Trump is taking names and kicking ass

Trump is taking names and kicking ass
He just kicked out this fucking liar and cheater from the White House
>Alex Vindman

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For answering questions honestly? That's fucked up.

Are you fucking kidding me? He lied out his ass user, he was paid off by the Democrats to lie and try and get Trump removed.

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This is not how you treat Purple Heart recipients

Getting wounded doesn't give you a free pass

Cant they commit treason too?

This POS betrayed his uniform. He hid behind it like a fucking coward.

What of the biden scandals? We just drop it now?

I always thought it was "kicking ass and taking names". No?

Never mind he is a Lieutenant Colonel. You can talk about him like he is some dirtbag. I’m not sure you understand how long it takes, and what you have to go through to become an O-5.

Selfless Service
Personal Courage

This we’ll defend. Until the end.

Thank you for your valuable input, Don Jr.

>What of the biden scandals? We just drop it now?
Fuck that investigate his bitch ass too. Just bc Biden might be guilty of something doesn't mean that Trump is innocent ffs

>Never mind he is a Lieutenant Colonel. You can talk about him like he is some dirtbag. I’m not sure you understand how long it takes, and what you have to go through to become an O-5.
>Selfless Service
>Personal Courage
>This we’ll defend. Until the end.
Its not that they don't understand. They don't even wanna learn


You know, Trump that is. Or Biden. Or you. Definitely your seditious little cunt.

He looks like a shifty, lying, CUNY. Good enough for me

>What of the biden scandals?
Nothing will come of it. The dems will continue to ignore it and the media will just point fingers at Trump anytime he brings it up. The whole thing is a fucking joke.

That's because you have no concept of the Democratic process Comrade.

You guys just lap up any disinformation spewed, dont you?

Unless you become a political hack, caught up in the g-ranks, with economic interests in foreign nations.

You think Bill Taylor, a career diplomat under Republicans and Democrats alike, was also lying? Gordon Sondland? Liar!?

All of their testimony aligned. History will judge.

Don't care if he was a Ghostbuster, you can't keep snitches in the WH. That fucking idiot is still active military; will he be deployed to front combat lines or some base above the Arctic Circle?

What crime is Trump accused of? I'll wait again.

Take it down a bit friend. I never voted for the orange man but the Constitution is important.

Please explain what I have wrong here. I'll wait.

Oh yes. Because I’m sure you know a lot about the g-ranks. What is the g-ranks? Generals? Do you mean Generals?

Still waiting.

It's a good example as to why everyone in the Republican party is scared shitless of him, if you defy that cheetoh you get fired.

Actually “snitches” in the army are rewarded. If you see someone breaking the law, you report it to your chain of command. That whole snitches get stitches mentality is a gang banger mentality. A criminal mentality. No officer would ever punish a soldier for having integrity.

What did he see?

Yeah your right. All the hear say was good enough to remove orange man from office because he bad.

In other news i have solved every single unsloved murder in the past 20 years because I heard it from a source (which shall go unnamed) that joe biden, bernie sanders, waren and hillary acted together to carry them out.
According to the democrats this is enough to convict. Hell i bet i can even find a "smoking howitzer" and get a few buddies who all hate those people to go along with my story!

What about if republicans get another supermajority in november? With how badly the dems are flopping that is a possible outcome.

It is, which is why it's so insulting to see its powers being bent and twisted to serve the whims and ego of a child.

>He just kicked out this fucking liar and cheater from the White House
>He lied out his ass user, he was paid off by the Democrats to lie and try and get Trump removed.
Seriously, I don't get why Putin pays people to spread this retarded nonsense. Does he really see international politics as a zero-sum game where Russia benefits if America fails?

It's not just cynical, it's downright stupid.

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Typical faggot response, you and Jen Laurence are repugnant filth.

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Someone's legitimate complaint that was being buried

"Anyone who doesn't agree with me is russian or a russian asset"

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If you have to ask that means you have not been paying attention.

You are only interested in being told what to believe.

>What did he see?
He say a president attempt to use the power of his office to bribe a foreign leader into punishing his domestic political opponent.

If this had happened during the Obama administration, it would have been a much, much bigger scandal in the eyes of the GOP, and Obama surely would have been impeached.

You are kind of right and kind of wrong. Remember, that although he is in the military, he is also very much part of the Political Arena and as such, it's a whole different set of rules. He needs to pack warmly for his upcoming stint in the Arctic Circle.

>he say
he *saw. Damn autocorrect.

>"Anyone who doesn't agree with me is russian or a russian asset"
No, Not "anyone." But employees of 55 Savushkina Street are the ones who plant the seeds, and unthinking American MAGAs eat it up and parrot it.

Not because hes bad, but because the things he did were. And if your sources information was corroborated almost entirely by evidence released because of it that would be something wouldnt it.

underrated post

Using millions (taxpayer $ btw) of congressionally approved dollars for foreign aid to Ukraine as leverage for dirt on a political opponent? Which is absolutely an impeachable offense. Its not considered as a "traditional crime" bc the rest of America doesn't have the power to put a freeze on fucking foreign aid, dumb dumb. Legitimately or illegitimately.

I'm not saying that Biden, or any other democrat, is totally innocent or unbiased bc they're all pretty fucking shitty. Its just fucking reality. He most definitely withheld the money for his own gain. Look at it from a neutral standpoint. Anyone who says he was totally "innocent", is a fuck puppet pandering to their base and overlord

No one with a functioning brain would look at the facts and conclude Vindman is a liar and cheater who deserves retribution.

Which means the OP is propagandizing. And while I can't be certain he works for the Russian-controlled Internet Research Agency, I certainly wouldn't bet against it.

>underrated post
And here's an underrated reply:
>Actually “snitches” in the army are rewarded. If you see someone breaking the law, you report it to your chain of command. That whole snitches get stitches mentality is a gang banger mentality. A criminal mentality. No officer would ever punish a soldier for having integrity.

he's probably some faggot cross dresser or tranny like the rest of the leakers who are all guilty of treason and should be shot.

need to get a handle on these psychos, bring back laws preventing them from at least security clearances if not blocking them from military all together.

Yeah, no. Politics is merely opinion. He was on an assignment. Do people have any understanding that he was commissioned as an infantry officer? It is apart of his general orders to report everything he sees, hears, etc. Especially if it is a threat to our country. Even if it is a potential crime, has is required to report it.

You know like what Paul Revere did?

He watched and warned.

Where can I get these alleged free Putin/Soros bux? I'll honestly be a paid shill even if I don't believe in the cause. I don't give a shit.

like that guy who transitioned to try to get himself acquitted for military leaks. still a guy. still a treasonous piece of garbage.

>You are kind of right and kind of wrong. Remember, that although he is in the military, he is also very much part of the Political Arena and as such, it's a whole different set of rules

But it *shouldn't* be a whole different set of rules. Why shouldn't we demand our politicians behave ethically?

>He lied out his ass
>This POS betrayed his uniform
Not sure if you're a troll, or actually drank the Kool Aid.
Gonna assume troll.

>What of the biden scandals? We just drop it now?
Trump's had months to investigate, since he hasn't I'll assume he knows there's nothing there.

>All of their testimony aligned.
Trump himself confessed when he released the transcript, but he won't stop saying he did nothing wrong.
You can pretend he's lying, but I think we all know he's just completely out of his mind.

Let’s put things into perspective. Because most people in this thread are fucking delusional.

If my Lieutenant Colonel walked up to me. If he actually spoke to me. There I am standing at the position of attention. Say he even tells me to relax. Let’s say he asks me for I formation about a crime or even potential crime that may have occurred. Say a rifle went missing, or a radio, or anything of sensitive or life threatening material. If I withheld information from him, and it was later found out. Say it was information about the activity of a general, or a president. If I withheld information, and it was found out. The Army would punish me. That’s not just article 15 territory. That’s either chain gang, or Army prison, or fucking some shit I do not want to think about.

When asked what happened in the call, or what happened at the meeting. You fucking tell whoever it is what happened in the call, or meeting. So that I can go home, and talk to my family.

>What crime is Trump accused of? I'll wait again.
Impound Control Act of 1974
Plus witness tampering
More importantly, he's overstepped his Constitutional authority.
By withholding aid (for any reason), he's taken a power the Constitution has reserved for Congress.
He's unraveling the system of checks and balances, and should have been removed from office to safeguard the Constitution itself.
All Republicans involved should be hung for Treason.

In other words, you can’t investigate a suspected criminal because they are running for office

Nice logic

Not him, but no, Trump was and still is, free to investigate Biden.
The fact that he hasn't investigated Biden (or Hillary for that matter) shows he doesn't really think there's anything there.

As to why he should have been removed, see:

There was no suspicion to begin with, and he could have if he had gone through the actual means of doing so instead of using his personal lawyer to solicit just the announcement of an investigation, nothing actually had to be investigated it was all about optics

I’m not sure many people would oppose a POTUS investigating alleged corruption between the former VPs family and a foreign state, prior to giving said foreign state aid $

I don’t care that Biden was “running for president” - that’s Bidens problem, not trumps

I gave an anti-Trump source so you wouldn't immediately dismiss it. President has a lot of discretion when it comes to aide money. Trump issue isn't for the withholding but for the supposed reason.

Federal judges legislate from the bench and become mini-dictators. I don't hear any squawking about that when it comes to checks and balances You like it now but now that the precedent is set the next democratic president is not going to be happy.

Get your "facts" from places other than NPR and /b

His speech at the impeachment trial was based on opionions and feelings... not facts. Simply a DNC cuck that got fired for being unloyal.

> "I FEEL like the phone call was inappropriate".
Feeling are not facts! DRAIN THE SWAMP

why wasn't he charged with all that crap instead of made up not crimes?

>prior to giving said foreign state aid $
It was never his to withhold.
He tried to bribe an entire country with our /Congress' money, for the bogus appearance of an investigation he knew would bear no fruit.

>I’m not sure many people would oppose
Check the polls. Most people DID oppose what he did.
Hell, many of the GOP Senators themselves said they thought what he did was wrong, just no impeachable.

It's like you're not paying attention at all.

Nobody pays attention to you-

Then why doesn't he? And if we are now investigating people for nepotism then why not investigate the trump dynasty

So... you're a nobody.

Your article is behind a pay wall, but even the tittle tells us the president broke the law.
Yes, there is a legal process to withhold the aid:
> the President may request that Congress rescind appropriated funds

...but Trump still broke the law.

>Get your "facts" from places other than NPR and /b
I'm getting my facts from U.S. law, including the Constitution itself, my cock-starved friend.

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Go look at the Nixon and Clinton impeachments.
This is how it's normally done.

Personally, I'm hoping they left out the specific laws in case they want to try him in a normal court after he leaves office.

>Nobody pays attention to you-
Except you, apparently.

Tell me, what re you wearing?
Do you ever put your Mom;s panties on, and tuck your junk between your legs?
Tell me all about your Daddy issues, and why you reached out to me, in particular.
I could be your Daddy.
Go get Mommy's panties out of the hamper, and put them on, then post again.

What bribe? We know what Ukraine was giving VP Biden’s son - naturally we would like to know what VP Biden gave Ukraine in return

This isn’t rocket science

>Lieutenant Colone Sleeper Agent?

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It was more extorting an investigation out of the president of Ukraine, and if so why would he have Ukraine investigate what would have been Obama policy decision.

>What bribe?
You know very well.

>We know what Ukraine was giving VP Biden’s son
The government wasn't giving him anything.
That's not even in line with the conspiracy-theory Trump was trying to sell.

What extortion?

Why was Ukraine giving 6 figure monthly salaries to the VPs family? What were they getting from the VP in return?

Why on earth wouldn’t you want that investigated?

>Why on earth wouldn’t you want that investigated?


tRump is a petty dictator.

Have you ever heard of jurisdiction?
There is a mutual treaty between the US and Ukraine that says they will help each other investigate corruption.

... just like oliver north.

so many of you guys would have fit in so well living in the times of joe mccarthy. you'd all be cheering as he destroyed innocent people's lives in his pursuit of raw power. you're pathetic.

Respond to this^ or your family dies in their sleep tonight.


>kicking ass

>the same person who only looks tough in photoshopped pictures

lol'd,he's nothing but a left wing snowflake.just like his idiot supporters

>Trump's had months to investigate, since he hasn't I'll assume he knows there's nothing there.
He got impeached for just fucking asking about it.

Why on earth would an innocent person intentionally withhold key evidence and block firsthand witnesses from testifying?¿?

>this fucking liar and cheater

You mean this active duty member of the military with a Purple Heart?
SUpport our troops, fucker.

Oh right - it’s the accused responsibility to make the case for the accusers


lol imagine being personally upset over DC politics

nevermind biden has factual russian connects and plenty of dan schneider-ish pics that label him as a pedo. fucking democrats are repulsive rats.

Nixon was never impeached. Clinton was impeached for perjury and suborning perjury, both felonies. Trump was impeached for not following the orders of a Lt Col (ignoring Vindman's prepared talking points in his conversation with Zelensky) and wanting to get a federal court ruling on executive privilege, instead of immediately complying with Adam Schiff's demands.

I also need answers to this. Or whatever threat that guy said ^

>...but Trump still broke the law.
The aid was released after 54 days, well before the deadline imposed by Congress. No law was broken.

Ukraine wasn't, the company the son worked for did how much have you twisted events to fit your mindset

And i just told you extortion of the announcement of an investigation in exchange for getting the money turned back on

But when that would be a much more inefficient way of going about it you have to wonder why he went that route instead of doing it the "easy" way

Absolutely not. But if it will keep you from being fucking impeached? Any innocent person, especially one with an ego like Trumps, would jam that evidence right up Pelosi and Schiff's ass. Shit, he should have lifted his "executive privilege" after they did their investigation. It would have cleared his name, exposed the Dems as criminals, proved it was all a "hoax" and 1000% secured another term as President.

I agree, a person needs to be proven guilty not the other way around. But the positives of him proving his innocence, (which he easily could have done at any time) outweighs not releasing the evidence 10 fold. Don't kid yourself.

Well, her last name is spelled Lawrence but facts and accuracy clearly do not matter to you.

And you're just calling names. Troll rating 1/10 - at least you got a response.

So, someone murdering your child should be left alone by anyone witnessing that, is that what you're saying? Here's a pro tip: the no snitching shit comes from the street, from poor people who fear the police. These guys ARE the police. Your powers of reasoning are questionable. You should perhaps read more.

>caring about celebrities

Nice one, fuck that kike

>being snarky instead accurate
fits Cred Forums perfectly

Trump 2024, baby!

some guy keeps calling me harassing me from this number 786-663- 1021

Sondland gone now too

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and his twin brother? Why fire him too?

now that's fucking funny. Sondland paid a lot of money to get into Trump's cabinet and it got him basically nothing. Fucking hilarious.

because he was there?


where he was. Fuck with the bull and get the horn. Trump has the right to fire any appointee in the executive branch.

They though they were smart. thought they could get money like Balsy Ford. This is their just reward.

how did his brother fuck with the bull? He was a lawyer for the NSC.

You'll keep saying that until the sides switch again and the democrats are using the precedent trump set to go absolutely nuts

you can't expect them to think more than 15 minutes into the future. If they did, they wouldn't be Republicans.

He was fired because he slighted trump, period. When your president is a child, you have to be careful about not hurting his tiny ego

He doesn't need a reason. President is already set in place. Wake the fuck up. Research Clinton and Obama.

his brother didn't though

you just said he fucked with the bull and got the horns. How did his brother fuck with the bull?

Clinton fired every appointee in the Justice dept before noon the day after inauguration.

you're evading your own claim. How did Vindman's brother fuck with the bull?

If you are not going to read the response and exorcise elementary judgement, go fuck yourself, zero.
If you, in your wildest dreams, believe I care what you think decrease your dosage.


You never answered the question though. It's simple. How did Vindman's brother fuck with the bull?

You are too fucking stupid. He doesn't need a reason. Make something up, to suit yourself. You do it all the time.

but you said his brother "fucked with the bull". I'm asking how. Would you like to retract that claim?

Nancy Pelosi will commit suicide within the following 7 days. Her people will claim she died of natural causes or an accident. Schiff will attempt tpo flee the country before March 1.

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so if you are not going to retract the claim, how about you explain how Vindman's twin brother "fucked with the bull"?

that might be how it happens in your country, but not in this one.

I could not care less, what you want.

No. I stand by my post-

I hope so!

no? suicide or prison, that's their only options. have the popcorn ready. you're too stupid to even know what happens in your own country

you stand by it, but you cannot explain it. I know it's very early where you are, but it's not logical to make a claim that you can't explain.

maybe in your country comrade, but not this one. we don't imprison political rivals.

Your opinions matter less than your posts.

said the guy who can't explain his own claims. Maybe you should wait until you are older to try debating child.

Imagine fucking loving a reality TV star, shit business man that has to wear diapers to keep himself from shitting his slacks from all the stimulant abuse. That you would go to the ends of the earth to defend him fucking bootlickers he could give to shits whether you live or die.

Guess again, genius, not a debate.

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well yeah when you can't back up your own claims, I guess what you're doing is more like shitting the bed.

that is hard to look at

100% real too, from today.
This senile dumbfuck painted his face like that and then went out in public.

See I think the thing both sides are missing is that they are not having any to begin with. One one hand are the conservatives who understand that one having long determined, and then they are the liberals who seem to like not having any to having a platform. I think a discourse regarding it having open ended discussions with issues could perhaps mutually affect both of the factions without taking responsible. We just need to take a step back from the information having told us that one or the other can be any at all.

link? Not that I doubt you, he is a vain and ugly creature, but I just wanna see it at the source.


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Who the fuck do you think you are? A poster child for Dunning-Kruger?
Take your arrogance and judgemental bullshit and shove it up your ass.
If your brain was put on the head of a pin, it would look like a protozoa traveling a super highway.


This gave me aids.

Yeah, no.

No, I just want you to back up your claim. Is that really so hard for you child?


So lets see if I'm understanding trumpism.

>Vindman, Sondland, Yavonovich(sp), the wistle blower, Comey, Sessions, Romney, McCaine, Mattis, Tillerson, And I'm sure I'm leaving many out, are ALL liars, BUT trump is telling the truth.
Sounds perfectly logical once you've drank the orange Koolaide

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and a partridge in a pear tree-

Biden ran cover for an undocumented and U.S. taxpayer-funded proxy war in Ukraine against Russia. Literally handed our money to corrupt oligarch governors there.

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But you see thats' just the point of my previous post. A large effort having done it, but without any we can never fully begin.

What reference are you referring?

Sessions never lied though, he just took flak because he recused.

>he was paid off by the Democrats
keep swallowing trump cuck

you could just admit you used a phrase you didn't really understand and have no idea how to explain.

unproven claims though.

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...what are you smoking?

>One slot left

Added to the ban archive.

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As it says in the title "...not like Trump did" top kek moron

he recused because he lied

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evidence he was paid off?

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you are wrong.
That's ok. Just come over here and I will slap you in the cocksucker with the snotty end of my fuck stick.


twitter dot com slash photowhitehouse slash status slash 1225909811851780096

But it's not like asshat doesn't frequently go out in public looking like a distressed mental patient.

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still can't back up his claim, lmfao you really are bad at this. timestamp this reply in your next response please.

Attached: 20161110_041336000_iOS.jpg (250x168, 25K)

thanks m8. and jesus christ it's horrifying

You what I'll give you another try on that one you were so close to a coherent point

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Too coincidental that Biden got the head of PrivatBank a US VISA after he'd previously been banned. The money Biden approved also went directly to PrivatBank before disappearing into thin air. Setting that aside, the oligarchs over there hated Shokin (who investigated Burisma) and tied to assassinate him in his own office not long back, after Biden got him fired by withholding aid to protect his druggie spawn.

He recused because of his connections, not for lying.

>his claim
tag team, huh?
that ok.

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Why would it be biden and not obama?

there's only 3
Coincidentally that is also the number of times trump has lied during the time it took to post this

I won't smoke

I'm not sure I am understanding you having been seen it.

>thinking Obama would do any heavy-lifting himself

It's weird being in the timeline where a cult has taken over the USA

trumptards don't have proof. just ignorance.
Lots of ignorance

Attached: trump moron.jpg (480x319, 23K)

the connections he lied about not having.

I know, right?
If you elderly relative had a caregiver, and that person allowed your relative to go out of the house looking like Trump looks, you'd fire them on the spot.
But none of the bootlickers around Trump dares tell him he looks deranged.

Attached: 1518844895952.jpg (447x315, 14K)

blah blah blah no evidence.

see? You've generated interest. Will you truly leave us hanging or will you answer the question?

Almost there. There's a coherent thought somewhere in that mumble salad.

Ow you’re gettin it

de-kike America, one deepstate pig at a time

no, make something up.

I remember all that proof shown to the senate too

He's an actual fucking clown.

Pretty funny when you stop and realize that this is the dementia-riddled lump of blubber that the fascist cunts in this thread are tripping over themselves to defend.

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Attached: moron.jpg (1199x1096, 98K)

I don't reference your inquisition. Can any explanation be supplied?

If your best thought is it's too coincidental and then a bunch of assumptions you aren't really doing yourself any favors

>I remember all that proof shown to the senate too
annnd who didn't allow witnesses?
It was the cultist republicants

>thinking biden was shadow president running the show

Look at this tub of lard.

Attached: godemperor1.jpg (764x1200, 122K)

>no evidence
Just all those backlogged tips that our Ukrainian ambassador was proven to be tossing into her fireplace.

Reread post, illiterate.

If Trump had any evidence that what Vindman said was a lie UNDER OATH you know for a FACT that Trump would run him into jail for Perjury. There is a very real reason Trump hasn't testified at all in these cases, he is smart enough to not make the mistake that Clinton did. Lie under oath.

However perjury charge isn't happening is it? Because it was true.

>Trump is taking names and kicking ass
>having a temper tantrum and pity party

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I watched some of the NH debate. I predict Trump in a landslide. 2020

More importantly acquitted faggot

Trump wasn't impeached?

Vindman has only been out for a few hours. Check back later.

Attached: 1549933498303.jpg (600x600, 57K)

The best part of this is that moron failson Don Jr. just tweeted out that firing Vindman was revenge.
Completely blows apart Trump's claim that it wasn't retribution.
Vindman is now in line for a big payday.

Attached: parnas don jr.jpg (680x593, 79K)

I would love to see anything proving that that isn't hearsay or conspiracy

>He looks like a shifty, lying, CUNY. Good enough for me

Attached: 1575321344202.jpg (2400x1800, 554K)

>he was paid off by the Democrats to lie
>I don't get why Putin pays people to spread this retarded nonsense

Would both of you shut the fuck up and stop dealing in retarded conspiracy theories please

Attached: 1574722618137.jpg (720x686, 53K)

Alright, your post makes even less sense because even if obama had biden do the heavy lifting it still would have been at obama's direction

>He just kicked out this fucking liar and cheater from the White House
How do you know he's lying?

I say you're lying.

As a non-American I will if you will. Gentlemanly bet, what's the time line on this Vindman won't be touched for perjury, but obviously you could keep saying oh just wait forever.

If Trump had proof he would have brought out proof already to save face a little bit. You know he didn't want to get impeached yet he was quiet.

Trump fucked his daughter. I guess he's a Cred Forums-tard.

But his testimony was given in the past, if they could prove he was lying they would have done so already. He was fired for embarrassing the child

Watch Glenn Beck's vid on it then. He gave citations for literally every one of his documents.

It was but Obama only had to play the role of nice guy.

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Since Durham is working on Ukraine as well, I'd say he's the maximum deadline. Between now and June.

>watch glenn beck

Jesus christ, you poor retard.

Attached: DNb34p2WsAAT272.jpg (413x400, 19K)

If he hadn't given citations for his claims, I wouldn't even bring him up.

this pseudo popularity contest thread will be settled in Nov.
I hope I can find a bet or two small wagers. Probably not. None in 016.

You've got a little cheeto dust in the corner of your mouth. Go fuck yourself, fucking traitor.

I just did, he offers no actual sourcing and makes a whole bunch of speculation and makes connections where there really aren't any. You are citing what is essentially a tabloid owned by glen beck himself

Yeah you know it's not like there haven't been updates in months and it won't just fizzle outs like the voter fraud panel did.

>Durham is working

Attached: 4 Horsemen.png (1080x607, 1017K)

They weren’t needed. Witnesses aren’t required in a trial.

Each of the vids is an hour or longer. Lie elsewhere.

Voter fraud mitigation is ongoing. Judicial Watch is doing badass work in that regard.

He's not going around the world for nothing.

Usually the defendant isn't intimidating the jury though

>They weren’t needed. Witnesses aren’t required in a trial.
They weren't needed by people who didn't want to know what happened.
Because he's fucking guilty.

No like the actual voter fraud investigation with kris kobach that was a complete failure

>Judicial Watch

And he offers none of his sources in either his video description or website, he just hopes you'll take his word for it

>he's fucking guilty
here you go, folks. Judge and jury. this should teach people who think interaction with the left has any meaning.

Oh please, do tell, why else would they vote not to hear from witnesses? Because the president couldn't be proven more innocent?

Also, im not on the left im just not fucking blind.

>kris kobach
If he found nothing then he's part of the problem.

That's just one state too. They've sued several states over the same thing.

You're either a shill or extremely lazy, I bet both. Nothing he has shown isn't publicly available and sourced.

We saw how many fucking witnesses in the house proceedings and not one of them had any first hand knowledge or any evidence of wrong doing. You're a fucking slug my guy.

>not fucking blind
would you go for willfully ignorant? The Senate agrees with me. No actual crimes, no need for anything else.
The democrat hoax didn't play. The Senate reward was to point that fact out.

How can anyone think after the impeachment trial and firing lt col vindman, and his brother for good measure, that Trump is just innocent and doing what's best for the country

Maybe the Bidens are corrupt too, maybe that investigation still needs to happen. I think that's the strongest case that the repubs could possibly have. However he ABSOLUTELY did obstruct congress, did intimidate witnesses, and now he's retaliating against them.

Maybe you think this was all just a democratic coup and that Trump has never done wrong, could do no wrong.

If I wasn't against Trump in 2016 I sure as fuck am now. The party of corruption and blatant undermining of democracy torch has been passed, the repubs are now the undisputed champions of oath breaking, cronyism and dead habeas corpus

I'm not even a liberal

Attached: liberty_in_shame.jpg (267x337, 22K)

No the minimal information he is pulling from is there, ie the article titles he makes an infograph of, it's just the conclusions hes drawing are actual speculation and stitched together. If he had anything that could actually prove anything he would have brought it to authorities instead of making money off of it

Jews don't have honor or integrity

Only loyalty to other jews

Attached: Shitowitz.jpg (87x106, 9K)

Stated as an opinion, I have no problem-

At least learn English Igor.

It's public sector, user. They're already well aware.

only bone spurs

Actually believing the jews that concocted this story lol

No one gives a fuck what you think child

His firing is witness retaliation and it’s illegal. We are, in real time watching a dictatorship form.

For what our country pays the military, I would expect that acronym to have an additional 2 e's and one a. We don't want to find ourselves in a acronym vowel deficit against the russkies and the chinamen.

Or you-

>it’s illegal

What're they gonna do, impeach him again?

This is a lot like Nixon, except Nixon had the good grace to RESIGN when he was exposed

Repubs have blatantly said that the Pres can "do what he wants,"


Well he sounds like a german faggot. And I for one don't like his name due to it being also unamerican, vindman should have been better off sticking his nose in the butthole of a saudi desert monkey than chasing after pennies like the rest of the scumbag liberal jewbase. HE WANTED TO CASH IN LIKE THE REST OF THEM is what im saying.

18 U.S. Code §1513. Retaliating against a witness, victim, or an informant Subsection (e):

(e) Whoever knowingly, with the intent to retaliate, takes any action harmful to any person, including interference with the lawful employment or livelihood of any person, for providing to a law enforcement officer any truthful information relating to the commission or possible commission of any Federal offense, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.

It’s illegal, but the senate is full of traitors so we get to watch a “king” dismantle our government.

Draining the swamp.

This once again proves BUMPYDUMP is himself!

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Neither of them believe in god. Do they even have vowels?

then he has access to the civil courts. Or file a criminal complaint, huh?

Witness no longer cuck. It's over. He's firing an employee who choose the wrong side.

How does it feel?

Hold on - the house could have gone to the judiciary to compel witnesses

Of course doing That that would expose the whole thing as fake news

That’s all we need to know about that

That's true and all but I'm still waiting for them to try George Bush Jr. and Obama for war crimes after their presidencies

One started two wars on false pretenses resulting in thousands of civilian casualties, and the other assassinated a US citizen via drone strike without due process

Fuck you respect the position yes. not this piece of shit DB

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Trump has secured the legacy of packing the courts while destroying multiple political dynasties of crony careerists on both side of the spectrum - bush, Clinton, etc

trumps legacy is already secured before he even starts his second term

Acquizzal, my nizzle

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You understand, you are never going to get though to these people. In their minds, the POTUS can not choose who works in his White house. Unlike every other administration.
Too stupid.
This is how the deep state propagates itself.

>here you go, folks. Judge and jury
now, lets hear your "unbiased" verdict on fast and furious and Benghazi.
Maybe tell us how you thought OJ was really innocent while your at it

you are so delusional, you evidently think you can tell me what to do.
Go fuck yourself-

It’s incredible right? - that lefty is just babbling incoherently now because it’s brain can’t reconcile the media fake news with the reality on the ground

Attached: 1_BZmZ0nU-UE83bwpvL_8TOQ.png (835x614, 347K)

Call that moron Mueller back and show him this.

Not American.

Attached: 1579967018981.gif (220x175, 112K)

Wasn’t VP bidens son on the board of Burisma, the company owned by the Minister in Yanukovychs pro Putin regime?

Why did The VP have to do for the Yanukovych government in return?

More flexibility, Obama said, right?

hey.......HEY. You sad fucks have lost control of this. Where is the long tie guy?

>you are so delusional, you evidently think you can tell me what to do.

this is the mindset of the trumpie
I was asking, not telling

A look in the mirror will tell you who is delusional.
enjoy the rest of your day

aye, matee.

Asking? Then where’s the question mark?

You were literally telling - you can’t even think logically can you?

I'll believe that Biden is corrupt and there's nepotism, dirty money exchanging hands and figurehead positions on companies to curry american favor
I'll buy every bit of that. Does that excuse obstructing congress, blocking subpoenas, a senate majority that doesn't shy from admitting they will break their oath of impartiality?

A senate majority that giddily blocks a motion for more witnesses, even when 70% of americans wanted witnesses?

I think the Russians have given up.

russian bots and shills working hard tonight. why are they so scared?

If you have not figured it out by now, you never will-

The POTUS doesn’t have the power to block subpoenas - the courts are always available

Likewise The House was free to call all the witnesses it needed - I mean, they had the evidence They claimed, so why did they never present it?

nice try, dmitri. don't quit your day job of feasting on circumcised cock

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I think you are the Russian-

POTUS used executive privelege to block witnesses. As far as subpoenas go, power to do so or not, POTUS simply did not proffer documents, testimony or witnesses in defiance of subpoenas

Should they have gone to the courts? Sure but that would have taken til november at least

I guess it's a good point that they didn't go the courts when by all accounts they should have. Are you implying something of their intention for not going to the courts?

ok? Seems like an ignorant and unenlightened statement but you got it

Have you figured out how to use proper punctuation yet?

Attached: 1568219173200.png (1500x500, 81K)

>Should they have gone to the courts
What is Trump at the SCOTUS? Is it 9 out of 10 or 10 out of 11?

It is a test for small mindedness.
You passed-

Does stonetoss not realize that 17 intelligence agencies all agree about russian collusion? Lol...

Attached: trump.jpg (540x543, 33K)

It's in the PizzaGate files. Qanon has them.

great...just great.

So yes then, if they wanted to present their evidence they should have via the judiciary, as the GOP had too when Clinton blocked them

Or maybe they never had evidence - they don’t have anything to show to a judge

Sure looks that way to me

I guess it's 5/9 I had to look it up

>I guess
damn, now I have to look it up tomorrow.

The patriot act allows Obama to do that.

Nixon investigation and Clinton investigation had prosecutors appointed by THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH themselves (special prosecutor for Nixon, independent prosecutor for Clinton) because the House is not an investigative law enforcement agency

In fact the investigation conducted by the House is historically unprecedented

I can't wait for Trump to pull Schiff's security clearance

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Schiff is a weird looking motherfucker I'll give you that
He looks surprised all the time

>Schiff is a weird looking motherfucke

Attached: 1572281215569.jpg (1200x750, 124K)

he looks as if he found the bestest dealer-