Let's get an amateur facial thread going

Let's get an amateur facial thread going.

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more? kinda looks familiar (how mnay times ve said that on this site!)

no idea. Just a random I saved from here.

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Commencing dump

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I will never understand why this is a such turn on for me?!

territorial/object marking or something like that?

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cream becomes her very well.

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I dunno. Never really thought about it. Always thought it was hot.

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Only got 2 more left

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That wraps up my collection

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Oops, one more.

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superb thread!

Thank you. What an exquisite dump

sooo fucking hot!

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good girls

please tell me there's a video to this

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I wish.

I'm not big on facials but this is really cute, approved.

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>I'm not big on facials but this is really cute, approved.
And so is this one.

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Damn, who is she?


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so sexy and cute in cum

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Dude have you got the other video from this collection? Been trying to find it for so long. The cumshot one.

Do you have more of her?

I’m a proud feminist, until I need a man thread.

She’s a hot, little slut.

Man, I'm sorry to disappoint :-/

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Any more?


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FUCK that's thick.

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Op moar of her?

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So pretty

Fucking great whore

Thank you for posting her again, love T


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Great thread. gonna join in and dump mine

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Your aid is well come.

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cumslut kellie

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Probably one of the hottest things I've ever seen.

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She buried her nose in those balls so good.

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would have gone for tits. those are some fine tier milkers.

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kellie plastered

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please stop posting this ugly pig

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Yuck an incel

Any of her sucking?

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Where is Pete Buttegieg picture??

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Kik johndough987 if you have any vids or facials u wanna share

That's the only one I have of her (I think, maybe another will pop up somewhere in my collection)

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Had no idea how big my collection was until I started posting.

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Not many other posters...people still lurking?

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You just posted a dude

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You just posted a dude and his cock.

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Best threads

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Thought you would enjoy it

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Gf taking a facial

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Nice job

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Woah not bad man.

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And that's it. Hope you enjoyed the dump.

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Much appreciated. Found a few I didn’t have

Hopefully I helped add to it

Should we get a new thread going?

Is there such thing as too many amateurs with cum on their face?



Any tits or tits with face?

imagine to see your daughter like this
I hope I will never get a daughter



probably break my arm fapping

this was a good thread

take a game


?? = 05


?? = FK

probably you have no daughters


?? = VE

Much love. Thanks!


?? = VW



I fucking love you man - thanks!