I really love the smell of tacos. They're so go-

I really love the smell of tacos. They're so go-

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What the fuck was tha-

Sniper is pretty much the most cowardly way to kill someone.


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hello newfrie-

These fucking threads again? next will be fingerbo-

this is how we fix the mexican invaders in america,we lure them in with the smell of tacos and then take them out with snipers


Hey guys I heard candle-Jack will protect you from the sni-

They're so wha-

This thread again? C'mon be a bit more origi-

Why's it keep getting so quiet in here? Yall are acting like there's a sni-

this,we all know burritos are superior to tacos

But it's not taco tuesd

You dont type the hyphen you fucking newfa

how come you never see black people eat tacos

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Hey guys watch me do this funny dan

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Yeah l agree with this perso-

but seriously though,everytime ive ever went to taco bell i never see any black people there

Not a very good suit. Probably bought it

Or candleja-