Any pics of videos of this dumb fuck dying?

Any pics of videos of this dumb fuck dying?

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Flat earth theory is the ultimate test to see how open minded or closed minded someone is. It's the ultimate redpill when you realise the truth.

If you grow up believing that we live on a ball (that you literally can't escape from), floating in an infinite vacuum among other balls that are millions & billions of lightyears away, then a sense of inferiority and pointlessness is instilled into you. You don't matter, nothing matters. It is like a conditioned off-kilter version schizophrenia that is so normal because everyone experiences it - it is everyone's 'reality'. People don't have any power over their domains anymore because resources have already been claimed and we are 'stuck' inside our cage (ball) - trapped. We are forced to play the game of being (tax) slaves.

Beyond the icewall there are probably more continents, rich with resources and bounty. We can't be controlled if we go there. We aren't allowed to build our own world and our own realities, we are trapped & forced to conform to this distopian hellscape dimension where at this point we are just domesticated apes who aren't on the same wavelengths with eachother. Divided, and conquered.

What is amazing is that if you ever bring up flat earth with people, they will instantly shut the idea down because we are conditioned to "be correct", shun 'distruths'. It's like being in a prison where everybody thinks it's normal, and if you try to say to a prisoner that they are inside a prison, they will say "No we're not." If that isn't a branch of schizophrenia then I don't know what is.

The more you try to disprove flat earth, the closer you get to the truth.

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Yeah. Fox News played it earlier today.

So why has no one gone to the ice wall?

Yeahr that's why this guy died. All CIA stuff, they don't want you to know that you're not obviously retarded

You can disprove flat earth by going up a tall building or going on a flight

At least we found Waldo...

its funny how people make fun of flat earth theory,but not religious christians who vote for donald trump

they are both equally as retarded

>going on a flight

to what? space? and even then,you can only see half the earth at a time.i dont believe in flat earth theory but people who argue about it are just as stupid as flat earthers

Everyone knows religion is scamming bullshit. And people who don't know are retarded.

dude, for most people the only difference from a chimp is the lack of fur. or as a movie scientist put it "they are cavemen in suits"

You can see the shape, are you retarded? Also you cannot see the half earth if you fly with an normal aircraft.

>we live on a ball (that you literally can't escape from)
Except you can, it's been done, it's just incredibly difficult

flat earth is proven by flights and tall buildings
i can't imagine anyone still believing in outer space after all the lies and retarded stuff they tell us to believe
>there's a convertible orbiting the earth dude le ebin reddit meme man made it!
globe earth/outer space is easily disproven and the only people who can't see it are too egotistical to accept that they've been lied to their entire lives about everything they believe

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How is it proven by flights? You can literally see the curvature of the earth you retard.

That's why you don't publicly announce that you're going to prove the shape of the world. The government will come for you and have a cover story ready too.

i bet flat earthers will say "he hit the dome"

Black swan flat earth

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thx for confirming that it's the same kind of retard who votes for trump

Logic is something that most people have, even if they’re a typical, 80 IQ backwater hick.

But flat earthers...just wow. So much time, energy and money being wasted on a concept that is so easily disproven through simple math and science a sixth grade child could understand.

Why are Americans so proud of being stupid and ignorant? It will be your downfall.

"The Earth is still round. Mad Mike Hughes is now flat."

Those were one of the Twitter comments. Fucking LUL

>If you grow up believing that we live on a ball (that you literally can't escape from)
what is
>moon landing
>mars rovers
flat earth is a psyops brought back by the communists to seed distrust in places like nasa

terrible bait

Nihilism isn't all bad. The realization that nothing matters can free a person from their fears. After all, if nothing matters, there is nothing to lose from failure. Why be afraid to ask that girl on a date if failure doesn't matter? Why not try sky diving or asking your boss for a raise?

nihilism is faggot teen tier philosophy

From what I understand, "great" daredevils survive to take a bow and royalties.
This was a retard.

>The more you try to disprove flat earth, the closer you get to the truth.

I haven't heard anything that PROVES a flat earth.

There should be a vast distrust of NASA, they keep cutting the video feed from the ISS for a reason.

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say what you will about nihilism, least it's an ethos.

flat earthers are inbred retards, just like trumpanzees

holy shit that was pathetic

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So the moon is just a flat disk, too? Explain the lighting making it a circle on full moon nights and slices on other nights. Just spotlights?

kys nigger

If nothing matters, why ask that girl on a date anyways?

Did his chute blow out on liftoff?

Why not ask that girl on a date anyways?


No, his head did on landing

Why not ask a boy on a date?

Why not?

This is the response I've called 6 months ago when this idiot first cooked up his plan and it was already clear he was gonna die

democrat psyops working overtime today

He only went like half a mile into the air. Even if he survived, such a short trip wouldn't have put the Earth's curvature into perspective.

Most people make fun of both.




Why even date?

This is so stupid. He straps a bomb to his ass to see the same view as you can get in a Piper Cub.

At first I thought he was attached to the chute, and boiled himself alive. Of course, he would've never thought of that.

He should have live streamed it, so we could see his reaction.

You don't have to be nihilistic to have basic cub scout bravery.
>Hi. You pretty. Date?

So close!

Looks like it either deployed prematurely or got ripped out by some projection on the launch tower.
Could be why he didn't get very high, too.

its fake. they don't have video of him going in the rocket

its fake

>i bet flat earthers will say "he hit the dome"

>its fake


The fact that you have no idea what he was trying to say tells me everything I need to know about you. You must've huffed carburetor fluid out of a rag when you were a kid.

Fucking dumbass forgot to put the parachutes on the next stage
Typical KSP mistake.

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>You must've huffed carburetor fluid out of a rag when you were a kid.
Does that do anything? I'm bored with pot.

You do realize you're typing right now on a device that is relaying your information to satellites that we have flown into space that orbit the Earth? Orbit being the clue there. You just sit back, relax on the internet, and thank God that men much, much smarter than you are in control of things.

How the fuck then do GPS satellites work?

U retard fuck

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its fake. flat earth shit is jew propaganda

i literally never hear about flat earth unless some feminist is talking about white supremacy

Lol retard.

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>redpill=I am smarter than everyone
That’s not what a redpill is, you simp.

I bet the side of the rocket had the ACME logo!!

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> Imagine being this big of a fedora-wearing faggot

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This is computer animation. His sides did not actually go into orbit.

Honestly, you gotta have some respect for the flat earthers - how many home made rockets did you make? Plus frequently they do real science to prove themselves wrong. Thats more than a lot of celebrity scientists do.

Fuck I honestly came to Cred Forums to find out the same thing.

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Honestly you're a faggot

lol, the schizo believes the ISS captures AYYs

We have no proof of him being inside the rocket, all we have is a rocket going up and crashing into the ground.
This guy faked his death.

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Fuck you fat nigger. I said it first.

Okay, buddy.

Yeah, because the network news just ran with a iPhone shot of some home made jackass bullshit. They left the body to rot and everybody went home. No cops, no hospital, no ambulance, no coroner.

>95% certainty that the documentary crew has expensive camera footage of him getting into the rocket and will release it later
>he faked his death its all fake we didn't see him get in
It's the same logic that drives people to say the Earth is flat. They can't see it, so it's flat. You didn't personally see him get inside his own damn rocket, so he faked his death.

And even if they repurpose the documentary to memorialize him, you're going to see the footage, and end up saying it's a conspiracy still.

There is a documentary about him where he does launch and land a few times. Netflix or Prime.

[spoiler]Flat Earth and Moon landing hoax are both made by coping Jews because a Nazi got us to the moon.[/spoiler]

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time

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he really is a flat earther

Your mom faked your birth. It was really just a shart.

While still technically kind of a bomb, it's actually a steam powered rocket
So this idiot was trying to get high enough to see the curvature of the earth (or lack thereof) with a fucking highschool experiment

>how many home made rockets did you make?
zero, because I can see how retarded such an endeavor is and I don't have the money for that shit. Doesn't mean I can't criticize this man for the retard that he was, and he deserves zero respect

Why is it that people thousands of years ago who still believed in human sacrifice while their dick hanged by their loin cloth were able to correctly predict, not only that the earth was round, but the circumference, and you dumb faggots in (((current year))) can't?

Best video of it.

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Wrong info. Rocketry was his hobby, he also found flat earth useful for getting attention.

Whatever it was, it was basically as sophisticated as a potato cannon. I just don't understand why this was a superior effort to a regular flying craft. Like a plane, or an ultralite, or a helicopter. Did this guy think he was going to use steam to go over the altitude capabilities of a fixed-wing aircraft? Because private citizens can fly with all that stuff. Is he trying to break through the conspiracy of shit people do every day? Because the conspiracy paranoia seems pretty weird, like he had some kind of psych issues.

Depends. I might have the video you want. What do you have for me?

If the Earth is flat then why can't I see other countries when I look out to sea?

Rocketry seems like an interesting hobby. If thats the case, I assume he knew they often go kind of squirrelly with the slightest design flaw.

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But he rode the rocket nose-first into the ground, didn't he?

The air is full of particles and vapor that cause obscuring and distortion. We can still see further than should be possible.

brainwashed fucking retard

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Thus proving the earth is round.

How does flat earth theory explain the giant fireball that orbits around the planet? Or the fact that you can follow said ball all the way around?

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But I can't see any particles. They aren't real.

thats the most hilarious shit ive ever seen

people like you make me sick please fucking buy a flat-earth shotgun with a toe-trigger.

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The earth isn't flat, but he is.

holy shit, dude fucking lawn darted.

Guess his mission fell a little flat

The fact you can never see the entire thing is literal proof that it isn't flat you wingnut

I, for one, believe the theory should still be proven, flat earthers need to send more rockets!

More data is needed. Lets get more flat earthers on steam rockets.

Go to Clinton Oklahoma.
There's a restaurant on the edge of town on top of a hill. Look west and you can actually see the curvature of Earth.

Fucking retard

How do flat earthers explain that if you are in California is faster to go to Japan than to China?

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Thats because they're on the caldera of a supervolcano.


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We orbit around the fireball retard

Haha nice try. Don't try to disown this looney. Trumpers are the same type as this guy. Believe any ole shit. Comedy gold.

Lawn Sharted...

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Newfags just don't know.

why did you single out christians here? Why didn't you automatically say "Hindus" or "muslims" or "jews"?

did anybody even check on him, maybe he's not dead? Just help him out of the wreckage.,

None of them voted for Trump.


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nice assumption

Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead.

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this is how I'd like to go honestly. I don't want to live to some old age. 70-75 is my absolute max. And even that's too old.