Decide to take a break from reddit to see what my right-wing hombres are up to today

>Decide to take a break from reddit to see what my right-wing hombres are up to today

>visit Cred Forums

>filled with dicks and cartoon CP

I mean, I guess that makes sense.

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Looking at dicks and cartoon CP has never really been my thing, but I can understand why right-wingers would feel right at home here.

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Such bait

Calling it bait doesn't change the fact that you knowingly and intentionally visit a site where you regularly look at dicks and cartoon CP.

>mentions reddit and cp on Cred Forums
the bait is strong with this nigga

It can be bait, but that doesn't change the fact that what I said is true. See

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Didn't you intentionally visit that site as well?
>further confirmation of bait

>Didn't you intentionally visit that site as well?

How was I supposed to know that right-wingers have a fetish for cocks and cartoon CP until after I visited?


Again, it can be bait. That doesn't negate anything I said.

Sry to ruin your fantasy little sunshine, but if you really want the reaction you are looking for you should try harder. Too obvious of a bait. Also repeating the same thing like a broken record doesn't make your point more valid

This being bate does not negate the truth of what I said. A quick glance at the catalog makes it pretty obvious that right-wingers love the cock and cartoon CP.

>but bait tho

Is that all you idiots can say to defend yourselves?

>originally said to see what they are up to today, implying they have visiting before
your bait has fallen apart so much i'm not gonna waste my time anymore

It has something to do with the undervalued notion of free speech. Dont bother posting more bait since i wont waste my tume further arguing with a wall anymore. See ya in hell

8 the b8

>I love websites that make it impossible for me to go about my day without looking at dozens of cocks and naked cartoon children.

Cool story. Maybe one day you can tell your grand children. Oh wait... You'd have to convince a woman to have sex with you for that.

You mistook /b for /pol

Obvious bait is obvious

Also reddit fag alert , hasn't been here long enough to point out how this site is inundated with trap threads

The right wing mostly hang out in Cred Forums these days though. Look at the amount of bernie support here, Cred Forums has swung back to the left. And of course there are centrists like myself.

>reddit fag alert

Your reading comprehension must really be shit. I literally stated that I came from Reddit in the OP.

> hasn't been here long enough to point out how this site is inundated with trap threads

Is there something about "filled with dicks" that you don't understand?

>Look at the amount of bernie support here

I see more right-wing threads and right-wing resopnses than left-wing by far.

> "filled with dicks "

Traps dont have dicks

I'll take your word for it.

>thinking Cred Forums is the only board

I got dis ability to get that dough

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every single redditor should be put on wooden ships and sent to Africa along with all the niggers. fuck that pseudo virtuous cesspool and psuedo intellect who uses it. they live in a fucking fantasy consisting of upboats, faggot good guy karma and stranger gold. fuck reddit & fuck you OP. faggot.

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The president doesn't dictate minimum wage. The states do, retard.

Imagine being so retarded that you can't figure out how tax brackets work. Even if what you just posted is true, that would only result in the income above $29k getting taxed at that rate. The first $29k would still be taxed at the lower income bracket rate. Fucking retard.

>Even if what you just posted is true
It isn't. He's just another brainwashed idiot spreading lies without basic fact checking. Bernie's tax plan is right here and the 52% tax bracket is for people making over 10mil per year:

Actually, under Bernie's tax plan, you'd have to be making more than $250k for your tax rates to change at all. Are you intentionally spreading lies or are you simply too stupid to get your information from the source?

Probably intentionally, trying to swing people who are too lazy to factcheck.

A whopping 20 cents per post
>U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders' health care plan proposes to raise the tax rate to 52% on incomes over $29,000.