Is having boobs and dressing like a girl gay? Is it really gay if the general public assumes I'm a chick?

Is having boobs and dressing like a girl gay? Is it really gay if the general public assumes I'm a chick?

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if you have a dick, it's gay.
but also,
if you have a dick, post nude

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No one knows I'm a guy though, before I left the state I had my ID changed to female

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Why does being gay or not matter?

I like what I'm seeing so far

Just let me fuck you

>Is having boobs and dressing like a girl gay?
>Is it really gay if the general public assumes I'm a chick?

not gay pretty hot post more


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Yes it is you fucking flaggot stop coming up with excuses for yourself.

"Is it gay to like Top Gun?"
"How could a movie where the male protagonists call each other cute nicknames, play volleyball and ride their phallic vehicles at extremely high speeds be anything but straight?"

depends, do you like dudes?

How does this happen, can you tell me? How do you have a dick and boobs? Did it happen naturally or did you take hormone replacement therapy? I'm curious because I'm old and a little ignorant but I'm accepting and curious.

You just think really hard about it.

Idk show Bussy

I took hormones

Top gun is gay because it celebrates being a zog bot

Get in line

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Whats the longest relationship you've had? How long in average do your relationship last?

I dunno, is stuffing your cock up some guys arse gay?
Is someone who's 6'8 considered tall?
Is red a colour?
Is water wet?

what state, qt?

2 years with guy I met off /fit/. He cheated on me and left citing I didn't wanna do cocaine and have 3 ways with him.
Pic is him because fuck that asshole

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Oh wow, looks like a charmer.

He used to be nice before he started shooting steroids

>while you studied the girldic I studied the blade

>Is water wet?

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>I dunno, is stuffing your cock up some guys arse gay?
>Is someone who's 6'8 considered tall?
>Is red a colour?
>Is water wet?

Trannies are just as bad as roasties with their taste in men

You would think they'd give a chance to average guys but they have the same taste and requirements of men than women.

Why would I date an incel?

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Apparently most trannies are pickier than women. The cheek of these cunts.

If I take the time and effort to be a hottie why wouldn't I expect the same from the guys I date? It's like the second a guy starts mentioning video games I'm out the door

Mhm most trannies are a 4, maybe a 6 if I'm drunk enough. I've only seen two traps (not even trannies) who are solid 8 to 9.
Also, trannies aren't as desirable as women. Most men going for trannies can't get real girls, they're settling for you.

America is funny. You can change legal identity to anything apparently. You could Rob a bank as a tranny and they wouldn't know what to do

Show us your bare armpits please?

Fuck you're cute, i would grab your hips so hard while i empty by balls deep into you. Show butthole pls

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Tall isnt subjective mate, obviously human standards here.

And the definition of gay is to fuck a person the same sex as you.

Water is dry tho

Wow look at this fat ass and his inflated ego

This. I'd rather fuck a really ugly disgusting woman than a dude with tits.

The truth hurts, huh?

More like ur max level cope


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Cope harder fat fuck tiny dick shit skin


Youre hot! Post feets ;3

Stay mad. You'll never be a 'hottie'.

im jealous of you. this something i wish i could do and wish i had done a while ago. i guess i dont have the balls to do it.
you are gorgeous by the way.

Why are you so against incels? What did we ever do to you?

I get it. I was fucking a tiny cokehead from work and dumped her because she was obviously going to keep fucking up her life.

8 in dick.
No stds
Hes not cheating on anyone.
Doesnt use drugs to get sex.

Well clearly not sex

So you just want to be with people who potentially have STDs? Yeah, makes sense.

It feels like any guy can be incel if hes not trying 24/7. Do you think they just hate women or trans?

How many DMs you get per day?

Married. Sorry bud I don't bait the hook when I can disappointed a woman every night.
Nah I don't think it's hate or lack of trying. A lot of these guys just either don't know how to talk to people or don't know how to read a room so to speak
We all take our risks bud. All ya can do is wash your balls and get checked regularly.

Wine. Golf. BMWs.

Do you look as this attention as headpats or dismissal kayla?

> We all take our risks bud.
Then go fuck an incel.

nice face

I'm good bud. Like I said. I'm married so I've already finished playing the field and enjoying the retirement.

I don't care, we're going to fuck and that's all there is to it.

>It's like I tell all my dates: "You know how I know we are going to have sex tonight? Because I'm stronger than you."

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Fuck u jordan

Spoken like a Chad. Come grab some brown eye!
Oh my sweet sweet edgy boi. Never change.

Show soft pink titties please

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That crucifix won't stop me from sucking your tits dry.

Cute OP. May we see a pic of your butt please?

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Moar nudes