a fist full of my dick
>Feel my friends wifes wet lips kissing the head of my dick. Best feeling ever
>She's giving me good sloppy head now really putting effort into it
>I tell her i'm going to cum she continues and I cum down her throat she swallows everything
> I take off her dress lay her on the bed spread her legs and eat her shaved pussy till she cum all over my face.
>We decide not to fuck both spent and drunk
>Never see her again that trip

Almost two months pass I see her with my buddy at a brewery she's friendly but acts like nothing happened I do the same

Not me fucking but after our moving in party, me, my gf and my best mate fell asleep on the sofa drunk as hell. I woke up to them fucking right next to me but pretended to be asleep. 2 years later and I still haven’t asked either of them about it

shit lol

I catfished one of my girlfriends best friends for nudes. So how when the three of us are together

He looks gay I wouldn’t worry about it

Got a friendly divorce. Still hung out with ex and her little sister. I was at a quaalude party with little sister and her husband. Everybody got naked and started having sex. I ate her out so good she came a lot, and then fucked her while her husband watched. I guess I was a lot better at it than him because she came over to my place the next week: She said she wanted the tongue again. Maybe he wasn't into eating pussy, but we sure were.

After a few times, I made a deal with her. I would eat her out as much as she could stand, and then I got to fuck her and finish in her ass. Did that a bunch of times before I moved on to a steady girlfriend.

Let’s see




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pic related when she just got engaged
she said she was pregnant shortly after too, so who knows, maybe it's mine

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Yup lol. One day I’ll ask her about it. We still all hang out a lot haha

I cheated on my ex. She cucked me as a result. We then broke up.

Fair enough i guess

What a cunt

If He wanted you to fuck his woman he should have just said so

Pic related... fucked her doggystyle, and blasted her face with cum. She could suck dick so good to.

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I fucked this angry dudes slam piggy, was working as a cook and she was a server bitch would not leave me alone always flirting and asking for it, I’m married so I refused her in public a lot even treated her like shit but she keep coming like a puppy so one night after work I say fuck it get in the car, I take her to an empty parking lot and fuck her brains out, turn out her boyfriend was in the bar next door he didn’t even realize that night when he picked her up I had filled her up, she went a bit dick crazy and wanted to meet up more often so I had to cut her off I quit my job and blocked her, but I bet if I unblocked her and called her up she would show right back up

me and my niece were fucking almost weekly for a year, before I married someone.

she was 17 at the time, I was 32.

If it ever came out, it would destroy our family and my marriage.

I still see her now and again, but we don't really talk about it

Why did you get married? Sounds like you had a pretty sweet bang on the side you could keep going almost indefinitely.

I swap with other couples with my wife

I'm interested in this, but how did you get started and how did you convince your wife?

Honestly it was just some porn and she like the idea of being wanted