Dubs gets her nudes, also post asian girls

Dubs gets her nudes, also post asian girls

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>implying I want this gremlin’s nudes


And trips the mega !

easy trips

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I hope I get dubs

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trips get


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How do I cure my yellow fever?

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By growing up.


send hot vids on kik @pesnflt


Too late for that



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Look what I found.


my god shes perfect, im in love


try fucking one of them. they are awful in bed.

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Just post them no need to be a fag about it

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roll a 6 for a request, dont have full frontal or face

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more tits


Give me some full frontal


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Post more

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Is she from chingchong land

45 year old Asian wife

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You guys still trying for kids or are you all done?

Long done. We have teenagers

I banged this 45-year old Chinese woman for a while, I guess her biological clock was ringing because she wanted a baby real bad. It was great because I got to blow my load inside every time. Nothing ever came of it, was a lot of fun though.

rolling for titties

Anyone know why reverse image search was replaced by google lense for chemo browser on android? It is pissing me off.



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rolling for tits

Still no dubs? Geez. The girl in the op is extremely cute though. So I shall roll in the hopes I get to see more of her.

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More story?


Just rolling

What do you want to know? It wasn't very exciting, she wanted a baby out of it, I got a fuck buddy. I was playing roulette for sure, but I figured at 45 the odds of her actually getting pregnant were pretty low.

How'd you meet? How did this ensue. Have pics? I've always wanted something like this. I have a gf who lets me bring in as many girls as I want but she will never let me get anyone else pregnant. Always wanted to have multiple kids with different women.

Rolling time


Gibs noods



OP = Faggot

We met on a Chinese marriage site. She wanted to get married, but getting married to a younger guy is a no-go in China.
Anyway, here she is with her co-workers a few years back, she's on the right.

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whats the site

Who wants? Roll

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yo she kinda has a donk



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OP is a nigger faggot



this is the kind of asian girl i like


oh now would you look at that

>still nothing
my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined


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Do you have more?

They can be good or bad. For the record, the worst I've ever had were white girls.


barely much
give more


Arby's classic with a dash or soy sauce.

prolly not cause op too pussy to show anything besides chest

Depends on where they're from. Tons of starfish in China and Vietnam, but Pinay and Indo girls are fucking monsters in bed.

im not op

theres a folder on xhamster, 10 pictures
xhamster...com / photos/gallery/11541730/260964724

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second about chinese being a star fish. ALthough, my Vietnamese gf is the biggest sex monster I've ever been with.

Your Vietnamese gf is actually from Vietnam? or some kind of western-Viet?

Native Vietnamese. Came to the states for college and was a virgin before meeting me. She was super shy at first, but picked up really fast.

is this a plus sized model? that's not meant as burn, she's hot like a model but she's obviously overweight too, so just wondering

you dont.

Get yourself an Asian wife and divoce like 3 times.

Damn, that's very rare. Vietnam is a very conservative country, there's no dating to speak of, no sexualized culture like in the west. Enjoy what you've got because that wasn't my experience at all.

Please more

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The fact that this took so long is fucking embarrassing.

second, so fucking hot

Fucked all over asia - long story short, some girls fuck good some don't, nationality has jack shit to do with it.

cultures definitely have something to do though

yeah I think it's very rare. I am going to wife her lmfao. I think her unrealized sexual desire kinda exploded when she met me. sorry for your experience though


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source? who is this?

Meh - girls who want to fuck don't give a shit about culture. Besides, you give em a sip of beer, then they're "drunk" so it's ok.

random girl i found, my type

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Yes! Moar of her


If you only fuck one of them that's a pretty damn small sample size.

anyone want more of my ex?

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Either post or don’t, quit asking.

Fucking faggot

As a Vietnamese guy with a Vietnamese fiancée and a younger Vietnamese sister, don’t.

Have you fun, do your thing, but think EXTREMELY HARD before you decide to wife one up.

Shit dude, you dodged a bullet.

Not every day a guy gets to see a literal Chinese smurf looking bitch

I'm not gonna bother posting if there's no interest. I got a bunch of pics though

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You can see the double chin and the wrecked pussy.



This site is filled with failure on a daily basis. To expect anything else would be insane.

Seen these before on other Asian threads.


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Speak for yourself.

Bruh they all look gross af. Theres so many hot asian chicks but you guys always post the ugliest ones. Baffles me

Any with her with clothes on and face?

She looks like a fucking clown with those stupid eyebrows.

great girl! op, can you post 62, 63, 65, 66, and 68?



I agree, these girls aren't the prettiest, but I like the diversity. These threads are usually filled with Asian-Americas.


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Yeh diversity of ugly bitches

How do I know if you release them when the thread is filled with nude asians?

continue need more

There's a lot of ugly Chinese women, yes. However, not all. I think their oversea counterparts look more attractive.

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Shrug emoji.png


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We get it, you eat the garbage the rest of us throw away. Just don’t go around trying to convince us how delicious it is.