Hop in user, we're going to the moon

Hop in user, we're going to the moon

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What was the plan here?

lmao, a dude built a rocket to see for himself if the earth is flat or not


TL:DR - Mad dude wanted to prove earth was flat, ended up flatening himself.

He wanted to catch that damn bird

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globers sabotaged it, couldn't risk letting the truth get out

go figure somebody who believes in the earth being flat looks a stupid white redneck who votes for donald trump

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Lol you projecting there bud?

You know, I'm very grateful.
The clouds in the background silhouetted the rocket so we could easily see it on its way to cratering.

He got rekt looks like Arab space program he was a flat earther

user's right, user. Edjicate yerseff

"In August 2019, he told Space.com his launch was inspired by President Trump and walked back his earlier statement to the AP that his plans were motivated by a desire to prove flat Earth theories."

now my rekt-collection is complete!

Well shit... It's only rocket science. How hard could it be?

It's not rocket science if you use steam.
Gabe killed him.

the guy is an absolute mongoloid, I'm glad he's dead.

The highest his rocket ever got was just under 2000ft. To put that in perspective, Everest is 29,000ft.

Completely pointless even building the fucking thing, shitty pointless design and he could have achieved the same results going up literally any mountain.

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So he saw the curve and didn't want to admit it lol

1,800 was the height of this, his second flight. The first got to 5,000.

i had a giggle

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Either way, still a total waste of time. I think the guy actually wanted to die.

Quite possibly.
Double-dubs checked.

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Oh, come on. He was pursuing his dream, and no one got hurt but himself.

In his 1st launch he fucked himself up badly on landing, it'd take balls (or lack of brains) to try to go up again after that. But who am I to judge?

He could've gone higher with a hot air balloon

His dream was stupid, and he was asking for death by even trying to do something that impractical and retarded when there are multiple safer and more effective options, this is why I think he wanted to die. It's not like he doesn't know planes exist.

Both of you miss my point. I'm not claiming what he did was the most effective way to observe the earth, or a safe way to do so.

He took it upon himself to build the damn thing by hand, and flew in it himself.

Yeah I get that, but that only really counts if his 'dream' was to pointlessly die stupidly in a rocket crash.

I mean so do people that hang themselves, you wanna give them an award for that to?

Technically he died of his own bad engineering. I'm sure that parachute was supposed to stay attached to the rocket. Either something failed at random or he wasn't conservative enough with calculating the forces involved.

Not even close, you need to go to at least 35,000 feet, hot air balloons max out at 3,000 feet and even that is dangerous because of the wind speeds at that altitude. You're thinking of a weather balloon maybe.

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At least he got to see the flat earth before he died