It's my birthday and my wife told me I've ruined her life and that she just wants to kill herself and do whatever I...

It's my birthday and my wife told me I've ruined her life and that she just wants to kill herself and do whatever I want today because she'll be coming home late

How's your day going Cred Forums?

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Tell her to do it because then you won’t have to split your shit when you divorce

Can you tell us the story? Why did she say that?
My day is going fine tho thanks user

prob just her period

Idiot. You never will have a wife... stupid child

It's just wasted time. Go to re-edit

Put it in her shitter.

I'm doing well, thanks for asking.

Just take yourself off for a quiet evening at the cinema and come back late. Leave a note to say where you've gone and say you'll see her later. Ignore her drama.

in your larp you should just file divorce and don't say anything until you need a signature

Grow some balls,get a divorce,and live your life the way you want to live it.
Im good , thanks for asking.

she's getting dicked down by niggers

Just curious, what general area do you live in?

Why did you marry that bridezilla?

New York

>my wife told me I've ruined her life
well, did you?

1) She's cheating on you bro. I'm sorry.

2) You need to see a divorce attorney, marriage counselor, maybe a therapist, etc.

3) So what are you doing for your birthday?

"Do whatever you like"

Should've done her buddy,
Thats a rookie mistake,

its my birthday also user
Happy Birthday!

Kek, have another drink Justin

Not bad for a Facebook img, I smiled

Seriously though, is that you? I genuinely hope not.

Last night around 11pm before my birthday I wanted to stay up and play games until midnight so it would be my birthday and then go to bed. She told me to just go to bed so I did but I wasn't happy about it. Later when I was almost asleep she came and asked if I was ok and i said yes I'm just going to sleep and she asked why i seemed pouty, so I explained I dont see what the big deal is staying up until midnight playing games since tomorrow is my birthday and I dont work. She got upset and said we've discussed not playing games late at night and then she threw a tantrum and went to the other room. I tried going after and explaining why cant I feel disappointed or upset at being told to just go to bed like I'm a little kid, and she said im acting like one. I told her I cant handle this rn and went to bed. Fast forward to today she never said anything to me until finally I went to the other room and asked her if we were still going to eat (we had lunch plans) and she just threw a fit telling me I dont care about her etc etc and she's depressed

Today I'll probably just play games and watch Netflix since she will be out of the house apparently... some birthday. I've been sober for a while now but damn this makes me wanna drink

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Its in the OP. Can you read?

How are you married but you don’t work? Also I guess you’re not the guy I thought you were, so that’s good

>my wife told me I've ruined her life
How exactly? What did do supposedly?

Take all money out of bank account...

Go to Vegas

Don’t gamble it

Buy gold in cash

Bury gold somewhere back home

Tell her you gambled it away

Divorce her

Wait til finalized

Dig up gold

Ta da

user is correct

Are you both twelve, or mentally handicapped or something?

I do work just not today I took a personal day, i usually do for my birthday

Sounds like you are retarded for marrying her and she is just plain retarded. Good job getting married and ruining your life. Kill yourself before she can kill herself to win the argument

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you goddamn fedora-wearing virgin piece of shit. you forgot to tell him to prepare a bowl of eggs for her.

Feels like it right
I'm massively depressed and she probably is too, I dont know how to confront issues so I try and ignore hence going to bed and trying not to say anything

Why not just burry the money?

Jesus. What are you, 12? Asking mommy for fucking permission to play your little gamey wamey?

Fucking repulsive. This is why shes cheating on you faggot. Not only are you a drain on the household by not working to contribute to the finances, but you take orders from a goddamn woman.
Kill yourself today as a birthday present to the rest of us.

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And you got married. Dude you are fucking stupid and pathetic. Good job fucking up your life

Eat a cheeseburger extra pickles extra cheese extra bacon with some good ass fresh french fries

Then go get divorce papers because fuck that hoe

Bring the food bag to her like it's got good stuff inside but actually it's divorce papers lol then call police for threats of suicide lol
>I hate


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So, I'm not seeing where OP mentioned what his plans were for his birthday...

What, are you Twelve?
No one has cash just sitting around in their bank

Like I said just playing games and watching netflix. Maybe suicide we'll see where the night goes lol

Thank you another logical boi in the thread. OP is an npc. I cant stand people like him. If I could I'd reach through the computer and kill him for being such a burden on the rest of the universe. Then I'd fuck his wife while play video games till midmight.

Shit can happen when you bury the money... box fails, rusts etc. you’re fucked

Box fails on the gold? Meh doesn’t react with anything.

Gold will be worth a bit more than it is today in 2 years. Nice forced savings.

Dollar will certainly be weaker in 2 years

Good boy, she training you. She wants to control you and knows just how to do it.

Also I didn’t call you a shit ape some 888 waiter did

I'm slugging through DBZ Kakarot. So I'll raise a glass of whiskey in your honor user.

Lmao I was just asking why wouldnt you just burry the money saved you the buying gold step.

Everyone in this thread is twelve

Go be poor somewhere else

>Wife naked in bed, begging for a banging
>OPis playing games and whining about tendies and staying up late because it's his birthday
>But mah gaaaaaaaames

You sound cool, OP.

Yes, Americans don't.
It's different in other parts of the world.

Unfortunately its no longer pre-70s. Nowadays that's called a rape charge.

>burry the money saved you the buying gold step.

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because he is a little dense in his tiny head

Thanks bro, have a good day guys it's been fun

Yeah I thought it was a good question

That’s some other nigger calling you an ape

you must know, since it includes you

divorce her and hire some asian hookers

Lmao he doesnt have that much money I'm betting he could vacuum seal it and put it in a Tupperware and be fine mix cayenne pepper into the dirt and nothing will dig it up.

*squats Slavicly*

Yes other parts of the world have negative interest rates and are literally retarded for keeping money in banks

Maybe it's time for you to grow up and put away the gaming controller.
Fucking American men, often raised by single women, refuse to be adults.

You both need to grow up
Tell her that you can play games whenever the fuck you want, just don't let it interfer with the rest of your life
She needs to stop acting like a four year old who didn't get an extra slice of cake
Grow the fuck up, it's not that hard
Happy birthday

She cheating on you or does not love you anymore obviously. Go find a bird to fuck for your birthday or go see a hooker and have some fun. Fuck her

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My money is invested you fucking moron.
Houses, shares etc.
Drink bleach potato

Look s like e she wants control. If that’s really how she acted on your birthday and you don’t normally do this sort of thing she should Fock off

Cash or bank....
Fucking simpletons

Are you reallllly laughing your ass off?

Two incomes and no kids from the sounds of it. She may be a decent earner, you don’t know.

Keep starting posts with nigger speak so we can identify the nignogs

“Lel im dead X-0 lmao lel mipp ma boo boo”

It would be best if you just killed yourself. You are pathetic and she is fucki g someone else. Save everyones time a lill yourself....... seriously I'm not kidding. People like you are fucking sad and are just wasting normal people's time.

Post screen shot of more than one mortgage statement on a house

No fucking way

Nah dude you big stupid. And your bait is sad.

She doesn’t respect you, but you’re not giving her a reason to respect you. Women don’t want a guy who sits around playing video games and eating Cheetos all day. Pull yourself out of the gutter. Go to the gym. Pick up a hobby that will make you feel better about yourself and make her feel better about the guy she married. She probably feels trapped. You sound like you’ve given up on life. How old are you?

Find a bus, truck or train and make sure that you head makes contact with it while it's going really fast

You forgot your nigger speak at the front but stuck it with big stupid

Ooooga boooggggaaa

Lol sounds like you work at McDonald's my guy.

You... you alright user?

>Life Insurance. Buy plenty of life insurance on wifey. Ask her Not to khs until the policy takes effect. DOUBLE THE AMOUNT FOR SUICIDE. Take a vacation far away when you think it's time that she's going to hero.


Welcome to Cred Forums friend. I see by your ellipses you’re portraying a passive autist

Those aren’t needed here, we can smell your autism

I’m not your friend, buddy

Low quality bait

As if I'm going to post that kinda stuff on here, also 2 properties in one account.
The other is in a totally different setup, it would literally take me ages.
As if I really care that you don't believe me

REDDIT ALET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm actually unemployed
Just made redundant
I wonder if I could buy a McDonald's?

Then why even tell us? You made the claim now back it up

So if you just take cash out and bury it... a divorce attorney is going to say “ok great so that’s your cut of the assets and so since you took all the cash we’re going to demand a higher alimony payment.”

By gambling it away.. it’s gone you did it when you were married.

You have the gold so there’s no bs if she finds a box with the exact amount of cash. A fucking bar of gold? Prove that was mine.

Gold value fluctuates

I doubt it you cant play video games late at night.

See Retarded me replied to my own post
Oldfag btw

“Oh uh heh heh I couldn’t possible black out pertinent information heh to Uh prove I’m not a larper.... uhhh heh fuck you in rich and it would take years to retrieve a readily available heh statement I’m required to pay on monthly. Tax time you say and I could easily just show some forms there? Ok user I was LARPing, I don’t even know how to buy property.”

I was staying that no one (smart) keeps their money in cash, in any decent amount anyway

Are you retarded burry the cash and lie about the gambling. You wrote way to much and didnt make any point. You are a fucking retarded ass bitch

This post brought to you by a cheeto dust stained keyboard in the basement of a very disappointed mother and father

As if people don't have multiple properties, who the fuck do you think are landlords, the lizardmen?

Dude.. I seriously hope you don’t end up on the wrong side of a divorce attorney.

“So what games did you pla..”

“I made it all up!!”

“Yeah we know dumbshit you took out 6085 dollars and she followed you and watched you bury the exact amount”

“I know if only I bought...”





You’re supposed have 3-6 months of expenses saved in cash equivalents as an emergency fund. Anyone who knows a damn think about personal finance knows this.

Gaiz I own trump tower gaiz

“Ok prove it”

“What?! Proof on Cred Forums?! Fucking faggot go eat Cheetos I’ll be living it up to with Melania”

(Heh, showed that guy)

People have multiple properties..

This user larper does not

Ding ding ding

Not in cash though, offset account. My cash is paying off the mortgage.
Technically I could withdraw it all, but it would still only be a fraction of net worth, being my original point

You didn't do well at school, did you? It means tell us why she said that you absolute brainlet

This post brought to you by


Yes, in cash equivalents (cash, money market interments). Could still be a significant sum of money. 40k for me

She wants you to be more of a man, build a fucking cabinet for her or something, take her out to an art gallery or music performance.

Don't game all night and sleep all day, she is not your roommate, she is your girl, treat her well if you want her to like you and enjoy fucking you.

Dude stop responding to him...

“I don’t have cash... I just have... uh cash... in an account that offsets interest in a mortgage but it’s not Uh cash its magic cash.”

Guy seriously is a 1st rare larper

This is now “that Aussie fag is a larper” thread not about op who undoubtedly is on his way to Vegas to buy gold.

I've actually got no idea how much is in our offset account.
If your property is worth a mill and you are taking out 40k to buy gold to bury...
You're actually going to be in a worse position in a settlement
Just sayin

Did that hurt your feelings faggot?

Hahahaha, how did you know that I was in Oz?

Yes user, apologize now

invite a bunch of hookers to your house and do some cocaine

Do a bump or two, find her, and kill her

you are a lucky man .....enjoy the next time you fuck her knowing she hates you!

Incels and permavirgins think it's about demanding your rights to do what you want or some shit, it's not.

Of course you can do whatever you want, just as she can choose to not want to have anything to do with you because you make her sick laying around like a useless boring sack of shit.

It's all about charming the lady so she likes you and you get to make love with her while she enjoys it and treats you like a king.

Pic related is what half of you sound like.

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But cheese pizza is delicious, don't spoil that shit with some old pepperoni

red flag that she picked your birthday to bring all that down on you
also playing games late at night is for degenerates and degenerates need to be single, so pick your poison
also nice job at having this shit of communication established between each other

Because you all are poor larpers who never make good.

just apologize. i dont know what for but trigger the mutual apology, spent an hour talking/eating/chilling, then play your games.

I just live here bro, not from here
Come down the women are hot, the beers cold and the weather is nice (when it's not on fire)

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You should both unironically kill yourselves.

dude, you are a fucking man. you do what you want and if she doesn't like it she can leave. find a woman who doesn't complain about you being yourself, or be single

the shit men tolerate these days is astounding

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Sounds like you need to grow up

She just wants to control you, either bend her or get rid of her.
She clearly doesn't respect you, which makes it much easier for her to cheat.
I say you end it, ghost her ass.

She could watch you buy the gold too dipshit you are ficking retarded lie about what game you played too. Lmfao you have the stupidest brain. Also I'll never get married cause I'm not a brainlet

I got high and had an astral trip where if I didn't concentrate on maintaining my existence disappeared my atoms would disperse throughout the cosmos.

>It's my birthday
and not a fucking single one of you impolite nigger volks says


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Did you read the fucking post? This bitch doesn’t deserve any of that. She freaks out and has a tantrum when she loses even a shred of the control she has in the relationship. Doing kind things for her is probably the worst thing OP can do, he needs to tell her that he is going to do what he wants to do. It’s not like they had plans and he bailed to play a video game, she just wanted him to go to sleep instead of do what he wants to do. And on his fucking birthday. Honestly he should tell her to fuck off and come back when she is ready to accept who he is and what he likes to do. But he won’t because he is a pussy

>treat you like a king
Because a real king would go along with some power thirsty bitch trying to control every part of their life right? Relationships are about giving and taking, youre right about that. It’s not all about what OP wants, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for the relationship to be all about what she wants, and everything she says goes. You’re putting pussy on a pedestal while calling everyone else permavirgins the irony is astounding