Hunger Games Thread

Hunger Games Thread
Hey I managed to get one last in edition

First 24

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Professional Dontsteponthecrackser

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The President and CEO of KaibaCorp

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new ava?


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>azur lane version this time

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The weird alien

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Richard Rawlings

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Dad! I've missed you!

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La c90

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sƃuilʍɐɹ pɹɐɥɔiɹ

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El pibe emoji y la piba empanada

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bread and wine


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We have 24+ now op.

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Me too son

Now let's go win this

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>14 IP's


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>School shooting

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܂Goodluck Megumi
District 3 got this

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Ou c90 c90 llegando en party en la c90
Yeah boi

wetfat is prepared

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We start


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You go get a thread with 24 IPs real quick and let me know how it goes.

suil pi?

Is that your excuse for samefaggotry?


Good luck

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Oh boy, I sure love having games with very high deathrate


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Igual tiro un tema y capaz que me pego
De nuevo estamo' acá no me importa na'
Dice que quiere matarme, yo le digo amor y paz

That was quick

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I hope it wasn't my trigger pull...

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No somos iguales, no pueden ni comparar
Lo que estamo' ya sonando y los que quieren figurar
Cuando arrancó el maquinón

Not for now

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Guns are hard

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Ya voy de volada, mami ponte buena
Tengo un par de phillies pa' quemar con ella
Muéveme ese booty como sabes nena
'Toy prendiendo el suelo, qué, qué, qué
Oh, C90, C90

>not for now
Shush, I know I'm going to sink. Let me have hope.

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He'll probably come for Yugi next
Helling has a good time
Divine Dontsteponcracker has a divine intervention
What's so scary about a smol chinese girl? I guess Corona hits everyone...

I mean, there's always a 1/24th chance you make it, right?

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Wanted to add
>implying I'll die in a future slide.

Cuando pensé por primera vez que no concebía la gordura gorda, inicialmente consideré suicidarme, pero, al mismo tiempo, jugaba todo o jugaba en un hogar gordo e indecente.

Nothing like watching vidoes of fat women freaking out @ walmart

Implying or nb4?

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Damn you and your perfect aim, Megumi.

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Wait, Orin, the fuck're you doing?!
Cute helps an epic gamer
Even if guns are hard for wetfat, Explosives are not

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Weno ya me kallo porqe me avuri jajsggajagahahajha ekissdedddddd

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We're both still afloat.
Thanks, Orin.

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Good job son

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So much for cute saving him
What did I tell you Bismarck?
Not quite

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thx Cute

Oh hey a feast

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ah fuck


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German navy with the smart plays this slide.

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I'll make you something when I get to heaven, what do you eat?

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Richard gets cockblocked by God
Megumi really likes that fire extinguisher, huh?
Fawkes aims for I 10, direct hit!

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RIP Orinrin

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>German ship
>Deadly chemicals
... Fuck, you sunk my sister.

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I deserve this

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Get those tacos cooking

Actually, the amount of chemicals she took would only be enough to serve as a delouser, and besides, given the design and the wooden doors of th.....

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The girls get ready and Fawkes gets Fawked

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No you don't son. I would say I'll avenge you but you kinda just died

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See? Let's eat.

Kreigsmarine ladies invited too

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RR always so thirsty for dem anime girls

Aw shit, winner next!

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where's my juice


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>Pride of a nation
>A beast made of steel

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Sho y los pibes

Kreigsmarine uber alles

Richard Rawlings beings making his potato salad, when suddenly a girl with drill hair appears in front of him with her arms outstretched. One of her hands has a blue band around it, the other's is black. She's shaking the potato salad. She has pink antlers on her head and is wearing two frilly stars on her tunic.

"I'm not bad," she says.

"You're very much bad," says Rawlings. "Bad potatoes! Poor babies!"

"All of them!" says the girl.

"Some of them, I guess, even," Rawlings says.

"Wants us to kill them, you know."

"No," says Rawlings, "just wants us to kill all the vegans in these countries."

"Some of them don't care," says the girl.

Rawlings walks over to another cashier. "Can I buy hotdogs and some ketchup?" he says. The cashier says yes.

"I'm not willing to kill my family for hotdogs," Rawlings says. The cashier says, "You're not going to murder your family. You're going to help us."

Rawlings goes home with his face in his hands

I dranked it

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You were right! Sorry guys but there's no winner this time

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damn rigger

thanks for hosting

I did it? I did it!
kek, thanks for hosting, Rigs.

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Ok but for real, congrats!


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Congratuilations anime lady!

Thanks for hosting rigs!

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time for a new one lads

ready for new chars op?


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Gratz to Fraulein Bismarck

Thanks for hosting

(Lunch break over for me, back to work)

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A toast for my victory and to the fallen.

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You never forget your first one...

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Weno el tersero tabien jracias por el guejoOp y pongamos el rap de fernanfloo
El rap de fernanfloo
El rap de fernanfloo
El rap de fernanfloo flo flo flo flo
El rap de fernanfloo
Si no te gusta andate al chorizo!

El rap de fernanfloo
El rap de fernanfloo
El rap de fernanfloo flo flo flo flo
El rap de fernanfloo
Si no te gusta andate al carajo!

Thanks for playing!

Of course, Make your thread when you're ready!


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Oh, so close..
Thanks for hosting

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RIP Megumi, thanks for the game Rigs

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He takes the hammer to the

Do you want to fuck me, cocksucker, I'm going to fuckin' kill you"

fuck me in the neck with the hammer,

He fights the hammer and scratches his head and wakes up, he's in the shower and

That's what you call warm water up in the shower and it's warm when it's hot

and it's hot when it's hot, in the shower with the hammer in your mouth while I rape you

Baby girl, it's just like

I'm picking you up, that's all I can see

Stepping into the shower, when you still can't stand to watch

I'm grabbing the showerhead and I'm throwing your hair out, drills and all.

I already did

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Thanks for playing

It's true.

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you're right!

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Late, but still: thanks for hosting.

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Thanks for playing

When I'm Richard Rawlings and I don't have no game, I will surround you with hot water.

Richard Rawlings is just like the birds and it's their nest

Who gets a hot dogs and fries from my dog whistle!

When I'm Richard Rawlings and I'm not sharp enough for you, I will show you who I am and I will screw your brains out

With Richard Rawlings, you say you ain't got no future, but you ain't got no money

When I'm Richard Rawlings and I'm your guard dog, don't mess with me

Just stand on one leg and stare up at my boss like you've got game.

And when I'm Richard Rawlings and my company is ready to take a dive, the ability to make up for it with hit balls becomes the competitive edge I need to grab my opportunity. And if I have to make up for it with a dick in my ass, well, who gives a fuck if that dick isn't trying to fuck my ass anyway?

I don't.


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Well then

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