What are some dead giveaways that a woman is trash?

What are some dead giveaways that a woman is trash?

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I see three in this photo off the top of my head

cool thread OP really glad you made it. did you expect a bunch of newfags to scream moar and have a big homosexual circlejerk talking about your genitals?

OP if you're not a bot name a fruit

voted for hillary

dyed hair


those are the big ones

she is a woman
that's all I need to know

>Brown skin
>Facial piercings
>Generic tattoos
>Wears the latest fashion trends
>Applies makeup daily

no, in fact you completely caught me off guard with your post lol

literally everyone has tattoos.

You want a bitch who dresses in outdated, drab shit and doesn't want to put on makeup to look nice for you? What an incel.

I said generic tattoos. Like tramp stamps and shit. And there's a difference between being a fashion follower and a Soviet peasant. Just wear what's comfortable.
I want a woman who doesn't feel she has to slather her face with paint to go out in public. Make-up is fucking evil, mate.
Why did you take everything I said and make it the extreme? You should take a break from the internet, friend.

you didn't name a fruit

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>Make-up is fucking evil, mate
No woman will ever agree with you on this I hope you realize so unless you wanna chug cock for the rest of your days I'd change my tune if i were you

lol omg found the incel xDDD

you literally couldn't try harder to sound like someone who has never actually had a girlfriend. Most girls don't "slather themselves" with paint faggot. They just want to look nice. Soviet peasant? Man even your references make you sound like a neckbeard to the max. Enjoy chugging Pepsi on your Friday night, lonesome boy

Do you honestly not realize that women exist who only wear makeup on special occasions?

yes...OP should name a fruit other than himself

yeah there are also women that don't wear deodorant or shave their legs too


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The first and foremost is that the chick associates with niggers, that should be obvious.
The second is she doesn't know who her "baby daddies" are, but then goes back to the first.
The third, she can't hold a job for more than two weeks.
The shit goes on and on.

... Fourth you woudln't trust her alone in your home for more than five minutes.

If she has a vagina

Is she breathing?
Well, there's your sign.

Came here to post this
Based and virginpilled
Also a valid answer

okay you enjoy that unwashed troll clunge mate. I'll tolerate a little face painting for a woman that actually takes care of herself

If they use Facebook.

If her lips are moving, then you know she's spouting lies!

Trashy tats, not all girls with tats are trashy, not at all, but trashy tats are a dead giveaway.


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You're a fucking moron. I didn't say I would date them. I was asking why the fuck you brought them up. Stop thinking everything is the extreme.

too soon

I understand that you've never had a girlfriend or a lawyer. You'll learn.

but this is /b, we're not on some NASA rocket science forum here on a Friday night

Well you damn twitter kids are pissing me off. Get off my lawn.

the inceldom here is exploding..

massive credit card debt.

>having a preference (not being attracted to a beaner or nigger)
>not enjoying shitty tattoos
>wanting a normal human being that doesn't have face piercings
>not wanting some baggy jeaned psuedo nigger
>wanting someone who doesn't have to wear makeup

basically inceldom

having a preference is inceldom?
i'm not asking for the moon here buddy

fake tits/fake ass, probably

says u

okay buddy
sure thing

i hope you die
i h8 you

Wanna know how I know you're a virgin?

If she votes Republican

>Uses social media excessively
>Uses social media to flaunt themselves and their lifestyle
>Had a popular tattoo

Anything that shows she places value the perception of others and bases her life on that
This applies to men and women equally

Sounds pretty bot-like if he cant name a fruit

following the kylie/kardashian and instagram thot style in general

Fuck off