Give an ugly man a reason not to kys

Give an ugly man a reason not to kys

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because you're really beautiful deep inside

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you don't have a good reason also how old are you

I wouldn't say that youre ugly

Bro you'd look super fucking awesome if you got jacked. Im telling you... If you walked into a room looking jacked id respect you. Trust me. Get jacked and then come back with this mentality.

get a hair transplant
or go bulking
or don't give a fuck
or be 2m tall

whatever why do you want to do it?

Your not ugly, you actually look really sweet

7/10 go get buff

Okay but say people have low self esteem and a lot of people are unnattrac can you give me some advice pls

Your face kinds looks like Ethan

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Cuz it's the only life you have. Plenty of people have fucked up lives that felt like nothing mattered. They've been at the edge and somehow pulled through only to find good things later.

Yeah it sucks but fuck it's better to simply live life Nihilisticaly than check out early. Besides, the world is getting worse and we live in an era that is a huge clusterfuck. What good would leaving before the season finale be?

Just saying KYSing sucks.

Not ugly.

Nah dude, you're an alright Guy...le

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21 bruh

You aren't even that ugly; but get rid of those curtains will ya

grow your hair out
just cause you have widows peak, doesn't mean you have to buzz it
t. former buzzer with widows peak

Well for one you are medium ugly. Like me. I have a large breasted wife who makes good money. I hang out with my kids and play Vidya all day

this man, you would look awesome buff plus baldness is a sign of high testosterone so it probably would not be that hard for you

As other people said, go to the gym. Also, eat chewy foods like carrots. This will help strengthen your jaw muscle and define your jawline.

man, if thats actually you then start working on your insecurities. you havent seen ugly dude yet.

Get buff, slay pussy, profit

Presented without Comment

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You look like a wee bit. No man in this thread

Look fine brah. Quit being a pussy. The reason you ain’t getting laid isn’t cause of your looks; it’s because of your attitude. Girls don’t want a man they constantly have to reassure they’re attracted to. Act like you don’t even think about your looks and it won’t be an issue.

You'll miss out on funposting about the election.

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Not a fag but you're not ugly. Gym and get redpilled if you're not already. You remind me of guy on left. We love brother.

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Suicide leads to eternity in hellfire

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dude ur not ugly at all

True. And according to the book sex after dawn they all fuck eachother's wives

Not ugly


Cool hair my dude

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get a better hairstyle and go to the gym. and don't get creepy with the ladys.

Thanks bro looking good

you gotta learn how to spit game and get buff and i gurantee you gone have the hoes

You could use your ugliness to make the lifes of people you dislike worse?
If you die, the beautyfull people win. So you accept and make them win?

no homo, but I don't think you're ugly. Besides, if you can work and earn a check EVEN a ugly guy can get a chick (if you want one , that is)

Cute! Can I see your dick

Fuck you, degenerate.
Post feet

she's sexy

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Grow your hair in a bit while you still can
Or kys, I don't care

Post your pic, chink.

You're white.

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>actual wg
It's because of a multitude of factors caused by the same social and political order that is committing genocide through mass immigration and promotion of miscegenation.
>I trip you
>you fall
>I claim your tripped all by yourself
100% jewish/leftist

How tall?