Wife/gf rate time... you know the drill. Tell us what you would do to our girls. Have you saved them...

Wife/gf rate time... you know the drill. Tell us what you would do to our girls. Have you saved them? Ask any question and it will be answered... rate my wife

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Op here nice ass.. got moar?

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She looks like a buttetface but I’d pound that ass and cum all over her tits...

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butterface but would def fuck her

She’s becoming a he

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Wife what do you rate?

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Make her blow me in public


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Would you like to see more?

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Back for more?

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Whore wife

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turn her around so I can rat, back ist nice


perfect! got more? shes a total 10

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Rate my cumdumpster

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she's at least a 8/10

Mine a good few years go

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Like 1982?

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Yes 8

Nice any better quality 8.5

Looks like a 9 but she is bidding a lot


Maybe 8 show more

Damn 9

only got creep shots
48 y/o mum of 3

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8/10 I guess

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Would you cum behind her and then....

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Holy shit yes!
Pls go on!

Tits not bad 7

maybe a bit later

She is a really good little slut

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great bod for 48

Not bad at all 9

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Rate her

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She looks like a slut. 9

Must be why I like her 10

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Nice 9. How old?



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36 3 kids. Rate? Wwyd?

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Damn impressive. 10


my gf. thoughts?

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9.5 any more


8/10 not bad

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Tiny tits

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ugly tat - 1
= 6.8/10

great legs/10


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Great ass

wife. rate?

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Yeah she sure is. Wtf. She used to be hot

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love her tits. panties off?


No thank you

Rate my wife

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8/10 face. let's see her body for possible revisions up

Wife 40

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Rate my girl

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Back side

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Very nice

damn that pussy looks beat up. any pics with something in it?

9/10 body though. nice.

I need more

8/10. great body. can't go higher without face

You ever share her with other guys


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9/10 at least. beautiful face, spectacular tits. panties off and spread pussy for possible 10/10?

8/10, plus a bonus for Asian
gonna beat my meat to her

Now I want to see what she looks like ridding it

lovely. any higher quality pics?


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great milf tits and ass

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nice face. could go 9/10 with nudes. love the curve in her belly and her little tits

Kik - johnnyb2017cl for more pics of her

Very nice

Thanks. I think she is a sexy milf but I am bias.

goddamn. lucky you

i don't have kik. more here?

Show more

no one is going to rate or comment?

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I would like to see more.

I'd fuck her ass


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quality varies

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8/10 milf. more of those nipples?

nice 8/10 ass, I have a bunch of her saved

Wife 40

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i love her tits. 8/10. high as i can go without face.

more of her tits?

8/10. amazing milf body

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glad you like. would love to see what you have saved. drop some favorites?

i would never take my mouth off of those. more?

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any spread pussy? ass?

I'll take it, can't post face heh

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this is a fav
mainly the bent over and preg ones in my top list

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Step daughter

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nice. any more standing? i love their little sag

She loves nipple play

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fuckin hell I didn't know there was preggo stuff, I'm into that

Great tits show vag I bet it looks amazing to

I would put my seed in her

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Holy shit

heh. i do love that preggo set

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lucky you. did you suck on them when she was lactating?

not sure what number that is


No good vag pics, but its an outtie.

Full of cum?

rate this one and guess what i have of her

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That’s a 10

perfect. also checked

If u want private rating add me on kik , maplestory4chan

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nice, I've beat off to your wife's big pale ass countless times

No, they were off limits for years with all the breastfeeding. But now she goes crazy for it. More than before. This was towards the end of being milked with #3

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nice tits, nice clean pussy, slim => 9/10 considering age
any ass?

What else would you do to her?

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damnnnn. beautiful milf. take that bikini off!

8/10 so far. could go higher

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oh now i remember her. love her! always wanted to see her face

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She looks like she needs the double stuff


Wife. Rate?

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Looks slutty.... but also fat.

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8/10 with that great ass. Could go higher with more pics

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Ridding on top?

Damn, sexy older woman face. Body for rate?

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not fat

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looks promising

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Going for a 10


Especially preggo, but anything really. Face?

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Open those legs and let the tits fall for a 9/10

Amazing shot

Not at all amazing

No face but she is pretty. Again, I am bias

Could get there with face. 8/10 is max without face. Smoking body


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How's this?

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Nice tits... Good start

Great tits too. Can’t go higher without face though. I prefer shaved, too. Love the heels

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Not yet, she really wants it though

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That's a nice series of repeating numbers we have here!

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continue pls

Show the tits

...and more!

here's a another preggo pic of her. I've got to run. maybe the guy who has lots of her saved will post more

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Great ass

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Kind of a butter face

Wife 40

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still didnt get a r8

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Get after it

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She looks like she needs it. Show more with tits

With face? Love her body

Like silky thicc thighs?

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Using it?

Very nice, wanna swap?

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Ass rate

Attached: 4.png (1600x806, 1.07M)

Keep going

She is a 10


sweet pussy I'd like to kiss


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bless u user


7 ass 8 tits



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You're a good man

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Rate my girlfriend

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I only have these few preg ones

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At least a 9



I dont actually know her or have much sorry. I just know shes the sister of this girl who gets posted all the time
And shes a femanon so if she sees this I was hoping for more

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go on, could be an 8/10


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should clean the mirror/10

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I like her haircut

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Have ass

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nice strip

Great body 7.5
She wild?

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But looks a whole lot better like that

nahh, the opposite actually

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Attached: 1475609123410-1-1.jpg (434x627, 186K)

Continue more like this

With a body like that it's truly a shame.

I would ware her out

Attached: 20190422_1354571.jpg (3334x2728, 1.12M)

Cant wait to spitroast and dp her , shes such a dirty girl, i know she will squirt everywhere

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Attached: 20190602_100149.jpg (2340x4160, 1.18M)

looks good

Really nice

Does she dp with toys

wanna stick my tongue and dick in her

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Go on

Attached: 20190422_1354431.jpg (3738x2064, 1.06M)

Attached: 20180404_095343_2.jpg (4160x2340, 1.45M)

Do it...she would love it. Loves it hard and rough, wants to be tag teamed and stretched

Attached: 20180504_173455_2.jpg (2340x4160, 1.19M)

Nice. Post whatever you’ve got. Mega?

Yeah, no pics yet though

Nice BODY and Delicious PUSSY!

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Attached: 20191209_004605.jpg (720x540, 76K)

my gf. thoughts?

Attached: 20190928_151749-1.jpg (1548x2064, 1.66M)

could get good...

sweet jesus that looks good.

Attached: IMG_20191004_042152.jpg (1564x1564, 976K)

and tight...

Attached: Untitled2.jpg (7020x4160, 1.85M)

what does it need to get good?

Attached: 20190928_162509.jpg (1393x1858, 1.52M)

getting better for sure...!


Attached: rsz_img_20180123_09103253p6_hdr.jpg (756x1008, 383K)

Attached: piggyfu.jpg (1518x1005, 165K)

This is in koreatown in LA! Finally a background I recognize.


Requests? & rate

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She’s a 10

Hotwife/10 would eat her ass like dessert

of course

If I knew where to find her I would help her with all that

Droopy tits. Belly overhang.

Cum in her


Attached: 20190608_175009.jpg (4160x2340, 1.8M)

I wouldn’t have pulled out she’s a 10


Kik me @ bullishcock

Haven’t cum all week and she’s the one

7.5, any in heels?

Attached: IMG_4098.jpg (2048x1536, 236K)

Show your favorite pic

why not?

Like this?

Attached: FE7DDF84-AC46-4F62-A021-7FA5D83144AA.jpg (2320x3088, 1.5M)

don't have kik

Attached: 20190602_100303.jpg (2340x4160, 1.24M)

Hell yes

Attached: IMG_5508.jpg (960x1280, 321K)

You still here? Moar? Do we know anything about her? Vola?

wife tits rate?

Attached: 1580768464837.jpg (1046x535, 45K)

Looks like she is a 10

Fat ass. She ride a good dick?

Close but a better shot

Great thighs

prop. that. Love her tits in this one.

These are close seconds actually

Attached: 20180707_162708_2.jpg (2340x4160, 1.3M)

Attached: gu36s3i4pcn31.jpg (2632x3709, 707K)

Fuck yeah

Wow nice boob job.

Probably see how well she slurps a dick



10 on tits what does the vag look like

>Looks like she is a 10
She's a 10 for looking like this in her 60s

Attached: IMG_6280.jpg (1774x2048, 981K)

whereabouts are you from?


What did she do with that thing

for sure

Looks older but nice 8

Maybe we can work something out....we're in nc..

a bit more concrete?

I would play with her

Shes really fertile, got enough kids for now, lol

I would apply for this

10 for sure. I would like to dp her

>Looks older but nice 8

Attached: IMG_7128.jpg (960x1280, 299K)

I'd rather not say, sry.

Not a butterface. I want to pound her

Wanna swap?

She is sexy. Show more.

>for sure
>I would play with her

Attached: IMG_6738.jpg (1008x756, 121K)


Continue with more like this

Does she do anal

Ass please

Shes down, would love to see any tributes

I would fill her full of cum

Ass please

Attached: reverse.webm (600x336, 1.92M)

Occasionally....will do anything when drunk, thats how i got the dp fantasies out of her

Attached: 20180522_195439_2.jpg (2340x4160, 1.37M)


>I would fill her full of cum
You'd love it. She still fucks like a 20 year old.

Attached: IMG_4471.jpg (2048x1536, 397K)

What area is she from?

I would rape her asshole

Has she done dp with her toy

I would like to put that to the test

More tits? Want to share her with a 36 year old?

>I would like to put that to the test

Attached: IMG_3776.jpg (1536x2048, 754K)

>More tits? Want to share her with a 36 year old?

Attached: IMG_6927.jpg (2048x1536, 325K)


Yes, i and a friend have individually dp'd her with cock and her toy.

What site is this?

Better? Or closer

Attached: 39698D39-CBA1-4C1F-942B-CEB34113AEA7.jpg (2320x2802, 1.19M)

NC, come visit

Sexy af

Better but go closer

honest rating of my girl?

Attached: bride.jpg (1350x900, 180K)

Wouldn’t take long from sc

Last one I rated like this I failed miserably. But I am going to say and 8

She ever want it from a stranger? Show more of her

If it’s the bride then I rate her 9 only because I want her to swallow a full load of my cum and I know it’s not possible

hey never say never, and yes the bride is my bride lol

Show pic, shes interested

Show her tits

Have you ever shared her

Would love it if i blindfold her and invite a stranger to join

Damn would you be okay with having her suck me dry? Would she be down?