How fast would pokimane's used socks sell?

how fast would pokimane's used socks sell?

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0.3 seconds

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Top donutter: $355

I don't have a foot fetish but I fap to her feet sometimes. They're pretty AF.

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Pokimane is only beautiful when she is a clown.

When women put makeup, it's pretty reasonable that their skin stops breathing, stops having contact with the atmosphere and become albino buttHole


Fastest if they're after a workout session

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she hates people talking about her feet

Sure likes to show them off though

it would be hot if she loses a bet and actually has to sell a pair of post-workout socks

more pls

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what was the context for this?

gibs me money

Better do an auction and see the price they reach. that'd be interesting...

if there's only one pair it would probably reach hundreds

Anyone wanna buy my socks ?

She gets hundreds sometimes for simple donations, I think thousands would be more accurate.

why would someone pay thousands for poki's used socks

People are weird

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no love for her pits?

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ew thats where i draw the line

Man she is perfect in literally every way


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I’d love to suck her toes

even if they were sweaty?

I don't really watch these twitch thots but I see poki's name pop up more often than others. What's so special about her?

• Thicc
• Pretty
• 10/10 feet

Depends on how quickly you can locate a person mentally ill enough to actually want to buy them.

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if you fap to her feet then you have a foot fetish lmao

Is this real?
Dude this is brutal I'd be pissed if I found out my wife was just pretending to be hot

>doesn't know all female streamers are caked in makeup

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cute little thot.

Philip DeFranco my man!

This bitch always caked up.

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>tfw it's worse than you thought

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