New Celeb Thread

New Celeb Thread
Let's Be Friends Edition

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Maisie's legs edition

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Legs, legs legs! I cant stop for them!

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post Moner and I'll be your friend

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i also made this one cause i thought it would make a cool surf board graphic..i don't surf, but

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Her hips are so much better than you 'd think, wow

Fat bella tts

I will. My friends aren't pitting either so I'mhanging with them anyway.

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>posts Moner
too late user

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filename says it all on this one

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Bella has such a ripe body.

I only have what Hersh sent to me back in the day.

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not into the whole blacked thing can you please post the original.

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Peach looking ripe


That's absolutely fine by me, I'll take whatever you can post


It's always the lil gooners saying "hnnng"

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I'm not into Victoria at all someone just requested it.

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how about the v-v-v-vicky one?
why not have a tiny sized pit with friends!?

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nice quads

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Its a primal reaction

Vicky got some long sexy fingers.

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ye ik I was just assuming if you made it you'd have the original image
maybe we will but probably not. I'm definetly gonna end up sweating like fuck like I did at the last show I went to even tho I was on the balcony.

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Here is the other one from the set, I will find the first one momentarily.

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nice vicky,
ty anons

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Never mind he posted it.

VS still has okayish models that doesn't look plus-size like Taylor and Barbara.

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if i haven'e posted it in the last thread or this one, it wasn't mine. i can fit everything i've made and posted in one screenshot

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Kloss never packed on the pounds.



and she knows it
>that bend
imo, if you don't sweat at a concert, you're doing it wrong
always loved the chalk penis, kudos sir

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I have shit hands, so I can appreciate a good pair.

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i only posted it once..

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If you want to have sex with somebody who has the body of a 12 year old chinese boy, just have sex with a 12 year old chinese boy.

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>shawn kempf

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>projecting this hard

True. But I don't think Karlie is still a current VS model.

Candice though. Praise the lord, she's still maintaining even after birthing children. Fucking great she's flat now, you really know her body fat is really low.

Truth hurts for chubby chasers.

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i'm not sure i understand

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>accurate as fuck though

>nigga doesn't like curves

Are you still taking requests? Got one you might like.

i could've swore at the time "kampf" was spelled "kempf" lol

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chad you got btfo last thread, don't make him do it again

that's ok, user. i am sure they are not as bad as you think :)
someone reposted it then, i remember seeing it a couple of more times shortly after the first time
what was the band's name again?

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Candice has the right amount of curves, if you want curvy go fuck a regular chubby American.


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Not chad.


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Oh no, they are. I've told this story here before, but once I was hitting on a girl at a bar and she told me that I had "trump hands."

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That picture makes her ass look flat.

Little bit chunkier than you like but if you look past that I think you'll see how cute she is.

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Why user you tryna find where I am? :)

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weird, i never see my stuff reposted when it's probably in the same manner that i posted it, only when it's something like pic related or that screenshot of my steam friends list when i was not necessarily "defending" corly but not in of understanding having friends and being on Cred Forums when corly was being whatevered by probably the same person who started reposting my screenshot as if it were corly's

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Asking for curves on a supermodel is like asking for ketchup to go with your wagyu steak. Fucking mong.

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Can someone plox give me sauce? Don't care if not legit, just want the scene

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reading this cause me to have a stroke.

i really have no idea what that means
>he's onto me
absolutely not, i just wanted to listen to that new album as well. yes, that's all
coming to think of it, i don't recall it having that filename so i think every time it was a repost

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>thinks Supermodels are Wagyu

If it ain't got curves, its not even meat.


if you like that, you'll love it when i have a dream i feel like sharing with the class.

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Orange man got some small hands.

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I'll tell you after the show

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oh, Trump hands, i see. short and fat fingers?
but you've already said it before :/

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They're just freakin' small man. I'm like 6' 3'' and my hands are PUNY

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i guess i'll just listen to Jinjer then :(
if Kyle Gass can make his fingers work, then so can you

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Sound the band is Loathe.

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you know what they say about small hands..

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Shaddap bish

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Seek help.


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That's not fat.

>I Let It In and It Took Everything
>Released: 7 February 2020
wtf, i was not expecting it to be *this* new

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any famous?

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who is that hotty?

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ye it's the album release show.

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Thank you for your support.

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..small gloves

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You like plus-size "models" like Barbara. Your opinion, fortunately, does not matter.

Well, you wouldn't call it skinny unless you are American.

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You'd call it skinny if your eyes worked, or you weren't mentally challenged.

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i am sure you'll have a blast!
anytime, tripsdude
pic related

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"Skinny". You fucking Americans make me laugh. Bet a couple relatives of yours own those powered chairs because they're too fat to move.

Gimme gimme
I'll take you up on that.

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Keep crying

No u

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I will.
Really like the new album, even the singles I didn't like fele a lot better on the album.

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No me.

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Nigga you blind.

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Do you not see the weight gain?

If you prefer bloated-face Romee on the right, you're a chubby chaser.

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is that a threat or a promise?
three songs in, sounds really good so far imo

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Yes me

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Weight gain does not translate into her being fat.

third track is prolly my favourite atm

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Delightful body

Is a promise!
Yes! :D

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Any kenzie fans

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i say yes


broken vision?
noted :p

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Nice shirt.

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yeah it is

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now i want a bubble gun :/
i liked new faces alot

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How are you bruh

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for celebs and dm

discord DOT gg/MmUQZB

Now I want a you :////

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B( . )( . )BS

Doing great! How are you?

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Chillin like usually :3

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that's one of my favourites on the album.

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Good! Excited for the weekend?

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More Boobries pls

for now, here is a (You)
it's a nice album
5/7, would listen to it again

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That'll do.

Attached: Polka.jpg (640x640, 80K)

Weird way to rate tho kek
Cute VJ.

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I’m not famous yet but I already know I’m gonna be lol

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>Weird way to rate tho
damnit, dude. i know you are young, but come on!

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:) u

Attached: but who was phone.jpg (1080x1346, 326K)

Yes. Gonna buy bottle of some nice wine and continue my chillin

Attached: d3d1cc53c6655e3bfa7333a54c8955d6.jpg (703x1186, 143K)

Attached: 1569108535098.jpg (749x957, 71K)

also how do u know my age?

Attached: 1564338970617.jpg (750x750, 91K)

Sounds like a plan! Not really a wine guy, but I hope you enjoy!

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hay guyz

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Attached: 7DED1B24-0F38-48C1-9644-D2F257659AD1.jpg (750x1334, 177K)

Attached: Millie-Bobby-Brown-hot-Millie-Bobby-Brown-nude-Millie-Bobby-sexy-Millie-Bobby-nude-Millie-Bobby-Brow (1080x1350, 155K)


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anyway I should head out.

Attached: 1563737782825.png (1080x720, 1.1M)

time to grind some goldz. l8erz
you've said you're in uni :p
have fun

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aren't you

god damn


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Attached: poppy-Jesse-Draxler_phixr.jpg (550x677, 85K)


tasty young kate



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Breaking News: Ellen Degenerous looks like Pee Wee Herman these days.

That's my waifu, famallama

Naked tits

And a troll too, she looks like a trolololol

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Morning , Sleep well ?

Bonjour , Comment ca va ?

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Attached: woke.png (500x612, 142K)

Attached: Poppy mask corona virus defence.png (480x800, 143K)

Not yet.

I just got home from work, it went alright. Did you just wake up?

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dclxvi murder all americans

post more of her please

I just woke up. had the craziest dream

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oh god saved

Attached: 1575626757890.gif (245x245, 1.73M)

what a beauty

Attached: post_sextape_production.webm (720x406, 1.69M)

holy ghost nuts


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no u

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Where is hersh
Where is smilefu
Where is purefu
Where is morsey
Where is pix
Where is will
Where is c
Where is mj


Attached: 1574850917423.webm (1920x1080, 1.82M)

wheres hunter


driven away by chad
sometimes back
driven away by chad

Getting raped by chad daily

lies and slander

I talk to Hersh and Smile on the daily. Pure went away after arguing with Chad. MJ went away after breaking up with chad. C, Pix, and Will are around like every night. I see people talk to Morsey, but idgaf about him so I don't really know.

Chad and MJ were a thing?

youre full of shit