This meth head just is literally raping his toddler in the apt next to mine rn 1287 cedar shoal dr apt1003 zip30605...

This meth head just is literally raping his toddler in the apt next to mine rn 1287 cedar shoal dr apt1003 zip30605. Terry mcgarey

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Report him yourself fucker

Nypa faggot

Nypa asshole

Loser bitch why comment if u gonna bitch

Pics or didn't happen

Fucking retards obviously he's telling us so we can go join him.

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This guy gets it


Are you a nigger?

Do more than 2 people remember TUGS existing?

>send letter to address
>"hey, your next door neighbour is calling you a meth head baby raper"
>include printed screenshot
>wait for OP to turn up in a rekt thread

I totally forgot it did until I saw that image

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Who wants to let him see this thread?

Post results!

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Thats kinda hot

ohh OP dun goofed now. i'm sure the "meth head" will know who the OP is. get ready for perpetual stink eyes lmao

Willing to bet he knows exactly who OP is, let the carnage begin!

Nigga huh

so OP what's goin on, the little girl doesn't stop screaming her lungs out? Maybe it's the father but maybe she's an early onset manipulative bitch? idk can't judge with no info except "meth head" which basically means you don't like him.

If you look at the guy's fb profile he likes to dabble in a bit of weed which makes me think OP is a jealous weeb shut in who doesn't like the noise a toddler makes sometimes disturbing his hentai sessions

fucking terry mcgarey man

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for sure a nigger who found his way here & thinks this is twitter
next thing you know he will be posting beyonce reaction pictures with 100s of Emoji’s that don’t mean shit. Probably still thinks the holocaust happened.

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heyy, what's wrong with being a shut in?

Yup, usually it's the OP is the douchy one.

Kill yourself faggot.

>implying the toddler noise isn't the hentai

I called the cops and reported him, they said they are on their way and will check what is going on

Then we can finally get some fresh stuff for the rekt/gore threads

Join now before it's too late

They sent me a Facebook message. I'm coming over to kick your ass Julian you fat lying fuck

Call the cops shitdick


Go over there and kick his ass you fucking pussy

Fucking get him!
Screenshot fb message plz to validate!

Post OP's personal details plz..... for the lulz


Fuck off mogoloid sheep Fucker

i hope he uses the toddler as the weapon

As a weapon? Hes sending the toddler over to kick this guys ass instead of having to do it himself.

It's on now lol


Is op dead?

No proof fake and gay

I know you're a LARPing faggot but just in case you aren't post pics after

Op died

This just became the most interesting thread. Yo Terry, let us know if you kill Julian.

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Toddler while kicking his ass: "why did you ruin our orgy!!"

And so you came here telling this, instead of being a man for once in your life? You spineless inbred tranny piece of shit!

I can hear the toddler telling him "i was about to get my 1st orgasm, and you had to start some shit."

Do we have a detective who can take the details in OP's post add the name Julian and see what turns up? Surname? Fb profile? Murder report??

"we were thinking of inviting you, but now you're blacklisted forever" poor OP missed a good opportunity for a qt gf and a cool bro with some drugs.

This , they knew each other by name. Maybe Facebook friends ?

ngl some of the fb pics on Terry are kind sketchy.

i fucking wish user

What do you mean

post audio so we can determine legitimacy

I can hear the toddler telling him "i was about to get my 1st orgasm, and you had to start some shit."

he speaking faxx tho

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aw shit tru datt

So does this foreshadow him rekting OP?


I guess op is now dead?

that was my favourite show

this might be one for the books boys

>send letter to address
>they're not even neighbors

no word from OP yet or is he dead already? can we get the other neighbor to chime in?

what if op was targeting the neighbor to Terry all along

was thinking this the whole time, and it just backfires on him

Imagine living in Georgia. Disgusting.

Yup gg OP, the troll got wrecked

Could always be the case, someone who doesn't like either of them just sitting back watching it kick off..... like when you send a Christmas card to somebody addressed as "to the arsehole with the barking dog"

That's actually pretty clever


Go for it.
Chat screen or it didn't happen tho