Loli thread

loli thread

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Oh hey this thread has some actual quality

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Delicious puffy child pussy.

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Wickr is Shazam1991 for any Loli friends looking to chat

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Child pussy is the best.

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This moron still around?

>I'll explain it to you retard.
>Was me.
>Was not me.
>Understand you absolute brain dead fag?

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absolutely seething

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wick is hellister if you like puffy stuff like

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Lolis love being punished.

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Just curious why you had responded to me... when my original post never referenced you

Little girl pussy.

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I explained it as best I can, not my problem you're retarded user. sry

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So you just started responding to me because you felt like it, got it. Keep huffing that paint

>(no more replies for you)>821356827
Again, sorry you're retarded user, must be tough.

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Can't even fess up when you make a mistake, pretty pathetic user