Is it true that Americans tip their barbers?

Is it true that Americans tip their barbers?

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2 bucks is fine


Really? Why?

Usually courtesy, Especially if you go to one barber specifically

The real question is: why do you care? There are 327,000,000 people in the US right now who could not possibly care less how barbers are paid in your country.

I mean, yeah. You don't want to get your throat cut, do you?

I tip anyone that performs a service for me that I could easily do myself. It's a "lazy tax" that I levy to keep myself from spending frivolously

Dude, my barbers are the ONLY people I tip. They do a great job, take their time, and are professional. Unlike a waiter/waitress who expects a tip for not cooking/preparing the food. The barber does it all with skill. They have a talent for it. A waiter/waitress? They bring food out, full drinks, and ask for an order, and maybe they bring a bill. Unskilled to be a wait staff employee, it’s customer service. I do that every day in another, although higher stress job, with the upmost responsibility (public safety). I don’t tip wait staff, only barbers.

Forgot to mention: the point being, I don’t get a tip for doing my skilled job, wait staff usually sucks and they’re unskilled, so no tip.

Because his obsession cut his hair.
Sad really.

Americans tip everyone. Confirmation is being American.

In Mexico, too.

You ever have your barber spit in your hair?

Heavenly trips concur.

Nice Satan trips.

Personally, I haven't paid for a haircut in over 8 years now. I've bought two of these sets during that time (still on the second one) and can manage a decent fuccboi cut by myself. For the back, I just plug in my webcam and look at my laptop screen to see what I'm doing.

i do, i am immigrant tho. 15 dollars cut, i give 5 dlls tip u mad?

I wonder if it would help to include the link?

this, they even tip their politicians

i tip my barber then stand up and start clapping

essence of murica right there

This is why america's the richest country in the world. We help each other out.

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Because we have money


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I tip your mom every night, NIGGER

the real question is,how clueless are you? you claim that people in the us dont care.meanwhile,your shit country is the one who stands outside of fast food places protesting because high school dropout idiots arent being paid 15 bucks an hour.and even when they do get paid that much,the company just fires them and replaces them with a machine anyway


>richest country in the world

not with how stupid your voters are

American's would tip their assailants if they were mugged on the street.

I never tried dropping it but the guards don't break just from putting them on and off like they did with one cheaper clipper I owned. I was giving myself a trim about every two weeks and the blades stayed sharp enough not to cause jams or pulls on my hair for about 4 years. Just clean it after use and apply a drop of the supplied oil with it running before you store it.

Nice try. McDonalds doesn't work on the tipping system.

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stay mad eurofag

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we also tip door dash driver's, valets, waitresses, bartenders, furniture delivery people and anyone else who does relatively simple tasks for us because we rule the fucking world. damn it feels good to be a burger.

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Western EU 2: Mudslime Boogaloo

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