I married a gold digger

I married a gold digger


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bro i married 2 and now cant even afford to keep my transgenerationally inherited gold fml

and neither of them even put out i need a third z

ones chinese
ones uk

for the record

Did you sign a pre nub?


Don't do anything stupid and you're ight. What's your job and net worth?

I draw furry porn for 500k a year

Self employed landlord, quite a substantial net worth

What kind of land do you own?

How many trainers from her gym do you think she's fucked behind your back

Is she aware you know she's basically using you for money?

Did she have a 'fuck my way through life and settle down with a rich guy' persona?

Do you like her being a gold digger?

Means youre a wage cuck. Its like wage slavery, but just for sex.
Have fun telling yourself youre a real man, while you toil away for her to go shopping and fuck guys behind your back.

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Does she let you fuck her ass and ATM?

how much gold have you two found together?

What's the best day to fight them? Also is fighting them even worth it or just a meme?



She's Russian

How many tons of ore does that whore dig up a day?

Did she ever keep sex from you and how long?
Was she a slut when you met her?
You suspect she cheated on you?
You drop any kids in her?
Did you fuck her ass?
How was her pussy?
Slut in bed or star fish?
She swallow your cum?
Was it open marriage, did she fuck BBC?

Got more pics?

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Have you had a GPS microchip implanted in her bicep under the pretence of "birth control" so you can monitor her every movement?

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Does she mess with broke niggas?

Me too. The trick is to never let them know your net worth and keep all direct deposits and investments in secret accounts. She's basically getting an allowance from me that she thinks is a sizeable chunk of my income, but really accounts for like 1% or less.

>and neither of them even put out

Why did you even marry them then? Or did they stop putting out when you got married?

>i need a third z

sounds like you don't know how to pick 'em, though

>ones chinese

post pics

>ones uk

don't post pics unless she's a posh pretty one and not typical uk horseface

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Post nudes

she looks like a dumb cunt alright

favorite pokemon?

How fucked are you op?

As long as that pre nup is solid and you like her, your gold baby!

The longer that you stay with the bitch, then the more her lawyers which you'll pay for will have time to tear that prenup apart. She's likely doing now from "discresionary funds."

why ?
your race and hers ?
job ?
kids ?
sex is good ?
she or you cucked her ?

Got pics and vids etc. Of her

why would you do this?

you got tips to get rich ? what's your job and degree ? teach us please

Could give us your money to invest and get rid of her etc.


Why the fuck would you do that?

Best way to win is to not play the game.

fuck off faggot nigger jew larper, kill yourself.

does he look like this fag?

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