Hello Cred Forums aka my personal army (that's a joke)

hello Cred Forums aka my personal army (that's a joke)

It's been a while but I'm in need of some help

I'm really trying to find out what the brand of the frame of a bmx I baught is and all I have is this rusty logo to go off

Despite my best efforts and l33t internet abilities, I have had no luck

>pic related

thanks in advance

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hitler bike

> baught

You see that dotted red line under the words you spell? That means you spelled them wrong you absolute fucking retard. Too dumb to even do a little googling for your shitty question to answer it yourself. How do you function with such a tiny brain? Holy fuck

That's a Schwinn, you can lookup year by that logo also

> nypw
(I swapped Army for Wiki)

Thanks user,

do you know how I would easily go about finding the year by the logo? is their a reliable index you know of?

inb4 goooogllee hurr durr

it's not an easy thing to locate with a google search

show pic of the dropout. (where the rear axle goes)

Sorry for the poor quality

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i don't think that's a schwinn


When I google Huffy, I can't find anything that looks resembles the logo. They seem to usually use a 'H'.

That's an evolutionMX from 2012. My brother has the same one.. How much did you pay for it?

I’m being a fag, it looks like a mongoose actually like late 90’s?

See the red lines? It's a Redline.

I paid 130 gbp think it was an okayish deal but the frame is rusty.

And how do I confirm this? you wouldn't believe how awkward it is to google bmx logo and find something that you're looking for.

red lines?

BMX fag reporting in.

Why do you care? It's not any of the big companies, just ride it till if breaks and get a good frame.

Flip it upside down then see if there's a serial number on the crank

If you're lucky the bottom bracket tube on the bottom of the frame under the cranks might say something

Tbh the only reason I care is because I started the search and found it annoying that it was so difficult to find the answer when it should've been a 5 minute job. So curiosity more than anything. On the whole though you're right, it doesn't really matter.

unfortunately not with the bike atm but I'm doubtful given how rusty it is

Like I said it's not any of the big companies, and if it is it's just a complete bike and not custom frame or anything, so it's nothing to write home about.

The frame is modern and has modern geometry and design so it's not like it's no good, don't worry about what it is and just ride it man.

Although if you start doing anything big I wouldn't trust a rusty frame

Yeah that's fair play point taken.

I'll be honest in that I've told a white lie and I've actually already sold the bike to a friend and he's wanting to know so it's more for his benefit but the point still applies.

I would still like to know out of pure curiosity.