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Adriana Chechik

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roberta paulson

Her name is Robert Paulson


No. You check 'em.

Nice dubs

thats your mom,picture was taken by me last night when she swallowed my load

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I ain't clickin on that shit, you fag.

A friend of mine

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based if true

The woman who did my wife's hair for our wedding does hair/makeup for a lot of the porn girls. We met Adriana at one of her "Porn Star Pajama Parties." We hit it off since we both like theme parks. We've been buddies since.

i bet she's cool as fuck

Honestly, she's one of the sweetest people I know. Super super nice girl. And obviously really fucking hot. She's become my halloween event buddy since my wife hates haunt events.

you're living out my dream, i fitted windows for a porn star once, but she was a fucking dog and now does foot puke videos because she's too ugly for mainstream

whats her real name then?

I know it, but if you know the industry it's not cool to out people like that. All I'll say is her initials are DC.

Yeah, I'm calling bullshit.

i mean they are her initials he's not lying

Well... you'd be wrong. But okay.

you feel weird watching her fuck?

Living where I live and doing what I do for a living, it's not all that weird. We've got plenty of friends in that side of the business. They're just people with a very unique job.

your life sounds based as fuck man

yep hes BS everyone head out

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