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waifu RPG

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Please no.

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i claim the duek of autism for my waifu~

>poo bag
There are sound indicators and markers on a very unhelpful map, but even then the locations aren't really exact and the sounds can get glitched and not play.
Additionally, there are other bonuses that can be in the same area that use the same sound.

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Break out those character sheets boys!
It's time to roll initiative.

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go away schizo

Akame's claimer is now claimed ^^

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dUwUek is my BF


but I don't have one

this one did

I only love two people. Me and Akame

but i have a boyfriend

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Soon to not be poo bag. End of March Im bag free. FFX was just frustration.

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hello dear~ have you talked to duek lately~? ^^
she cant be your bf silly~

gess who is OP now?

its okay dear im sure akame would understand the importance of this~ and she can help as well if you need~

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dUwUkey sends me tummy pictures with his boi juice

go away schizo

Good morning! I tried to talk to her on Steam but she blocked me there too

Akame is too nice..

Don't hide~

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that isnt possible dear she would never do that~

It must be rotten

Cronh's no more
Shadow the Hedgehog is admittedly worse

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ff1, now THAT was a rpg


not morning dear i need to sleep soon~ try appealing to her in thread to talk to you~
im sure she would let you make duek happy then~

he luvs me wants to *wuggles* (wuv + huggles) and boop noseies wosies

Go away schizo

Still Crohns. Just no badly damaged intestine. And yes, on that I agree.

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please do not talk about my waifu this way dear~

go away schizo


you can't have him >x< we are going to kiss and cuddle all night

I claim John cena, if not that then serena from Pokémon

this IS RPG more post like this

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i doubt that she would not I'm being anyone she knows here or meet anyone rom internet~

this IS RPG more post like this

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this IS RPG more post like this

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Go away schizo

this IS RPG more post like this

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Go away schizo

we live in same town ^.^ see each other everyday sit on his lap always pokes me OWO

go away schizo

Go away schizo

nigger faggot, tfu

you stats are 8 21 35 83 53

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Any chance it might get bad again?
What made you put the game down

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John Cena?
Where is he? I can't see him.

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Go away schizo

Nice pic


what time is it for you? I've been so nice and stuff... Akame has changed me and duke still won't talk to me

Hi N


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Always a chance. I cant stop it. We dont know if it was that section that caused my problems or if my meds are doing their job. And I never really played it, but from what I heard and read it was too ambitious and edgy. Not the kind of game I enjoy playing. Watching, another matter. Much more a fan of playing the 2d Sonics.

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Quick: find the mean and standard error. a then the probability of attaining such statistics assuming a normal distribution. you have 2 minutes.

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Only if there's hands being held

It's Sonic Adventure 2 with guns that has a difficulty spike sharper than it's own edge at times.

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i roll to try to find out what the fuck you are talking about

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what do you think of Sundays?

Yeah, I guessed. And no, a game thats suddenly ball bustingly hard for no reason isnt fun for me.

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i rolled a 36/99

you are my waifu Mute-chan

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Damn look at those eyebrows.

just look them up goof
i don't like them now that I have my new job... why do you ask?

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but you're a boomer... I thought you guys revel in hard games

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The hardest level I know of is Cosmic Fall. Platforming 100.

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reluctant cute

I did enjoy difficulty but not to the level of Lion King.

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Hi hi. How've you been?
SNES lion king? That game was awful.

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>That game was awful.
t. never got past the first auto scroller level

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Forgot to claim haha.

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It's been a very long time since i played it, but i recall making it to being adult simba once or twice, so i don't think that's true? The game's just absurd.

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Designed to be too hard to complete in a rental period.
I enjoy platforming, still need to get better at Super Metroid walljumping.

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what's your favorite 2d platformer?
i grew up with that game. i was able to get to the lava level as a child, but never beat it until I revisited it as a teenager
not very well tbh.. i don't like my job nor the life ive found myself in. i can't really stand my gf at this point. how about you?


I remember being bad at games on the Genesis. Good times.

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Same here with Master System games.
Best times. No responsibilities, no worries or cares.

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I guess they succeeded? Lol
Wew do i know that feeling. That's where i was a few years ago, except it was fiance, not gf.
Still don't like my job, but at least ditched the woman, thankfully.
Something keeping you together, or just hard leave?

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oohhh good choice :)
i had that and sonic 2 when i was a kid too. one of my favorites is little nemo in dreamworld for nes. you should give it a try some time

basically she's dependent on me, or i would have already left. she's a single mom with no drivers license (we live in a rural area, so there's not really any public transit) and works a minimum wage job. i just don't have the heart to leave regardless of how crazy she is and how much she pisses me off. how did you do it?

Eventually she did something stupid enough to give me good reason to break it off. Still wasn't easy. Call me a wimp but i dislike hurting people when i can avoid it. It needed to be done though.

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I guess they did too. All old Disney games were the same.

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>Call me a wimp but i dislike hurting people when i can avoid it. It needed to be done though.
this is exactly me and my situation
right now im telling myself after i have saved up enough to get her a car and make her a little more self sufficient im bailing
what did yours do to provoke your departure if you don't mind me asking

Ehh... I hold told her in no uncertain terms that she was not allowed to get extremely drunk again, and she did.

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Her doing so landed her in the hospital near every time. I wasn't just being unreasonable and controlling.

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how come

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ptsd, more or less.

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PSTD girls are hot.

post cute

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your story gives me inspiration. i hope she is doing better with her mental illness now. my gf has really bad anxiety and depression, so it's going to hit her hard when I leave :(


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that's a

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Good thing I'm BLS certified

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damn, poor girl

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my bad
too cute

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Can i please have this template

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what do you mean

I'm bored. Be more entertaining.

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Of her holding the phone

I just mask over it on photoshop

I'd have been a whole lot more sympathetic if the onset wasn't self inflicted. Dumb girl.

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Basic Life Support, for saving the thread

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So First Aid? I need to redo that.

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Anything but that please.

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More? Okay

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stupid australian faggot with a broken ass

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Dont mind if I do find more for ya

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I'll make one i suppose

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Rory Mercury ruined GATE for me
Interesting setting then all of a sudden every male soldier is screaming "I WANT TO FUCK THIS CHILD!" who is clearly not drawn as a child.

It was random, unwelcome, and out of place cringe.

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Did someone say undead waifu?
Because I got the best one.

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Nope. No one did.

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Tomoko posters are trash

Posting superior waifu

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You seem mad that your waifu has nigger lips.

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