Claims poor people have no money

>Claims poor people have no money
>But liquor stores are on every block in low income areas
>Poor people claim they are broke but buy lottery tickets and cigarettes

Anyone wanna explain that?

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Are you arguing that poor people are not actually poor?

Sure, can I do it in English, or do you need it in Russian?

Not if you're buying lottery tickets, cigarettes and alcohol everyday you're fucking not

>Facts and questions I don't like are Russian
That's not how that works kid

Bern 2020

Nice digits
Russians are white and white people have no idea what its like to be poor.
Checked and mated my dude

I know this is bait, but Bernie actually said that back in 2016 in one of the debates

The lotto and booze are a symptom of the poverty. They fall into slippery slopes and then rationalize it. If they just keep playing and stay afloat they will win big and that will thrust them above the dereliction of poverty. Lastly, also the lotto and booze become habit and addiction. Then they are working towards it, not into progression of quality of life

Poor people aren’t allowed to afford anything but the bare necessities?

squirm, trumptard.

your orange moron is going down

During the prohibitions, alcohol was deemed a drug and illegal. But thanks to the people it was legalised again.
What the people want us what they made for themselves.
Detroit wasn't always a crime ridden ghetto until the people made it into one.

Hells yeah he said that shit, where's the memes

Way to strawman his entire argument, buddy.

Idiot. Poor people still want to enjoy their fucking lives too you privileged motherfucker. Hurr DURR if you only drink water and eat one potato and save up in 5000 years you can then invest in a harvard edukaytion and become a millionaire like me in 6 simple steps.


Then don't fucking complain you don't have money or can't "afford" shit. All these people demanding more handouts when they smoke fucking cigarettes and play the lottery everyday. That's ridiculous.

The people who end up winning the lottery, lose all the money at some point anyway. They would be better life trying to fix their shitty lives through work and merit. Instead the democrats just hammer into their heads they're all victims and the system is rigged against them, so don't bother even trying.

Most poor people are poor because they make unwise many areas, but always with money

Only rich kids think this

Most wealthy people lost all their money a few times over. They learned from their mistakes and kept trying. Poor people make the same mistakes over and over. Like buying lottery tickets, smoking, buying tons of booze, buying a car that's too expensive, then being unable to afford insurance, upkeep, repairs, etc.

I'm sorry these facts upset you, but that does not change that they are facts.


Poor people live moment to moment. They're ability to plan long term is shit.

Hence, they spend most of their money on small shit to make days slightly less bad and possible ways out.

Source: Know poor people. They're morons.

Have you ever actually MET a fucking poor person before? And I don't mean anyone who's not a fucking millionaire. I mean actually poor for real. Because this statement gives me the impression you haven't.

Only rich stinkyfags think their dumbass non-experiental privileged opinions are facts. That golden spoon snug up your ass hole?

For someone who hates wealthy people so much...I'm pretty sure you wish you were wealthy. So, it's resentment for what you've failed to achieve. Got it.

Lol that dude pwned you kid. It's over, you lost. It's time for you to log off and finish that weekend HW.

>symptom of the poverty
They know there is no way out of their poverty so they buy lotto tickets hoping to fix their situation.

They wouldn't feel the need to buy lotto tickets if they had money.
Why not also blame them for donating to a church.

they buy iphones asshole, the buy big screen tvs, "poor" in america is middle class in most of the world. Go tell that black kid from the Sally Struthers commercials how "Poor" americans are

This is the sad reality that no one wants to admit. Most poor people are that way because they're fucking stupid. But plenty of those morons wanna drive around in Benz and BMWs, as they pull into their fucking apartment complex. Shit looks so ridiculous and yet tons of people do that.

>is also a kid

>They know there is no way out of their poverty
Except that isn't true if you live in America. Other countries yeah that might be the case.

Oh my god an iPhone you must be a millionaire!!

ok boomer

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yes idiot, that is how being poor works. that is the way to motivate people to NOT be poor and start doing something valuable for society.

>The people who end up winning the lottery, lose all the money at some point anyway.

I think you meant to say all rich people who didn't earn their money and at the same time don't know how to manage their money, and they don't get a legit financial advisor have a higher chance of losing their money.
The way you phrased is incorrect and biased and also seems to ignore that its not about the lottery, it's about unearned money and being financially irresponsible. Being poor doesn't mean you are financially irresponsible.

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You're absolutely right. I wish I didn't grow up in a shitty neighborhood and get beaten up by alcoholic poor parents. Which caused me to be anitsocial and be bullied at school, as fucking parents passed down their poverty mindset and mental illness. But yes I chose intergenerational trauma and working class poverty. Don't get me wrong I don't think that wealthy people dont have problems or struggles, but capitalism is much more difficult for folks like us. And you giving your expert points when you don't know shit what it's like is very annoying. I don't wish I was wealthy, just that I had a normal fucking family and food security. A base of safety to go when I feel alone and scared and need help.

Have you tried working 40 hours a week sober at a dead-end job? Shit fucking sucks, and booze/cigs/lotto isn't expensive enough that quitting cold turkey would magically lift them out of poverty.

Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Someone is dead broke every week. But they smoke a pack a day, drink at home and/or at a bar. Spend $20 a week on lottery tickets. Gets fast food instead of cooking at home. This shit all adds up. Add in the mistake of financing a car and you're extra poor. Add in paying credit card interst every month and you're fucked.

CONSERVATIVELY estimating a monthly waste of $500. But, that car and credit card interest would make it MUCH higher.

But, if you invested that $500 a month, in 10 years, you'd have $100,000 dollars...what you saved and the growth in your investments.

Someone here said the poor only think in the moment. And that's the bottom line.

Interesting how you assumed that I was never poor. It tells a lot about your narrow vision of the world.

point being they could be more frugal with their money. Get a less expensive smart phone. Get a smaller TV, save some money, invest in learning an actual skill, get a better job, get then buy the nicer stuff. Its really not rocket science

All those things are cheap. Petty cash is easy to come by and having it doesn't make you not broke. Its money for things that matter that makes you broke. Here in my city a half gallon of vodka is 10$ cigarettes are 3.50$ a pack lottery is 2$. A shitty rundown ghetto apartment is 1400$ a month plus 80$ for water 150$ for electricity 100$ for gas. You can bum 10 bucks of someone for some drink but unless your a skilled worker you have to pack people in apartments like clowns just to afford it. Its 173 bottles of liquor enough for most hoodrats for a year to pay for your apartment for a month. The chump change isn't helpful in improving your situation. Saving the money isn't going to make a difference. But spending it on some drink or weed or smokes will make the desperation more bearable

Hold on a sec, your fucking parents were 2 drunks who have no fucking business even HAVING kids in the first place, but you're blaming capitalism? What the fuck logic is this? Why don't you blame your shit parents for doing such a terrible job of raising you, where that blame belongs?

Cigarettes cost $6-10 a pack depending on where you live. If you do the fucking math that shit adds up quick. That's besides the point anyway. If you're buying lottery tickets and cigarettes then clearly you ain't that fucking broke. But I have to pay more fucking taxes to give you more handouts? Fuck outta here.

>Except that isn't true if you live in America
You don't know that poverty is cyclical? That the next generation is much more likely to be poor?
There is a reason for the cycle, it means that growing up poor has given the person less opportunity than a well off person. Less opportunity means less education, a dead-end job and no way out for most people.

A pack of smokes around here is $12. That's over $4000 a year if you smoke a pack a day. A cheap 6 pack of beer is $6. That's $1100 a year if you drink 3 beers a day. That $20 you spent at McWendyBKs for lunch and dinner, well, that would buy you at least 2 days worth of food if you ate at home. Another $3700 a year.
So tell me how much better your life would be with another $8800 a year in your pocket?

Ah, yes, America, this magical country where some poor bastard can walk into a McDonalds, get a job, and in five years become the CEO and make eight figures, because hard work always turns into overwhelming success.

Wake up and smell the propaganda. If you're born poor, you are more likely to die poor in America than in Canada, Australia, Japan, Spain, France, Germany, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland: All of these countries have higher intergenerational income mobility than the U.S.

the fact is that there are poor people. but that's not the issue: the issue is that this is a thinly veiled russian reverse propagnda, false flag

gtfo and take your fake jew with you

If you're talking about generational welfare, that's because the democrats want those people to stay on welfare and public housing. But you acting like people can't go to college, learn a skill or otherwise get promoted and make more money is purposely being ignorant. Other countries if you are poor you are staying poor, period. In America any person in poverty can get out at any point. If you don't think so try living in a "socialist" country as a poor person.

Sorry but people have kids, a sick wife, an elder mother or elder father. Maybe their own health problems. Maybe a dead end job. Stop acting like you are better than these people. Youre arrogant and lack imagination.

No, lmao. I made that story up. I'm not even poor or American. I have zero stake in this I'm just fucking with you guys. But capitalism ain't as easy as it was for the boomies you faggots. Wake up and smell the propaganda of the 0.0001% who now own 99% of the money.

McJobs are not intended as careers. It's something to give you experience, a work ethic, and the ability to grow in another profession. If you're 30 and still working the fryer, it's not the fault of the economy, the government, or the fast food joint.

You think it's easier for someone to get out of poverty in South fucking Africa compared to America? You cannot be this fucking stupid

Easy explanation, consider the following:
> Faggots and losers have time to post and troll on Cred Forums
> Faggots and losers complain that women don't find them interesting and the world doesn't understand why the are so anti social

Sorry, kiddo, I see people doing EXACTLY what I said and complain about being poor when people who earn less money seem to have a home and a savings.

>How much did your latest iPhone set you back?

so unbelievably fucking this.

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Ah, yes, because everybody who does one of these things does all of them, all the time. Grow up you pedant.

you forgot that welfare queens are usually very fat.... they are eating well too.


McDonalds would certainly like you to believe otherwise.

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Go shopping with your parents some time. See the people buying junk, crap food on their EBT card, then using cash to buy beer, smokes and lottery tickets. Then get back to me.

Actually yes. South African here. Its pretty bad, but still more income mobility that US, which has statistically the worst inequality in the world

Have you tried looking for a job in America lately? This is all there is, literally like 70% of jobs are fast food or retail. Everything else, boomers are holding onto as long as they fucking can to milk those benefits.

Seems to be working great.

Its only a cycle because poor people as a rule are dumb without a care in the world past the end of the week.
And when people like that have kids they raise their kids with that mindset.

Ill use myself and a buddy of mine as an example.
>both grew up poor
>both got a job in the same factory doing the same work.
>both making the same ammount which is upper lower or lower middle class ($50,000 a year, more with overtime)
>he wanted all his paycheck because that was "his money"
>i put %10 of my check itno my company match 401K.
>i put my nose to the grindstone and took advantagee of the fact that the company would pay for schooling
>he "worked hard enough during the week, Life aint fun if you just work all the time!"
>he blows a huge ammount of his check on lotto ticket, booze and eating out
>Wonders whos dick im sucking to be making enough to afford my modest 3 bedroom house and 2 (older and used) cars when he has a shitty appartment but also a brand new truck he struggles to make payments on.
>fast forward to our mid 30's
>he is still in the same boat
>im working in the same factory too but as higher level management raking in well into the 6 figures every year
>have over $250,000 in my 401K
>he is still stuck on the factory floor, making a little more because raises, nothing set asside for retirement
>bitching about how people like me are the reason he cant move up. i just sucked too much dick for him to have a shot.
>has nothing to do with getting my degree.
>My wife and i have 3 kids
>he has 7 because and i shit you not "condoms feel bad bruh"

IF you are so driven, you SHOULD be a shift supervisor in a couple years, management within 5 years, and out of the store and up the chain within 10.

If you see some middle-age dude working the fryer, you know he made lots of poor choices.

Poor people are preyed upon by corporations.

Boomers, people born before the mid-60s are dying and retiring at a geometric rate. Try again.

>Sorry but people have kids
Then don't fucking complain you're a broke nigger. Who the fuck told you to have kids you can't support? Then these people end up getting kicked out at 18 and/or their fucking parents don't wanna help them go to college, because they didn't save any money and spend it on lottery tickets and cigarettes. But I gotta pay more fucking taxes next year so I can pay for Tyrone's fucking college "education", just so he can major in fucking bullshit anyway.

Ah yes, the classic I was pretending to be retarded excuse

Yeah bullshit

How fucking retarded are you that you think the only job people can get is at McDonalds. You don't even fucking live here do you?

well maybe if corporations didnt lie and plaster advertisements every 10 inches in places poor people go they wouldnt fall for their schemes?

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All jobs should pay a wage that is enough for a person to live on their own. A minimum wage job is not enough money to share a 2 bedroom apartment.

If life is about maximizing pleasure, then purchasing cheap liquor on a poor budget is just optimizing behavior.

A job that you learn in a few hours and master in a few weeks is not a job that should pay more than minimum. Use your head.

So now poor people are smoking cigarettes and buying lottery tickets because of ads? Are you saying poor people are fucking stupid and can't think for themselves?

It's hard to make smart choices as a poor fag. The financial uncertainty is extremely stressful b/ros. Corporations treat us like dogshit. We need hALPPP.

>Yonder peasants doth proclaim to be poor of coin
>Yet neareth ever hovel and squat I do observe a tavern proximate
>Peasants till and carry, however they doth fretter away thine coin on ale and tavern wenches in the autumn eves

Any nobleman would endeavor to provide justification for these goings on in the districts o' squalor?

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>live on their own
>2 bedroom apartment
And why the fuck is anyone entitled to live in a fucking 2 bedroom apartment? You do know studios and 1 bedroom exist right? Why does it HAVE to be a 2 bedroom, especially if you can't even afford it.

LOL use Google my guy

you socialists are going to turn this country into an even bigger shithole than it already is. when you take away the incentive to move up, people won't. you're all fucking deluded, you want to steal other people's money and give it to useless eaters that can't be bothered to do the basic necessities to give themselves a better shot, like stop playing the lottery, drinking every night, blowing loads of cum into dumb bitches cunts, etc. you are going to reward that behavior and that behavior is going to continue to grow

KEK omg my sides

>Why does it HAVE to be a 2 bedroom
Read more carefully, sharing a 2 bedroom means you are paying half the rent of a 2 bedroom. Half the rent of a 2 bedroom should be cheaper than a studio.

As if Wallstreet degenerates aren't doing that shit already. You idiot, it will go into schemes regulated by laws and backed by research that helps ppl get back on their feet. It won't be taken from a random fuck like you, it'll be taken from ppl who have enough to spend for 200000 lifetimes

First, my parents are dead, asshole. Second, I don't need to go shopping with anybody because I already work there, and yeah, maybe like 5% of the people I get with benefits are abusing the system with steak and lobster and shit like that. Everybody else, I know they're fucking broke like I was because they buy a lot of snacks, ready-to-eat foods, microwave meals, the kinds of things that you'd be able to prepare without access to a kitchen.

Everybody who's never been broke thinks "Oh if they just pick themselves up by their bootstraps and start doing everything the way I think they should, they'd be middle class in no time!" Do you know how fucking hard it is to be poor? To be renting your living space by the week, or even the day, because you can't scrape together the money for first and last plus damage deposit? To not have the space to prepare actual fucking meals and having to live off of what can be nuked or eaten as-is? To have literally everything you own splayed out in one fucking room? God forbid these people should have a couple simple pleasures, a fucking drink after work, a lottery ticket that they know isn't going to be a winner, but gives them hope that they might hit it big and not have to live in a shithole rat-trap for the rest of their lives?

I'd love to see every one of you fuckers spend a year like they do and then come back here and talk shit about how lazy and entitled poor people are.

All jobs should pay enough to live somewhere. This article is saying minimum wage is not enough to live/share an apartment with someone.

Oh, the Wall Street boogeyman. I guess you're against pensions...even union pensions. Since those are all in managed investment programs.

What, you thought pensions were just taken from a mysterious magical vault that spits out money?

>get back on their foot
>as we make it impossible to become rich
It's like you retards can't get your heads out of your asses to see how retarded this logic is

>it will go into schemes regulated by laws and backed by research
written by dumbshit sjws (enabled by simps like you) that manipulate research to fit a conclusion they've already drawn

Lol 5% my ass. You lost all credibility when that said that dumb shit.

Responsible reply: I've been broke. It sucks. I worked hard so it will never happen again. Try it.

Cred Forums reply: Oh, your mom is dead? No wonder she just laid there. I thought it was me.

It must be nice to never have to try to understand anything unintuitive.

This is a well-known phenomenon. You have a limited amount of willpower which is reduced by the stress you deal with in your day to day life, and it requires willpower to make good choices. i.e. the more stressful your life is the more likely you are to say fuck it and buy shitty fast good and booze rather than doing smarter and better things with your time and money

You can't blame someone that makes profit from convincing stupid people, if they weren't that supid there wouldn't be any problem.

>Claims poor people have no money

They don't. That's literally the definition. We can debate that there is loose interpretation as 'no money' can mean a sum that is not exactly zero but low enough to not make much difference(marginal utility).

Your whole retarded post is based on you not understanding the slightest nuance.


nobody here cares about your rotting parents, faggot.

>They don't
Then how are they buying liquor and cigarettes? Let me guess with my fucking tax money

Yeah that user was totally wrong, 5 is such an exaggerated number. What a dumb ass, I assume you agree?

fraud constitutes less than 1% of the benefits disbursed through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which are also known as food stamps, and less than 2% of unemployment insurance payments.

Pls look Democratic socialism successfully implemented before you open your whore mouth. Sweden, Denmark, Norway are few examples. They are written by lawyers and who do evidence based research. Not ivory Tower fucks like you.

if they dont have money they wouldn't be wasting money on cigarettes and lottery tickets. you are a fucking idiot

Implying every poor person buys liqour ciggarettes and lottery tickets, idk where tf you grew up rich kid

Funny how those economies are sliding down the hole to insolvency. You might want to check some recent news about their situation instead of cherry picking articles that fit your narrative.

sweden, denmark, and norway are all shitholes that are buckling under the weight of their idiotic non-scientific policies. you are an npc dude

God shut up trumpshit
trumpshit shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up

Once again op is just a faggot without any knowledge of the outside world only what he reads and hear on his computer

You don't seem to understand his point, he says that they wouldn't be so poor if they didn't waste so much money in useless thing they don't need. Smoking and alcoholism is more common in poor areas, did you know?

It's not entirely "the system" that is making them poor is all OP is saying

You're buckling under the weight of the chicken tendies you keep getting your mom to feed you.

no i agree with you, maybe i replied to the wrong person

no that is not "literally " the definition being below the poverty line is poor, and the poverty line is a positive number, so I'm pretty sure you are full of shit

OP is saying a bunch of stupid fucking shit actually. Not just that you're correct.

Since Russians are helping Bernie and he honeymooned there during the Soviet years, seems fitting. Hello, comrade. How's the weather in Moscow?

i'm sorry you don't have a mom to do that for you

There is no such thing as "democratic socialism". That's just some bullshit term that Bernie made up recently so he can hide the fact he's a dirty fucking commie.

Poverty is more stressful and thus addictions are more rampant. Science shows that addiction is not a choice. It's an adaptive measure to stress, without which most would kill themselves.

poor people are poor because they suck shit at using money. give a lottery ticket buying retard 100k and they'll blow it all in about a year. here's a tip. you shouldn't be living pay check to pay check and should be saving some amount of your pay constantly and forever.

pretty sure it's by design, OP....

it's not like poor black families are lining up for $200k loans to open up holistic shops and vegan restaurants...

Since your penis is small and you literally can't defend the criminal piece of shit you elected how's that angry enraged super faggot feeling?


so what? let them kill themselves. those that can adapt to the stress in a healthy way get to survive and spread their genes, those who can't, don't. what is the fucking problem? your policies are going to lead to a totally maladapted country within a few generations. worse, they will be too dumb to learn chinese and will be no use to their new overlords.

Even if they saved up the money instead of buying these extra things for them selfs, not everyone is smart enough to make money moves and invest there money its not their fault it isn't the fault of people who are NOT stupid with their money.

The mediator.
I’m willing to bet you’re a virgo.
My nigga

>so what
>I'm 12
>spank me
Time to get off the computer now

Seems I hit a nerve, comrade. With all the vodka you Bernie-loving Russians chug, it's no wonder you stay angry & bitter. Putin at least provide you shills with warm borscht during your shifts in that cold damp Kremlin basement?

love youuuuu


how dare the poor and powerless try to enjoy the miserable piece of life we leave them. the sheer audacity!

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Dream on, berniefag

5038995236 Call me fags I want toooo tell you how much I love to be puked on 5038995236

>I am stupid and autistic
>I claim victory with my incoherent phoned in meme
Better try it again faggot>

weak personal army request you slimy nerd.

Posting the number of your mom's black boyfriend is harassment and could earn you a ban

I wonder how the world would be w/o america

not that user but it seemed pretty coherent to me. maybe you're just a little dumb in the head.

Not having lots of cash on hand does not mean you are poor. My employer matches up to 6% of what we contribute to our IRAs. I do that and add another $100 a week to an investment portfolio. Meanwhile, a co-worker doesn't invest at all. But he sure has a lot of fun smoking, drinking, and making new car payments. He's played the lottery for 20 years, spending $30 a week. He plays the same numbers every week, so he HAS to be getting closer to winning. Or, so he says.

honestly probably a lot better. americans pay for the entire defense of europe, without america they would all be speaking chinko-russo and perhaps actually getting shit done

If you are really saying that poor people are not humans capable of controlling themselves then we should really not care about such animals.
Thankfuly you are wrong, since every human can perfectly avoid any addiction before getting out of hand, they are just stupid.

where im from which the netherlands its hard to become a wealthy person legally

user said it's not poor people's fault that they are stupid with money. So, it's not the fault of the rest of us that they are stupid.

Both of your penises are incredibly small

No we don't dipshit.

Did u guys know if u made 1 million in the netherlands u literally have to give up 500k and soon if u have 1mil on ur bank account u have to pay extra

You elected Trump. You don't get to call other people stupid.

the dying shitpost of a man with no arguments. classic.

I mean the right things should be taught

My investments have doubled in the last 3 years. Before that, I was lucky to eek out 8% a year growth. I'm gonna elect him again.

I didn't lmao.
Also, good argument.

>he think hillary would have been better
intellectual termite spotted

nobody is entitled to opportunities, you work for them. if you're poor and uneducated, you gotta work harder, tough shit but its the hand you were dealt

You calling a poor person stupid only because he has never learned something that SOMEONE taught you

Oh, I agree... basic financial education should be mandatory from 6th grade until graduation. But no, we have to spend time teaching kids useless shit of no consequence.

Why not learn about socialism. we don't want to display our ignorance or spread misinformation. Right?

That's the same shit that Bernfags want here. Everyone to be equally poor and if you try to do otherwise you are punished for it.

so it's just impossible to teach yourself anything, huh?

Whatever "argument" you were making was so stupid retarded and pro Trump. KYS

lmao you mean to tell me if russia invades poland, america wouldn't be the one footing nearly the entire bill of the upcoming war? get lost you dumbfuck

So its about money not about who would be a good leader for you country
>inb4 would do the same but ur a hypocrit

I've been poor. It sucks. I learned. Stupid people do not learn. You can be stupid from low IQ, laziness, or other reasons... but you're still stupid.

Yes you did. Whatever stupid thing you did on Election Day or more likely didn't do because you were probably sitting home on your fucking ass at your moms house instead of voting got Trump elected.

for you it's about money for people too stupid to stop drinking, why can't it be about money for people NOT too stupid to do that?

>what's reading a book?

I care about myself and my family over everything else. The economy now allows me to take care of my family better in the present and will help in the future.

>its about money
Yeah that tends to happen when you become a grown-up and need to pay for shit

That's OK user. I didn't know what NATO was when I was 12 either.

No its not but the poor people from today had not the internet acceals when they could of make the right choices when u r 40 50 ur not thinking bout saving anymore but to enjoy the life u end up with

sure, not all poor people smoke cigerettes. just like not all white people are racist right. not all poor people play lotto or go to liquor stores. its weird to assume they all do.

im sure you will now reply with your assumption that its actually most or half. nope. keep assuming bubble boy

>durr hillery durr
Every fucking time. You trumpshits literally can't admit who you elected

>No its not but the poor people from today had not the internet acceals

Folks, this is why some people are poor.

I'm not even american you retard, and if i were i wouldn't have voted trump for sure, but my point still remains in any case.

Implying im poor?

Who the fuck are you to be the judge of what people can and can't do with their lives? You can't even get a job and move out of your moms.

If you have a wife and children wtf are you doing here man?

and when nato money runs out and shit gets actually REAL, what happens then? we just pack it in and go home, right? lol you are fucking deluded. pic related, you are wrong either way

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You're certainly uneducated. People who lack basic language skills prevent themselves from achieving any measure of success.

>I'm not even american
Good. Shut up.

It was way harder to educate yourself back in the day than now, how old are you?

a) the kids are at their grandparents, b) it's my favorite night of the week- when the wives have their "girls night" at the movies.

I can relax and fuck off on the internet.

That's right Trumper. Keep shoving that goal post deeper and deeper up your ass.

you're asking for people to get used to an environment where there is no danger or possibility someone could lie to them, so when someone does they fall for it harder than if you grow up being cautious and reading fine print and doing your research

His point is that they are adults who choice to waste their money, they are the only ones to blame about his situation.

As someone who works as a dinky convenient store cashier, I have literally never seen someone get just normal groceries with EBT, but many will buy alcohol/tobacco with cash after (thank fuck we don't do EBT cash).
To be fair, it's graveyard shift, and it's not exactly a grocery store. Maybe 90% of their stamps go to real food, idk. But it is annoying to see because it feels like them spending my money to buy junk food.

ok you can call me dumb for that one

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Yes, clearly the internet has taught you such words as "acceals". Bravo.

>was so stupid retarded
you type like a monkey lmao

he might not be, but I am

His "point" is full of shit.

>how old are you?
why do you ask?
i'm young

Yes you are right i am uneducated and im also 19 years old and wanna know another thing? I probably make more money than you without a 9 to 5 job like you

not american you're just a mental midget if you think electing the literal devil would have worked out better.

I'm a libra
Why does astrology matter?

Is this the point where you show a picture of some money?

So when someone types a word wrong he is stupid and uneducated

Buying comfort commodities doesn't make you not poor.
It makes you a human being.

what's your job then wise guy?

minimum wage jobs are something you should be doing while you're living with your parents to gain skill and references, or during college while you're living on loans or scholarships. They're not meant to be your first job out of school. If you don't plan on going to college or know you can't afford it you really have no excuse for not getting ahead in the work place by starting earlier so when you're out of highschool you can get a job that isn't minimum. My first job was $10/hr retail, not the best but for a first job it's pretty good. No excuse except laziness. Being a starbucks barista isn't a career, even if you like the work

You elected a bellowing orangutan user. You don't get to criticize others as to whether other posters are coherent or not.

theres something called addictions retard. just the way your mom was addicted to bbc and cocaine when she was pregnant with you

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's not true, man, they are not children, they choice to have a life of pleasure and vice.

no, you

Why not just Ask Jeeves?

People who grow up poor are typically raised by people who bad decision making skills and purchasing habits. They learn from their parents and those around them. It's cyclical in nature.

>when the wives have their "girls night" at the movies.
Your wife is cheating on you with a nigger

Please read the entire sentence and tell me he's an Oxford-educated scholar:

>No its not but the poor people from today had not the internet acceals when they could of make the right choices when u r 40 50 ur not thinking bout saving anymore but to enjoy the life u end up with

I make my money selling stuff i can tell u exqcrly how to cook coke make it crck how to mix it how much will come out when cooking how much u need to put in the bqck qnd where to find the junkies near where i live

If you believe Clinton was somehow worse than Trump you're fucking stupid and should just stay in your own fucking shitty country.

Of course... and you're eating caviar on the back of your yacht.

i'm not american you clown. i'm not picking on you because you don't like trump, i'm picking on you because you're obviously very dumb and any conversation about politics is out of your depth.

Fuck off, you can't ignore my points just because of that, it's still relevant in my country.

I dont work a job i use my brain to make money but its not legal i work 24/7

I just followed both your posts all the way back to the start the thread, and nobody mentioned supporting Trump even once.

>rent free in your head

Folks, this gentleman is 19. That's 5 years past middle age for his proud people.

Doesn't matter whether I like it or not. It's an uneducated opinion at best and neither of you should be stating it as fact.

i grew up poor and grew up with the strong resolution NOT to make their mistakes

it's called not being a total fucking idiot. money management is not hard.
>i want x
>but if i get x i will not be able to afford y
>y is more important than x
>i will not purchase x

Just for fun buddy boy

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Clinton is way worse than Trump and you should go back

it's not uneducated, it is the truth. if you can't manage money you are most likely an idiot, or a woman. but i repeat myself

i'm broke AF and i manage money great... i also work 5-20hr/week min wage job that allows me not to show up and take days off as much as i like

That was me replying to u dumbass im using a phone cba to correct everything stop being such a hater bro

she wanted a no fly zone over syria you pin head. it would have absolutely been worse had she been elected. tragic you're so disengaged from your own country's politics that you can't understand this.

Ah, a drug dealer
>good capitalist!

>I'm not American
And and I'm glad you can't vote here you fucking right wing dipshit faggot fuck

>That was me replying to u dumbass im using a phone cba to correct everything stop being such a hater bro

Public education at it's finest, folks!

so what you're telling me is that you don't actually have a job and that you're just making shit up? ok dude.

You don't live in the United States? Good. Then your opinion doesn't matter.

Uneducated how?
What is the truth then?
Who are the ones to blame if not them?
I want to know your opinion.

People are bad with money.

i'm center left but nice try autismo.

Watch me 5 years from now im gonna make a i told u guys i was gonna get 10000000000 dollars thread
And actually gift someone 10k

>But I have to pay more fucking taxes to give you more handouts? Fuck outta here.
you really didn't realize who gets your tax money at the end? even after typing all this out? you still hating on broke people and not the policies that allow for abuse of their habbits? must be hard working class american with boomer personality

If the wealthy class can claim they EARNED all of their extracted excess wealth, then why can't poor people claim they are poor do due their excess wealth being extracted from them?

I do agree, the lottery is for fucking retards, but thats America... We are more likely to piss our money away gambling than we are to help another human. Goes double when you realize Insurance systems as a whole are entirely based on gambling.

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Actually all we have is the evidence that you elected a criminal whose crimes were covered up by the Republican Senate. Why should I go anywhere else when I can trigger the fuck out of you by simply mentioning that?

You may live in the states, but your opinion still doesn't matter

if you're that mad over trump I've got bad news that's gonna span 4 more years bud

You'll be dead in an alleyway within 5 years, Jesse-wannabe.

Its just to save up money and make a weed farm do that couple times u can now start making legal money easy

labor theory of value is the flat earth of economics

I didn't elect him, and I'm not the one sperging out
>rent free in your head

Ok so what about if youre poor. And you dont smoke, dont drink, and don't gamble? Do they get all the hand outs?

>"You don't live in the United States? Good. Then your opinion doesn't matter"

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The United States is the center of this planet. Pleb

The truth is you're probably underage and don't understand complex social problems. That's OK.


It's gonna take a lot more than 4 years for you to get a job and move out of your moms.

underage b&

Socialists in this thread- REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Why are you so angry at me

Whatever you did on election day resulted in Trump getting elected. The least you could fucking do is own up to it and stop blaming everybody else for the stupid mistake you did.

And you're the center of only your own autism

>rent free in my head!

>Actually all we have is the evidence that you elected a criminal
I'm almost certain you can't back up this claim with evidence.

Getting stuck in loops makes you more animal than human. Breaking out of predictive outcomes to better the outcome of our efforts is the key defining trait of advancement as a species.
Life is about learning when to hold it in, and when to push it out. You don't want to just pee whatever moment you happen to need to, but you sure as shit don't want to hold it in your bladder forever. So we created toilets as a solution that made it convenient to not always have urine soaked legs, and also not die from bladder infection.
Moderate your humors, user.

Notice how one of the only intelligent posts got zero responses because the retards talking out of their asses couldn't think of anything "smart" to say

Everything i say is 100% ask me anything dickface

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Sure he can. The evidence is his fee-fees and he's being totally objective you can tell by his measured tone and not totally attacking everyone all the time and blaming literally everything on Trump no he'd never do that.

So your argument is that i'm wrong because i'm underage (which is false) and i wouldn't understand.

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>Literally sucking mushroom cock

I'd be a Communist if every Communist I talked to wasn't a total bitter retard and wanted open borders

All they ever say is "b-but the only differences between people is money!!" which is just not true

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Why do you have a dick on your face?

Nah just tl;dr

>literally everything anyone posts is about Trump!

The only way to cope with life when you’re poor is to have liquor and sex. That’s why. You can’t just not buy anything and expect to cope.

You're not even disagreeing with him, dumb-dumb. Yes, easy jobs deserve the lowest wage our society has to officially offer. But that wage should still be feasible to live with. Now we can move forward.

>durr trump dindu nuffin
Literally shove your own cock up your asshole frogposter

Asians gotta step up, those pussies


Why is there a dick on your face


It was a ridiculous post. If someone has expenses that high, they should move to where it's cheaper.
Around HERE, a mortgage on a 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch is $1400 a month. An apartment like that is $750 in a NICE area, water included, $50 for electricity, etc.

In general the world can’t work without people helping others. But freeloaders and people who abuse the system don’t help either. That’s what harsh punishments are for.

If I were a mod I would ban you instead, you are acting as a child. Maybe you are even trolling.

At least you have a job, I guess

I don't see you criticizing Trump.
And you become rather agitated when others do.

that's not how minimum wage works fuckass. jobs that don't bring enough value to meet the minimum don't get created

Socialist Euro trash

buying comfort commodities instead of saving up to be in an overall more comfortable situation where you don't need the commodities is a 200 IQ pro gamer play tbh

>I'm underage

No, since the vast majority of those jobs were never meant to be a CAREER. People get those jobs in high school and in college. After that, they move on to adult jobs. Occasionally as a senior to supplement their retirement. Once AGAIN, if you're 30 and working the fryer, you made bad choices.

Still waiting on that proof smarty pants. Or are you from an alternate reality where the mueller report wasn't a complete nothing burger? I really don't understand why people like you try to speak of politics when you clearly don't follow it consistently.

You're an exception to the rule. I grew up poor too. I had terrible decision making skills for a long time until I married someone with good ones.

In Akron, OH you can live off of 40k a year and pay $600 a month for a mortgage on a $70,000 house. If you live in a big city you’re fucked. Move out of Chicago, or NYC or California or Florida and find a state that’s affordable. You’re just going to have to take Vitamin D supplements and deal with the snow. That’s the trade off.

Because capitalism is shit and makes having money the only valued purpose of human life, which makes absolutely no sens and for that reason people turn to drugs and lotto.

You know why ppl do what i do?

A 9 to 5 job is only gonna get you so much i need more hours, i work 24/7 not literally but i could get a call 6 am to come to someone and i will

What free stuff do YOU want from Bernie???

>and he still has to work Trump into every post
Laughing at you is agitated?

>people turn into hedonistic pigs because capitalism
you're kind of a stupid person, aren't you?

no no maybe

>durr trump dindu nuffin
>pwoove it wib
>pwoove it pwoove it pwoove it



This thread highlights some of the reasons why trump will win in 2020.


>I have to say something bad about Trump in every post or my heart will stop!

so you are a fucking idiot that had to be taught core survival concepts from your wife.

god you are right, bring on bernie. i can't wait until this shithole country collapses into a full scale banana republic

i'm not even memeing but he's seriously obsessed it's kind of disturbing that there's so many people like him.

Literally every american i meet is so fking arrogant and annoying never met 1 i liked


You've proven to the thread quite nicely that you're content to polish trumps mushroom cock with your willing supplicative lips.

I mean Kjek

>he says, after shitting himself in his mom's basement for the third time today

I'm wondering if it's the same person every night, because he always starts with the assumption that everyone who disagrees with him is a Trump supporter, and then ends up telling everyone to shut up shut up shut up.

>I literally can't criticize Trump
>His cock is that good
>It's not good it's that good it's that good


Here's a protip for people who have to inject their politics everywhere.... stop. Stop obsessing over politics unless it personally effects you. You will be much happier. Sometimes your guy wins, sometimes the other guy wins. It's life. You don't always get what you want, but it's not the end of the world.

literally literally literally literally

find a new crutch word you brainlet

this thread TLDR:
>> Poor people are human beings too, so they deserve to buy things they enjoy
>> We should dedicate all these expensive programs to helping the human beings that are poor


>>If you're middle to upper class and never experienced poverty (like being a college dropout/gender studies/lesbian dance theory major working at starbucks, walmart, or mcdicks) your opinion as a human being MEANS NOTHING and only POOR PEOPLE making economically uneducated choices with THEIR OWN MONEY get to decide what the WHOLE FUCKING COUNTRY does with THEIR MONEY.

Also in this thread:
>>ooga booga orange man bad (despite helping people out of lower income situations via the booming economy and job market, especially minorities and women)
>>bingo bango bongo look at these capitalist counties with 50%+ tax rates doing so well 20 years ago (prior to niggershit invasion thx to EU)

good god, what the fuck is this board, Cred Forums ?

Not only that but civilization will collapse, so it won't matter who president is.

>>Poor people claim they are broke but buy lottery tickets and cigarettes
The lottery tickets and cigarettes are why they are poor. These "luxuries" stop the poor from feeling miserable.
In some countries alcohol is subsidized to alleviate the danger of an uprising by the poor.
You left out religion, which takes away not just money but self-respect.

The problem with socialism is that you steal everyone else's money to satisfy your own greed