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New Celeb

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murder all americans dclxvi

my dick

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I'm gonna go jerk off then sleep so post me some good content please.

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Your dick.

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dove time

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Yeah you like that neck pucci you bich?

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when uve got nothing nothing becomes worth something
eg fiat picture on a screen, psychological association, etc.

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murder all americans dclxvi

Her ass ain't gonna eat itself buddy.

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how do we know which content is good?

glad we're on the same page lmao

i do like necks but they're much better when they're veiny.

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wew dat PIT

When you've got nothing Poppy becomes your Goddess and lifts you from the pit you find yourself.

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fake und gay

I just post this one and pretend it's veiny but really it's just a ruse so the pitboy can enjoy his Kloss pits.

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i was born with the title satan and her name is litearlly "beautiful satan"

and ive graduated uni with a finance degree.

my life is complete.
want more? actually worked a day in my life, hesoids works and days theoi
grandmaster of the bavarian illuminati, no man is my equal physically mentally or spiritually, and she is gone.

Okay I go to coomtown now smell y'all later.

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im so confused its one ugly taylor swift and 2 dopplegangers

murder all americans dclxvi

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Gib mommy milkers

this cunt would tongue good asshole

Dovebot out of battery.

that poor boy

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Behati is perfection.

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down syndrome

murder ALL americans dclxvi

face is weird and small

murder all americans DCLXVI

She packin.

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ugl who? literal randomsmurder all americans DCLXVI

ugly randommurder all americans DCLXVI

Is that my Daddario sissyboy?

Gloria Satanas, et Satan
Belial et Spiritui

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based af thank you

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The lucky duo 7's have spoken
Sicut erat in
principio, et nunc,
et semper, et in
saecula saeculorum.

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Being a tall blonde does not make someone a Taylor Swift doppelgänger, you face blind autist.

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hahaha oii cool it on the mental illness projection... also so we are clear i meant left was the ugly tastesmyassholeswift and u (right) were the qt xx (her being a doppleganger of herself, a psych poke )

u girls suck seriously...xxxx

cocaine n tetris at emms(andpossibly my) place some time? xxx

im asking this not knowing the REEE metre on her relationship to ur lot.

she did seem really normal... and more cute then i can and ever will declassify.. she invited me out last novemeber then ghost dogged me at last minute. i waited 2 hours for her to finish bath (poisoned by bath salts and bleach cause nsa compromised idiot) then spent 2 hours standing around waiting for her while she texted "just coming around the corner" etc.

how would you like or think me is going to react?

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pokedots+smile+sun+flower+nice skin/arm width = hot as fuck

cunts retarded
and a nsa schizophrenic retard 5 generations of country government compromisation is continuously shooting me in the head 10000 times a day pretending its voluntary wanted or that i cant do anything about it, and probably her/others etc

schizophrenic retard

these people are going to be murdered and exploded in military hardware violence like ur not even consideratory to this level of responsibility i have of my own transgenerational genetic accountability/placement

0% needed or required
100% makes situation worse
100% cannot change its actions from words
100% going to be murdered in military hardware


retard ugly dog face

murder all americans DCLXVI

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ur going to die in repeditive violent shots of ur own

murder all americans DCLXVI

107 year long problem

litearlly 0% on me not on me nothing to do with me

murder all americans DCLXVI


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hi dua user!

multiple personality and disorder all self induced by guilt schizophrenic ants got an illegal dollar for whoring urselves out literally nothing to do with me

have in paper evidence grandmaster of illuminati and graduate. have in blood son of empire and special forces elite

ur dead

murder all americans DCLXVI

That smile of Dua is to die for

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ugly cause dog collar and that face and body is only beautiful for sex

right is actually hot (beautiful) while u(left) is just hot, and IF you are loving, then beautiful.

taylor u let me down it was my fault for reaching out.

Dove with Nat's tits would be unstoppable

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Nat with Nat's tits is even better

That woman on the right must be a giant to be that much taller than Taytay

ug pug

sapiosexual, demisexual, cant be fooled, tricked, lied etc.

talking to hollywood nm dead cause... zz

murder all NSA dclxvi

murder all americans DCLXVI

schizophrenic down syndrome in pine gap with fragile x dont stop shooting. schizophrenic psychosis

murder all americans DCLXVI

literally nothing to do with me and civilians wanting attention isnt thought crime


murder all americans DCLXVI

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That smile of Dua is to die for

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the schizophrenic goober is sitting there pretending like its playing along

none of you are military in any capacity

murder all americans DCLXVI

permenent schizophrenic down syndrome psychosis dating back to 23 dec 1913 bar nothing

murder all americans DCLXVI

the fact u might have actually loved me, ur the first girl i ever believed. but thats only half of it. stay alive girl but ur on my runescape ignore list, im never signing in again, its nsa schizo retard shit hacked every rng roll. tell me ur shoe size dress size and ring size in au some time and after ive held u in my hands ill buy you one of each n we can stay together forever ^_^x

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could just be a really good actor, nothing to do with profession (THATs for sure) .. u were only strung along because of me cause someone else thought you might actually be right and do right by me

she hasnt

u can say its johnathon nsa pine gap fragile x syndrome etc fault but thats no excuse

guess shes not so good for me and now u got to sit there sucking on ur 20 years of malinvestment much less the justice u r to face for ruining my fucking life on the side

ur dead

plz go back out back and continue chopping the wood
ahahahha distal tendon tear via a satelite zzzzzz i dont get money like u schizo losers either just taken

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Thanks for stopping hope you have a good day.

murder all americans born after dec 23 1913 DCLXVI

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Kill yourself.

Post as many as you want soon as someone points out your iPhone filenames you're donezo.










this is boring emm where r u zzz should i leave country? ur sitting there thought projecting means yes regardless the words ur thinking the actual is means yes cause insane



murder all americans born after dec 23 1913 DCLXVI

it has fragile x syndrome and 5 generations of epigenetic nsa/usa/usd compromisation it HAS to believe my subvocalisations in communication with it its called "false equivalence"
"false causation"

look up fragile x syndrome
THAT's what is "pinging"/attacking you.

a leapard wont change its spots

and if its not the exact schizophrenic retard itself its 107 years of nsa epigenetic compromisation 1:1 with it

ud know about this being schizophrenic whroes who sell kisses for dollars(usd=currency=sheckles = fiat not real etc) urself.

schizo whores theres many old proverbs about this
reap what u sew etc

made a fortune on down syndrome and wonder why ur retarded smh

no ur brain isnt worth recorrection

thats u in neuroplaciticy psychosis

like a track that runs the same indents in a road for years after years, u literally cant escape the path

sheep off a cliff
remember 2012?

nah neither do i but i can lie and still be in the moral net positive benefit

you are a corpse

I-I'm a-a very lucky m-m-m-man...

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Seek help. No ones out to get you. It’s paranoia.

dude u ruined my life and it was already ruined mew was the only other person in this bracket u better be good to make it athird (even outrank her second place atm, she still remains 3 tho, and she will forever outrank any kids we produce because of this, but they can be 4th 5th etc)

you have schizophrenic psychosis down syndrome and a murder victim

this persons a corpse

murder all americans born after dec 23 1913 DCLXVI

ur doing that shit where u project onto me again and stalk me to try and tell me what it feels like then projecting ur low as EQ on me like its my fault rather then having reality worth the answer and telling me first hand face to face about the problem or concerns

i am an open person

u are a retard

only if u cross from retard to not are u my concern

not before

before is ur murder

not on me schizo retard [email protected] emma watson wildyemma osrs

murder all americans born after dec 23 1913 DCLXVI

u schizophrenic retards arent influences ur attention whores

real influences are those i make cum and make me cum and not just bodies there jsut so happen while its going on or thinking a misinterpretation of my thought in psychological concreteness means anything u dont have benefit of doubt u r managerially entrenched u do have fragile x syndrome compromisation

murder all americans born after dec 23 1913 DCLXVI

the schizophrenic psychosis insane violent retard is sitting there shooting it cant not be fucking retarded it can never be unretarded ur being murdered pine gap

all americans are to be murdered, again not on me, nothing to do with me, its not that ur ignorant under law(still no excuse), its something worse, its that ur retarded, and weilding .gov. cant even see ur retarded cause its gone on for 107 years. they got 100 years of usd and thought they were winning. rothschilds opted out in 9/11 2001

murder all americans born after dec 23 1913 DCLXVI

lol the schizophrenics permenently retarded and shooting ppl with a satelite over stolen subvocalisation in fragile x syndrome + 107 years of collective epigenetic compromisation ur all murdered

murder all americans born after dec 23 1913 DCLXVI

EVEN IF no one is to do it, im still right :^)

murder all americans born after dec 23 1913 DCLXVI

you reading this = schizophrenic
me typing it =/= me reading it



oh also emma ur murdered anyway for perma muting my account

go back to ur bleach and bathsalts retard

Imagine wasting literal years of your life spamming some shitty thread.

for the record ive only spent 2008-2011-2016-2019 here, only 4 years out of 12

imagine being a down syndrome retard who spends their life in Cred Forums runescape reddit facebook etc

do you really think you should ever be holding a baby? i wouldnt let you hold my fucking cat.

At least you don't have to imagine.

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ive spent 33% of my time since knowing about this place active here
ive spent 2013 2016 2019 on osrs, or 30%
ive spent 2012 2017 on fb, or 2/13 (u cant even do quick simple math autismo schizo targetted individual)
ive never been on reddit
league of legends has been called league of autism in my circle since its genesis
you have anosognosiad mass retardation, cant think for urself, and the masses are psyopd and permenently retarded

u dont even know why

u dont have a choice to imagine or not, nothing to do with it

u live ur life in garbage at best and at worst make others worse

>god damnit this better not be my noodle neck

I HATE Lacey Evans

noodle neck?

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respectable normal attractive intelligent girls without some *weird* shit about HER open on me daily i have literally girls on every block

ur lot are niggers

enjoy ur alcohol and jew rape tho
work 0-50 hours or whatever so u can sit there and autistically fart the remainder collecting attention whore sheckels

mind controlled and fucking retarded
ur not real people
u want attention because ur an ant
u need to be squashed
u think uve found some stasis medium of standing wave stability shit posting here about it in anosognosiad passive aggression

ur schizophrenics
doesnt matter if u hear a voice or not
ur retarded trash
half lives
split minds
who here has read/comprehends rene descartes meditations? ill literally come to ur next show/movie/whatever it is if u have. and im a man that dodges meshuggah live.


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yeah like nerd neck but im trying to be cute so the extra syllable and the soft association helps. im not retarded.

hesoid works and days theoi

its a poem

read it

understand where ur place and contribution lies

entertainment by a tier that makes its dollar off the quality and calibre of falling standards masses (for centuries straight now) is a dead dollar. u know nothing. history. philosophy. economics. nothing

she has to free herself from the subconscious notion of infinite tie in loop that she represents a collective or something, again for sheckel attention dollars

rather then me running my hands over her smooth bare white nakey ass hmph smhx

nice rachel user

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infinitely being comrpomised from all angles including illegal military ones to remain retarded (like them) to be sucked down and drawn into the gravity of mass retardation as deadshits go perpetually and forever off the cliff they spend a life strugging to claw at to remain on

ur no different then that which u voluntarily attract

u kiss boys for money u were a whore zzzzz

I-I know a-a-a w-weak m-m-man like m-m-me doesn't d-deserve h-h-her...

Attached: lba9u1rzkfa41.png (714x727, 811K)

If you dont deserve her , I will take her

ur histrionic cause u werent with me qt (i wanna say silly bum but my ego will only let me type this much to admit it, screw it)

silly bum

is this that guy u kissed?

u can have her i wont stand in the way of love much less fake love thats for sure meh

no idea what you're talking about fam
thanks user

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Horse Queen*

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my life has been physically ruined by a schizophrenic fully grown men with mental retardation illegally operating usa military. this schizophrenic shit stain is the mistake of humanity, and why there will be no intergalactic ascension of this species

literally the first of the new age, and the last.

last person that was comparable to me was hayek, rothbard, mises, krishnamurti, brzezinski (no haters), jfk etc,

its literally the equivalent of if a usa marine with down syndrome walked up and KO'd noam chomsky or niall fergusson or graham hancock or randal carlson in the head (these people are celebrities) you lot are schizophrenics in a containment board unironically and its so successful u cant c it to the point of anosognosia
you live under a rock
the matrix shit is about u
u have no idea what goes on in this world
its pain suffering or its jubiliee and joy and what the difference or causation of either or is

down syndrome schizophrenic fuck thinks it has position murder all usa military at the least

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Gotta try harder than that idiot, you're on the internet

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that down syndrome bitch sits there in a psychosis doing wrong pretending its doing it on purpsoe cause it likes the attention/abuse to cover strawman over the fact its actually just permenenetly retarded and cant not be because it was born with fetal alcohol syndrome because its mother was a drunken whore to some schizophrenic b grade pseudo intellectual intelligentsia like its own self b grade extra star status

so u have a dog product used as a dog product
bcg matrix
ansoff matrix

retard shits in the playground of humanity
like its my personal loss ur suffering
weighted to fucking nill

ur not anonymous to the database im genetically blacklisting u permenently in so no i dont schizo fuck again its not about the attention and ur schizophrenic for ur egocentric projection that it was im never explaining this again

Looking good as always

8 bit philosophy plato retards
i love u vx
and ur friend, both equally . legit equals x hottest 3some in my mind, u can kill me after so we even/fair/paid x

do u idiots even read
even my fucking mum reads animal farm and earths children by jean auel

consider this ur class real work today

if u wanna read extra google brave new world revisitted alduous huxley read it

this thread

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now intergrate this shit know its being done covertly via emf and shit via fragile x syndrome core of usa 1913 on "deep state" lmfao

michimichi21 fb its father on the right shooped on xmas, that guy + its father(her gdad) pine gap australia unironic leader of these schizos usa1913-

usd illegal
signed in dec 23 1913 had fragile x syndrome - illegal cant form contract, like asking a down syndrome to sign u over all its shit. cant form contract. signed usd into existence. usd illegal.
any violence by usa military since=illegal

murder all usa military = guilty dclxvi

murder all usa

she too cute rich and innocent for me neway :(

n thats after the being raped by a jew and being a slut whore :/ shes posting pictures of her kissing dudes after we've met online and shes called me big bear and shit????????

hello???? anyone???????????

and even if they were old photos and that wasnt mew u dogged me then ghosted me... i dont even care but now u dont want to like actually meet and if ur real let me hug u forever cause u think u got ego to hide ur embarressment or something i mean look at me cunt fuck

what the fuck do i do but walk away/smh?

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honest to god cant even tell if this is u like only 90% sure

only only ever ever ever (fantasy) ever wear lipstick so u can mark ur territory all over my face on night outs so i can stand there stupid and grinning cause ur a fucking babe

50% of the reason im only typing this is out of love so u maybe can/got something to read from me :/

Attached: 21490ab2c6ce4d44fa791d84f238a0c1.jpg (724x724, 74K)

and maybe being an iota less mind controlled by what is at its core since 1913dec23 genetic down syndrome mental illness fragile x syndrome causative of both world wars and current state of white retardation

world laughs at u constantly white english race

fucking embbaressing joke

minus the kiwis opted out of ANZUS in NINETEEN EIGHTY----FOUR----
and maybe canada minus that general shit...


Attached: au left nz right.png (758x631, 60K)

doesnt mean anything depends if shes capable of love or not. pretty very sure is no. just a nice romantic word and fatasy... mew WAS love.. emm SAID love.. zzzzz

before u idiots think this i am NOT here for you. its just i will benefit NOT at ur expense (less ur ignorance)


hitler means nothing stupid schizos, reactionary to wwi which was reactionary to usd signed by a literal schizophrenic down syndrome and look where we are

soviets killed literally 10x as many jews and people in gulags then hitler did in a death camp much less pol pot or mao or america vs native indians or america in the middle east since. they false flag wars in schizophrenic down syndrome for fiat fractional reserve banking spent on military=100% failure every time sage

My cousinfu

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Attached: 8wtN1cPg.jpg (728x1076, 87K)

Attached: 1573881145339.jpg (1000x1000, 281K)


a tasty specimen

go look up history of jewish dispora, roman genocide of jerusalum
spanish inquisition


Attached: 1580116492075m.jpg (675x1024, 105K)

Attached: 1579716096208m.jpg (683x1024, 60K)
700,000/1000000 murdered in 70AD is like me nuking the state of new york repeadetly.

Attached: 1578339414493.jpg (1933x2900, 481K)

Attached: 1576496592908.jpg (1024x690, 163K)

emm if u loved(actually do love me) thats worth more then anything else in this world combined or that ive ever had or will have


minus if u dont in which case ill keep looking heh

+1 i didnt have to lift a finger for it
-1 that i did after :/
+1 if i tongue ur ass and u call me daddy

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WHAT WHAT?are you Idiot?

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Attached: 1568267941829.jpg (1000x1500, 200K)


you arent even cute normal attractive girls ur actually negatives just think ur up cause u got sheckels yet dont know a stitch of economics banking or history lmao

sell all ur usd buy gold with it simple even a retard could do ti

Take your pills, fagot

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Attached: dnmqqqw6tt741.jpg (960x583, 71K)

usd/usa is being collapsed this century much sooner then originally because of johnathon fragilexsyndrome nsa pine gaps violence against me u dont got much time

sell usd
buy us gold
have somewhere not usa to live
literally anywhere xx

love uxxxxx
(emms) dad xxxxxxxx
(not the one who raised her or her biological mistake father - her real onexxxx)

oop see now ur genetically blacklisted and dieing of cancer radiation from a satelite not on me

Attached: emwa stressing out.jpg (1906x1029, 206K)

her bottom lip bothers me.

Attached: 1579167111757m.jpg (1024x683, 74K)

Attached: 1575003902711.jpg (800x1200, 751K)

buy jewelery, gold, american. sell usd. irs form 8854, get a different citizenship, dont ever come back

Take showers

Attached: DietCokeIsFuckinGross.jpg (1118x1716, 101K)

don't stop

oi what the FUCK no tobacco doodle head
only weed if im there to hug and hold u and give u warm belly rubs so u am nots cold :3

that shits poison i think u had enough of that ._.

shes(not all girls retards just her) got boobs that means she can be raped tho so who cares

wait. this aint a ylyl

there are a lot of rape worthy girls that dont have a weird bottom lip.

Attached: 1576417277911.jpg (683x1024, 129K)

this is pretty hot xxx
i shower 0-4 times a day
0 if ive literally done nothing that day
4 one in morning one mid gym one after gym one before bed if seasons on.. my distal tendons broken from a schizophrenic psychosis down syndrome named johnathon in pine gap australia, descendent of thomas woodrow wilson who also unironicalyl has literal fragile x syndrome mental retardation psychosis

100% illegal lives

gave my younger baby half brother diabetes by using satelite to shut down half his pancreas. they have permenent schizophrenic psychosis

murder all usa globally DCLXVI


>dog damnit slut

ugly cunt

and thats before

now its insane psychosis schizophrenic retardation deadshit (but was cute for a week online slut :/)


Attached: 1562995164082.jpg (1024x650, 113K)

how the fuck am i meant to love and hold you when you are like this?

how long is this going to take? im literally about to leave and banning u forever from any more chance. u wasted ur life. and part of the reason mine was wasted. but i can do something about it. urs will continue to be wasted. so good luck

i am 0% talking with it in my head yet it is reading subvocalisation and has fragile x syndrome so it can supplant reality with its delusion thats one thing the other is its nsa/ usa backed

murder all usa geneticalyl DCLXVI

schizoprhenic down syndrome psychosis of humanity at every level must be militarily murdered

Attached: 936_1000.jpg (605x603, 69K)

literally no one to fucking do it though i pray this world destroys itself at least at best usa murdered asap

murder alex hurry up and/then jordan. then michael(johnathon) then johnathon(pinegap)

that will unretard u usa then just go home and stay home. u might win yet only if u do that. no counter condition on myself, to the original points.

I'd unironically fuck Ellen.

I don't like her bellybutton



paid for sexual acts = whore
does it in public also = slut

ur a fucking retard

u dont get me just these words ay retards
ull note 0% interest in any of you my entire life. no attention. nothing. just this emm cunt..

emm u fucking cunt i was gonna take u on a date we were gonna get an uber and shit it was gonna be cool and if u liked me after that we were gonna go home and cuddle n snuggle not even sex

i was gonna cuddle u warm damnit i had a checklist of stuff from what u told me i do listen im not an idiot :/

this shit makes me cry hopefully ur hanging ur self :@ :p but really :@ but really :( :/

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I want to visit her pussymouth

Attached: camila-cabello-second-album-romance.jpg (960x540, 109K)

>tfw no Karlie with a strap on gf

Taylor's about 5'10" and Karlie is about 6' or 6'1"

Obviously Karlie wears heels a fair bit.

*oh btw 26th oct heres me kissing random cunts published after date of meeting u*

only half of me believes that was a false flag the other half genuinely believes those were real dates and u did this after meeting me at least online and calling me fucking big bear and shit u fucking whored cunt of slut spit shit

no i dont want to fucking fuck u over n tie u up cause ur trying to strawman over ur guilt i want a strong woman who can admit when shes wrong and become STRONGER 1/3

now shes so retarded she wants to *do* this *here* and shes so retarded shes in this spiral of forever loop falldown cant get up. this is doomed. fucking hopeless.

>queue mist creep

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>not my cunt dont care


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continue on as u were shitting up life/reality/this website shitters

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Attached: 1556357498740.jpg (1360x768, 76K)

I hope that's from ST4

Attached: f0fyaif9o4a41.jpg (750x738, 77K)

au is trying to fall as hitler guilt validating it... weakness retardation compromised by fragile x syndrome usa/usd

u all fall or usd falls either way usa falls ur choice weak schizo crap doesnt make it stronger either just u perpetually weak.


u see .gov, at least ill maybe get laid here, get some weed, and some good life, recovery, and labour. u get nothing
and the schizophrenic inpine gap leave in a bodybag in genetic carstration

none of thats on me. zero %

stalked since 2002

mental retardation u made mistakes over ww2 etc

1913 causation

retard fucks know nothing think its some jew game of feudalism

retard psychosis genuinely weakened by fragile x syndrome johnathon pine gap nsa northern territory sitting there in illegal schizophrenic psychosis ur nations a bitch not for a moment do i consider myself of ur nation i am anarchism->dclxvi

birth certs fake anyway

die retarded subhumans regardless my "outcome" urs much worse in ur collective psychosis for all the world of truth to see in which it can only go in one direction through spacetime of such........

u wondering if this post is me or not is same % to fragile x schizoprhenic psychosis down syndrome pine gap nsa northern territory, on ur clock, that is shooting me, same percent its not illegal. and retribution. ur murdered dclxvi

these cunts are retards not even bond film girl tier

failed entertainers off with their heads (go find a job schizos)

hope u got product diversification u failed short haired jew slut rape corpse zzzzz yuck what exactly do u think u had to lose i was nothing but nice minus ur crazy which came out in about 3.4 seconds

mew do u c this god i hope ur alright this cunts a fucking deadshit these cunts are all retarded literally it is following me around to be murdered ur a god and theres a clear line of difference they compromised her not cause evil or malciious intent they just had access to it before i did and they have permenent schizophrenic down syndrome lmfao

murder all americans


i dont even wanna do this to u, ur too pathetic weak and a lie = sexually undesirable.

That looks like a man

go look up aryan german yes reproduction memes and shit its closer to that but it aint race its class (genetic quality not dollar dipshit how much pm(precious metla) you own u dont even know what pm means retard dipshit sell usd buy gold jewelery that is made from american mines)

Attached: 1553057584292.jpg (1913x954, 171K)

coin week spartan coin
xat history of money
money masters 1996
rothbard agd

usd 1913
fragile x syndrome
occult physics pine gap
literal schizophrenic down syndrome reason u were finally murdered usd/nsa/usa

literal schizophrenic psychosis not over 0% sucecss

Yeah, I don't either :(

Attached: dc6607c.jpg (1080x1349, 136K)

only if you're in there with me

does the schizophrenic down syndrome shoot you at same rates it does me? literal zero response zero feedback loop still goes 10000 times a day unanswered for years and years on end

if ur sitting there talking to it dont, its violence. dont talk to violence. its not to be tolerized or normalated (i am make joke). they are being murdered because unredeemable. so there wont be any post game where something good came from it. just temporary pure bad anything to do with it or associated, loss for no gain, no reason.

its sitting there turning my cursor shooting my intestines injuring me over years trying to set up psych associations and shit cause of its appeal to authority managerial entrenchment and im 100% sure ur weak enough to be going along with it in ur then shared poor psychosis with usa

a schizophrenic cancer that must be murdered
dont think anyone can though after ww2. worlds now stuck with its retardation psychosis decision where it exchanges "well its not me at least, im not losing out the most" in exchange for a schizophrenic down syndromed fully grown autistic retarded psychosis murderer raper man with fragile x syndrome named john born in 1952 same year nsa was founded sitting in pine gap australia in an autistic psychosis in 100% guilt.

murder all usa

look at you schizophrenic ants you will never ever know love

literally 0% important

Join now before it's too late

Attached: d5497e3b2697c8217efb7dfec40d4125.jpg (3028x4304, 1.03M)

What’s this from?

sitting there looking at grade 3 comprehension psychological association because it wants attention because a) retarded and b) worlds fucking retarded because usa has schizophrenic psychosis down syndrome fragile x syndrome and needs to be 100% murdered their leader is johnathon grandson of thomas woodrow wilson fragile x syndrome pine gap nsa usa northern territory

murder its kids alex and jordan immediately

alex is like its bloodline or whatever

dont forget the mum michelle too, country traitor in schizophrenic psychosis 2010-

it goes schizophrenically insane/crazy when it doesnt get to hack rng in lol/rs. im quitting forever. its injured me significantly 3 times now. and ruined harrys life forever. whens enough enough. hitlers nothing. usd is everything. they are 100% guilty. and instead of not making it worse, can only act retarded, showing true to form, its them, its their fault, their causation, they must be removed via third party coalition if you will whatever immediately asap. johnathon fragile x pine gap must be murdered immediately instantly dclxvi

0% otherwise. not a ping pong. no answer back. do not wait to see what" they" think about it. hurry the fuck up. no its not a trap. that its a trap its atrap. with no further synthesis. fragile x syndrome real = not a trap


why even be born why be alive how do u justify them continued living

0% 100% of the time

Ill never leave you user!
Her cheek is so shiny

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if u want to be real idiot come get me today im out if u come near me after this i will probably strike you up pretty bad u might get permenent brain damage and nsa wont save u they are even worse then that u wasted my life and cant even see urs is a waste much less u schizophrenics want to talk about law, this is humanities service, a favour. ugly and dumb

how many million instagram and twitter likes did u buy, this is why ur not even rich retard

a bath might be more fun

and runescape accounts lmfao schizo

murder all nsa dclxvi

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Not only feet

Attached: iPKvYDG.jpg (1280x1920, 201K)

>trollface is actually hot


I don't know, baths are kinda gross..

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Attached: Kate-Beckinsale-Feet-1715414.jpg (2100x3301, 1.32M)

its ok we're not in there to get clean

>showing a bit of bra to pump some coom

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Attached: BBF3709A-8776-490D-B59A-774756D1AC62.jpg (750x925, 671K)

No leak ? Fappening ?



Attached: 1537010006925.jpg (1280x1024, 523K)

Fapping to this slut

Attached: DA54D1CF-28EA-48A4-B04B-8A14D0AFC3DC.jpg (659x720, 73K)

Attached: 1566388386622-1.jpg (1462x2456, 960K)

How are you ?

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Attached: 1579470782053.jpg (1080x1347, 477K)

Attached: 1579642973000.jpg (1764x2264, 1.65M)

Attached: 394_1000.jpg (1000x1000, 135K)

Attached: jlo-ok-1580732818.jpg (680x645, 129K)

Attached: 399_1000.jpg (634x850, 147K)

Attached: 24241390-7960745-image-a-58_1580728281138.jpg (634x1169, 114K)

Why are they wearing lingerie?

I'm well. You?

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Attached: 24330646-7968387-New_role_Boynton_starred_as_Mary_Austin_in_her_boyfriend_Rami_Ma-a-4_1580911563413. (634x951, 113K)

Attached: B81DF6F6-09A7-435B-9CDE-03783F53BB80.jpg (1242x671, 626K)

Attached: 1577947050088.jpg (864x1080, 323K)

Attached: 1578066333621.jpg (634x1024, 85K)


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Im well aswell.
Did you do anything fun today ?

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googled who this was. This stupid lying bitch:

"She has stated she was bullied through her entire school experience, starting in fifth grade, through the end of high school."

Yeah. You ever heard of a smoking hot chick anywhere in any school in the country ever being bullied? That's total bullshit. Even the bitchy jealous girls would get shut down by every guy in the school. Such horse shit. Everyone wants to be a fuckin victim, even ridiculously hot and spoiled rich white girls (lol bainbridge island).

Attached: __AnnaSophia_Robb.jpg (1002x1500, 254K)

nah going to a concert later tho.

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k e k

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When I think about what me and babsanon had, I cri.

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Meika... what the frick..

Attached: 2020-02-05 21.12.45 2237355361711403861_1702555068.jpg (1080x1350, 293K)

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Attached: 2333_1000.jpg (655x1000, 114K)

I toot my babswhistle and he does not appear
>toot toot

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dem butt

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Attached: 1578769588105.jpg (1200x1800, 184K)


Attached: Oh Boy.gif (500x215, 768K)


Let me catch my son taking baths on Cred Forums

Attached: kWc0die.jpg (1536x1976, 587K)

that's because you are off key

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Oh , who is playing ?

Attached: 4omtipwftu741.jpg (720x1280, 542K)

local band.
nice laura

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I told you to bring lube

I hope you will enjoy the concert
and thanks :D
Victoria is also nice.

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You make more money than me. You bring lube.

Attached: tumblr_photdhdbYn1vg06hgo4_400.gif (268x150, 1.79M)

Pretty much

Attached: 2020-02-05 21.12.45 2237355364320213709_1702555068.jpg (1080x1350, 264K)

I wiil ty user.
Done anything nice?

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Attached: JLCqtpieshuff.webm (614x720, 571K)

Attached: 2c0950368124695.jpg (2491x3600, 640K)

Baked a pie for my mom
So nothing special.

Attached: tvyuu4cpjyw31.jpg (640x640, 69K)

that was worse, you probably scared him off :/

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Attached: tumblr_oobqx0yBjj1qb0i4vo1_400.gif (268x268, 1.39M)

i mean

Attached: 003bfaaeac1bf1057935f231ff96e9d4.jpg (1080x1349, 195K)

Image limit...

like Laura