Be completely honest: at what age did you fully come to understand that homosexuality and transgenderism are severe...

Be completely honest: at what age did you fully come to understand that homosexuality and transgenderism are severe mental diseases?

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about the same time i learned that water is wet

>homosexuality and transgenderism
They have nothing to do with eachother

what the fuck of course they are related to each other

I mean homosexuality is just attraction. So whatever.

Trans think they’re something they aren’t, that’s mental illness.

Does anyone have that article about “trans” people taking an excess of some medicine and no longer feeling any dysphoria? It was a study done in like the 70s I thought.

Is it mentally ill to want to make them choke on my dick?

Are you retarded?
Liking dudes is one thing. I like choking my gf, I like heavy metal, I like big rare steaks. We all like different things, and that's okay.

Thinking that you are a bird when clearly you are not is a completely different matter. Hearing voices in your head, thinking everyone is out to get you, or wanting to cut off your dick are symptoms of mental illness.

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They are not mental diseases.

Stop finding medical excuses for these degenerates.

I’d say it’s just a non functioning mind. It’s like a spiritual condition. Calling it a mental illness almost implies that it can be treated, like cured via medicine.

sex is a sin technicaly, so if your dick gets hard while you look at other dicks doesnt mean you are a sinner, stuffing that cock in someones ass does

oh tell me about when your family member was born evil then
we can do this all day

i once kicked the shit out of a transgender guy, he kept saying its what I am and you should accept it because he cant control it, 28 beers later he said it one too many times and I told him I am a violent psychopath and that he should accept it because I cant stop it.

while I did go to prison over I still smile every time I think about it. He almost died, I m only glad he didn't because I would have gotten life instead of 30 years.

Its funny now that its so mainstream. this was back in the 80's

oh yeah he is in a wheel chair,now because of it, what a fucking idiot.

Winter child

When I finished school.

I was too busy with friends and school work to pay attention to it, just went along with the general opinion. Then once that all slowed down and started seeing more of it I realized how mentally fucked up most are.

We can make big long arguments but for me it's simple, transgender people are mentally ill. I don't think liking the same gender is an illness but what these transgender sand their supporters are doing is just seeing who can piss the highest and whoever can be the most mentally unstable.

It's a mental illness if people say it is. But aside from convention, it is not anything, just like everything else.

The issue is consciousness is waking up and feeling trapped and limited, it wants to choose what it wants to be, kind of like a real life role playing game. One day we'll have the choice to be anything we want.

>I like heavy metal
Opinion discarded.

College so like 19 or 20. I'm 28 so I was like the test dummy generation for force feeding trans rights

wow I was gonna say something about the transphobia here but you still think its weird to be gay? you okay bro?

you trolling?

Biology 101

Don't show me this rape apologist's face.

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>that's the moment jesus says no.

So you're free to suck all the cock you want then.

You seem like just as much of a faggot

The same age I read about the mouse utopia experiment.

The LGBT isn’t a disease, it’s a major symptom of an even worse disease.

Tranny shit is a mental illness only enabled by the modern era. If you think otherwise, how were your ancestors able to go through life for over 6000 years without cutting their dicks off?

Any that did, died pretty fucking quickly. This wouldn't even be an survivable option until the modern medicine of the 50 years enabled it to be.

Check and mate tranny fags.

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When I realised I could think

Water isn’t wet you ignorant hydrophobe.

I've always known that trannies are just more severely retarded faggots.

They're not diseases!
DNA is constantly mutating in new directions. People die, others want other people to kill themselves. A woman isn't a woman without three disgusting holes.

A holes a hole, prove me wrong

do yall actually believe this shit or everyone trolling lol sometimes these threads are so stupid I can't tell if you all just want to look tough for clout you can't cash in or what. like just jerk off and go outside lmao

A hole's a hole
A pole is a pole



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you didn't mention bisexuality...! guess i'm off the hook.

Eat your cyanide pills

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I think it's mostly just for attention and to be treated as if they're special. A girl I grew up with that me and my friends took turns fucking for years (she would literally do anything for attention and did whatever we asked even for fat ugly friends) she is now a "man" and dating 2 straight guys pretending to be gay it's a trend to be transgender now I think most trans people don't actually believe they're trans and just want attention and to be treated like they're special the ones that really think they're another gender have schizophrenia

Bisexual guys are even worse than faggots

I just love how Blaire White is able to shit all over Riley.

Age 150


I cant believe you called the transgender person of this story a faggot.

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Humans are the product of billions of years of evolutionary pressure to successfully reproduce. There is zero evolutionary pressure to become homosexual. This is why you don't see non-human animals becoming life long faggots in any species where the species norm is to use sex to reproduce.

Liking pussy and titties after not having thought about or making a choice is a normal product of evolutionary pressure. Deciding that you prefer to get used like a fleshlight by big black cock instead of having real sex with a pussy, after having spent some time actually thinking it over, is a completely different thing.

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but what if you're fucking this hole, and the dude turns around to look at you and you see this massive twitching adams apple, and the faint grey under their skin from facial hair, and the smell of semen but you haven't jizzed yet, and then they say in a deep ass fucking voice, "oh yeah baby keep fucking my hole" what then?

pick a hole

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any port in a storm

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>if you want anything other than this you're a pedo


When it became public knowledge, so like a few years ago.

If something isn't wet it's dry and it isn't dry so...

any foxhole when the bullets fly

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Homosexuality is a bit more complicated since it's not in itself physically harmful. But the trans business----absolutely it's a mental illness.

This. The teenagers won't remember but it wasn't too long ago that the 'G's' in LGBT didn't like the 'T's' very much and didn't think it should be included in the "movement."

my dicks so big I can only fuck old tractor tires.

About the same day I left the womb.

I remember. It was done in the 90's. Like '96 I think is when the study stopped. It was amazing. I don't have a link though.


One is a sexual preference, most faggots would be fine with a butch woman, but they settle for men because butch women are hard to find.

The other is a dysmorphic mental disorder akin to anorexia

If homosexuality is a choice, then why don't straight people prove it by choosing it and then switching back? Go on, suck my dick. Then decide not to do it anymore.

>being trans is totally normal and you are born that way
>takes estrogen pills
>got abused by parents
>wants doctors to artifically changes their genital
>has much higher suicide rate than chinese workers