Dick thread

Dick thread

Take em out and post em, boys.

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dude you don’t gave a dick, you have a little cocklette lmao

It’s pretty average but okay whatever you say buddy

I also don’t see you posting your cock, so you can’t really say shit.

you first

smol but kind of qt



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since you asked, bitch. this is what an average sized dick looks like.

your little peepee doesn’t compare.

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Post more of your little clit for me to rub my 8 incher to.

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you’re pretty delusional if you think your dick is average sized. this is the smallest dick besides this guy’s dick that ive seen on here, not counting obese neckbeards that have 80% of their dick covered in fat.

you look pretty skinny so that’s absolutely all you’ve got right there. and it’s not much. thanks for posting though, it makes me feel better about my 6 inches.

lol dude your cock is tiny af. post more of it.

That's a really hot body and I'll bet you're a pretty decent lover... or will be. Moar!

Dude where the fuck are our tiny cock pics. That shit gets me off.

fuckin saved

would frot. nice on OP

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Little but hairy

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bumping for op to post more

>Perfect feminine penises don't exi-
Marry me user

Anyone like?

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Great pale color, healthy skin. Good size, admirably hard

8/10 better than OP's dick

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what about skin forward

Sitting on a crowded train right now, don't have more pictures on the phone

oh well

Holy fuck look at all these mutilated mutt cocks. How does it feel to be a Talmudic blood sacrifice

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I'm going to snip your tip whilst you sleep.

Join us goy.


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7/10, can you show it soft?


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7.5/10, show it pulled back

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I'm looking for someone to cock and cum tribute my gf.

Kik me: inneedofbbc9

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show it pulled back

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sure- why not

Love the way it hangs. Does it swing back and forth when you walk?


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thats a nnice wet head


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bored. Have some oc

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OC, Rate pls n ty

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This is a terrible review of his dick. Fuck your opinion user but healthy skin? It looks dry and two tone as fuck!

Rate my boy anons

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Love the shape of the whole thing

genuine question.. do you feel pressure because you're black but aren't big?

Pls rate

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Average? Lmao thing is almost a micro dick

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No, it might’ve been the angle, but even though it’s not that thick, the length is pretty average.

The platonic ideal of a cock.
Perfect size
Not too much hair.

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Did you just rate your own dick?

id blow you

Hey Professor! I'm rating this one! You can tell because I linked it in the reply!

pls be nice

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Do you jerk off into sandpaper? Buy some lotion.

9/10, solid weiner.

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What you've got there is a pussy pleaser.


Outrageously good. Shopped?

10/10 phallic perfection

Literally 10/10 wtf more

You got kik? Any vids fucking anyone? Really wanna see u fuck or grind

Feeling confident with my meat. Rate guys

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Rate me

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Any of you dicks down to cum trib to some shota/hentai for me?

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smol peepees

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top tier



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Nice cock, be proud

Am I a man?

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I'd suck
That one too
Again perfect, would you cum in my mouth and feed me every day many times?

I can cum a few times a day, its pretty thin tho, all transparent like lube

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Rate me

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ok thats fucking hot

Go for it buddy

rate my ding dong

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Then ill take it, why not.

As long as you hsbe cum its ok, would you sbowball with me and swallow mine too. Or cum in my burger. Im a nasty bastard.

Mine is bigger and thicker, but still nice ine user. Sadly i am mutilated too.

Show us a cumshot.

I wish we were all in a room and I could suck you all off

love to snowball preferably with both and im also a bit of a cooking with cum expert
at christmas i can make you a cummies hot coco to die for

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Nope, it’s my amazing big cock

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6/10 little skinny
Can I get a rate?

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Where are you from then? I dont like my own stuff but that means more of yours for me.

Also would be cool if you cum in your pants and let me clean it after a day of going out.

Would you swallow mine too?

kik yungfuhrer

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im in england, generally not ok with walking around in cummed in trousers just for hygenes sake but would be ok doing it for someone else if they wanted, and I literally always swallow, like if I dont swallow then something is seriously wrong

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I mean cum inside your pants after showering, go out a day cpme home and let me clean.

We could feed esch other then, im from austria.
What else do you like?


It’s not, why do you think it’s fake?

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thats kind of what I mean but I get the appeal of walking around with cumstains, tbh i think it would be pretty hot to walk around with cum all over my mouth and shirt but id probably never have the courage to walk around like that

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Well then i can spray you ina a changing room, leaves you with no options.

Alsp would be nice to get my morning wood sucked empty, would return the fsvor of course.

Any other things you would like to try?

I love little prepubescent dicks - they look so cute when they get hard. Can you ejaculate yet or is is still a dry orgasm? Dry are the best - the cute twitching flesh, the whimpers of pleasure and no mess..

definitely public sex, the riskier the better
like jacking you off on the bus or subway and having you cum on my face or in mcdonalds or subway

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You are cute, i can cum inside your pommes too, as king as you eat all up.

You can swallow my loads in the subway while i drive you crazy in the bus. I am 184cm big dick is 16/17cm girthy and sadly cut. Im quite hairy and have 100kg but not that fat, broad shoulders. You look perfect as a nice fuckmeat.

Also netflix and chill all the way.

now I need to see that booty

i googled pommes and got frenchfries lol, im about 167cm and average around 50-60kg but im always lithe and lean, kind of broadish shoulders and a half masc haf fem body, heres the closest to a full body nude i have atm

and also butte shott
tho sometimes when i shave my butt i get razor burn so sometimes i have complexion problems
ok so i dont know how to add multiple pics to a post anymore but ill poste more

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>Lose weight
>Cock still looks short cause inch thick fat pad
Its not fair Cred Forums

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better than long and thin, im 7 inches but thin as papaer and i know id rather have some girth than length

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Well you are cute for me, i am more of a bear mode guy. And yes pommes is french fries sorry for the mixup. But you know what i mean. Also i dont think i like it in my ass, but i can annihilate yours if you want.

Would be cute to have such a small nice bf like you by my side, although im 31 and an old fuck ,working as a chef here.

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Diesnt matter, once you push him all way in fad goes sideways. Is a nice 2cm extra surprise you have to offer then ^^

pff my last bf was more than twice my age and weight, i like bears, big boys are better tbh

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Well we need to keep in touch then....
We can kik and exchange numbers there.

honestly I just came out of a relationship and im not really ready to get back into things, maybe we could chat as friends? im kinda lonely

wrong pic

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Jup, thats what i meant with "stay in touch" also we are to far for a relationship rn, but chatting is good. Add me, "tobisam"

Pic was ok. I can roll with furry ^^

tobi obit?

only slightly, i dont have a fursuit or anything

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4/10, i bet your ass is nice though



fuck you're cute, post more

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Yes tobi obit.

I am open to most things

Thanks for the 8

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6.5, I'd suck you dry.

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Here's one for ya

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I bet you can cut steel when you cum

how did you know?

Dunno, gut feeling

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Lol missclicked, gut feeling

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good intuition

I'm OK with it.

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Would play with

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You're pinning down part of your scrotum to make it look longer you fucking faggot

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Just another reason to keep goin is all

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When you stick it in. Does she say, "is it in yet?"

Not bad. For a woman.

No she says " ok now you can put it in"

no bulli >:(


I love it. I think you're very pretty.

Cute legs. You would make a great bottom. You can put your cock away. You don't need it. Show your ass, it's more usable then whatever that is.

I think it's perfect

You got a babydick op

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You smuggling grapes bro?

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this thread got way toxic fast

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8/10 Nice and big, great shape, would suck. Can I get some rates too ?

Attached: IMG_20200207_230053312.jpg (1546x2602, 742K)

Lol, as in my huge balls?

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the fact that you care so much about someone elses penis says way more about you as a person

i rate your dick and cumshot..
KIK: wanturjuice_

Jesus. That's beautiful.


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i rlly need some moar right now please


Glad you like

i would love to see some more of you user

9/10 Long, thick, nice complexion. Would suck

Nice. Pull back foreskin and show the head?

is this a chode?

Very nice. Does your foreskin cover it all when you're hard? Would like to see

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8/10 very nice. Would suck you dry. And again. And again

23/m/holland bi will rate in chat

Would ride all night

show glans?

I'm diamonds. Please continue

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Nice, but you should trim the bushes...

am juicy ;3

Attached: IMG_1078.jpg (1280x960, 311K)

Please continue. Getting there

Ew clearly I need some lotion asap

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ikr, been edging for a while and ready
to finish to this qt


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i wanna see that dick wet right now, i already like it

Attached: 153071DD-D8CB-45A5-BA39-FF6CEB331FB4.jpg (4032x3024, 1.86M)

and more me

Attached: 1580704409321m.jpg (1024x768, 59K)

Yeah I know. Thanks


Attached: 90231484.jpg (1753x4006, 928K)

i dont recognise the thicc but i recognise the thiccness

Got kik?

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great looking dick, and i love your pubes omg

Attached: 20200207_183053.jpg (1943x1440, 943K)

8/10 would suck and ride.
Nice size, thickness. Nice head. Shame you're circ... would be 10/10 if uncut

this thread's got too many good looking guys with delicious looking dicks, either get out there or let me suck you off

am in england you sloot :L

goddamnit user just wait there i'm on my way

18x15.5cm and can go all night.
I'm happy with it.

Attached: 1580703463536m-1.jpg (1024x768, 56K)

17cms, 5.5" girth. Used to have phimosis recently but still need to stretch it when its fully erect :)

Attached: image2.jpg (640x480, 50K)

Would love a rate

Attached: f89776e1-4fa3-4f7c-ba96-70dab2f705bf.jpg (720x540, 38K)

Looks like the last Turkey in the shop on Christmas Eve

mnnf loving you and yours

It looks good
Post more


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Also me

Kids hand / 100

Attached: image1.jpg (640x481, 56K)

Nice. More?

German fat cunt / 1000

Attached: IMG_20190804_112410381.jpg (1836x3264, 1.17M)

This was another pic

cya soon babe

Please fuck my ass?

Attached: 5226D73E-8D5D-431D-8E2D-BD57771E81C7.jpg (1798x2419, 422K)

Nice. What is that, about 19x16cm?
Would suck, would ride.

Set the head free

I've seen more meat on a butchers pencil


Something about that

cant man, still need to stretch lil more when fully erect

>tbh idk cm measurements

>Please fuck my ass
Body shot?

Attached: 20200208_125035.jpg (1595x2322, 1.81M)

post some more of this masterpiece

Can’t take one atm but here’s more of me

Attached: 62FB491E-0ACB-4BEC-B13F-3EB96939C9A0.jpg (512x512, 50K)

Attached: IMG_20190802_095944469.jpg (1836x3264, 1.79M)

Attached: 1580859360463m.jpg (1024x996, 74K)

I'm glad you like. It comes with its own sauce

yeah i'm going to need to worship you sorry

Attached: IMG_20190803_122147457.jpg (3264x1836, 1.27M)

That's fine. Where U at?

Nice to hear that

Attached: 1a4c32e7-0f25-4b6b-af17-15a29eecad0d.png (1600x1200, 1014K)

Attached: image.jpg (3264x2448, 906K)

you know it, make sure you're ready ;)

wherever u need me to be cutiepie

Attached: E4167A7B-5672-4608-AF8F-C2FA3DD535E5.jpg (1024x769, 57K)

want that cock toooooooooooooooooooooooo
72 y o gum job specialist and loves to prove it

Idd love to see u play kik: ZeroByteException

Unfortunately, I had no say in the matter lol

Attached: rate.jpg (445x422, 18K)

Attached: image.jpg (3088x2320, 1.2M)

Attached: IMG_20190804_125949921.jpg (3264x1836, 1.63M)

loving that bush so much, moar pls

What a tasty cock

Attached: photo_2019-06-23_19-16-15.jpg (934x1280, 68K)



Nice. Definitely a good sucker

>Definitely a good sucker
how do you know

Send me dicks and make your bitch pls Kik; batmanmadafaka

Looks it. Just my opinion. Would like to be sure though.

I would swallow this one.

Attached: 20191017_011723.jpg (2640x1980, 752K)

I want more

Coming up in 12 hours long keks

Attached: D5C73F4F-2CDD-4BDB-87B1-5A28B283E938.jpg (1024x769, 43K)

post with ruler

btw, pretty cute.

first cock&balls,
followed up by hot&fresh ass pics.

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Attached: 1224140956.jpg (2048x1536, 481K)


Attached: 1228141656.jpg (2048x1536, 499K)

CA/805/SLO dying to get fucked stupid

Attached: 20200114_225613.jpg (1734x2065, 1.6M)

I'd love to jack off for a guy tonight.

Attached: 158112511129845705.jpeg.jpg (275x450, 58K)

i like the thick ones the most

Nice knob.
Balls in next pic?

you gotta keep going user, i like what i see

tough luck OP

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Attached: IMG_7898 (2).jpg (2679x1917, 835K)

Hmu kik: ZeroByteException

What's soft and hard size?

Not the best pic but here you go. :)

Attached: 158112520369123483.jpeg.jpg (450x380, 115K)

You see that long ass hair by the left and right side of your cock? You gotta shave that too my man. Hit it with a beard and mustache trimmer to shorten it down, and then shave that area with a razor. Underneath your cock, the sides of your balls, the balls themselves, that whole area gets the razor.

Nice. Where U?

Why are all you Anons so bad at shaving? You see at the base of your shaft how the hair is growing up your shaft from your pubic area? Shave that hair with a razor. You'll add an extra half inch on look easy.


Attached: 2-1.jpg (1448x918, 186K)

My gf loves shaving me. I'm about to ask her soon if she'll clean me up again.