NEW KIK THREAD. Expose wins, ask for whatever, you know the drill

NEW KIK THREAD. Expose wins, ask for whatever, you know the drill

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I'm drunk and want someone to rape a girl I know I'll pay

Cenryhavil on Kik

Jerking and need some inspiration. Help me out anons. Can you show me your girl?

I want to rate and degrade the women you love. Janon9860

Just a sissy trap attention whore looking to see some big cock and possibly a sugar daddy haha

Looking for collectors to save/share pics of girls I know on kik. Also down to talk about what we'd do to them

kik andilovelisasomuch

I wanna share sluts to see if anyone knows them.


Let's see the best zoo/beast out there

Send me cute female asses

Send females to topkek_user
wwyd and rate, maybe trib

Bull here send me your wife or girlfriends pics or surprise me with anything message me on Kik at winawins

How about dicks for you?

Wife or gf mrhappy.666


Bored. Into everything and everyone.


Bbc bull looking to jerk it to your bitch of choice. Will tell you what i would do to her.

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Needing some tribs done. Message me.

Kik: mjonesxx55

Kik BriefGuyW

Open to kiking with guys about anything

total slut

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Drinking coffee what y’all got to trade?

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i just want dick pics -mimilaur

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Bi M 21
Down to talk dirty or whatever, or just see your cock

share hot vids


Hottest girl on here, full gallery of her slutty pics and nudes

You’re welcome

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Share your girls, rate, especially preggo.

Or sissy

No one cares about this stupid coke whore. She's a cunt on Kik anyway.

im not signing up for imgur

trading cp sclasts99


No limits

Looking to chat/trade with 831 or Bay Area anons. Drop your kiks!

Kik Quadz8811 if you wanna trade verified girls. I have Nick the cuck under my thumb. I tell him to send, and he does. Like this one. Perfect, right?

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Rfreiz sharing wins with info

Kik jodelkille12

Will trib your girl and send it directly to her

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kik rodrickforrester or wickr rodrickf, into incest

Cuck me
Looking for big cocks

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into incest and teens

I love to Photoshop pussies and make them used and loose kik shookszero

jazminesweets big titted Asian slut that cheated on me

tight ex

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Will share ex


Send me your teen gf, ex, sister, daughter. No limits


She is not interested
99% sure she didn’t post this

Danny321jones bi curious

Wow good job Sherlock, you broke the case of fake identity on the internet. Scotland Yard will never be the same again

Send anything you want younger the better pizza welcome Chris.daddy420


Trades, wwyd, pics you shouldn’t share/stole/have, live creeps


Takingahole message for my 20 yo gf


Looking for someone to send a dick pic to a girl ik and prove they sent it

Kik ecoll329 wanna see teens and your wives, cousins, aunts, sisters. etc.

trading teens eduardotrek

Let's see her

Kik: lil_spongecake
Sissy slut here looking to serve
19 M LA

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Give me her kik

please shame this whore from my class


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Looking for people to share my wife w their friends/group chats kik:bmbmcck

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hmu @the_dude_dude


If you want more of her!

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Dom black bull with huge BBC looking for cucks to summit their gf, wife or daughter to a superior man like me.

Kik : Kink_BlackBull

Kik me ...rustyshackleford don't leave out the dots

Bigfoot790 is my kik. Cheese? Ex girlfriends? Kik me faggots

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trading videos eduardotrek

Doesn’t exsist

WesternBlaze I feel like showing my cock

19 M looking to cum
Traps, nudes, petite women
>In the military if anyone's got a fetish for that

Kik ecoll329 wanna see teens and the sexy women in your family

L or R Kik me pfatz11

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trading cp

kik me dee_bee100

Let’s trade pics of our wives. Talk dirty about them. Share them. And jerk off and cum to them together.

Kik: JamesL295

Showing off my unaware chubby gf. No bi/gay. US only. Kik: riksan13

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sharing some non nude pics of girls i know



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Try to make me cum
Kik: monostoy

Will do loyalty tests or chat with girls you know.

Kik: drippinghorsecook


Love bikinis

Tell her to take the training.

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Couple looking to swing with other couples kik kate105105

Looking to trade UK sets, backflip999

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Save the pic, drop ur kik, who u like n send it right!

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looking big tits, asians, inverted nipples

sclasts99 , send dick pics

Anyone else love fappin to BBC?

Hit me up

Kik Shalamar21

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Post some wins back

19 m bi
Kik noggeregott
Will trade legit everything
Bonus if u can do few tributes of me sis

Just some slut from bumble I matched with, she's 23

26 m
Bored a bit. If any femanon want to talk a bit feel free. Maybe a bit of ERP will do.

19 M looking to cum
Trannies, dirty talk, pretty much anything
In the military if that does anything

Kik is Mullerjay and the middle chick is just asking for my cock

your kik?


30 yo bwc bull in FL
hmu if you want someone to loyalty test your wife/gf
kik: plumbs

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into incest, kik me sclasts99

WesternBlaze, I like the one on the left

trading young eduardotrek

Yean745. Middle as well

Send me your creep shots or stolen nudes kik:caseymusicman


Send all the nudes.


anything and everything!! no limits..please and thank you
bonus for guys in underwear

send asians whites hispanics young is cool but not all i want. trading

Kik: tommyloong

25 bi m
Wwyd, cum vids
Bonus for traps
Kik xyborg_
I wanna cum



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Kik bobeven66867 if you can get into snap.

Any nudes to threaten her with?

send dicks and all things gay to colwynguy on wickr

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Kik rfreiz if you wanna send a slut her nudes

share wins

Kik jodelkille12 for tributes. Will send them to her

Looking to trade pics/ vids of my ex

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Looking for someone who can get into Snapchats. Will send cash for proven wins.


I have wins of various girls. Happy to trade for other wins.

Kik: GigNig85

Trading vids

lost my collection please help rebuild
into young


trading young eduardotrek

Anything else?

Send me jordyn kalbb pics

Selling my pics, for the looow
20yo slut
Cashapp and insta elysianeunezz

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doing small cock tribs for girls you know
bonus for nudes, feet, and hair

kik: Tommyboy719

Thanks can always use more but will keep you updated!

Want to rate your gfs, will also trade my gfs pics
Kik Xmizt

kik: dee_bee100
looking to cum soon. send ur best girls

Jjice334 sending either me or my ex. Whichever you want

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Plan on double teaming my gf with a friend kik me mnlit1

Up for anything, pic related

Kik: nepice

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athletic BWC bull in socal. looking for anywhere or irl

kik @ sexondary1

Why the fuck would anyone give you money for nudes when this place is full of them?

Hey, wanna fuck you daughter/cousin/sister? Text me asdfloling

Young trading eduardotrek

HMU with hot photos on kik, preferably videos of girls. im another girl trying to get off, I’m so horny. My kik is @pesnflt


expose your gf to me

I think I smell shite

Larp Larp Larp Larp Larp



Bi guy.
Ponies, lolis, furries. Looking to trade drawn shit, trade nudes, just talk, or maybe rp. Mega kinky and hoping to find someone like-minded

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on it

21/m dirtysnapping96

Recently discovered I’m into petite traps and traps fucking girls. Wouldn’t mind having someone share some and we chat about it.

expose your loved ones, hoping to trib and cock

33/m/married chat about sexual fantasies. Cheating, taboo, voyeur, etc. uppercase416


rate my dick or just send me whatever

I want to rate and degrade the women you love. Janon9860

I'm a bull looking to steal your girl and show you how much she likes me more. Real requests only. Can contact her on Kik, Snapchat, or phone. I use kik as my base to talk to you and get info/share what I've done. Can also do loyalty checks in same fashion. Twistded14


Old, young, whatever.

Hoping for more fun than last night.

Looking for some Kentucky girls. Preferably Louisville. I have some to share or trade if you have any.


Horny and bored

I wanna humiliate a girl with her nudes / what you shouldn't have shared.


long blonde hair, small tita, bug ass, blue eyes, short

looking for a daddy dom. I'm a brat. ddlg, rapeplay, rough & a bunch more

aanche @kik

Boy tryin to nut send me anything sis mom gf whatever Please


GirenZ username.

Looking to trade wife pics. Huge ass


Trade whatever

Anyone into showing off and jerking with gf panties?

Kik notapornstar880

Justaperv7 send weird fucked up porn


Or anything really fucked up


Send women you want exposed/shared


Bored horny asf into many kinks and taboos so make me cum? :p

still tribbing

Kik: throwawayjsan
Requesting Military chicks, but above all else I need a super detective to hunt down a premium slut with only a picture and a name

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near syracuse

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Bi male
I have man boobs, I’m quite fat, and I’m also a jailbate
My kik is DevinTheOnlooker


Doing sissy captions for girls you know

Kik takeherholes to get my gf


Send wives, bmoms, hardcore

Kik; BullyMePls
This cuck wants to regret showing his piggy Gf.

Danielle 25 Kansas

Post anymore info / or wins

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kik me at frafosa
bored and horny dude looking to talk about some fucked up shit

Stroking send me sluts to help me cum. Hard brown cock here


Kik me your gf or ex or daughter or whatever, as long as their young and cute. Nudes preferred and ill rate their body and face and leave them a review haha

Bonus point for young, petite or Asian or any combination ;)

Young trading eduardotrek

Add me and send me some stuff to help me cum :)) kik: jamesy1264

willing to rate/wwyd your girls.
maybe trib if it gets me horny enough

Anyone able to get into someones Instagram?

send dick pics to enigmanoise for more

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Jpost12345 lets trade pics and jerk off together

BetaRayBob85 no limits


Lets chat about milfs

19 M
Looking for traps, small girls, pretty much anything
Hard rn and up to switch pics
Kik: Tommyloong

Kik: snapchathackservice

I get into snap accounts. All I need is the username and phone number. I would say the success rate is about 70%. I share any nudes I find with you, free of charge.

I also trade teen mega links.

Try lizxxxzie. But don't mention Cred Forums if I were you


Looking for sluts that actually reply,will post/send reactions of dickpics sent to them

What training?

Her kik is xxxjessieholden

Huge whore who loves cum tributes

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Lets chat about milfs we know

send me pics and vids of you jacking off

Edgardladrian send me milfs

Or anything really

Send PAWGS for wwyd. 18+

Kik: neverbeenhorny

Will trib tight cute girls
Bonus if you got bikini, nudes or willing to share their socials

Will reply in a few minutes

If anyone still needs a tribute for their girl or needs a place to post her pics try posting her to Cum On Printed Pics. (Just use the desktop site version. Even if on a mobile device)

Threads on Cred Forums just 404 too quick

lookin for some to rate my cock / send it to, can do loyalty tests and reactions
straight but willing to send to guys if they send back pics of chicks

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megalinks, cousins family mothers sisters, yknow, zoophilia too
Kik: lushy.bunny

Wanna jerk to your friends and family with you, inher_bumbum

Tryna jerk to your friends or family with you, inher_bumbum

near rome ny

Attached: IMG_0258.jpg (1222x1544, 545K)

Yean 745. Want to trade and jerk to our girls

Looking for some Kentucky sluts

left one

Looking for someone to get this onlyfans account and willing to share. Too much for me unfortunately. Drop kik

Attached: Screenshot_20200202-230641.jpg (311x920, 133K)

Can share some pics of my wife for a bit if you’re stroking a big cock, Jayjay69onreddit on Kik.

Attached: BD582246-9632-49A9-B0C0-E1291DC0F89C.jpg (640x853, 32K)

>19 M
>Looking for traps, small girls, pretty much anything
>Hard rn and up to show my cock
>Kik: Tommyloong



Let's trade wins.

Send me your wife/ex/GF


Looking for people to fake my huge titted sister.
I'll show other fakes people have done for me in exchange
Kik XChangeSam

My friend (m 23) and I (f 21) want to become submissive sluts for someone on discord by being shown pictures to be made horny and vulnerable.

Please dont be creepy, we just want to try something new out tonight,, and we are a litle tipsy too :/

My discord is: Mal#3526

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Kik alexsmithx19 to trade vids of exes, sexy girls you know, teens (hs age)

Bull, Doing loyalty tests, messaging your wife/gf, (or any girl you want me to really) to get nudes or expose them.

Also doing wwyd.

Add me gvccigoober

Needing tribs. Message me.

Kik: mjonesxx55

Also send me your moms and sisters too

Won't let me message you. Send me a message.

Kik: mjonesxx55

Jxfx113, the one in the red shirt

Need her tribbed, no nudes. I like videos. Or just anyone wanting to show off big cock. rageerrrr

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Send clothed pics dressed up and/or in groups for brutal wwyd

high looking to cum.
keen to chat about your sharing kink or whatever.
18+ only
22 / M / Aus

kik - GonkG

Sharing my bbw wife with big tits. Anon123wife

still on?

M 18 bi send scat 4chananon301

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Kik own323

Attached: 53B40E3D-7521-4A0D-A37D-17B95DE0308C.jpg (3088x2320, 1.26M)

Right, she looks so innocent


Drop your kik if you wanna fap to my sister


Nudes, teens, younger, milfs, trading any.

what's your kik

Strokinit6 want to fap to girls in panties or thongs


Sissy trap that loves attention and to be spoiled




looking for people who can make a tribute of this bitch and send it to her insta

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Kik intaker88 to describe how you’d cuck me and rape my young teen crush.
(No nudes).

Down to see that


Horny so self bumping

Wwyd for nudes and facial of pink dress

Attached: jjiyfddr(1).jpg (1010x696, 619K)

Love to trade sexy wives. Mines mid 20’s and blonde. Hockeyguy600


willing to do tribs if you have nudes

Big thick daddy dick here. Love ruining tight holes. Bring on the girl, traps and sissies.


WWYD to these hot sluts?

Attached: 9F6CCDF6-A30C-427B-93FB-333F0B45EC9A.jpg (1112x1280, 550K)

Add me, will send anything you want to anyone you want on kik, ex, gf, sis, cousin or anyone, and can send anything at all

Kik: EmilyPawz

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