"During Trump's first 35 months in office, the US economy has gained 6.69 million jobs...

"During Trump's first 35 months in office, the US economy has gained 6.69 million jobs. But during a comparable 35-month period at the end of Obama's tenure, employers added 7.96 million jobs, or 19%, more than what has been added since Trump took office."

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Show the data for this.

Show the data for employment over Obama's full term. Did employment go down/up during his term until the end?

Compare this to Trump's term so far.

Taking a general snap shot of two moments not directly related and trying to attach a base line comparison is chicken shit. Throwing out figures with no valid documentation is just fagish.

>Did employment go down/up during his term until the end?
Obama inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression. Trump inherited seven years of economic expansion.

1. Obama entered office DURING a massive recession that was started under Bush, a republican. Trump entered office DURING astonishing economic growth. So doing what you say would hilariously paint a clownishly innacurate picture. In fact, trump even implied that Obama's later employment stats were "phony" because they were so good yet now tries to take credit for the exact same metrics.

2. Here is a great article for you to read from Forbes, a notoriously conservative (not liberal) website-


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Obama was running with negative interest rates dum dum. you cant even compare the 2.

Who added more full time positions that were not government jobs?

> Show the data for this.
> supports a pres and party that notoriously ignores data that is inconvenient for their political agenda
> will also ignore data that doesn't support his personality cult

There are less federal employees now than when trump was elected-



LMAO that's controlled by the fed you mongoloid and to say that's what caused better employment under Obama means you really don't understand even the basics of macroeconomics and are merely regurgitating laughable talking points from your fact-free conservatard MAGAt media.

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*More federal employees now than when trump was elected

Assume this is true, imagine hating the orange man so much you ignore the fact he created nearly 7 million new jobs simply because it was less then the president before. Leftists truly can find the bad in everything.

Because Republicans and conservatives certainly didn't feel this way about black man.

Who is to say it's even Trump that created the jobs? If the growth was already at a higher rate before trump, and has slowed down during his presidency, that implies he has actually reduced growth. Not to mention the fact that a huge amount of growth under trump has been through deficit spending, meaning that you'll have to deal with a devalued currency in the near future.

So your justifying your own retarded logic by following the example of other retards, good work.

> *he* created nearly 7 million new jobs
you're pitifully stupid

So you're calling out your opponents retarded logic while ignoring your own side's retarded logic.
I mean, it's not like trump uses this type of logic on a daily basis.

>a general snap shot of two moments not directly related
They are directly related. One 35 month period directly follows the other. It's the yesterday and today comparison.

The promises broken arent even important shit you dumb ass. I'd rather him focus on the economy and rework shitty deals made by previous administrations than waste his time with lgbtq rights or changing the name of a mountain

Ever since Kayne government spending and tax cuts have been the dominant way of stimulating the economy by the government and creates further growth in the shortrun where classical economics does not.

Bush's recession happened due to wall street mishandling Carter's policies to give minorities easy loans in nice neighborhoods they couldn't afford. Yay Democrat policies..

But hey, than God Obama fired hundreds of thousands of government workers so he could create hundreds of thousands of new jobs to rehire those unemployed government workers again, thus inflating his numbers. True story.

And your article blows. It compares %s. Let's say you have a company worth $10 and it grew to $15. That's 50% growth, good job!
Now if your company was worth $1,000,000 and grew by $100,000, why that's only 10% growth.
Gee, 50 is bigger than 10, so that $10 company must be the driving the economy!
Shit, even if Trump took Obama's $15 to $21, while he out performed, he still didn't get 50%.
Do you see now why %s by themselves aren't the best indicators of performance or success and are easily manipulated?

Here's thing #2- we should be in a recession right now. All historical indicators point to it. Economists are scratching their heads. But by whatever "magic" Trump is doing, we're not. I'm sure you've heard the term "Trump effect" already

See about implied growth based only off %

Lol yea, he slowed down the growth Obama had rolling for us

He also raises the smoking age to 21. I’m over 21, and don’t smoke, but I think it’s ultra gay to increase the governmental vice grip we have around our citizens even further. So he lost my vote

And Obama got reelected.

Then point out how I'm wrong.

Somebody's a little butt mad.
Shitty deals? If you're talking about NAFTA, the changes were negligible.
If you're talking about the Iran deal, even our own allies said we were retarded for pulling out. At the very least the plan would have bought us time.
If you're taking about China trade, the tariff war has quite clearly caused more harm than good, to just about every economist.

Nevertheless, I would just prefer we not have a president who fawns over an ex KGB dictator who is the #1 Geo political foe of America and weirdly does most of what said dictator wants.
The history books will show that America lost this cold war with Russia and you will be painted as treasonous scum.

No offense, of course.

You were lied to and played, and you still eat out of his hand. Definition of a sheep. The type of dude that’d stay with his girl after you found out she said she was studying, but found out she was in a bukkake gang bang


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Trump is a racist. Obama is oppressed nigger. Case closed.

You seem to think I'm speaking for some party, I'm not and I never asked you to justify other people's positions so why are you trying to ascribe other people's positions to me? I'm not a strawman I am a person.


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You are correct, sir. Obama took unemployment from almost 10% to 4.5%. Shit for brains has only dropped it 1%