It's time to login

It's time to login

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user's Guide to Enjoying an Andy Sixx Log Roll® The Original and the Best®

Step 1: Wrap your lips around Andy's puckered slop hole.
Step 2: Give Andy a couple of gentle sucks to let him know you're ready for your creamy treat.
Step 3: At this point inhale deeply, relax your jaw and open your throat.
Step 4: Allow Andy's fresh log to enter your fucking throat. Note: Andy's logs are sopping wet to allow easy sliding.
Step 5: Contract your throat muscles to work the dreamy turd down.
Step 6: Burp out excess steam.
Step 7: Beg Andy for another.
Repeat steps until completely clogged.

Congratulations! you are now living the dream.

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Lmfao, that one was in my to do list, kek!

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If I could suck a log of shit
Straight from Andy’s bum
Then I would plant upon my lips, his anus: oh what fun.

That I could do it with my mouth, to huff and suck and choke
All to have that creamy log slidding down my throat

Andy Sixx i beg of you, with your emo and gothicy might
That i may be the lucky one
To slurp your log tonight

Its time to log in... log, into my throte!

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the steam
the dream
corn filled logs of shit slidding down my throte....

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I'll shit in your mouth.

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Ohhh hell no! You need to go now, that is an outrageous suggestion.

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Just where do you think you are coming out with statements like that Bucko?!

fucking lost

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God bless you man.

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