How common is it for siblings to fool around its to late for me shes to old but iv wanted my sister for years

how common is it for siblings to fool around its to late for me shes to old but iv wanted my sister for years

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My sister was older than me and we used to play stripping games when we were home alone.

nice if i got her drunk she might be down for that ik shes a bit of a slut

My sister was 3 years older than me so more developed. We weren't drunk. The first time we see each other totally naked was so hot and yes I did get my first boner infront of her.

nice but my sisters 23 now so sober she wouldnt considered strip stuff with me. probably wouldnt drunk either but figure its worth a shot

We were early teens and me less. It was all new to us and first time we ever see the opposite sex naked. We both felt horny too do alot of touching. It may be to late for you at your age now.

nice i wish id done stuff when we where that age i bet then shed have gone for it but now have 2 be heavily fucked up befor she might consider

me and my younger sister used to do shit when we were younger kids. I'd like to do it again, i just dont know how to bring it up

Would be difficult now.

ask if she remembers it but dont sound to eager unless she seems cool but thats what id do if we had

Best not to bring it up again. Me and sister experimented at that age but hardly speak now. We both made each other cum a few times aswell.

So jealous of you anons w/ sisters, esp the ones who got to do stuff with 'em.

I have one little brother. He's cool & all, but I'm straight. I remember when my mom was pregnant with him (I'm 3 1/2yrs older) I was constantly going off about how I wanted a sister & was openly mad that I got a brother instead.

Probably a good thing. If I'd gotten the sister I wanted, there's a damn good chance I would've tried something. And by "damn good chance" I mean "it absolutely would have happened". So I had to quell my curiosity with my friends' sisters. Was still nice getting to see/touch female flesh, but it just wasn't the same.


ik but if she was close 2 black out and on molly theres a small chance

It's taboo with your own sister. So damn hot as hers was first real naked body I got to play with and feeling her tight vagina get so wet.

Risky though

it could go bad though as we still live together

>It's taboo with your own sister
Part of what makes it so hawt

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Very true bro

then as her jokingly but true.

I think the only time it happens is when both happen to be into taboo. Even brothers who have really hot sisters will feel that boundary that is hard to cross and stop themselves from acting on attraction.

But if I learned my sister actively looks at brother fucks sister porn, I think I would open up to her and see where it goes.

The only really dangerous thing is how you keep it for your eyes only and avoid pregnancy like a curse.

i wouldnt mind getting mine pregnant if the kid came out helthy it be whatever if not then id make her put it up for adoption and but she hasnt ever showed interest

Had an older cousin suck my dick. Best bj I ever had. Turns out she was fucking a few of my older cousins.

There was a series of porn vids back in the early 80's called "Taboo" that dealt with incest. Each movie had a different theme (mom/son, father/daughter, siblings, etc). Rent one & suggest your sis watch it with you. Or loan it to her & say "here, so-and-so told me you might like this".

Then sit back & watch the fireworks.

For us it was we were fascinated at how our bodies were changing. We both mutually agreed not to say anything to our parents and oneday we both stood in the front room with only towels on and counted to 3 then removed them. We just stood for what seemed like ages looking at each others bodies and it felt amazing at the time.

Sexy. How old? Describe sis

Wasnt much of fooling around but my older sister 7 years must have always been horny cause one day she asked me to lay on top of her and she grinded against me. Then it progressed to sex but I was innocent at the time (10 years old) and didn't realize what was happening but I knew it felt good

I was 12 and sister 14. She had big tits for her age and her pussy was trimmed so I could see her slit. It wasn't long and I started to get an election which I tried to cover up but she really wanted to see it getting bigger. She knew it was me looking at her that made me have my election so she teased me.

Gotta go now or I would ask more, but that's an awesome story. Wish I could have experienced something like that too

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Cool and you bra

I always wished I had a younger or closer in age sister. Knowing the strict upbringing there is a high chance something would have happened