New to Cred Forums wtf am i doing?

New to Cred Forums wtf am i doing?

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You should leave.

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Leave while u can

welcome to the porn board

This board is owned by trannies

You should leave while you still can.

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Ruining your life.
Leave while you can.

A bad life decision

in a few months your into lolis and traps. kek

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its already too late for you man, welcome to hell, remember you are here forever

This is what happens to people's psyches after an extended stay. I swear this website has some sort of scp style noncorporeal reality destroying effect that causes people to lose grip on reality. LEAVE WHILE YOU STILL CAN, you might still be able to live a normal life.

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Lurk more faggot.

hey newfriend be serious, what do you think of my dog, I rescued him the other day

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You came here either by chance or because you've heard of Cred Forums's infamous reputation. Right now you are a normal person and will react to things like gore, doxing and jailbait in a socially appropriate way. In one months time you will nuke your hard drive if you so much as hear footsteps approaching your general vicinity.

he cute

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Damn chinese, you know what, I think covid 19 is just karma for all the dogs that were senselessly tortured.

Starting in the right place. What made you come here?

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Chinese are the niggers of asia, i read somewhere they legit think torturing and boiling dogs alive gives them better taste because of the adrenaline relased

Great question faggot.
Wtf are you doing??
I came here 5 years ago out of curiosity a normal functioning member of society.
Im now divorced, perverted,alone, i stopped showering ,i stopped working, i don't talk to my parents anymore,im on several government watch lists and the FBI regularly parks outside my house
Wtf are you doing !!??!!??

Making the best worst decision of your life.

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this is the truth we are trying to help you get out of here

kill yourself you stupid nigger, get the fuck out of here edgy zoomer piece of shit

Jesus i didn’t expect this to be that bad. this is OP

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Back to r/chan you go redditfag

Try and find boards you actually like. Cred Forums is filled with normal fags

Ehy you larping , faggot?

These guys know what they are talking about. No point in visiting this sight because it does do things. You think your in a cool club for cool and edgy people and then your in too deep. Don’t stay for your own sake.

y’all acting like i’m a complete pussy lmao, okay retards. except for the people that aren’t being dumbasses. a big thanks to those people

I had the same attitude.

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fellow noob, i think your number 1 should be to NOT make an autistic post telling everyone you’re new.

If you can handle free speech and anything considered 'not completely illegal' watch from the shadows for a while but fuck me, this place strips away the mask that society wears real fucken fast.

What the other anons say is true. We have gore threads, animal abuse, loli, trap, people get killed and gassed fairly commonly. You won't come out of this unharmed.

We do cool stuff too. Treasure hunts, we bombed Isis once or twice, we find facts that are hidden like predicting Epstein's"suicide" and the real death toll of Corona virus.

Tread with caution noob.

so now what

You are. Go back to r3ddit or whatever edgy forum you came from, we dont want you here, fuck you

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your not the Cred Forumsoss

lurk, and don’t come too often. i generally keep it to two or three times a week and have for a few months. its an entertaining place but you certainly don’t want to get addicted.

What the fuck did i just watch

I was like you user once now I'm stuck here cursed to roam these boards for eternity as punishment for my sins run and dont turn back

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man shoved silicone into his coke and stuck an earthworm into his urethra. He also somehow got fishing line imbedded into his penis. seems very painful, and he probably get off to it because he was abused as a child.