Gee wizz user! Im so glad you came over for a game of chinese checkers and tea!

Gee wizz user! Im so glad you came over for a game of chinese checkers and tea!

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go on.

Spread legs

Wow its been awhile since ive played chinese checkers, who knows who'll win in the end

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Lets see if I can find the proper theres alot to pick?!

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she back

Hurry and pick ho

nice dubs, btw can we get a time stamp?

bend over fat bitch,im going in dry

Well thats weird...why is there a 45 caliber remington hollow point in this pile

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Its not like I kill all my guests and hide there bodies in my refridgerator in my basement or anything dont worry HAHAHAHAHAHA...

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do you fist yourself with those fake hands?

i doubt your sausage fingers could fit around a .45 anyway

can someone enhance this kinda kinda see his vagina

im just disapointed that this fat bitch doesnt show her tits like the rest of femanons who are to ugly for friends

>his vagina

You're pretty good at this user! Perhaps I should put more strategy into this game

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Lol keep going OP

eh, this is so weird and funny I don't even mind if she doesnt get naked. I thinks she is cute as hell and her legs and feet are awesome. Plus shes likes video games and board games. What I'm curious about is who is behind the camera. I think a boyfriend or someone who is into guns. So they are having a good time posting on here I imagine.
Also, someone has posted pictures of here when she was actually pretty skinny with short hair and in underwear.

get naked

That's NOT a hollow point you fat pig.

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Op ur cute as fuck please keep going

you look like you're trans

you look like you could use exercise

you look like you should take care of yourself a little bit better...

Shut your filthy pig faggot mouth. She's the new queen of /b

I dont wanna be black on purple, can I be blue marbles?

>no fw
>mfw no fw

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Plz continue

>Queen of Cred Forums

and you have the standards of a summerfag...

she ain't fucking you, no matter how desperate she is

get over yourself


Well ill be dammed, how did you do that user?!?!?!?

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she is cute, queen of b for as long as this post lasts, but we all know who the real queen is. That will never be replaced.

I wanna fuck his/her little asshole.

Post more


Your'e sexy!

Post tits or bust

u got paypal? u 18?

You know...I think I hear the kettle whistling, be right back user!

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I wanna shoot a fat load onto her ass while uses her feet to play with my balls


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that face is fucking frightening

I wanna be her slave.

I wanna shoot a hot load on it


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That retro console line-up tho!

Hope ur back soon desu

omg what's her name

OMG the consoles. My dream lady.

What's with the credit card info on top of the TV?

Sup nigga

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wtf u lookin at punkass bitch

Please don't do this to me. I need a lady. Not a stuffy. I have one of those already.

Omg ur so sexy

howdy partner

Sup wormy hairlet maggot

show ass?

Yeah whatever later nigga fo I bet yo ass

So you didnt end up killing yourself playing Russian roulette OP?

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Every chance I get, I'm looking up them shorts.


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that girl needs to come back and start stripping

:( where are u going?

This shit thread again? Why are you promoting this fugly bitch? Is she your first girlfriend or are you fucking your cousin?


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Nooooooo!!!!!! Take me with you!!!!!

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cho ass is ugly

Dat ass tho

show pussy upshort style what the fuck is this shit

yea keep walkin thats what i thought

Imma coom in it

gay ass advertisement, don't click

dude probably couldnt find anymore pictures of this chick to photoshop into that so he left

or maybe the fat bitch ate all of the pieces of the game and quit playing

Yeah. It was a good run though

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Im back user! Heres your tea :)

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Thanks so much! :)

Thank you :D

Those fucking shorts. Kik me twista1423

thank u

NGL that is a sick retro games setup

but ther are some rules that are not being followed here

i bet those shorts make yo ass look thiccc AF

why did you leave us? did your fatass find some cake or something

fucking this

what does your room smell like

What do you mean? "There was a giant catapillar that was speaking ebonics"?

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You cant replace our queen especially not with this slampig

mail me this thic chic so i can impregnate

fat bitches need cock to

how big are the turds that come out of your ass

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cock to what?

OP I'll send u money, u got paypal or cashapp?

Heh, I was in the original thread yesterday. Still cool OP.

nice crt

show soles pls :3

Don't even worry, I scared it off!

I recognize an Xbox, ps2, snes, n64, GameCube and Dreamcast. What are the two to the right of the Dreamcast and the one to the left of the snes?

mentally ill trans faggots should be hanged in the streets like we did with the niggers before people became niggerlovers

fucking weirdo

they just need cock

in their mouth,in their pussy,in their asshole.if there's a hole on a fat womens body,it needs to be filled with cock

Right! If I can get that pic, I cum buckets

Black cock?

I think you're just trippin user! And you didnt even touch your own poiso...personal...own personal tea!


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I didn't deny fat bitches need cock, what I'm denying is fat bitches being able to be the queen of Cred Forums

I don't fuck around with that Corona shit. This is America, and we play regular checkers here.

just the one ebonic actually

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do it already tranny

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I trust you implicitly senpai


These disgusting yellow teeth

brush your teeth

is that a real gun

imagine the smell

Yeah put some of that bitchin anime music pls.

how do you keep changing clothes so quickly, this is lynchian


ill admit,if Cred Forums wanted a fat bitch as their queen.they should pick one that at least has friends and doesnt need to make lonely posts on Cred Forums and pretend like they are drinking tea with somebody who is obviously just a pair of fake hands


learn the difference between right and left
the one to the RIGHT of the snes is a nes

probably not or she would of already pulled the trigger.i mean,this is a girl who obviously has no friends and had to drink tea with a pair of fake hands she probably pretends that is a real person

please for the love of god pull the trigger

even if OP is a tranny i still think hes adorable

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user... i've got to tell you something


she kind of looks like that fat kid on family guy

Kill yourself you worthless trannie lover

As a black gentleman I can't help finding her sexy.

Boxxy is the one true queen


thanks for proving the stereotype of black men being attracted to fat white women true

Go on OP, you're cute.

I thought it was the retard offspring of kryoz and a weather balloon

Boy or girl, this thing has got fists like goddamned anvils. Where the fuck do you buy gloves, the same place as Mickey fucking Mouse, Jesus Christ.

what's the deal with ugly fat chicks getting tattoos?

Hmmmm perhaps some vinyl today? Im feeling funky

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Wanna shoot a hot load on his cock then suck it off


fuck it user you have my interest. I'm making a deep dive mini doc on this.

I would bet money there are leftovers everywhere on the rug and in the corners, it's gonna smell like a dumpster in that fat dudes room

Got an instagram?

whats hiding under the book shelf?

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This is disturbing

Put some of that good anime shit, I told you.

Nice Sega dreamcast

discord is closest I got. b9king#6857

is that an SS cap?

i swear to GOD that is the funniest cat meme yet
i have been dying laughing over here until my sides started hurting


I dont think I have any anime on vinyl, sorry user!

I did pick some of my favorite albums out for you to choose, you pick user! :D

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those fucking legs tho
would lick

she is interesting
i have enjoyed "her"

You have great fucking taste, go for the Moody Blues first femanon

you got a dick my nigga, lemme see that bulge.


What the fuck is all this old ass shit? Could you just put on some lil xan or something?

her floor is pretty clean not gonna lie


all trolling aside,is that a real ak 47

OP I wanna show you my long ass dick. hmu


a cookie? everybody knows fat bitches love to eat

>same as it ever was

Please, die, you stupid nigger.

Oh great choice user! Moody blues...dont know what it is about the moody blues but it always makes me feel like im possessed...

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Youre sexy you got a kik?

The fucking hands

lil xan doesnt even do xanax,he's just a libtard faggot who blames the drugs because some junkie faggot dies overdosing on them


From the controller ports the ones on the bottom are a genesis and ps1. Not sure about the top.

Fuck more youre really fucking hot

Good fugg music

so your one of those edgy zoomers who listens to old music? like the people who wear nirvana t shirts that wernt even born until after kurt cobain died

This is an oddly intriguing thread

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wow tea. you seem rather sophisticated for an American.

more legs

I'm glad it made you laugh user

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Hahahaha! Got you user, but seriously,it must be nothing

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Oh is that so... well I just remember that I have some homework to do so I should probably get going soon.

I want you to know I'm jacking off to your pictures OP. And I'm going to continue doing so for the rest of the week.

FUCK YESS !!!!! MOODY BLUES !!!! play with in the nigths in white satin

Come lay with me big mamma.

What the actual fuck is going on?

Fat mentally ill tranny

how pathetic are you to jerk off to pictures of an ugly fat women?

cant you at least sniff your sisters panties or something

It feels cursed

I'm working on the script for the mini doc. What do you want me to call you?

This thread is especially creepy because she looks like this chick i used to hang out and play Nintendo with when i was younger. I can also imagine this being where her life went.

“AKM”, fucking retardant

Shh. Don't question it.

fuck off you ugly faggot

I have an addiction to fat women/fat trannies like OP. My cock is throbbing right now.

holly shit an ak with silencer

give me a reason not to report you to the cops

Fuck off

Please take off your clothes.. show that sweet round ass of yours.. face down ass up please..

You know...did anyone ever say you look really cute laying there?...up for some roleplay?

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NP my nib



@OP you need to dust your place, this shit is fucking disgusting

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what was it??

White Rabbit

OP is giving me a stiffie tho


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let me lick those legs!

y'all will fuck anything

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Tranny or downs?

No joke, I can feel bile rising in my throat from your comment.

That shit is on literally every thread. The cancer is spreading

Never thought id see a female incel before. I know damn well this chick aint getting laid.

eat it

get better standards honestly

no u

>bile rising

he mean cock rising

This was one of the funniest threads I’ve seen in a long time, thank you for working so hard user

Oh youre up for some role play?! Thats so great to hear!

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>on Cred Forums
>on Cred Forums of all places
>telling others to get better standards

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I wouldn't fuck that thing with your dick

mfw bulge

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Okay I'm the rapist and you're the victim sounds good?

Here user! Put this on, hope you dont mind alittle 1943 germany roleplay

You be the jewish auschwitz prisoner just about to get beaten to death! :D

And ill be the SS Guard :)

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i dont even know what that implies yet im still lol

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you can
just ask

go on


damn that's some real role play

I want to smack that ass raw while my balls slap against yours.


Eh, at least this thread is entertaining. Those records though, are basic af.

>1943 germany roleplay

Please let me see your dick

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I'm not saying pic related... but pic related.

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shorts off and pull that shit a bit higher



checked and true

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fucking lol op

Hope youre ready user! I take my roleplay realisticly :D

ah fuck I’m gonna coom again

I want to choke and slap you while I fuck your ass and fill your bowels with cum.


stirb du Jude! stirb du Jude! stirb du Jude!

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At least someone can have fun while staying interesting and a bit different

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Are we gonna see any box or what? Was really in to those shorts, was hoping to see some spread legs at least.

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you got the roles backwards

I want to shoot a hot load of cum down your throat while you drool and gag.


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it's my birthday today, can we skip all this and get right to the naked part?

Sauce? What anime?

i don't know if I'd still be alive if I looked like op

W-what is going on

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Nevermind i gogled it

Oh come now! It wasnt that bad!

Oh my you dont look too good, maybe I beat you too hard...

Oh well! Lets go get you some pepperjack cheese! :)

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Welcome to the club.

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you can see the PENIS, it has a PENIS, ITS A MAN

Dicks out for harembe

Queens can't have cocks
Boxxy is the eternal queen

forget the cheese, let's see the dick

What the fuck! I thought we were doing a little roleplay but you beat the fucking shit out me. Please just take my virginity and then put me out of my misery.

Top right is an original NES or Famicom!

If there's not a pussy shot, or a dick and balls, or asshole shot, or whatever at the end of this horseshit. I'm gonna be pretty mad.

Just fucking show tits and dick already.

I want to push your ankles up to your head while I fuck your ass and bite your calves/thighs.

Oh god, it's this ugly goblin again.

show butt

It didn't happen last time so don't get your hopes up.

I mean if you really want me too...

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I guess we need to continue

Can I see your pussy beforw I die?

Peace be with you, you kike

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Now we talking, this is true roleplay

Why is there no bullet in the chamber?

just show us your fucking pussy

I want to push up against the wall and take your ass while I pull your hair.

Don't forget the first part I don't wanna die a virgin!

You need a bullet to kill me

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ive been on ghis thread for like an hour now, just show me the goods

she probably cant find it between her fat rolls

postan in epic bread

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you should fuck yourself with that gun

Bump for fresh OC. And your nightmare of a Midwestern time capsule bedroom.

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Hahahaha just kidding! Thatd be too messy in my room, maybe next time, I almost had to kill my last guest with my ak!

Now lets get you that pepperjack chees

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strip your clothes

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