Dick rate?

Dick rate?

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It’s nice looking, but it’s little. What’s your butt look like?

Nice strong wood

Idk what the other user is on about. That isn't little at all. I would love to put that sexy cock right into my mouth baby. And you have a sexy body too!

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Here’s my ass
Yeah he’s most certainly wrong, it’s 4.3 inches so it’s within an inch of average so I’d definitely call it average. Also thanks lol

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It isn’t little you are just a tiny manlette who does not Understand perspective

Oh lol nvm it’s little kek

sorry to burst your bubble but you’re both wrong, that’s a small cock. you also look short af. how tall are you.

you didn't measure properly if you came up with 4.3 inches. i'd say you're at least 5.5. look up bpel

I’m 5’4”, and that’s not “short af”
I’ve measured it quite a few times, I mean it’s still average so one inch really isn’t important. And women’s vaginas only have nerve endings for the first four inches of it, so anything after that doesn’t really matter.

What’s with all of the itty bitty weewees being posted on here lately?

that is bullshit, and even so, they can still feel that they're being filled up, nerve endings or not

there's a reason women like to wrap their legs around you when you penetrate them. they love it when you go deep

Nigga you are literally a Manlet with a tiny cock.

This is coming from a guy whose 5'10 with a 7inch. But this thread ain't bout me.

Is that the sort of shit you tell yourself to get over the fact that you have a little boy penis?

Post more of that little thing.

What’s wrong with you guys? Clearly he’s a dumbass, but he posted two nudes for us to look at, and now we all get to look at his little peepee whenever we want. Stop being a dick, and maybe he’ll show us more pics.

Little and hairy

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6.5 great cock, would suck


8.5 WOWW Looks big and thick

Great dick!!


9/10. any of her taking it?

thx bud. It's actually not that big. Like ~6.7 fully hard. 7" on a good day ;)

A few, yeah. Including a blowjob.

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Pussy? Ew.

Where’s the ass.

Don't wanna derail the thread

Mine or hers?

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My partner wanted me you all to rate me

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Dick needs to be harder to rate

Rate plz

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Handsome 8/10
More pics?

strongly inhales

Yours and hers

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what about this one?

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I'll rate whatever you send me, let's do it. Snapchat is tony_garret2020, Kik is rob.jones.e