Who is going to vote for the orange retard?

Who is going to vote for the orange retard?

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Uh. Pretty much everybody?
The vast majority of people like him a lot.

Depends on who he's running against.

I can see people voting him in if say Biden somehow runs against him.

I can see him losing against Sanders or Pete. Sanders is a populist who uses the "fuck the rich, we're taking the country back" vs trump's "fuck the brown people, we're taking the country back". Sanders is also much more serious than Trump but still likable unlike Hillary that had the appeal of your middle school principal

If trump runs against pete then I can see it being very close but my gut instinct tells me that somewhere along that race we will have some leaked "faggot" tapes of Trump mocking pete for being gay and that might be enough to lose trump the race.

Trump just barely won 2016. If you don't have a candidate that's the equivalent of subbing your second smallest toe on the wall at full stride like Hillary then he will likely not have enough votes. Remember that his "record high" approval is a record only to him. He's highly highly disliked as a whole.

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Me :-)

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His approval rating is pretty high and he has serious momentum as the Democrat party is imploding. Investigations into the origins of Russiagate, eric ciaramella, bidens and others are coming down the pipe, low voter turnout... Democrats are so fucked right now. They won't survive 4 more years of Trump.

I think it's hashtag in the bag. Bigger landslide than 2016.

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For the lulz

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yeah ill vote for him if he keeps giving out free stuff

it's already over. Bernie is the next pres

untrue statements.
you must watch fox.

2016 landslide...?
you mean how Trump lost by 6 million votes? yea, agreed...that was a landslide.


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How about the colossal dumbass Berine Sander?

Not being an american I can't vote for US presidency but he'd get my vote

Love from Switzerland (we most of us feel this way here)

Stop trying to interfere with our election. Propagandist.

Everyone who finds him preferable --or at least less obnoxious than-- the other retard, whoever that ends up being. But it will be an oafish retard... they all are.

Bigger question: when you gonna grow up and figure this out?

This idiot thinks the popular vote matters. It doesn't and never has.

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ghosts of dead republicans who want republicanism to die forever.

No wonder they are falling apart, they don't even understand how voting works.

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I know. I mean, if you did, you'd understand popular vote literally means nothing. Lol fag

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That's a really funny image OP user!
It looks just like that picture of SpongeBob!
Haha! :D

Sanders would decimate Trump, but the Democrats will never let him win the primary. Bootygag will be Hillary but worse. We’re not even two states in and the Bernie Bros already hate him more than Hillary (perhaps rightfully, perhaps not) and the gay thing will hurt him among among religious voters. There’s a reason they’re downplaying it in the media instead of propping him up as the potential first gay president. You can be black, you can be female, but there is something deeply uncomfortable about the notion of electing a married gay dude to a lot of people, though they won’t admit it in polite conversation. Muslims won’t vote for him, Latinos won’t vote for him, blacks won’t vote for him, and that’s a massive block of the democratic base. Plus he’s seen as a corporate shill on the progressive wing of the party. He’s got basically nothing going for him.

You dumb Nigger, your vote doesn't count during a presidential election, asshole

Me and at least half of the voters.

Gonna be a landslide if the Democrats keep fucking up.

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Hey dumbass,you do realize that your vote doesn't count during a presidential election.

If you did, then you wouldn’t be bitching about having more votes yet losing.

God,I hope this fucker gets murdered sooner or later

Do go on


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Aww... does some sjw have sand in his vagina?

I'm not even American,you giant faggot.
I just hate you and your system as a whole,your orange faggot is throwing the whole world in the shitter and you assholes are worshiping him as he does. Fuck you,fuck the Republicans and fuck the Democrats.

>I'm not even American,you giant faggot.

And you're the giant faggot in an American politics thread.
Go make a thread about your 3rd world shithole then KYS.

I know, you're Eurotrash, probably a pikey

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the base isn't everyone trumpkin

Nope, it's just Tenda, it's Always Tenda, a giant loser from the UK. Even his daddy dumped his sorry ass

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At least I ain't going bankrupt because medical bills or university. Faggot.

Last time in 08 we did okay in 2012 we did okay in however that the current presidency who was mad the Mad Hatter
Currently we need someone less rad

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definitely me.

dear burger bros, the republican primaries 4 years ago were so kino, sadly we won't see another trump BTFO jeb.

Shut up, libtard.

Sure libtard.

Still mad she lost, libtard?

Weak stuff, libtard.

Seethe, libtard.

Sure libtard.

Stay mad, libtard.

Still mad she lost, libtard?

Stay mad, libtard.

Sure libtard.

Winning and losing at the same time the philosophy I follow or create depending how you look at it. Again that's theoretical physics

Stay mad, libtard.

Seethe, libtard.

Sure libtard.

Can't squeeze blood from a stone, but try to comprehend that if you take out a voluntary loan, you have to pay it back.

Shut up, libtard.

You realize that he campaigned to win the electoral college, right? Hillary did NOT do this, which is why she lost.

Sure libtard.

>Trump lost by 6 million votes
What did he lose?

Well also she was a horrible, corrupt, sickly, evil candidate.

Democrats had 4 years to pick a good one, and they are screwing the pooch.

That's why Netherlands is ruling over USA of course. Now I'm talking about "most happiest countries of 2019" by United Nations. Check also the hitlists of Economic countries who is higher than USA. Democrats or Republicans I don't care. Aslong as our society not getting split apart by different opinions and that we can grab a beer together then in fine.

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I'm voting for trump and agree with that guy. Nothing he said is incorrect, Bernie would probably win. Hilary is a horrific candidate and is a huge reason trump won.

Hillary was either too lazy or medically unable to campaign in all those states.

Oh wait you want a President who is medically able and not lazy?

You some sort of bigot?

Sure libtard.

Still mad she lost, libtard?

No in Europe we have a pirate party. That's where my vote always goes to.

Point is that we don't need loans, because we don't live ina piece of shit country like the USA where public services cost so much that you have to take a loan out to use them.
Also your student debt is up in the trillion dollars. Your system sucks.

Let in more refugees, and you'll have something else to worry about, I'm sure your press and politicians will ignore the problem until they cannot, but it will be too late at that point.

It will be sad to watch Europe's continuing collapse.

>pirate party
geh mal arbeiten, du hurensohn.

Stay mad, libtard.

Shut up, libtard.

shut the fuck up,you giant cocksucking faggot.

Still mad she lost, libtard?

If you don't you're fucking retarded, he cut your taxes which equals keeping more of your earned money that is if you have a job and you're not a jobless cuck soyboy

I might. If the Dems nominate a liberal whackjob like Warren or Sanders, I surely will.

Everybody with an IQ above 60

I am-

Trillion dollars in secured loans, it'll get paid back or the loan takers get to live in misery for the rest of their lives.

That's that they agreed to.

I've been in a socialized medical system, and then got a real job with insurance, with real choices, and access to real doctors who gave a shit. I prefer the latter and don't mind working for it.

You can get free medical care in the US, it kinda sucks, but you get what you pay for.

All nationalizing US Medical care would do is apply that relatively shitty system to everyone in the country.

No thanks.

wow, good argument, I have nothing against such impeccable logic

You sound like him, a bad salesman.

i am

cry more bitch nigger. zog won't save you.

> he cut your taxes

I’m not a billionaire so no not really. It’s a half-truth. While taxes were on paper reduced, deductibles were also reduced, so in practice the middle class still pays the same

>voting to get paid more for working the same when you could vote for bernie and never have to work another day in your life and still earn more than you ever have

Sure libtard.

>are you eating now or taking to go?
she didn't like that,not one bit

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Seethe, libtard.

Which means that Democrats are worse salesmen?

Good argument.

Why do they keep losing?

Shut up, libtard.

Stay mad, libtard.

you really should go out of amerilard country for a change, you would see that it actually works in evey fucking other country in the world


>it'll get paid back or the loan takers get to live in misery for the rest of their lives.

Guess which one it's going to be?

>I prefer the latter and don't mind working for it.

Problem is,if the rich fuckers that own your country want more of everything for themselves,these "real doctors who give a shit" are going to be less and less affordable.

Sure libtard.

Still mad she lost, libtard?

exactly. Ameritards are fucking brainwashed.

spoken like a true fat magalard

Gods I hope not. That is all we need, a communist Jew. Nobody with an IQ above 60 will vote for him. I don't think there is enough morons and downies to get him over the top.

No thanks, I'm voting for Andrew Yang.

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Shut up, libtard.

Seethe, libtard.

Stay mad, libtard.

Now Donald...you know that's not true.

Still mad she lost, libtard?

weak and predictable

I didn't vote for Hillary

You're aware he had fewer votes in 2016. Right?

Stay mad, libtard.

Sure libtard.

Still mad she lost, libtard?

Seethe, libtard.

You assume I haven't?

Ever research the NHS or the Canadian system? Other European systems?

Only sunny side is that most countries have a parallel private system where you can pay for good care, or you can travel somewhere else to get it.

If the US went to a national health system, the same sort of private competing system would crop up, but in most cases employers who provide insurance would stop, and I would lose my good medical care, and have to use the shitty national health care, or pay out of pocket for competent medical care.

No thanks.

No, I hated her too. Trump has been a liar his entire life. He lied about how many floors his buildings had...he can't help himself.

We still have human hearts.
The holocaust have learned to be human.
We don't hate anymore.
Only unloved hate. The unloved and the unnatural.

Dont become a monster of those who are monsters.
Give chances to the once that deserve. Ban the ones who are not capable to live in our open society. Ur also welcome my friend in Europe. Or should we become independent and not letting amercians in because ur American

Seethe, you worthless NEET niggerlover.

> jew
> anti-establishment

too much fox news is bad for you fellow

uncle cletus taught you only 5 words?

Sure libtardd.

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Nah. Just fact-checking your claim. Which of course is an utterly pointless act here.

Shut up, libtard.

It was their choice to sign a loan that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. It has to be paid back.

How they do so it their problem, not mine. I paid my loan back. Do I get a refund on that?

Don't get yourself in trouble and then beg for a handout.

it's pretty obvious you haven't and are really 12.

Stay mad, libtard.

Shut up, libtard.

Stay mad, libtard.

Good strategy, keep recruiting other Democrats and make sure they vote for no one but Yang!

Good talk.

Shut up, libtard.

stay fat, magatard

I am taking that straight from the horse's mouth.

Sure libtard.

Still mad she lost, libtard?

Yeah he can't stop winning.

The Democrats should stop helping. They had 4 years to get their shit together, looks like they are going to need at least 8.

no but I'm still mad you fucked uncle Cletus's horse, you fat magalard

Take some weed bro. And let's vote for big money because Philippines also is dependent of the Dollar. So don't let them down

Stay mad, libtard.


Sure libtard.

You have no choice but to love, or be arrested.

Your women and children get the most "love", and if you point it out you are a "hater".

I would say wake up before it is too late, but it's too late. Stay in a coma.

You should only let Americans in if they are visiting, can support themselves, do no harm, and leave when they are supposed to.

Or if you need specific expertise and they have a sponsoring employer lined up.

That should apply to everyone else in the world.

I voted for him the last time and I am going to vote for him this time

Then at least I died with my DNA of who I am.

Did you know or politic preference mostly comes out or DNA?

Congrats on not mutating I guess? In the real world enough damage to change the overall DNA in a human is fatal. This isn't a video game.

>Did you know or politic preference mostly comes out or DNA?

That's pretty racist you know.

They do have their head up there asses. Mayor Pete may steal some religious nut jobs from Trump as long as they don't find out he's gay. Trump eon by 70k votes in 2016. No way he's gained any since then.

Does it not bother you that he thinks wind mills cause cancer and that the F35 is completely invisible? You don't say to yourself...this guy's is nuts?

Yo, él es un puto genio, gringos cabrones...

Arriba mi presidente, mierda!

Shut up, libtard.

He did not cut my taxes at all, he cut his taxes

Again,one trillion suely only came out of people being irresponsible and not a system that blows chunks.
Jesus,you people are dense.

Sure libtard.

Of course I am aware that there are fuckin much assholes living in that middle east. Their feed by hate in the education. Didn't got much love of their parents and society. Only thing that counts is "Allah" and his stupid book that knows better than everyone how to live.

I ans still against those people who are here for making abuse of our humanitarian system. For those assholes who have no empathy and hate. But for those who really are in need on a better life we are their only hope. If I was born in the wrong country then I would kill myself more if there is no hope. If everyone hates me because I am born in a wrong country or I would become a monster a hater. Or I kill myself of not suffering that crappy country I'm stuck in.

This thread: Retards proudly stating they plan to vote for a retard.

How much more money are you currently making?

Hell fucking no


If Pete turns out to be the final candidate (he won't) the entire world will know he is gay. Both side will make sure of that.

Not only will that lose the evangelicals (who are strongly behind Trump anyway) it also loses the minorities that the Democrats rely on for votes.

Democrats don't want to admit that.

Seethe, libtard.

I was talking to the smarter Trump guy.

Sure libtard.

Trump personally gave me $20 for my vote and I'm paid $500 a week to BTFO libtards online.

Did you sign a loan you didn't read/ comprehend?

Did they?

I took loans for college, I paid them back. I'm the dense one?

Hope your major wasn't Logic/ Philosophy... for many reasons.

Sure libtard.

Still mad she lost, libtard?

Those evangelicals are amazing. It's all about the judges for them. Trump has to be the least Christian president ever. Multiple divorces, cheating, he's probably paid for more abortions than planned parenthood.

Sure libtard.

Well you are sort of on the right path.

Be careful not to land in prison for Thought Crime.

Good luck!

Shut up, libtard.

You already hit me with that killer line.

Shut up, libtard.

Lol... this retard is hilarious. I will agree 100% that he will win a second term (probably). But “ The majority ” as you said didn’t vote for him last time and I bet similar results this fall. He may (probably) win the electoral college but I highly doubt he gets more than 52% of the actual vote, probably closer to 47-50 %

Shit some of us do it for shits and giggles.


Seethe, libtard.

Again, all the alternatives are unacceptable so trump it is. Maybe if the dems weren’t so blatantly incompetent and misguided they could produce a decent candidate.

Yea I am. Maybe I’m a callous bastard but I don’t give a fuck about illegal immigrants, gun control, or other liberal shenanigans and lies. If I have to vote trump to prevent these things from becoming reality, that’s who I’m gonna have to go with unfortunately, this buffoon trump. Really as simple as that. No one in life has ever “Changed my mind” that my values I was raised with should be tossed in the garbage and I should adopt some ideology I truly don’t understand.

Basically, I don’t like trump, but to keep conservatives values alive, I. Would vote for fucken Satan himself. Trumps almost a guaranteed win in 2020 now.

or just your own personal brand of autism

Everything he has done for Israel really helps with evangelicals (but oddly not with liberal Jews). I don't need a President who constantly pretends to be super religious, I don't trust people who do that.

Or maybe they had,you know, econcomic difficulties? Becasue people lose jobs,or have shit happen to them that makes them go broke?

Sure libtard.

I hope sooner

Sure libtard.

Seethe, libtard.

This is why he keeps winning.

He is bad but everyone else is worse.

4 more years.

Stay mad, libtard.

I cant wait to watched liberals lose thier minds for 4 more years. The Democrats are a party of fucking clowns amd lunatics.

literaly anynone wish a iq higher than 10, even niggers can. You better, or worse than a nig ?

I pray we have an atheist president someday. Trump doesn't know anything about be a conservative, he's the farthest thing from one.

The USA is a dead country then and its going to take the rest of the world with it. Good for you

Still mad she lost, libtard?

My thoughts are:
We shouldn't give refugees all the needs that they need. But we should let them learn how to make them work for their needs.

The only worthwhile reply, all of you deserve to be exiled from Cred Forums for responding to this thread.

all fields

Third time's the charm...I'm voting for Trump.

Sanders is fucked because no one wants socialism. It's hilarious how Democrats want free education but they also want their education to become worthless because you spend all that effort to get a job that pays 5% more than a McDonald's burger flipper. Capitalism rewards you for making more out of your life. Socialism punishes you for this because you spend a lot more time and effort for no reason. There's a reason why socialism fails every single time. Turns out people don't want to be things like doctors that are insanely stressful just to make like 30% more than a burger flipper.


Well without the guarantees they never would have gotten the loans, so they would be in the same situation but without a degree (assuming they got one).

There are no longer Debtor's prisons or work houses, they are just on the hook for the loan they took for the rest of their lives.

It was their choice, lesson one of being an adult.

Tell people not to take loans if you want to help them, or pick a few of these poor unfortunates, reach into your own pocket (not mine) and pay off their loan.

Or are you just looking for another handout for yourself?

Sure libtard.

Praying for Atheism.


I just filled my mail ballot and voted for Trump.
Cry Moar, you special snowflakes.

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Why would the USA take the rest of the world with it?

Do you mean the rest of the world are parasites which will die with the host?

Don't worry, the US isn't going anywhere. Keep an eye on the EU though.

Everyone who is serious!

DJT has accomplished more in a limited amount of time than any President in modern times. As a pragmatic businessman he gets things done and drives the political establishment absolutely crazy. Every citizen is better off than they were four years ago with the exception of a very small percentage of people, mostly those who don't want to work for one reason or another. He is good for the US and good for the world.

If Bernie runs, he has my vote. Anyone else, and I'll vote Trump.

Sure, outside of your country, and then let them in when they have the skills, and a company needs a worker for those skills, and will take responsibility for them.

Win/ Win

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He so cool...you fags voted for this idiot. You voted for him because he's a celebrity.

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Can you explain why? They arent similar candidates


Or he was the best choice considering who the Democrats ran.

One of those.

Rednecks and uneducated people

Get ready for 4 more years, crybaby cuck

He's an idiot and yet he literally outsmarts every single attempt to get him removed from office. He literally is incapable of losing no matter what you throw at him. Imagine calling him an idiot and yet repeatedly losing to an "idiot."

I didn't care for him at all, but Orange Man isn't all that bad.
I look forward to 5 more years.

Hillary was a cunt, but she knew the job. Picking Trump to be the leader of the free world is like going in for surgery and asking for the janitor to do it.

Then shred my Degree and get me a trucker hat!


He hasn't outsmarted anyone. The cuck Republicans also duck Russian dick, so they back him no matter what. They know he's retarded.

Turns out that janitor was a secret genius huh?

Or did you just wake up out of a 3 year coma?

If so, welcome to 2020, everything is AWESOME!

Bernie's the only one I really like. I like Yang too but let's be honest, he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell.
Other than that, I actively dislike all the candidates, but Trump's time in office hasn't harmed me none, and I agree with his stance on immigration. He's entertaining at least. Sure, he's corrupt as shit and has the worst fucking fanbase since MLP, but every other candidate is corrupt too. Every politician is, and they should all be drug out into the streets and disembowled for treason, but I digress.
That about sums up my take.

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She still is and you might be the dumbest motherfucker on this website for stating that she would’ve done anything close to the progress Donald has made. I’ll go as far as to say she would’ve actively sabotaged our economy and military.

I can only imagine Donald Duck screaming "MUH RUSSIA".

Thanks for the laugh!

phoneposter detected

Cool. One of them will win. I hope for trump because nothing bernie offers would actually help me. If it was 10 years younger it wpuld be a different story. I think bernie focuses too much on college kids though, who dont show up to vote

Trump inherited an economy on the rise. He's only lower unemployment by one point. Obama lowered it by 6 points.

Well don't be bundled up and sold to the DNC when Bernie bows out, that is my only advice.

You don't know what socialism is.

TFW, people would rather vote for an impeached POTUS than a damn deranged liberal democrat.

dis gonna be guud-

Sad Trombone

Fortunately no one wants to find out first hand.

Neither of them fucked shit up like bush and clinton so i think we can all be happy about that

Fuck yea I'm voting for the disrupted!

No one does, that's the problem

>he's impeached forever

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You say that because you're a fucking moron. Why would she actively try to sabotage the economy? What would be in it for her?

This is why everyone thinks Trump supporters are morons. When you say stupid shit like this

Buttigeg in a tight race for NH you say, you could also say, my ass is clenched with suspense. LOL LOL LOL LOL OMG ROFL. fuggg. fhugg my butthole daddy.

That's the only hope Bernie has (who is actually a Communist BTW).

You fags do this shit on a PC?


>you're acused of rape forever!!!
[Laughs in SCOTUS]

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Attached: you can tell hes mad.jpg (804x451, 128K)

You have to be at least 18 to post here.

I look for it to become a badge of honor. Especially campaigning.


voting is for the sheeple

t. euro chad

holy fuck funniest joke 2020 score point, sick joke b-rah. fhhhhyug in the dduggg.

Why would she sacrifice the economy and go against US interests?

Perhaps you should do a little bit of research on the Clinton Foundation.

Or call people names, one of those.

I’m sorry that facts make me a liberal.. Are you denying the results of the last election? Or predicting that there will be a landslide which is absolutely hilarious from a brainless trumptard. Stop believing everything you here on false Fox and bs Breitbart.

Hahahahaha I look forward to hearing your skyscreams, liberal. Trump is going to WIN BIGLY!

>Turns out that janitor was a secret genius huh?
With enough autism you can convince yourself of anything user.

Look around you.

I'm way older than you....and probably everyone else.

That's a very fair take. I agree on the college bit, you have a lot of young people that bitch about not getting what they want, but when it comes time to vote on anything, they don't go. It's asinine, and I say that as a 25 year old. I'm not even that old and I still see the stupidity of it.
Nah. I'm not fond of the democrats these days. I find my politics to be center-left, but the dems have gone retarded. They focus too much on identity politics and shit that really doesn't matter to the average citizen, or even shit that isn't a problem to begin with. You got most of the country that's one paycheck away from being homeless, yet all they want to do is bitch about trans bathrooms and how movie award ceremonies are too white. Pfft, get the fuck outta here.
It's either Bernie or Trump. Nobody else is worth a fuck.

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Give me one good reason why I shouldn't vote for him again.

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This is now a Bogdanoff thread.

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Jesus Christ. You forget that Trump and his family are not allowed to run a charity in NY anymore.

You forgot Soros, Rothschild, and Deep State.

Me. You got a problem with that? I didn't think so, queer.

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Then you should be old enough to know why posting on a computer is better.

What's it like typing with two thumbs?

You forgot Christmas!

Sorry my NPC file hasn't been updated, as good Democrat I don't know what to screech about this week until I am told. I may have to revert to MUH RUSSIA for a while until I receive further instructions.

I think the same people in charge of the Iowa Caucus are in charge of shipping out update NPC_2020.02.


Do you answer the call?

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Poor lad lost a brother, but he lives on in our hearts FOREVER!

President dumb fuck ass clown?

>You will NEVER look this good

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>President dumb fuck ass clown?

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Can I get a quick rundown?

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Stay mad snowflake

>won 2016
>won scotus
>won russia investigation
>won impeachment
>soon to win 2020

Either you are delusional or you're just stupid. Sanders would not decimate Trump. He's probably the safest bet for someone who actually might beat him, but at the same time he's waaaaay to left for most centrists.

If buttgig wasn't gay he'd clearly be the best choice, as is you're correct that he'd crash and burn, so there's really no point even trying him.

Best choice would be Yang, it's like buttgig but not gay, and with a few fun ideas.

Watch Sweden plummet on that list in the next decade.

Quick rundown on them:
>rothschilds bow to the Bogdanoffs
>in contact with aliens
>rumoured to possess psychic abilities
>control france with an iron first
>own castles and banks all over the world
>direct descendants of the ancient royal blood line
>will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Bogdangrad will be the first city)
>in the process of terraforming Pluto as their personal planet
>own basically every DNA editing research ability on Earth
>first designer babies will be Bogdanoff Babies
>both said to have 400+ IQ
>ancient Indian scriptures tell of two angels who will descend upon the Earth and will bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented technological progress with them
>These are the Bogdanoff twins
>They own Nanobot R&D labs around the world
>You likely have Bogdabots inside you right now
>Every child has the mark of the Bogd implanted in them at birth
>The Bogdanoffs are in regular communications with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, forwarding the word of God to the Orthodox Church
>Discovered the ark of the covenant
>They learned fluent French in under a week
>Zahi Hawass allows them full to the evidence of Atlantis within the pyramids
>Nation states entrust their gold reserves with the twins. There's no gold in Ft. Knox, only Ft. Bogdanoff
>The twins are 67 years old, from the space-time reference point of the base human
>In reality, they are timeless beings existing in all points of time and space from the big bang to the end of the universe
>They have been able to access the Akashic record since birth, and have spoken about what they saw while they were newborns
>The Bogdanoffs will guide humanity into a new age of wisdom, peace and love

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Buttgeg is so weird. He is a 38 year old gqy havared grad mayor. He isnt really qualified. Trump wasnt either in 2016, but now he has been the president for yeara.

>Vast majority

I’d love to know why someone would think this

>His approval rating is pretty high
>never broke 50% in peacetime with ok economy

>Well also she was a horrible, corrupt, sickly, evil candidate.
So you know literally nothing about Trump's past, his business ethics, or how he treats his family.

Mueller investigation can still be used to fuck trump once he isn't president anymore, so either he wins and delays it until he is actually senile after another 4 years, or he loses and it all comes down sooner. It's a win win for democrats, the precedent trump is setting is only gonna make things worse when the parties switch again


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>trump president for 8 years
>this is a win for democrats

Why do people hate Trump so much? Is it because the TV tells them to?

>when the parties switch again
And there goes your credibility.

It would be the second they put a president in office, Republicans will have zero integrity by that time any anything they complain about will get thrown back in their face with how they let trump dii whatever he wants.

It's been a cycle for decades, it would be even more embarrassing for the Republicans if he lost considering how easy it is to get reelected if you were already president

Sometimes I genuinely wondered what my purpose in life was. My place in the universe. Was anything worth it? Was all my hard work and study truly for naught? The largest star ever observed is the UY Scuti, with a radius roughly 1,700 times that of the sun in our Solar System. By comparison, the approximate mass of the Sun is 1.989 x 10^30 kilograms... yes, that's thirty zeroes. By further comparison, if you're a male of average height and reasonably-fit, the Sun is approximately 2.652 by ten to the twenty-eighth power larger than you are. Sometimes I would remember this and think, "We are all so utterly insignificant."

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We like trump doing what he wants. Its working. Its not an integrity issue, you were never voting R anyway.

You can't keep having hissy fits about orange man bad for another 5 years.


Seethe. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

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Yang is out, so line up and vote for the approved DNC Candidate.

You bought in after all.

Calm down Larry. Everybody knows you are smarter than you appear.

Which one is that? There’s so many Democrats running, but I can only remember Pocahontas, Sleepy Joe, and the homosexual guy. And Bernie.

Outsmarts !!! Blind spineless following the leader is not outsmarting any logical voter. Mitt Romney is the only decent Republican at this moment presently. Just imagine if John McCain was still alive. Trump would be gone

>Mitt Romney is the only decent Republican at this moment presently. Just imagine if John McCain was still alive.
This is b8 right?

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I do, she was worse.

You can't always vote for a candidate, but you can sure as hell vote AGAINST a candidate.

He's done really well despite massive interference. This time I am voting FOR him.

A lot of people feel the same, and since the Democrats self destructed, will keep the good times rolling by voting Trump.

Sorry for your lots.

Where'd you go, phoneposter?
Could your browser not handle keeping this thread open?

Me, because I'm rich and getting richer off of the stock market.

>Its working
With the biggest turnover rate in recent White House history?
Trump waking up deciding to do random shit, which throws off his staff, the pentagon, and the senate all the fucking time?
He's a lazy douchebag worse than Reagen in his complete disinterest and inability to be a responsible politician. Just as he was a scumbag real estate shark, he literally thinks he's perfect in every thought he has, and nothing can every contradict that narcissistic reality.

Pretty much, but it is not working so well anymore, especially on the ones who have to deal with real life and experience how much better everything is, and then watch TV/ go online and get told by "trusted sources" how awful everything is.

It's not working anymore.

he's a fat orange boomer but he is good at triggering the schizo-left... in the end he is just a protest vote

I'm a big fan of the high turnover rate. If he lives long enough, eventually I'll be in his cabinet. There's only a couple hundred million people in front of me.

Because he knows that she would have pushed the leftist socialist agenda, which always tanks the economy. Just look at history.

The economy, stupid. Also no new wars. These thinga actually matter. My 401k popping off matters. The annual raises ive gotten during the trump administration matter.

Yeah when I want Integrity I vote for the party of the Clintons and Bidens.

You are delusional.

>He's done really well
>Longest government shutdown in history over his inability to negotiate a budget deal
>UN literally laughs in his face
>nearly every major legislative push has failed or is tied up in court

3 years in and he hasn't gotten any actual shit done, starting with a universal majority of his party. This is from a long history of his career doing dumb impulsive shit then hiding behind his army of lawyers, and now he's abusing the system while whining at how everyone doesn't think the sunshine comes out of his ass.

There is or ever will be a President so malevolently selfish and useless as Donald Trump in our history.

Never broke 50% with constant media attacks, his % support is higher than Obama, bush, and Clinton at the same point in there presidencies. If he wasn't such a cunt and didn't get all of the negative press about him I'd bet he'd probably be at least 60%

>The economy, stupid.
What did he do?

> Also no new wars
While appointing Bolton and starting shit with Iran. Hero.

My day to day life and future got worse under Obama, it got better under Trump. I will vote for Trump again.

It is that simple.

Same here. I wrote Bernie in last time. I'm voting for Trump this time.

Tax cut retard. Youd have noticed if you have a job. Also no more aca mandate, another tax on the poor. But who cares, you only collect NEET BUX, poorfag
Bolton was fired like a year ago, satan

>his % support is higher than Obama, bush, and Clinton at the same point in there presidencies.
While never reaching any of they're peaks.
Obama walked in with 63%, Bush post 9/11 got up to the 90's, and IIRC Clinton was 75% to 80.
He's consistently shit, because as you acknowledge, he's a cunt that brings this on himself.

I think you mean ending shit with Iran?

Or did you want to keep bribing and cucking to them? Was that good policy?

I paid a 1000 dollar fine in 2015 for the luxary of not having health insurence. Fuck obama

Not even 10%. Repubs are done in government come next election, time to get some nice McDonalds jobs for you uneducated twats

>being this retarded
Why do we let you people breed? Seems like a simple fix, little snip snip and you're done barking like the mutts you are

So you admit there are jobs going looking for workers?

Republicans aren't going anywhere, except the ones moving into Democrat seats.

Impeachment was your grand idea, now you get to reap what you sowed.

Below* ftfy

Wages are up, employment is up mostly in small businesses too, immigration I'm general was cut by 70% illegal immigration is cut massively as well, help he got MEXICO to act as the wall curbing illegal immigration, sure he hasn't built any new wall but he's redone old wall, which has hilariously failed. My problems with him are his fucking mouth, him deregulating environmental protections (which is fucking over the environment but helping lower unemployment and to a lesser extent increase wages {the wage increases is mostly due to less competition due to less immigrants}), and his international conflict bullshit,bless than Obama but still far too much.

But your post is below dude

then you're an idiot, in the ancient greek sense. They had nothing but contempt for those only concerned for themselves.
>Tax cut retard.
Nope. Dead wrong.

>The National Association of Business Economics’ (NABE) quarterly business conditions poll published on Monday found that while some companies reported accelerating investments because of lower corporate taxes, 84 percent of respondents said they had not changed plans. That compares to 81 percent in the previous survey published in October.

The tax cuts were supposed to pay for themselves, and they flatly have not. We are deficit spending to give Goldman Sachs stock buybacks.
You'd know this if you actually studied the policy.

>Was that good policy?
Starting a steady rapport to keep a nation like them from getting nuclear weapons?
Yes, user.
That's a great fucking idea.
And Trump fucked it up for literally no reason other than it was Obama's legacy.

Lol move to Greece then, I hear it is a rationally run Paradise now.

Also everyone else is doing better as well, do you not pay attention to your fellow man?

If I want to help my fellow man, I will vote Trump, I will help myself at the same time, which is perfectly ethical.

Climb out of your barrel Diogenes. or keep fucking that dog. Either one.

not a single one of you can actually explain how Trump did anything to impact the economy.
What you see are the same exact trends that began with our recovery of the 2007 crash, because that's what the economy does after a recession, it grows.
Any President that won 2016 would have the same exact numbers doing nothing at all.

Yep, he's such a raging asshole that it's easy to hate him, so people end up hating him and losing all reason criticising him for everything he does good or bad.

Im not a company dumb fuck, my taxes were visibly cut. Get a job, idiot. Youre probably so fucking dumb youd think if got a smaller tax return youd think your taxes went up. Typical low iq democrat welfare voter. Did you even file? Did you even get a w2? Do you know how much taxes you pay a year? Do you understand that the standard decuction is now over 12 grand? Please remind me what the standard deduction was before. If i recall it waa 8k. No one itemizes now because the standard deduction is so high.

No he wouldn't because McSally who replaced him was is a Dem that voted guilty. Romney is nothing now but a RINO waiting to be replaced. All he did was destroy his career and insure his retirement.

Your jokes are lame and you're still an idiot.

>Overall, households headed by a high school graduate, a group on the front lines of Trump’s pledge to restore blue collar fortunes, lost $0.4 trillion in net worth during his time in office. Those households represent about a fourth of the total.

>and losing all reason criticising him
Then he needs to stop being an asshole who does stupid shit.
He won't, because he's a silver spoon fuccboi who's never heard no his entire life.