Cuck thread, post your kiks, wives, gfs etc

Cuck thread, post your kiks, wives, gfs etc

Cucks add me on Kik girthy_bull and I'll fulfill your fantasies

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Anyone want the image I received tonight off my girl who is currently on a works retreat?
She finally treated her boss. She's 25 and he's 52...


my wife was never open to the idea of cucking but wasnt satisfied so she ended up cucking me with sex toys instead and just lets me watch.

Nice load


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My gf wwyd?

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pic related

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Let me fill your girl with my superior cock.

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How did you into cucking?

>be me
>seeing a girl, nothing serious but having sex
>she asks me if she could cuck me
>finally give in after a month of her asking
>liked it
>keep doing it

She's up to around 30 partners now

Anyone have that teacher that was getting shared the other day?

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Nice. Got kik?

sharing gf
pls share her around

tan athletic bwc in socal if anyone wants to chat or meet irl. I love being the third

kik @sexondary1

Kik; BullyMePls

This cuck wants to be shown his wife is a webslut.

Say hi to Cred Forums Danielle!

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my hotwife

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Wife's ass. More on kik GirenZ

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HMU with hot videos @pesnflt I’m TRYNA BUST. I’m a girl lmao just send shit

My wife slept with a guy she knew I hated years ago when we temporarily seperated or 'on a break'. Turns out the guy snuck a few pictures and decided to send them to me after we got back together.

I was livid at the time but now I can't help jerking off to it.

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Kik me people, ladies preferably.


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Any more of OP girl?

GFs ass, wwyd?

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That's an ass ripe for a spanking while I'm buried deep inside

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Any where she's dripping wet?

No one?

You are fucking disgusting

Planning on tag teaming my gf with my friend kik mnlit1

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Kik own323

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Jpost12345 big thick white dick, horny as fuck, send your girl and I'll show mine.

>seeing GF for 5 years
>always wanted to DP her
>watch porn of it nonstop
>one day I shove a dildo up her ass while I'm fucking her
>she goes crazy and starts riding me harder
>afterwards says "it felt like I had two guys fucking me"
>start doing it more, dildo is a bit bigger then me and starts telling me how good it feels to have it inside her
>3some porn turns into cuck porn
>sex these days always involves the dildo and I dont think she'd mind having another REAL dick inside

Kik is tictacmac10 is you wanna chat more. BBC preferred.

That’s actually really hot

Got a whole website for her.

Cuck deleted these.

Post more if you're lurking.

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Sexy. More?

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how'd he work his way into her pussy?


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41yo slut wife.

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If anyone still needs a tribute for their girl or needs a place to post her pics try posting her to Cum On Printed Pics. (Just use the desktop site version. Even if on a mobile device)

Threads on Cred Forums 404 too quickly

lookin for some to rate my cock / send it to, can do (hard)loyalty tests and reactions
straight but willing to send to guys if they send back pics of chicks

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near syracuse ny

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looking for tributes for my milf wife. stephenwilliam314 is my kik

>how would you convince my gf to cheat on me?

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offer her some cake

More of her?! Kik??

>be me, into gf swapping
>meet another couple, both fit and hot
>start with both girls blowing us on the bed
>gf and i immediately notice how much bigger he is
>both of us feeling turned on and kinda nervous
>eventually split up, his girl rides me
>hear him trying to fit inside my girl, shes moaning loud
>so turned on his girl makes me cum in about 2 minutes
>my gf doesn't even notice, is too busy getting stretched
>im eating his girl out but eventually she asks if she can go play with them
>i tell her thats fine and watch the three of them go at it for almost an hour

wasn't much going back after that

Anyone have my wife saved? Shared her on kik before

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No Kik sorry

Anything to make her ass fatter

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I need more of her, plus info

more of her

Losers tight little GF ,what do you think?

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More red head ass

Any true cucks like watching their young wife/girlfriend fuck an older man? Crow1966 on Kik.

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high looking to cum.
keen to chat about your sharing kink or whatever.
18+ only
22 / M / Aus
kik - GonkG

Damn, nice ass. Would love to get a handful of her hair, pull those panties to the side, and fuck her from behind. My girl in exchange

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my wife getting some young black and white dick

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Gf, 23

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any bulls interested in bullying/humiliating me while jerking to my white gf's feet? leave discord and I'll add


Bull, will fap to your girls nudes, save them in my mega ordered by state, trade her with anons, repost etc. Kik is cgr941

Love her hips