Hello Cred Forums. I am psychopathic, believe it or not. Ask me something

Hello Cred Forums. I am psychopathic, believe it or not. Ask me something.

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No youre not idiot shut the fuck up

Okay, move along.

When did you realise that you were a psychopath?

At the age of 9 when my father plowed my asshole with no condom

I believed everybody thought the same way as I and when I got close to a friend, I said something which I can't quite remember and he got freaked out and told me that my thoughts were abnormal. I wasn't abused as a child in any way, everything was lovely so it's not ASPD.

>Ask me something.

You're really funny you fucking retard.

Do you practice empathizing with people in specific situations

You know exactly what I mean dipshit. Stop trying to be funny and ask me a question related to my condition. People like you are what make the world so vile and pathetic. You should listen to the things I say and value my fucking opinion because it might possible save your pathetic life. Childish.

No, I don't. It's very easy to empathize with people, like a switch almost and is automatically turned off unless I turn it on manually. I think I started getting better at empathizing with people during my mid-teen years in high school.

oh wow! who hurt you bro? did daddy's cock was too much for you?

Haha, you really are useless. Can't even spell to save your life. I pity you.

Lmao join the club retard. You're on Cred Forums

You really think that everyone on here is like me? You're not very smart.. at all, are you? On the internet, people are different to their social, "real world" selves. You're all worthless, moralless pieces of shit, sure. But not psychopaths.

>Trying to argue with trolls on Cred Forums.

Good news OP. You're not psychotic...Just retarded.

Quads of truth
OP is a fag

Haha, you faggots are funny. Psychotic is related to delusions and hallucinations, like being a schizo-fucker. I said that I'm a psychopath, not an insane loony.

Lmao. You sound much more like a foggot edgelord or an autist than a psychopath.

wanna see my dick?

You can believe what you want, at least I have morals and don't make fun of autistic people.

Yeah, sure.

I just came all over a papel towel and now my dick stinks. Do psychopaths like stinky dicks?

Oooooooh what are you gonna do? Dox us and do nothing with that information? Keeping on telling yourself “Yeah I showed them internet people, they’re gonna respect me”
Well then let me tell you that you don’t look psychotic you just look like a 14 year old kid who got bullied and doesn’t know that respect isn’t something you gain by threatening someone. You want to take my life? I’ll do you one over and keep living it just the same, not giving a damn about the ever so small gust of wind your micropenis created when you tried to wave it there. Faggot

"You know exactly what I mean Dipshit."

Sound familiar? Yeah. Right back at you dumbass. Still doesn't take away from the fact you're just feeding the beast by getting all pissed off at randos on Cred Forums which is about as stupid as trying to shove a square block through a round hole.

op felt bad about his autism and has to pretend hes edgy

why would your dad use a condom in the first place??

>I’m special and you’re pathetic
Yeah he’s going through his emo phase

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Can I raw dog you in your turd cutter?

So he wouldn't catch the psycho-Syphilis

>is autistic
To be frank I would kill myself if I were you



Painfully accurate description right here.

fkin kek

Psychology student here - what symptoms lead you to believe you're a psychopath? To what extent do they pervade, for how long, what distinctly makes you the way your are, etc.. Also, had an interesting interview with a criminal sociopath not too long ago. He said he views conversation/socializing with people nearly similar to a game of chess. Social interaction to him is simply a means to an end, and a master of this chess equivalent can attain whatever he desires. Do you feel similarly?

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The definition of a psychopath is not having morals. The jig is up you silly.

oh, so you're a psychopathic and a fag? charming...

I don't want to have anything to do with you, just the thought of giving away the location of a degenerate like you makes me feel sick to my stomach. You fucking gremlin.


Nice pic, reminds me of a place I visited in Germany.

Oh I am a gremlin for sure. At least I’m aware of what I am. Yet you’re stuck in your little dreamworld thinking you’re some big dick G for being an elitist faggot kys fag

I wasn't making fun of autism here btw. Sorry if you are and got offended. I sincerely am. But I think we have established that you are not a psychpath. But that autistic, or not, you are an edgelord.

Want me to help you get my location? I live in Sheffield. Go nuts from there

I lack empathy naturally, I have to flick a metaphorical switch in my head to actually empathize with people. As a kid, I got into a lot of trouble doing things which didn't seem wrong to me. They were, I actually killed some guy when I was 9 by throwing a stone at a moving car lol. Nobody found out it was me and I convinced them that I was not even involved and actually managed to shift the blame onto my older sister.
Stabbed my teacher with safety scissors when I was like 11-12.
About the chess thing, yeah I feel the same way.

Booooo you’re just applying whatever bullshit you got in your head to better fit your narrative. Not even a good hack

Yeah, sure, dumbass.

Killed a guy when you were 9 huh? I'm assuming there was a news story about it or something right? Especially if your sister took the blame? Post it you larping faggot.

Let me guess...."I don't waste time proving myself to you idiots. Why should I bother." Or something like that. Yeah, you're full of shit OP. But please...Prove me wrong.

I wasn't a suspect, I just said a few things that would make her more suspicious than me, they never truly thought that she did it. I can't find any news story about it, no. This was a long time ago.

Yeah he’s lying for sure. Even if you were psychotic you wouldn’t wave the very unlikely fact of you killing someone just to prove a point. That game of chess convo? Well that puts your king outside the fucking room

Kek you’re still replying to me loser

Haha, you're calling me a loser. I should be your role model, I actually have a life, a very successful one unlike you.

I don't need to play chess when I'm online with fuckers I'm never gonna meet in the real world.

Life of what? Wasting your time on “gremlins” like me? Don’t you have better things to do like learning how to tie a noose?

Exactly, you’re too much of a pussy to say any of this shit to someone in real life because your underweight ass ain’t gonna last a second in a fight even if you swing first. Bellends like you belong on a cross

You feel like you gotta prove me something kek I’m just trying to get you pissed so you’ll punch a wall and have to pay for the damages done to it or your matchstick wrist

The very definition of a keyboard warrior

I'm rich and taking a break off work. I enjoy talking to retards on Cred Forums in my spare time.

>"I have morals"
>claims to be psychopathic
get on your knees like a good little femboy user, because you've just became my edgy teenage slut

What is the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath?

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You don’t need to go to Cred Forums to find retards you can just look at your massive wall-sized mirror in your walk-in closet richfag

start sucking boy

so am I, let’s hang out and kill some people dude.

Do you know what a psychopath is? If OP is what he claims to be, then he wouldn't be a complete asshole in real life because it would make people dislike him and ruin his social status. I'm sure he is a prick to people in real life, he'd just be more careful with his words. On Cred Forums, what he says isn't going to have any effect on his social status which is why he's saying what he's saying. Oh, and also, OP is a faggot.

Not OP but psychos are born that way
And socios are made that way through a traumatic scenario that happened to them, kinda like how OP got anally destroyed by his daddy when he was 6

you are lying. you are not s psychopath. stop before I kill you

Eh that makes sense. Still doesn’t change the fact is the internet equivalent of Princess Xena but with keyboards instead if those discus things

both have no morals you actual fucking ape, spread your cheeks.

Shut the fuck up, you'll get me caught. Go get yourself caught, go on. You have nothing left to live for lmao.

You STILL think you got something to prove to me fkin kek.
Buddy I couldn’t care less if you were Jeff mothafuckin Bezos, you’re still a mega faggot that should use his wealth to build a fleshlight small enough to fit your micropenis

Op still wouldn't be a psychopath, as he claimed to have morals to a bunch of strangers online. Why would this black wacko motherfucker say that to a bunch of 4channers? For reputation? Hell nah.

So does OP but why does that matter if he’s just another fuckpuppet for us

Quads proves ops faggotry


Tick. Tock. Remember waking up?

Now is the time.

Be seeing you...

Numbers, buddy. Fucking numbers. I'm not joking, you really don't deserve to live. You're childish.

Keep digging that hole Mr. “Psychopath.” I bet your that Hispanic kid in every room that’s wearing the joker T-shirt or flatbill hat.

Nah bruv I shut off the alarm. I got a day off tomorrow

Yeah, see you in bed, pumpkin, after I've fucked you so hard your anus prolapses.

Newfag can’t handle losing to the might of lord kek

I bet he also wears a fedora

Only one way out

Keeps it in a little protective case next to the katana collection.

How can I cut myself when I'm too busy filling your mouth hole with my German sausage?

That have quotes engraved into them like “Do not let my bad side shine through”

Ah shit wrong one meant to do this one

No problem mate

this thread has no reason to exist.
You are not psychopathic.
You are a 12 year old who saw one episode of End of the F***ing world on netflix and thought "hey thats a cool character, i wanna be like that" because you, user, are not like the other girls, are you?

All chill bruv I’m just here to piss that edgelord off

Trips of truth

I wish I were a 12 year girl for a day. But no, I'm not an edgy 12 year old girl. People are interested in the psychology of people like me and I wanted to answer some questions. Are you upset that this thread killed off your autistic tranny thread?

ITT: OP makes a fool of himself

How's it hanging champ?

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That was a hot night!!

- Dad

No one’s interested in the psychology of an emo introvert who only got anger issues. Hell I’ve been there too man I know exactly how big of a faggot you are and I can tell exactly what you’re thinking and what you’re gonna say because I’ve done it in all when I was your age

And that’s what it said on the note he left him when he left the very next day, gone as fast as he came in that boypussy

You speak like a covert psychopath. I'm 31 with a great job with lots of money. Not an emo with anger issues. You can believe whatever you want, I don't care. I only care about the questions on my psychology.

>on my psychology

didn't you just correct someone else on using the correct speech?

What I said was grammatically correct, fucking retard.

Which there are only two of, one of which is taking the absolute piss. Covert psycho? Don’t think I am but I never got checked or popped onto any radar and I act out of empathy and sympathy almost all of the time. I also think you didn’t read the part where I said I couldn’t care less if you were Jeff mothafuckin Bezos. I told you exactly what you can do with your money too: Make a fleshlight small enough to fit your micropenis that you so heavily compensate for

No it isn’t kek


Never said you were. You just reminded me of the way I speak by saying that you could relate to my actions.

Trust me, it is. I would know.

So like always you latch on to that one chance that you’re right. Awesome. Why are you still here?

I wouldn’t trust you to pour water out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel, so don’t expect me to trust you now. Also I don’t give half of a shit as you think I do about grammar

Because I created this thread for (You)s.

I'm a very reliable man. I've done great things. You wouldn't even believe me if I told you.

This is now a jojo thread because le edgé isn't supplying enough laugh factor

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You’re right it’s very impressive that you didn’t neck yourself yet fag

Makes sense

Lmao, you watch cartoons. What the fuck are you ? 12?

ooooh the irony

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also it's,
>What the fuck are you, 12?

Tell me, why would I kill myself if I'm living such a successful life? I'm living the dream. You're lucky to be even speaking to somebody as important as me.

You’re the only one that’s pedantic enough to care

OP stated forgetting his previous antics

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Why do you even care about that shit, faggot? Lmao

Dream of what? Having money? And then what? Using that money to buy an overpriced computer so you could fend off a bunch of us “gremlins” in a thread you created ti boost your own crumbling ego? Look where that got you

Hey, psycho-killer here. That wasn't me.

Oh shit thought it was OP, fair enough bruv you got him there

You're not a psychopath, probably Autistic though.

>me me, big boy. I kill person and am sick. I iz very cool

Thought that was established a long time ago

no worries friend

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The only thing you killed is your parents love

What? You think I'm some edgy 12 year old girl that read too many JTHM comics? Fair enough, my daughter's one of those and she's similar to me in a lot of ways.

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Doctor here. OP getting assraped by his dad definitely made him severely autistic

What do you prescribe him, doc?

Psycho-Killer here, I have a thing for doctors. Let's fuck.

OP you’re getting your ass handed to you on a silver platter why are you still feeding the trolls? Not that I care I haven’t laughed this hard in a while

Psychos are asexual kek

what's JTHM, mr psycho killer :^)

OP here, I'm having just as much fun.
Cred Forums is a fucking playground.

The results are in. OP’s faggot condition has been complicated with a diagnoses of nigger aids as well as nuclear autism.

We get it retard, you wear tapout shirts and shorts from hot topic.

Yeah and you got stuck in the kiddie swing and are getting beaten to shit like a piñata

No they're fucking not you literal retard. Not defending OP but they're fucking not.

Doesn't feel like it.

I don't want to leave this thread but it's 2am in Britbongia and I gotta get up early, OP keep your RP online at least, you don't want to wince everytime you look back on your childhood.


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Signs of being bullied, what can you do

Yet a non-psycho has to correct me on that and not OP. Goes to show he ain’t psycho, just autistic

OP’s mum

now we know why he has to escape to RP land, if he's getting whacked with the buster sword. kek

U can just be a autist to

Not OP but he is displaying quite a few psychopathic symptoms which nobody's commented on. I'm interested in psychology and have picked up on a few subtle things.
1. The way that he said that he was better than some user because he apparently made fun of autistic people . OP later "makes fun of" autistic people and trannies at 2. He was also correcting people's grammar a lot which is a sign of narcissism which is often comorbid with psychopathy.
I suspect OP is also a grandiose narcissist.
I suspect he was lying about a lot too to make people think that he's important and bigger than he really is, which is a sign of psychopathy.
And a lot more which I've forgotten and can't be bothered to search for.

Pineapple on pizza?

Learn to spell, loser. And no, I know for a fact that I'm not fucking retarded, like you.

you do realize that was most likely part of the act, just because you watched a youtube video doesn't mean you need to bust out the diagnosing posts to show off your spare time

I get it, pinapple on pizza=psychopath as a joke but yeah, I genuinely do like pineapple on pizza.

So I was right, he ain’t anything he says and is an edgy 14 year old kid who has trouble because he’s just a massive douche, though not by choice, but by birth, so it’s his genes that are fucked, and by proxy his mind is too. Haha OP is literally an üntermensch


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Try asking question instead of giving answer

Why are you still here?

no thanks not michael from down the street

Are you a hebephile?

Why do you think that raising taxes raises tax revenue when the rich are obviously the ones with both the greatest means and incentive to avoid paying them through extensive use of legislative carve-outs, deductions, and exemptions?

I think this confirms it.

Give us something!! Post some shit and make a favor to urself .. ur not interesting u are not even lauthable Fuck u basickunt u are just more one prentencious nigga who just got in this fucking life.


Wanna know how I got these scars? HAPPY!?

Did you watch some anime or dw vids and get thrilled?!

Yes I did...

Shut up normie. You're not mr psycho

He feeds himself by attention and self degradation.. let that maggot die starv

Psychopaths don't usually announce they're psychopaths. If you're anything, it'd be trace amounts of sociopathy. Now defined using the traits found in ASPD.

Who peed in your cereal?

>people are unironically calling others undermen

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I'm aware. Not every psychopath is like this however. I like to talk about myself to others because it's easy and fun. I think that's just normal human behavior though. I guess I'm a misfit for a psychopath.

>Psychopaths don't usually
>don't usually
>I'm aware
No, you're not.

have you ever have a girl put bird saliva on your dick?

Lmao, are you that guy from the other thread?

disregards anons quads of truth you fucking faggot?

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that's autism user... i

oh how I beg to differ, retard op

From that one statement, you think I'm autistic? Alright, fuck off.