Who was in the wrong here?

Who was in the wrong here?

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Both of you and you might just wanna kill yourself for being such a whiny piece of shit.


You never, NEVER EVER make friends with a girl you want to fuck/date. If they tell you that they aren't interested you drop them right then and there. No friendship, no buddies, nothing because all that's going to happen is they are going to walk ontop of you and use you as a emotional baggage dump and you're never going to get anything in return that you want.

If you just want to be friends with a girl then that's fine, but the moment you become romantically interested and they aren't, you need to back off and drop them


That dude is clearly a little bitch.

So is the girl

femanon here

i friendzone dudes all the time without realizing it. it's called being friends. dudes friendzone one another but there's (usually) no sexual element to make it all frustrating - unless you're dealing with gaybois.

i'm friends with loads of dudes. some of them wanna fuck me but i make it clear i'm not gonna let them. usually they back off and just look at the friendship like their friendships with dudes. which is what friendship is!!!!!!

basically dudes are whiny emotional bitches who project all of this onto women who won't fuck them and it's hilarious but frustrating.

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Tits or gtfo

The women have too much power. They're bad mothers and they raise weak children with evil love and breast milk.

samefagging to add on to this

men are almost always physically incapable of removing sexual desire from friendships with women. every single friendship initiated by a man toward a woman is about him wanting to fuck her.

the result of this is men who are so sexually unsuccessful lashing out toward women who (rightfully so) won't fuck them, leading to the aforementioned projection of emotional inadequacy

dude's acting like fag because one girl doesn't want to fuck him. sack up and ask someone else out you waste of skin.

That's why men should not be friends with girls they want to fuck/date. Either they are interested or we just move on to the next candidate.

Best way to handle it.

>femanon here

Going by exactly what was said in that picture, the guy was wrong. Men and women can be friends without being romantically involved, it does happen, I've two close friends who are women that I've known my whole life. So she didn't necessarily know he was into her. If he wanted to date her he should have made a move, not just done nothing and then randomly explode in anger because she goes on tinder, that's faggoty as fuck.

She says she made it clear from the start that she wasn't interested, so maybe he did say he wanted to date her initially. In that case he's still wrong, she said no and he just hung around hoping she'd change her mind. Which she clearly is not obliged to do

Gonna need those tits and stamp you know the deal

>They're bad mothers
Guys make better Moms?
Are you gender dysphoric or something?

>usually they back off and just look at the friendship like their friendships with dudes
No they don't. Don't be delusional.

she doesn't have to date him
he doesn't have to be friends with her
why is she acting like he's a dick for not being her friend tho

>when I said at the start I wasn't interested
the dude is clearly a fucking retard.

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But she got mad because he didnt want to be her friend anymore. Which, he doesnt honestly

The note says that she told him she wasn't interested at the very begining of the relationship. As a guy if you want to date/fuck a girl you should never try to be their friend to do so.

They have to be attracted to you from the get go, and if you don't display any qualities that they prefer in a man then you likely never will and they will always consider you a 'friend'.

I'm not saying don't be nice or say hello or even chill with them or have lunch with them. What i am saying is don't go out on 'night outs' with them or make plans around them or let them come to you with their emotional baggage cause you're going to put all this time into something and get absolutely nothing in return and when you get fed up you have 0 ground to stand on because you should have known better because she told you she wasn't interested in you like that in the first place.

Good. He doesnt need her and she doesnt need him. Both should move on

She got mad because a guy she thought was a good friend randomly sperged out on her out of nowhere, then blocked her lol. I'd be annoyed if one of my friends did that to me.

Anyone who says "I shouldn't have to explain myself" is a literal retard. They have the mentality of a three year old, believing everyone just magically knows everything they know, and no one knows anything they don't. If your response to someone you call a friend questioning you on something is "I shouldn't have to explain myself," you're instantly wrong.

The author of the text in OP's image is implied to be female. You're responding to a male POV. Jus' sayin'.

Otherwise I'm 100% with you.

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Oh I completely agree with all of that. He clearly didn't want to be her actual friend, so he should have moved on immediately after being turned down.

Men and women cannot be friends period.

Pretty much this

And don't fall for the "she can hook me up with her girl friends or other chicks" narrative. Because the first thing those girls are gonna ask, if the girl you like is single, or why she's not dating you if you're such a great guy. Ends up actually hurting you.

He probably did not know how to deal with it

The stupid bitch for acting entitled to the dude's time, energy, and affection.

>oh no how horrible, men want to be happy with me

>Anyone who says "I shouldn't have to explain myself" is a literal retard.
I think the dude is in the wrong for being pissed she won't date him when she told him in the beginning she wasn't interested but I completely agree with you. People who say that they don't have to explain themselves fucking aggravate the shit out of me. Although, in this case, the dude did block her and didn't give her a chance.

He's a retard for fucking her friends and she could even vouch for him.

incel detected kek

You, for making us read this drek.

Fair enough, and he doesn't have to keep in contact with her at all if he doesn't want to. In fact that was his mistake to begin with after being already turned down. His anger was still missplaced

You sound proud that you friendzone guys all the time. Slag


End of thread.

She made it clear she didn't want to date him from the beginning. He continues to hang around her expecting something from her she never wanted to give. Anyone who thinks she's done anything wrong is a faggot.

The idiot beta orbiter that thinks being 'nice' will get him unfriendzoned. Stacey just wants to cry to you about Chad cheating on her while making you watch a marathon of greys anatomy. Doing a bunch of shit you hate that she likes won't get you laid.

The dumb slut that thinks men want to be friends with women and not just fuck the shit out of them. Sure friendships can happen, but almost all the time a man's better friends are other men that have similar interests. Other men arent going to watch greys anatomy and cry about fucking Chad.

Lmao you've built this fantasy in your head that situations only happen in a specific way to screw you over, fucking pathetic.

She knew. She liked the attention.

>man is a liar
>somehow she is the dumb slut
how dare people think you're honest.

This user is right. Femanons hate the term "friend zone" because to them, its just becoming friends with a guy.

Men unfortunately are hard wired to pursue sex and be protective and jealous.

Newsflash! Men and women are different.

I got the link reddit.com/r/TwoXChromosomes/comments/f89dgb/i_lost_a_guy_friend_and_have_lost_other_guy/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

They are both morons you double nigger.


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He knew she didn't want him, and yet hung around her anyway. That's pathetic behavior user, the guy should have moved on. Don't just say "oh ok, well let's be friends instead" when that's the last thing on the earth you fucking want lol.


My sister has that phobia of this sort of thing. I think it's the texture.

the girl is wrong. the guy is an idiot.

god only knows what desires a woman has.

but imho is basically attention; men on the other hand want sex.

the situation is that a man that has sex without needing to give attention is considered successful and a woman that can get attention without sex is considered successful

this is the uneven measure of things. people vary of course, but this is the basic measure.

when you give girls attention without getting sex in return, you are behaving like a girl that let herself be fucked by guys and has no shoulder to cry on.

if you think in those terms, it becomes clearer how the dynamic goes

you can use this parallel to get a bunch of stuff, like a guy will not start dating a girl he can get sex from without any strings attached, same as a girl will not start to date you if they can get emotional support for free.

understanding this uneven power balance is necessary and you kind of have to be clever to get the affection/sex you deserve from the beginning before setting yourself in an undesirable position

don't sell yourselves short men and women. use your guile and cunning and your booties together with your head. give yourself respect and do not do things you shouldn't. don't be taken advantage of; unless you are a girl that wants quite a bit of sex or a guy that needs quite a bit of emotional connection

um, well i mean he doesn't think he's entitled to fuck her, simply that she never thought to date him. Honestly men who are romantically interested in girls need to make it clear asap, not stay friends there for so long and then after a year tell them. But sometimes it works out, sometimes friends date and become bf/gf. She's just repeating the same old story we see all the time. Would this feel the same if the genders were swapped? it would be the same situation except it wouldn't feel the same.

The last part bugs me, did the guy say "I deserve your pussy cus I was nice to you"? She just wants attention, let me guess it's a reddit subreddit where women will all agree with other women to make each other feel better about themselves? forgot the name.

This is getting into fetish territory

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no shit

People lie. The one person we know hasn't lied is the guy, because he's not been given the chance to.

If she really told him she wasn't interested at the start, it would be something to mention at the beginning of her post; not something to lazily add-on at the end, where it looks like it was done because the story as told shows what she is: a user.

Now did the guy act purely out of frustration(in which case a year and a half is a long time to hold on for), or because the realisation about what she was really like happened? She thinks she 'doesn't have to explain herself' whilst at the same time he's the one who has cut-off contact. That is the correct thing for him to have done if my read on this is accurate: she has a personality disorder, probably narcissism. She has found in him a source of attention. She has upset because she has lost a source. Other than quoting him(intended to show him in a terrible light), she does not show any regard for his feelings at all. He blocked her after she 'explained herself' and rather than share what that was, she declares that she 'shouldn't have to'. If she did try explaining then that gives him some validation, so she has to remove that, which is what she does. He clearly decided he wasn't going to put up with any more gaslighting.

Literally the only way I'd take her side is if he cropped up somewhere and said some brain-dead stupid shit.

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Most are proud of it. They are ego boosting trophies.