Redhead thread. And more of her

Redhead thread. And more of her.

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>no firecrotch's

Cred Forums,you disapoint me

Oh shit I know her!!! That's ol' fire crotch McGillicutty.

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>Let me tell you about my Daddy issues

I don't know what that means

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My gf

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I like being called daddy

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its called a joke,retard

dont take it as hard as you do your dad's cock


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Yup. Still hot tho

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dial it down edgelord

to begin with your jokes suck

Post unshaven pussy

Well I never said I wouldn't listen. She can talk to me all night, I don't mind.

body is fine, true, but these boobs need implants or reduction

She has a great face, but those titties need Zoloft, because they look depressed :(

she has that incredibly annoying english accent.
she's perfect for long and slow BJs

the only thing sucking here is your mothers mouth when she see's my cock


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Her ass makes up for it

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Not a redhead dumbshit

micropenis or not,its still been in your mother's mouth

you should call me father the way i fuck your mother

No way she can keep her pussy clean cause she’s 55lbs over weight

Wife's firecrotch

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how's her head game

redheads are always more slutty and fat bitch's give better blowjobs

dial it down endgelord

the only thing you have in common with any father is a dick in your ass at all times


Lifts. It can be done without changing the size.

my wife has red hair and refuses to let her pubes grow at all because she hates the fact that they're red.

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It does indeed. Got any more?

quit calling me edgelord you dumb 16 year old zoomer faggot

That's genuinely tragic. Was she teased by the mean girls in school?

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have you told her that red pubes are sexy?

Touched a nerve, apparently.

what kind of lesbian faggots would tease a girl about her pubes?


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her tits looked better in this pic

thats another thing with fat chicks though,they seem to have great tits

You'd be amazed what 14 year old girls tease each other about. Just to be mean.
My sister's are blonde and she got teased about that, amazingly enough. Of course, most of her classmates were black-haired Mexicans.

Get them freckled tits out


Shit. This was meant for this

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Firebush is amazing. Red pubes are the softest, finest, most wonderfully silky of all.

so your sister actually came to you and admitted she got teased about her pussy hair? that seems like kind of an awkword thing to talk about with your brother

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her snapchat is haley_kate27

Trips don't lie

Spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, and spam!

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Pubes are disgusting, so no.

Years later, yes. But even then, it was a bit awkward. She's a little weird anyway, so not really surprising.
She has pale blonde eyebrows, so I had already guessed.

i like my pussies shaven but i wouldnt deny eating a girls red bush

well,your your opinion on women doesnt matter

I don't exactly remember why she brought it up. We may have been talking about "mean girls" or some such.

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Nice Gaelic cleavage.

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very nice


Do you like your women with hairy armpits too?

Love flat chested gingers

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Post pussy

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those titties need to be free


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Awesome. Miss when my wife was preggo.

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I could never fuck a redhead. If by any chance you won the bad luck lottery, the condom broke, she got pregnant and wanted to keep it there would be a chance of having a ginger son. Ginger girls can be cute but ginger men are are genetic bummer.


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Love the freckles and the well-loved tits. Moar?

the fact you care more about what a man looks like tells me your a faggot anyway

redheads are slutty as fuck

First name start with "sa"?

Hot. fox01v?

He's talking about having your own son be that, not about other redhead guys. I don't care about downies but I don't have one as a son so I get his point. Blowjob it is for these pale whores.

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Try again!

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Need to unload on those

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he's just a faggot who cares more about his son who would probably disown his father for being gay anyway

how long could you last without getting a boner with those big ol titties in your face

She's begging you for it

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My wife's.

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Nebula.. not bad


Anyone have Nicki Malinosky from Annapolis?

Love it

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Caring about not risking having an atrocity of a son is somehow bad?


a horny little slut

Face and tits or deep in her? Hard decision

most people who post on Cred Forums probably dont have enough testosterone to get a women pregnant anyway,soyboy

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He's kinda defensive and butthurt for no apparent reason, he's probably a ginger himself.

Her face for sure

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The matching tits.

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I liked you in South Park but chill my dude.

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Any pussy?

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Fuck she's gorgeous. She got an ass?

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Kaptain horde approves of this message.

Where did C420 go?

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I'm mad someone hasn't posted more of this bitch.

Damn hope you smack that hard. Anymore of the Snapchat captions? So fucking hot

Yes. More


> bush is kissed by fire
> shave it off
Into the dumpster behind CostCo with her.

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Let's see that pussy

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I bet that feels amazing


Super fucking wet and tight

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Fuck yes

Thread dying, Kik?

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