Bernie supporters... just how stupid are you?

Bernie supporters... just how stupid are you?

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How stupid are you? That 52% is complete fake news.

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Bruh people pay taxes on their current 7.20/hr wage you idiot

OP is a faggot

at the end of the year they receive a refund that typically makes their taxes more or less a wash

Bloomberg 2020

These commies wont pay you to suck your own dick, but bloomberg will pay you to go fuck yourself

you don't pay the max rate (52% in this case) on the entire income. OP is braindead and has never had a job in his life.

He also plans to increase aid to Israel by over 400%

Typically, more or less? Could you be more vague?

it's not a return it's a refund on the overage you paid. basically you gave the government a interest free loan. and get some of it paid back.

Oh look someone who doesn't understand the tax system is nuanced and a lot of factors are involved. Fuck off. Kill yourself. Drink bleach. etc etc etc

That’s really not that vague for anyone who graduated middle school.

Fuck off redditnigger

The overage also includes your personal deduction and tax credits. What they pay varies on what they claim.

Bernie, yes jews tend to help other jews...

It’s only 52% for earnings over 10 mil. You’re brain dead as well apparently.

>daily reminder cucks

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And it's all we have for options. Surely this is coincidence, oy vey! Time for civil war schlomo!

>I've never paid taxes!

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How much did daddy bloomberg pay you?

After tax disposable income would be $28,350


It's amusing to watch you all argue over which Leftist gets to lose to Trump. None of these hacks has reclaimed the moderates. You can shriek in partisan faggotry all day if you like, but you have no idea how alone you are in remotely giving a fuck. Bernie lost everyone in 2016. he won't reclaim enough with his embrace of the Intersectionalist Cult and neocommunist bullshit. Bloomberg is an Oligarch, and everyone can see it. This is already over. I will be sipping a scotch and listening to you all howl In november.

Lmao, I make $50k and only get $28k disposable right now!

until a president forces the irs to take your return every year because you can't afford healthcare. racking up $600 penalties a year for 3 years

what is this retarded shit, it wouldn't be against the constitution if it was passed into law as congress has the right to appropriate taxes as they decide fit
also this is just an opinion argument, you could make this argument about literally anything else like "safe drivable streets is not a public right" or "a functioning police department is not a public right"

>being mad about someone working all 52 weeks of the year and only making 31k

you already get taxed for healthcare, a mandatory deduction from your paycheck for your employer health plan (if youre even lucky enough to have one) is a tax, just to a private corp and not the govt

even then the insurance company is going to do everything they can to deny coverage even after you pay premiums, copays, and deductibles

think before you vote, indeed

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