CREPESHOT / candy thread...looking for more of this chick

CREPESHOT / candy thread...looking for more of this chick..
found this but nothing else
xhamster com/videos/candid-hot-teen-stretching-her-ass-in-front-of-class-vpl-13567132

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What are some good ways to take pics/vids like this without getting caught

idk dude, this guy must be a damn magician

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Be bold . people won't second guess

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They're so light


terrible lighting :(

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Amazing, please post the rest.

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Dear fucking lord

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this one, i like

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Don't be ugly and look like you're some fucking beta.

Don't lack confidence. Look people dead in the eyes until they look away if they're looking your direction. The minute you show fear is the minute they will suspect something.

Also remember to open your eyes really wide and look with vigor!
>yes I am looking at you, not recording your ass.

Not a creepshot though, she obviously took the pic herself.

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is this steph?

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>posting the same image literally every day

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Gates of heaven

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time to rev up the ho-motor

dat camel toe

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She's nice all of it

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Please say there is more

ttok these while my mom was asleep

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More nudes!

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cute titties

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is that all you have?

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what a fuckin chad

Plenty more. Her name is Sara lives in Florida

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how does one see them?

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Those pants might as well be body paint.


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Hell if I know just guessing

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there we go. downblouses are the best

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k*r*mi ?

She's amazing... any more?!

no name

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what kind of retard doesnt have a name

You may want to go ahead and let her know everyone on Cred Forums wants to fuck her.


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careful who you call retard, hombre

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what? are you retarded too

great shot. love the little hairs silhouetted in the sun

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Does it start with an E?

Nope sorry

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All good, you have any more? She’s got a nice ass

you could have just said yes, youre retarded too
fuckin retard

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I do, none are creepshots though

Fuck she is so hot! Ass is literally perfect!! Any nude?

Any you’d be willing to share anyways...?

No "crepeshots". My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

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Got kik?

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more of her?

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Keep going shes amazing

agreed need to see more

Post more

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damn more!

that's the only one before she noticed and tried to cover her chest. rip.

any others? I wish I could score shots that good!


these are not oc, ofc

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Belt clip. I get tons like this.

very hot!!

Gotta be tall for wins

or short

yeah, if you're taking creeps you're apparently not worried about actually getting any in the first place so a belt clip makes sense

Very short

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Pleeeeeaase user


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What the fuck is she doing

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Im gonna need moar of this chubby goddess

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