Cred Forums, i am 3 days away from losing my virginity. My gf is also a virgin. Any tips?

Cred Forums, i am 3 days away from losing my virginity. My gf is also a virgin. Any tips?

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Like advice and shit so i dont ruin this i mean

The most important tip is to be yourself and love her.

Bro it's gunna go poorly anyway so go to fucking town 90% of all relationships end in a Trainwreck... Try out all kinds of twisted shit cuz that shit don't fly on real relationships

Stop getting on Cred Forums is tip #1

Tip #2 is if the chick is really still a virgin, try to keep her. It's rare nowadays.

>t. a crackhead nigger

Don't listen to him, OP. You can do better than that.

>my gf is also a virgin

LOL,right.she probably just said that because she knows how stupid her cuck boyfriend is

Dont fap for a few days, dont try to make it like porn and just take it as it goes. Dont try to force sex either foreplay can really help out and not make the sex shitty for both of you. Dont be afraid of also giving oral to her either before hand helps lube up as well. And dont get condoms that are too loose or too tight dont just get magnums to impress get ones you know will fit properly and if she asks you to take of her bra if you havent before pinch the hooks easiest way to take them off.

She wants to do missionary and worry about weird shit later

My only real worry is trying not to sing the one song that goes "its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes" during foreplay

This is my second Cred Forums post i have ever made, however your advice is noted.

I wanna keep her sarge

You will either blow your load in a minute or two, or not at all because of nerves. Either is normal. If she hasn't really ever penetrated herself and she hasn't lost her hymen due to any natural factors, you'll need to go slow. THis will help you not blow your load so quickly.
Look at this way, you've probably finger banged her before. If it takes work to get in one finger, you know she's super tight. Congrats, that's the best pussy ever, but you are going to blow quickly. If it takes work to get in two fingers, congrats, that's still fairly tight and you're gonna blow quickly anyway. Your dick is probably thicker than two fingers anyway.

I am resisting the horny, i considered doing that weird edging thing that people are into
Thanks for the advice

the most important thing you have to do to ensure you both have fun is check these dubs nigger


Respect the dubs OP.

Yeah, have fun.

Sex is like drawing art. You don't buy a sketchpad and pencils and then spend a week preparing to sketch a masterpiece your first time. You would be a fucking idiot to think that's how it works.

You just do it, and suck at it. But then you know how it works, and you keep practicing. Eventually you get good at it.

Sex, like art, is fun and takes practice. Legitamitely no reason to be all serious about it, your not taking an entrance exam that you can fail.

Just have fun. It's gonna be awkward no matter what since it's your first time, but you can either cringe over it or laugh about it with the person you're making the connection with.

Don't think about it quite so much. That's just putting sex on a pedestal.

I see

Consider your dubs respected

much love user have fun be safe and don't feel bad if it doesn't go great, it's a learning process

Yeah, ive seen some niggas define sex as the be-all-end-all. These same people are coincidentally virgins

Thank you brother

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You should have made a 411 pain joke really

For anybody who reads this far i could also use condom advice
Im 6 and a half inches long so how big should the condom be

It needs to fit you like a horse’s stable fits the horse