Asian university students are getting on the outrage wagon because people are 'discriminating' against them over the...

Asian university students are getting on the outrage wagon because people are 'discriminating' against them over the Corona virus outbreak.

Well what the fuck?

Perhaps you animals should clean your shit hole up, every single major viral outbreak comes from China. It's all you deserve you filthy animals.

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>non-chinese nationals in other countries almost exclusively catching corona-virus from chinese nationals
No yeah, just let them share your drink and cough near you in an enclosed space otherwise you're racist.

Asians would be cheeky to complain. They are the most racist, bigoted and rude people that exists.

The ChiCom students are saying it isn't "safe" to game the West's liberal systems. They are all agents of Chinese Intelligence.

Word. Everything invasive comes from asia

Remember 10 years ago when the Chinese treat Mexicans worst than war prisoners cuz the h1n1?
Karma is a bitch isn't?

asians face the most discrimination in the world.

saying chink is not as bad as nigger
asains were still used as slaves after slavery ended

everyones a racist if you are a non black and go to certain places in detriot you will die

if you are a non white and go to some places in texaus or south you will die

no one is hurt in china town or a predominatley chinese or asian areas. I would stay away from the muslim/indian areas tho especially if you are a women

I mean. They have family and shit from there. White dudes don't. That's not discrimination it's statistical fact.

>filthy animals
>op lives in a shitty trailer park
>never showers
>lives in shitchan because it’s the only place he can interact with people
>has the audacity to call others filthy

And you calling blacks the n word not racist?

Well, I mean... statistically speaking, if an outbreak starts with a random person, chances are its gonna be someone from China or India simply because they have the most people.

Actually it's a wonder this isn't more common in India knowing they have designated shitting streets and a public service campaign to get people to use toilets.

chinese are pure scum with no regard for human life. they allowed a MAN MADE virus to escape into the public and allowed 5 MILLION to flee wuhan before a lockdown was put in place. then these insect "people" fly around the globe to spread it further. they should have to suffer for their mistakes alone, not the rest of the world

they're more like robots than people. they cared more about saving face than saving lives.

Literally nobody is discriminating against them. They are getting on the outrage bandwagon because the Judeo-Leftist white guilt culture is infinitly exploitable, and if everyone else is exploiting it, not exploiting it yourself results in you getting left behind.

Racism = Power + Predjudice
Power depends on historical context
Only whites can be racist

weak b8

Hmm most racist argument I’ve ever heard...

>they allowed a MAN MADE virus to escape
That was obviously an accident. It was supposed to be released in Hong Kong.


who gives a they know how white people feel 24/7 for the past decade.

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taking scientific information from a channel called memeology

>kill yourself

Just how they make excuses for their government locking people in their apartments, surely they can understand why westerners would keep their distance from asian looking people. It's reasonable to be wary, you don't know when the last time they visited asia was.
It sucks for the people like my wife who has been in the US for the last 2 years. We were planning on visiting this summer but it looks that's shot to hell.

I married one of the very rare Chinese people who cares more for animals than fellow chinks. When this disease first started she said she hoped lots of people die, that this is punishment for their mistreatment of animals since she believes it really started in that Wuhan wet

I follow the legit news like RT and sputnik and it becomes more and more clear that this was deliberately planted as an ethnic bioweapon into China in a sneaky hard to proof way.

Most racist huh? I'm sorry which race was it that enslaved millions of blacks? And which ones formed a group now known as the kkk? Most racist indeed

I don't listen to anything a college student has to say. They are jaded as fuck and have no grasp on real society.

What the fuck are you even saying.

Post a link to the last time a nigger was killed in Texas or "the south" that wasn't a cop killing.

You can't because you're a fucking racist retard. I'm not even a nigger, you're just so stupid I can't skip past this bullshit.



On real society? Imagine this would happen in the US. You all would be mass panicking right now you utterly disgusting mutts and chimps. WATCH AND LEARN how China handles it you fucking trash burgers. You are animals compared to chinese efficiency

The Barenaked Ladies warned us about this:
>Chickity China the Chinese Chicken
>You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin

What the fuck?

This. If this would happen in murrica there would be anarchy by now. Fucking yanks are inferior

Africa enslaved africans. That was africa. BTW they still have slaves, more now than ever. Jews bought the slaves from african slavers and sold them overseas for profits.

But whites are actually evil.

China is learning from the best.

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Omg girls ncov is already in the states! The gov isnt telling us because of fears of unrest. My neighbor just got picked up by hazmat crew and transported to unknown place. I was outside and confronted that crew but they forced me back in my house. I think something is really going on

Jews enslaved the blacks, whites fought and died to free them.

they were already enslaved, jews just made vast profits because they're smarter than whites

Blacks built America though


blacks carried shit around, do you think they actually have a high level of building skill? have you SEEN africa?

Pyramids? Marrakesh? Biggest church in the world is in Africa by the way

Jews were the only ones in America at the time who were used to profiting by exploiting others and destroying their hosts. It's what jews do.

noun: racism
prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

Anyone can be racist. You're just an idiot.

Transgender black women are the backbone of America you racist sexist bigot!!

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>youtube meme channel
I can't tell if you really think that's evidence of anything or if you're simply pretending to be retarded.