Ever fucked someone elses gf or wife? or just fucked up sex stories in general

ever fucked someone elses gf or wife? or just fucked up sex stories in general

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Yes, huge dick user here who used to be a bull for couples back when CL meetups was still a thing. AMA

>inb4 "why would someone just go on the internet and lie"

Well, I fucked someone else gf.

She hosted a party while her boyfriend was working as a nurse. At the end of the evening, I stayed and we fucked all night long.

fun fact : she is a midget.

I have fucked a friend's ex. I have and still (2x a year maybe more) fuck my buddies wife. I don't feel bad because he cheats on her. It makes me laugh knowing he's gone to bed next to her with my cum in her. Apparently it turns her on to. I fucked my girlfriends friend at concert while my gf was there. That was fun.

I was asked to fuck a guys gf while he watched but didn't do it. This was 12 years ago and the whole concept was alien to me.

I had a threesome with my friend and his gf, who orgasmed while I was fucking her. Ruined our friendship.

Yea, the wife that moved in to the apartment across from me. Became my fuck buddy for about 6 months.


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Cute dude


Currently fucking a married coworker.

He stopped putting out for various reasons, she got lonely/horny.

I'm a decent guy and was nice to her at work, started chatting it up. One thing led to another down the line.

Moral of the story: keep your woman happy

Gotta know more. Been dreaming about/considering this for a while.

Yup fucking this married chick I met online. Her husband is letting her do it though.

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I did the same thing with 4 lovely ladies in the last 10 years, , that's some hot sex, can't wait until the next one

Winter break of my Jr year in college, my friend's parents are going to be out of town, so he invites a bunch of people down to celebrate/party. Fails to mention that he has to watch his younger sister at the same time.

Throws one hell of a rager of party. I do all the drugs. Wake up naked, next to his naked sister in his parents bed. He walks in and is like holy fuck. Starts trying to fight me. I'm still trying to figure out what happened. During the tussle sheets are pulled off the bed.

Apparently not only did I commit some statutory rape, but also sodomy as there was shit stains all over the nice bed sheets.


My gf last fucked her ex two weeks before meeting me. They didn't officially break up and kept talking online but she didn't tell me

I guess she told him about me and even sent him a video of me fucking her ass for the first time to which he jerked off to.

For reference, he's a little Asian manlet and I'm over 6' with an 8" cock

It really turns me on that she got off to sending him that video. Kinda want her to share herself with other guys more like that

Fucking a married coworker. Her husband knows and encourages it.

damn man you must be alpha af. i hope every crush i have blows me off for a guy like you while i cry my faggot ass to sleep wishing i could do her homework

The thing that gets me off about it is her getting turned on by the attention of others. I kinda want her to sext other guys and even fuck one down the road

why not just keep asserting your dominance? let her soak up the attention of orbiters and then let you reap the rewards your superiority has earned?

The only true reply in this entire thread is mine right here Anons.

Am in my early 20s, and have been cucking dudes for years.

Around 10 different girls. I'm not that attractive, or maybe I am and am just ignorant to it.

Currently fucking 4 different girls, all have boyfriends.

One is an ex, who has never wanted to stop. Its been going on since we were 16. I come over and fuck her while her boyfriend works late shifts. Shes a skinny blonde with a round ass, 7/10.

One is a friend, her boyfriend stopped fucking her for some reason, so I do it now. Shes honestly a 8/10. I dont know why he stopped but Im glad he did

Another friend, weve always had chemistry and we fuck around on occasion. She gives good head and is enthusiastic but shes like a 5/10.

And lastly, another friend, who I fuck weekly because her boyfriend isnt good enough for her.
Shes a 6/10, big titties and ass.

None of these guys know Im fucking their girlfriends, and I think thats a turn on for these girls.

Alas no pictures, as I cant risk being found out.

Also its exhausting anons, I might cut down on the amount I currently fuck soon. Can barely live my own life.

Because I get off to sexually dominating her and punishing her for being a slut

If she sexts someone or we have a 3some, then the sex afterwards would be amazing

how big is your hog?

Circumsized and a solid 6 inches fully erect, been told its more than enough by every girl Ive ever been with.

Im also not ripped or anything, just average build, 6ft tall

I've let guys fuck my wife. Always fun to watch your own personal porn star perform...

Yup. Fucked my best friend wife. She was a squirter

agree!! it's very hot

did she compare you two?

Same. Watching mine is better than watching any porn. She's going out tonight so I know there will be a show later.

"Fuck, I married the wrong cock"

Not a sexy story boys sorry

>be me, late twenties, dating girl who's 6 years younger. love of my life.
>She get's super sick last summer, i think she's going to die, and I stay in the hospital with her
> I'm an atheist, still decide to ask the universe or what the fuck ever exists, take me not her.
>She lives. gets out and eventually goes back to work
>starts getting really distant
>turns out she developed a crush on a coworker, went over to his house august 9th this year for a "barbecue" turns out it was just the dude and his sister (who left for the night)
>Texting her all night to make sure she's alright, no answer. finally picks up when she gets home "yeah im fine, just really tired"
>2 weeks later Its_not_you_its_me.jpg

gonna cut the green text out at this point... anyways, she lied her ass off to me saying she had zero interest, just a friend bla blah... never buy the "just a friend" line boys. I didn't, but i had zero proof...

Anyways i finally confront the guy via facebook (After finding proof), tell him Im her boyfriend/was her boyfriend while they were fucking. He had no idea i existed, but still was a complete ass. i asked him to give me times it happened, what they did, and other details so i could get closure and stop literally having nightmare/crying myself to sleep over it.

they abruptly end things a month after shit happened, shes depressed af because he's completely disinterested, doesnt give a fuck about her etc.

I get back in touch with her to talk, get closure etc. I confront her. She breaks down and tells me "only once" i call bullshit and drag a lot out of her.

TL;DR Got cheated on by the love of my life who 3 weeks prior i was sitting vigil at her deathbed to her coworker in PA.


PS: I know he hits up the boards, so if one of you is him I still have questions. Seriously... who doesnt help a dude whos life you basically destroyed, when all the guy wants is closure so he can get his mind right.

wow you must have really given it to her

Oh i forgot, If one of you is the dude in Question Post her initials and her job title and i'll throw you a discord. it's a long shot, but wtv *shrugs*

I'd been teasing her about it for months. She finally caved in and yes, I took my chance and fucked her senseless

deets anons deets

I ended up working with a guy I'd despised for year's. This was unexpected but his behaviour wasn't. All talk, habitual lier, terrible self-done tattoos, teeth falling out.. only in his mid-20's and looked like a rough 40's. Anyhow.. He'd knocked up this crazy teen who didn't look half bad, and even married her in a civil ceremony.
But after a couple year's she'd matured enough to want out. Him also being a whiner without professional boundaries of in conversation let everyone know his woe-is-me situation. I figured I'd try to catfish her and spread the nudes to make his life worse.. ended up getting laid.
About a week later I got into a disagreement in the loading dock with him, and shortly after it simmered down I showed him a pic of my cock in what was technically still his wife. He swung on me, on camera, and I just took it because he's weak and half my size.. got himself fired.
Last I heard he hit the heroin pretty hard.
Fuck that guy though.. He was trash.

Last experience was about a month ago. We decided to go out of town on a mini vacation. When we started packing I told her to pack something slutty because I wanted her to find someone one night to take back to the hotel. We went out and I kinda let her do her thing at the club we went to. She will pick the guys and I'll talk to them before. Basically to make sure they're cool with the idea of me being there and jerking off to them or participating. She finds a guy and we go back to our room. They start kissing and touch in the elevator. But the time we get to our floor my wife's tits are out...


Welfare Queen


We get in the room and they start undressing and my wife gets in her knees and starts sucking his dick. Nice cock, 7 in I'd guess. She sucks him and then gets on top and rides him for a bit. They both get comfortable with each other and get a good rythm going. I'm enjoying the view of her on top of him. They go through a few different positions and more oral. He eventually fucks her missionary and cums on her chest...

My wife gives blowjobs to some of my friends, and a couple of her coworkers, also has been fucked by a couple of my friends, and had more than a couple of MFMs with us.

I was seeing a woman who was split up with her husband. They had two kids and they wanted to get back together for the kids. We still fucked when he went to work in the morning. Or she'd come over when she was "at work". We fucked for about three months after they got back together, until I met a girl I wanted to get serious with.

He gets dressed and she gives him a kiss. He leaves and she goes to get a shower and I follow her and end up fucking her on th bathroom counter with another guy's cum on her chest. We shower and watch a movie and go to sleep.

I used to fuck this girl at her boyfriends house while he was at work. Was awesome sitting on his couch with his gf blowing me while I beat his fastest times on mario kart.

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how big is your dick?

Yes, he was calling her every 5 minutes while I was nailing her on a wooden floor

What a sad thing to be proud of. A man was working and you were playing video games in his house. You are trash. The woman is a whore but you are trash.

I was fucking a close friend of mine while her boyfriend was in prison. When he got out my girl an I would hang out with them all the time. When my friend would sit in the back we’d always catch others eyes thru the rear view. He’d call in from jail while she’d be fucking me or I’d be eating her pussy...either way we’d get our nut off while she spoke to him.

So I've been fucking guys wives for a long time now. Started with craigslist, now I use sites like AFF or Fetlife or Doublelist. At least 20 over the last few years. Here's the first one:

> Chat up this lady on craigslist, shockingly it was the girl and not the guy arranging it
> She says she wants to get fucked in front of her husband
> I'm like done deal
> This sort of thing is usually kind of flaky so i'm like ok i'll meet you at your house
> She gives me her number, I call her when I get there, shes just pulling in from work
> Low and behold, shes fucking real
> Ok
> Walk in with her, her husband is some kind of marine or some shit, just sitting there
> He's like get comfortable
> She goes in the other room and I'm naked next to this dude, was kind of weird
> They have some chill dubstep playing so theres that
> She comes out and starts sucking my dick
> He goes around back and fingers her
> I come around back and fuck her from behind while she blows him
> She sucks my dick again
> He tells me to cum in her
> I do
> She goes and lays on a table and he fucks her cummed in pussy
> I say have a great day and leave

>visiting a foreign city for work
>check facebook to see if anyone is living there¨
>hit up the 3 people living / working there
>one girl invites me out, her friend has a birthday party
>fuck it, never been out in that city before
> meet at bar, time passes, after party
>4 am afterparty, rail some coke, she is fucked up
>her friend says I have to take her home, I tell her she can crash in my hotel room
>get to hotel room, she says she wants to fuck - I tell her to make the first move
>6 am, fuck for 2 hours, go to bed
>her phone keeps ringing endlessly
>she picks up at 10 am, lies her ass off and tell she slept at a friends place

Literally never trust a girl - they fucking lie all the time

Heres another great one:

> Be me
> Meet couple on craigslist
> Video chat verify, she looks hot, I think they were indian or some shit
> I head over
> She opens the door
> 10 out of fucking 10
> She gets on top in front of him and has me suck her titties
> ol boy says no fuckin
> So she sucks my dick with a condom on
> Deepthroats it and licks my balls
> I nut in like 2 minutes
> I go back to sucking her titties
> She starts sucking my dick with a new condom and blows me in front of him for like 40 minutes
> I concede that I can't nut and we wrap up
> I skip happily out of their house, hit a patch of ice and fucking shatter my elbow on the concrete lol

Here's the weirdest one:

> In SF for work
> Looking for wives to fuck
> Coming up dry
> Couple wants to be watched
> OK fuck it.jpeg
> I get there
> Hottest asian girl I've ever fucking seen, like 5'10 with glasses
> So i sit across the room while he squirt fingers her
> They ask me to beat off and cum
> I do
> He asks her if she wants to touch my dick
> Shes like yeah, and starts jerking me off
> He's like you wanna suck it
> Shes like yup, and sucks the shit out of my dick
> I lay down on the bed for more head
> The dude asks me to lick his nipples
> I was like nah lol
> She goes over to blow him for a minute
> He just bends over and sucks my dick for like 20s, deepthroat as fuck
> I was like ok...
> Then she asks to get fucked
> They dont have a condom so it gets real wierd
> He's like ok but i'm not fucking you again until you get tested
> I proceed to beat that asian pussy to death for like half an hour
> He nuts
> Shortly after, has a fucking meltdown
> I let myself out like wowee

My most recent and favorite:

> Get in contact with this older couple
> I meet them at a bar in a city
> She's not bad, milfy 50s
> Dude is pretty old
> Shes basically jerking me off at the bar
> She's like I'm taking him upstairs to the hub, said meet her up there in a bit
> I go up with her
> Apparently she's on her period
> She blows me for a little
> I start fucking her
> He comes in
> We spit roast for a minute, then he goes and sits in a chair
> I proceed to fuck this old lady in her ass like you wouldn't believe
> He starts beating off in the chair
> She fucking yells at him to stop because the sound is annoying her, I fucking laughed my ass off
> Went back to my hotel looking like I murdered someone

would gladly fuck this bitterfaced bitch once again, heard she got new bf, would love to cum on her face this time

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Had a year long affair with a woman I worked with. We fucked constantly while she was engaged, the last time being a week before her wedding. Got a bj just after she married but it's all done and dusted now.

I was away for work

My dad took advantage of my wife after he got her drunk and fucked her. Has been black mailing her for sex since. They don't know I know.

Have a few times.
All their relationships were on the rocks. Beyond repair so I didn't feel bad.

You do realize that you are human garbage, right?

Actually I have a different favorite:

> playing tag with this bitch on kik for months
> seems flaky
> One night she's like just got back from the bar husband passed out, need some dick
> I drive over and she gets in my car in the driveway
> Some kind of high powered business woman
> sucks my dick like a champ
> I fuck her in my car
> She goes for the finish, and is sucking my dick
> Pulls her titty up and makes it shoot milk on my dick
> Sucks the milk off my dick
> Bust the hardest nut of my life
> Send her back in the house

Another good time:

> Meet some married woman at a motel
> She likes her ass fucked
> Bend her over, eat her ass for 10 minutes
> Fuck her up her ass every which way
> She sucks my dick until i nut, and when I do, the nut shot about 8ft and hit the closed curtain
> I was impressed
> She was not

fuck off of Cred Forums nice spirit

No fucking way. Tell us more

Says the zeta

Oh this was good:

> In SF again for business
> Chat with some hot asian milf who had just lost a bunch of weight and separated from her husband
> Talk her into coming to my hotel room to get fucked
> Shes a little coy the whole time
> Weak ass beejer
> I put it in her and nail the shit out of her little ass
> Rip the condom off and blow ropes all over her stomach and face
> She seemed uncomfortable
> Leaves
> On FB months later
> She aint separated

Never stopped fucking my ex. She’s had a new bf for a year now that she barely touches. Sex is way hotter that’s she’s cheating and wants to be used like a toy.

lol you guys are retards. That's the story these hoes tell you. Really these dumb bitches married a guy that is working to earn money and she doesn't realise it's either him or the money, you can't have your cake and eat it too bitches. So they fall out of love with their husband instead of attacking him in her boiler bunny nurse outfit the second he gets home from work, or she doesn't think of straight deepthroating his dick in the morning. These bitches are lazy, and you fucking know it because you're making all the effort into getting into their knickers and then making all the effort in blowing their backs out.

Source? A guy that has experienced women cheating on their man to be with me. Women are all whores today. There's no good woman left. Think about this shit, when a man loves a woman, he has no eyes for any other woman, whereas even when women are in love, they're still looking for the bigger badder man. Source? lol that photo with Lenny Kravitz with his wife, and Jason Momoa behind them two, and today she's divorced Lenny, taken his money and is now with Jason Momoa, LLOOOOL. Women are all whores.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. 6ft tall. The rest of us manlets are getting the leftovers. These guys are fucking their guts out from the ages of 13 and upwards. Women are on a body count of 30 men by the time they're 18, and up to 300 by the end of uni. Fuck ever marrying chicks, pump and dump or get away from them. Never marry. Your genetics are not wanted compared to the 6ft tall guy, she will always cheat on you and divorce one day.

Yup,met married girl,she wasn’t happy at all,picked up on that the night we met.
Spent the next 19mths doing everything i,and she,ever wanted,in every aspect.
Fucking amazing,within every way,for both of us.
Husband found out.
She went running back.
However,there’s more to it than that,as she confided in me during those 19mths.
Guy was an utter douche,at the very least.
If i thought i had even a chance of getting away with it,and his,and my paths crossed,i’d no question,fucking neutralise the prick.

ok incel

Not that user but this is mostly of the time true.

Give me a break, I'm like 5'10 and fucking fat and I have fucked hundreds of girls. Dont dress like a fucking chud and have some confidence and trust me you can fuck something.

That's the worst bro. Knowing there's more, and knowing we'll likely never receive the full truth.



Yes. Three times. Once when single. They were open couple & got off on it. Dude was downstairs playing video games while I was upstairs fucking the shit out of his wife.

Twice since I got married. Wife and I swing some. It's pretty fucking hot.

I don't go near girls that haven't got a good ass, tits I dont give a fuck, love big boobs, but this is where women have wiggle room, I'll take a girl with no tits and a great ass and great face, but not a great face, great tits but no ass. No ass and your face isn't at least 6.5/10, that's a no go from me dawg.

So yeah I ain't fucking low bitches, I'd rather not fuck them at all, but yes, being good looking and confident does get you the ladies because that's what gets me the ladies. The 6ft guys have already fucked them twice before you and me though. Just remember that, and if he comes back into her life, she'll be gone with him, even if it's one night, just like that.

you sound like a weirdly picky insecure faggot tbh

>be me
>camping with friends
>me, gf, and a couple
>one big tent because they have no good gear
>drinking a lot by the fire
>gf gets really drunk, stumbles into tent, passes out
>couple stay a bit longer, then go to the tent
>I stay by fire till it's going out
>hear giggling from tent
>walk over, peak in
>the couple is going at it in the middle
>gf is out on the right side
>he's in just boxers, she has skirt up and a tshirt up at her neck
>small tits bouncing around, trimmed hairy pussy
>he's fucking her hard
>faster, then pulls out clumsily and cums on her bush
>rolls over, she pulls sleeping bag over her middle
>both snoring in 5 mins
>get in tent, confronted by strong sex smell and her hairy cum covered snatch
>"accidentally" bump her leg on the way in, no response
>spread legs, no response
>finger her, super slimy wet, no response
>I'm drunk, somewhat bi, the smell of sex is making me diamonds, I decide to give her a lick
>tastes awesome, so I give it all I got.
>she bucks hips a bit, orgasms
>too hard to not... so I fuck her
>cum deep inside in 2 minutes
>hear her complain about the creampie the next day, she's mid cycle and it was risky
>ends up pregnant... probably mine

my gf fucks other women's husbands for money and then tells me about it and then we fuck each other

How's that for fucked up

I've fucked

1.- My female boss
2.- My closest female co-worker
3.- My wife's best friend.
3.- My wife's best friend's wife.
4.- My friend's wife.
5.- My cousin.

Yes multiple times


I'm married...serial cheater...and I prefer other marrieds. Less complicated, to be honest. About 6 or 7 different women. Some one nights, some on going. Some friends. Some Coworkers.

Ya, fucked some black guys white wife while he watched and joined in... She was ait, had a huuuuuuuuge ass. Came all over their wall bed and her body. Made her cum a few times. She gave great head, and had a nice cunt. 8/10.

Wow she looks cute as fk.. got any more?

Today on Things That Didn't Happen we have...this post.

>she was a white guuurl

Same here. I agree married women are normally more convenient to avoid false expectations. Single women will eventually have too much time to start imagining a life together and will be more demanding.

Problem with married women are the husbands and the risk of them finding out. Has happened to me 3-4 times and I've come really close to wrecking my marriage. There is nothing worse than deceived, jealous husband.

The fact that this is out of your league doesn't mean it doesn't happen in real life.

And many of them cheat themselves because they have a boring marriage, and the attention and flirting makes them super horny. They do things with me they don't do with their husbands. The sex is typically amazing.

I slept with my now sister in law while she was dating one of my friends

It was during a period of heavy addiction in my life.

I wouldnt recommend any of it. If you have a conscious, it will eat away at it.

Totally agree.

Lesson being never stop giving an effort in your marriage. You may not think your wife is the type to cheat, but believe me, it doesn't take much. They'll all cheat. And they'll fuck a LOT. I have the pictures to prove it.

I've fucked quite many married women. I've never really dedicated one single thought to their husbands. Some of them I've met. I don't feel sorry for them, I don't' judge them or blame them. And I don't mind them fucking their wives either... no jealousy there whatsoever.

>Was best friends with a gut
>He goes to prison for weed dealing
>Me and his gf get together
> He comes out she begs him back gets rejected then begs me back
>Accept her and keep fucking her for lulz

sucked and fucked

Not saying that there aren't dudes who are human garbage, and treat their women like trash which can result in the woman looking for greener pastures... BUT you gotta look at the facts in that my dude...

You got one side of the story... and that side of the story came from someone you were fucking, who had every reason to make the dude out to be the villain...

The reasons range from her emotionally justifying her actions so she doesn't feel bad (Note the instant guilt when she ran back) to wanting to make you feel emotionally responsible for her wellbeing, thus making you more emotionally malleable and responsive to her.

Again I'm not saying he wasn't a douche-canoe. He very well could have been the most abusive piece of shit under the sun... but your source wasn't non-partisan... and even if everything she said was true, a motivation to lie in the exact form her truths took certainly existed...

Be careful dude, regardless of gender, people are people... and people can be fucked up and manipulative.

It's not necessarily women who are being mistreated... just simply women who are bored in their marriage. Couples just fall into a routine and no sex... it's something that just happens...

Bro... yeah... Never knowing the exact timeline, what they actually did, did they use protection, did she love him, when did the feelings start, and... a lot more..

Something... that destroys me... and has actually given me a great deal of PTSD is that the night of August 9th, the first night they slept together... her phone was mere feet away, buzzing with notifications from me...

Messages starting with...

"hey i hope you enjoy the barbecue, you gonna call when you get back? I kind of just want to hear your voice

Yup can concur. Started fucking a mates wife. She was bored at and started liking more and more stuff. Never done anal, big toys etc - got her into all of it. Involved another mate and she loved anal/vagina, double vagina etc. Got into fisting. Still is a kinky bitch.

fucked gf's best friend, she found out eventually, but not until a while after we had split up anyway