Why do most white American males under 50 act like girls?

Why do most white American males under 50 act like girls?

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only 1 of them is white dumbass

because men havent been men since the 1950's

You never been to Europe then.

*insert navy seal copypasta*

Trace amounts of hormone replacement drugs in our water, food and air for 30+ years. Mostly phytoestrogens

Thugly life

"Phytoestrogens are plant-based compounds that mimic estrogen in the body.

Worried about Americans, but think it's fine to carry a fuckin purse.. ok


dont forget to add "upper middle class" and "in cities"

its 50 whole states acting as a federation but we keep getting boiled down to New York, Cali, or deep rural Alabama

Cuz gender is interchangeable

Pray for Rush Limbaugh

The county basically just is New York, California, New England, Texas and Florida.

Ah yes, look at those sad excuses for me, looking HAPPY like some kind of girls. For shame, truly what is the world coming to?
I'm sorry, should I have said /s? Are you that retarded OP?


Most males are raised by women and have never been exposed to a father.

OP is correct

What you see in the pic is indicative of seriously low testosterone. Fake, forced, over the top smiles to look non threatening / attractive are common with effeminate men

Unfortunately for them. those over the top smiles tend to repel / friend zone the opposite sex.

Correction: "get you friend zoned"

why you are a closeted babydick homo

Rush Limbaugh is a real man. Not fake news witch hunt men

i dunno man, why dont you tell me?

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way too many people for that. well over 300 million, we've got a basic sampling of cultures from the rest of the world, gotta have at least 13 states and 4 cities listed for it to be even semi accurate

Men don't get to pass the testosterone until age 55.

I am not a dumbass. I am a Trump supporter, and am actually very intelligent.

>Rush Limbaugh
he used to fuck real boys

it's called being a fag. every youtuber is one.

because in america is normal to have wife boyfriend

Becaise they are