How is there no rekt thread?

how is there no rekt thread?

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cause Cred Forums is full of kids and pervs atm, we need to cleanse this Cred Forums from random normies and pedos we need to REK them gud by contributing and creating,

Threads like these :)

And nothing happened to the driver

News story link?

Because like half the threads should be in /soc/

I can't tell you how close i am to getting a chan pass to sage those cunts off this board.

where are u getting at.... /soc/
are you sure you are replying to the right thread ?

Yes, all these pricks with "nyc chicks" "Insta fb" "celeb thread" filling the board with utter shit that should be in soc. THAT'S why there's no rekt thread.

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Clearly dead, let's waste energy hitting him with an axe.

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>Tearing him a new axehole

what the fuck were they thinking???????????

Post more wrex

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What happens at the end of this outside the store??

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Trips are appropriately demonic.

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They probably started tearing shit up outside because they couldn't get in to steal more.

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It’s a damn shame none of these are ever gifs apart from the dog getting hit with a shovel. Firefox Focus won’t load the WebMs :(

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"Sir how does it feel to be burned until you become white?"

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Thank you! Using this app on mobile feels like that. Lol.

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I hope that oven was on.

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I read about this on the news today. This actually sucks for that guy. Lifelong stuntman performing the stunt of his life, what he always wanted to accomplish and his only safety mechanism blew out at the start. The guy must've been in absolute chaos his final moments. but rektd

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Wtf no sound?

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fake and gay


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that was the faggot trying to prove the earth was flat

How stupid do you have to be

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The new Black Panther 2 movie is looking pretty good.

That he has Shit for the color of skin and its not necessary to think.

I mean, one shot was okay and certified self-deffense, after all the nigger was going to rob him, but why unload all the clip?


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Wait what?

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Lack of proper training and control.

Roger, go with throttle up.


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Great movie

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Not fake, being broadcast on news all over. Mad Mike the stuntman, and flat earther just discovered flat earth....

Que paso?

people may dump on Mexico, but they sure have that car crash thing right.

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>kids and pervs
you mean socialist bernie supporting soyboy redditors

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at least your privacy is intact, right?

> posts another webm just to shit you up

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you do know where you are, right?

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>Oh no, black man shot by white guy, what a dick

Why are you such a faggot? How do you know the nigger wasn't going to rob him by killing him?

you unload the clip to kill the assailant because the assailant has a gun and he *might* be able to get back up and shoot you to death. the IQ of Cred Forums really has dropped hasn't it?

holy fuck lmao

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someone asked for brains

The fuck?

Lucky niggers

Shatter his teeth?

Because when else would you get a chance to shoot someone?

He did what most of us only fantasize about when we get bored in our little job.
tell me you would have stopped after one bullet.

found the no gunz
stick w cawadooty soi boi

shut up you faggots post something like this everytime this is posted.

a nigger was being niggerish

nigger got cap'd.

thats just what you gotta do.

OMG! is he ok?

What did he throw on the desk?

Jesus fucking christ. I thought it was just trap threads and bullshit political trolling now, but I've seen more *new* gore and shit in this thread than I have in like 10 years... and it's WORSE than the shit I used to see.

I wanna say I'm glad there's a shadow of old 2007 Cred Forums left, but christ... wasn't ready for the pitbull eating a life man's dick thing.

Is that a butch dyke? How do you go full machete on a guy and run like that at the end?

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There must have been a sign outside saying dead nigger storage

theres already a crack in that ass its already broken

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retarded and underage

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"Come with me if you want to live."

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The dog eating a guy alive was terrible. The worst thing that I ever see in my life

This is a million times better with sound

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Looks like skull fragments splashing back at the camera.

Go watch "Active Self Protection" on youtube. He reviews videos of people using guns, both to rob people, and to protect themselves. Repeatedly it's shown that a threat can stay active and dangerous even after being shot. I would have emptied the entire thing in him too.

I am sick of people making excuses for monsters who rob people, and glamorize gangs/violence.

>Getting the fluid on yourself.

Has he never heard of these? He deserves to burn.

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Ok I'm not the only one at least. Who is making these fucking videos!?

fucking hell where there's one there's 30 more

I can only wonder what went through his head as he realized he made a fatal mistake...

this should have the benny hill theme tune on it

Imagine the smelll

God damn, those pool bazookas would actually be a great way to drench somebody in lighter fluid from far away, throw one of those sparkler fireworks after and you have it pretty safe.

how do they get away with this in 3rd world countries? You'd think there were at least some people with morals

I used to drive a truck for a delivery company, seeing those bike fucks die is one of my greatest joys.

"Anybody you want to say Hi too ?"

So have you got any words of advice for the audience at home, before we cut to a commercial break?

This was in the news. The parachute fell off the rocket. Lot of people in the comments sections were asking, "What goes through your mind in a situation like that" and I got banned for writing "Probably your ass"

should rename that gif to something like "milking it" or
"amateur dramatic society race"

probably child molester

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Overtaking that bus made him lose his head

It was 4:03 in the afternoon when the nigger stepped into the store. It pulled a black pouch out of its pocket and tossed it onto the desk whilst the owner of the store nervously fumbled at his gun.
"Put yo money in dis, mofucker," the nigger said, turning away to slightly hide his identity.
The owner pulled out his gun, unloaded the clip into the black beast, and immediately got his phone and called Pizzahut.
"I'd like a large pepperoni, please," he said, stepping out of the store...

Worth it

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purposely crashes the bus


Just say a bag for the money man.

rename that webm to "Don't hack me bro"

Is this some kind of virtual reality game?

classic thanks Satan

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pussy vs pusssy

You never know. Gotta make sure.

Yeah no shit brainiac

Hot steel carved deep in that muscle, I can feel it from here.

but y tho

This gif is called, "Find the Jedi."

>be chines
>roll a nat one

"Do you know why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?"

found the trumper


it's better with sound

He got to the choppa!

zambie!, Shoot HIM.


She's not gonna axe them again!



a fucking story behind this
i beg you

yeah this is a really dumb comment which I hope is a troll. "you shot him once, he learned his lesson!"

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nigga belly-moon-walked.

It's a stretch to call them people, user.

probably a helicopter rotor

Thank you, was hoping he had actually shot the kid though. Who can't take some rounds of air soft pellets to the back...

jesus fuck it's a man's chest not the leg of a steer. pushed way too hard on that. muscle damage.

Nailed it !

Le FiGhT cLuB

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None of this is new
Stop talking shit faggot

I wonder if an escape parachute could work on a motorcycle

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nigger hate thread?

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nigger hate thread

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hahaha did not expect that

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Any skinned alive videos?

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why in china everything will to kill you?

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"Any comments on the current state of affairs?"

rename to WIPE OUT

lol wtf

> Dick thing
hahahaha got me, but yea poor dude

Entirely true, but you shouldnt insult other peoples IQ's if you dont even know the difference between a clip and a mag...

The Wall, the wall where is our wall???

I laughed more than i should

Been wondering what's the story on this one?

White people

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trips of trips... nice

does the guy in white shirt really have a disability, apart from being a nigger? what am i watching? a few days ago, just as i was falling asleep on the couch, i saw something similar in my mind, i imagined someone beating a retarded person and it felt so bad i got chills, but i got em all the way up in my temples, it was weird

im pretty sure its gang related or just normal brazilian beef judging by how everyone around acts.

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be careful with that ax Eugene

nope knocked that already dumb south american nigger into sped land

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this dude actually survived

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nah just a normal rekt thread, if there are more videos of niggers doing shit that is pure coincidence.

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really? i cringed but is no where near as nasty as some of the shit ive seen on here

will not fail to post this classic

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What if that person was just defending themselves?
Then the cop rolls up and just drops them.


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What happened to that video of the guy that tortured a bunch of mice? I saw it in a rekt thread a while back. That one is disturbing

You got it, big guy.

You're right, sorry Mr.Shekelburg.
this one rly pisses me off tho.

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Being this Cred Forumsstupid

>shoots unarmed man in the back while he's running away
>but mr officer sir this african american was defending himself

when i was a kid, one of the neighbors dog bit my grandma (80+ years at the time) hand into pieces, then my uncle grab a garden hose and killed the dog with the metal tip. just like that!

fuck off nigger

>Evil Trips
Kobe's chopper killed 9. But this one lives to kill again.


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classic niggers, fucking primitive apes

Kek, stay classy niggers.

He So Fuked

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>nigger asking for nigger shit
Wow Cred Forums went to shit

Yeah does anyone have this video?

Can't wait for the niggercaust to happen. I'll gladly burn them all

These threads made me less racist towards mexicans and more racists towards niggers. Mexicans will do crazy shit to people that get involved in their cartel world, niggers will attack anybody for no reason just because they chimped out. If a couple of Juans are beheading you it's because you tried to fucked them over or tried to be a thug guy with them, fucking Jamals will attack your aunt Lily while she's buying orange juice. It's the lack of organization that gets me. Also I kinda like mexican bitches.

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Rule #2, the double tap. But i wouldn't take the chance either, ammo is cheap, i'm not waiting to find out he's still alive.

final destination

Stupid niggers

Airsoft. Basically rubber bullets.

this one always pisses me off

that's a man. look it up. it was a tranny.

Is he a car salesman?

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I don’t think he was dead yet. They had to be sure.

>man's knocked out
>better use this opportunity to rob him

broke its neck?

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Where's the follow up of the infection?

Got to bump this shit

activite paranormal

no sound?

Don't forget the cartels kidnap people and attack other's families.

The best name for this webm I ever saw was
Mexican Alarm Clock

You ever see any of these with sound?

I read that it was some guy had been molesting another guys kids

He's a newfag

Oh damn then 0 remorse for him then, yup idc now haha. But bet that dude was FUCKKKKED UP. Queue the internal bleeding

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As youre watching that one, just imagine the sound of a slug eating some4 lettuce amplified 10000 times mixed with the sound of a reeeing spaz

>it's because you tried to fucked them over or tried to be a thug guy with them
same thing applies to niggers

Because he also has a gun and would return fire if he didn't die from the first shot retard.


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what the fuck hit him?

No niggers just don't think. They pounce like animals for no reason a lot of times. They're like a sick demented animal with rabies. They need to be put down... Trump 2021!

Return of the living dead dipshit.

I feel sorry for the old guy. The nig that killed him was pissed at his girlfriend and took it out on a rando.

lol like like animals arent provoked by dumb white people


Perfect example in this one ^ No reason but to nig and try to stunt broadcasting it. Would enjoy pissing on this niggers grave

What'd he do? Oh nothing

Anti-science dude dies trying to do science thing.

Nothing of value was lost.


Those are actually bots and normalfags that have no idea what Cred Forums is about. Just spam those threads with gore and the normalfags will go away

i fucking hate ohio. that entire state is cancer.

where you there? for all we know dude could've called the nig a nigger like you screeching keyboard warriors

Niglets being niglets when they don't know who their father is (or was).

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What movie is this?


>want to prove the earth is flat
>end up flat yourself

Like pottery.

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that explains a shit ton

He need some milk.

Cop was kind of a bitch for grabbing his hair. Grabbing hair is a bitch move under any circumstance, trashy women do that.

Wow. A podium as protection against Niggerville.
Is the company trying to kill off its employees?

>check your staging

there are no bitch moves in a fight

This was an attempt at a world speed record on a bike. He broke every bone on this attempt, but got the record 10 years later

Oh so nobody is going to say anything since he's white, not surprised

Long hair is a liability. If you have long hair like a bitch. I'll use that as an advantage and grab it to man handle you.

>monkey remembers what its like to be in the jungle

Did he hit his foot on the kickstand?

That one is just funny. Because he is an idiot

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post more gangsters getting shot to death

Why would you do this? Is that a white thing?

Apparently the kid burned his Airsoft teams patch that his grandfather had made for him. In the end of a round he set is Polarstar to full auto and unloaded into the kids back. Pretty sure police got involved eventually

Just to clarify, a Polarstar is an insanely strong airsoft gun. They can shoot about 50 rounds per second at about 300 fps

And the kid is a giant pussy who fell to the ground yeah the shit hurts but no permanent damage.

Now I know why there are so many new school shootings

he's a fucking idiot, what is there to say?

Every race has dumb fucks, stop feeding into the racial shit. If it genuinely offends you, get off this site.

Is it just chinks that suck at driving or do all asians suck at driving?

I think apart from just burning the patch, he also stole like 400$ worth of airsoft shit from the other dude

so he would die and no longer be a problem to society

like beating a dead nigger

I would have lit that shit up as well.

can anyone explain wtf is going on here (like background if anyone knows)

please tell me that was a Pajeet

The bell curve dictates what the averages are between races. The bottom 20% of whites are still mouth breathing retards but the bottom 80% of niggers are also mouth breathing retards. Do some math for once in your life you fucking N I G G E R

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what happened

"Dude, what the HECK"

your shoulders are definitely not meant to bend ALL that way lmao

Vibration function on the DUALSHOCK 3 controller

Uhh, it's not consider defending when the dude is running away. Uhhhhh you don't carry nor do you live in America, huh?

>man's knocked out


Attached: nigger!.png (1280x550, 566K)

Fichero Mazna is a crazy mother fucker, I've talked to him at the YNC



Attached: 1449473075780.gif (516x388, 1.73M)

>simply shoot the future astronaut one time
>he shrugs off the bullet wound long enough to mag dump into your ass
>he lives and takes you to court
>some jew lawyer turns white man shot black man into a national headline about muh raycisms
>get fucked in court six ways to sunday
>mag dump the fucker and say you feared for your life
>get off with a slap on the wrist because dead men tell no tales

Hearing that little faggot cry out in pain is so satisfying.

Attached: evilhank.png (500x375, 266K)

I suppose if my job was that shitty i'd be dead inside too fam

even the car wanted to get the fuck outta there

I did that after a long night of coke and jack daniels with a friend. Smelled fucking awful. Took about a month to heal.

I would have been so satisfied if that dog bit him in the jugular.

A bunch of the black kids are trying to fend off the attackers

yeah titties.

>mexicans are people just like you and m-

wtf is a airsoft team patch and why should anyone give a shit about it?

I'm guessing shotgun suicide attempt judging by the hamburger texture and lack of skin ribbons. Poor bastard's beside themself that they're still alive.

Its ALWAYS. a nigger hate thread. Niggers or not.

Airsoft... Yikes.

It's like a unit patch. I would have been pissed about the shit he stole and the fact his grandfather made the patch for him. So yeah sure it's just material. But hell let me take something you cherish and destroy it see how you feel.

Fucking boomers

So if i have this right the black turns around to see white counting bills, snatches the wallet, white tries to walk away avoiding violence, black goes berserk and beats him to near death for hell of it

Punishing/executing dog, probably bit a kid or something. Harsh and shitty they did such a bad job killing it but in the end its just a dog.