Can any pc fags help me?

Can any pc fags help me?
I updated my bios and since then any games I play have a horrible stuttering issue and low fps even when lowered to lowest settings (used to be able to play max setting at 1600X900). Only thing that’s changed was the bios being updated. 8th gen i7, 1070 oc, 8gbs of ram (getting more tomorrow, hopefully that’s the problem).

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what game is that

could be alot of things need more info
in bios settings check ramspeed and PCIe gen#
insoftware run msi AB to check GPU
check for new drivers (mobo gfx windows)
try a different game lol

Earthbound snes

I had that issue randomly once
Had to turn off Intel Speedstep in the BIOS because for some reason the CPU wasn't registering the game as an app, and was underclocking itself.
Worth a shot.

It’s an Alienware 17r5 laptop. The hard drive is a piece of shit hybrid. ram is 2400.

for software diagnosing
MSI afterburner (easymode)
msi com/page/afterburner
gpu-z (simple might find pcie gen problem)
techpowerup com/gpuz

It’s every game, from fallout 3 to Witcher 3 to destiny 2. Just every single game even at loess setting after the bios update.

Let me try that

Should I just wipe?

I'd get a fresh set of drivers for your video adapter, and choose the clean install option. Also clear out your registry with CCleaner.

Did that. Literally all of this happened after the bios update.

Is ur ram set up on xmp profile? Graphics card updated?

So the ram is 2400 and is displaying that frequency in task manager, should I still try to Enable it as xmp (assuming that’s a option)

Graphics card was uninstalled and reinstalled today while all past drivers were wiped.

Delete system32

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My ram usage at idle is around 60% percent after the bios update. Was around 30 before.

It could be as simple as reseating your components and turning on xmp profile but honestly unless the computer is in front of me I can't help. Some of the other suggestions might work. Like

>could be alot of things need more info
>in bios settings check ramspeed and PCIe gen#
>insoftware run msi AB to check GPU
>check for new drivers (mobo gfx windows)
>try a different game lol

all these things are BIOS related
you must look in the bios settings

Try checking if power saver mode is on happened to me installed a new ssd and graphics card and some home my performance got worse realized power saver mod got turned on some how had same issues you are referring to as well fixed it all

How* and mode*
post the 1st page of your settings

Speedstep being turned off did it. Thanks for the help gents.

When that happened to me, I randomly turned it back on a year or so later, so IDK when you will be able to turn it back on, if not right away. No idea what caused it to fuck up for me, but it really was "one day it works, the next it doesn't."